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Tweets in May 2024

Not all men - what it's actually like
(This image by Coinswallow (Instagram) highlights a continuum among men: from active opposition to men's violence against women, to well-meaning men who underestimate the problem, to complicity and victim-blaming, to active perpetration.)

Also see these responses to "Not all men", in XY's page on men's positive roles in ending men's violence against women, here:

What encourages men in politics to be allies for gender equality?
A blog piece on research by @ALIGN_Gender on male political leaders’ roles as pro-feminist advocates
By Ján Michalko, Tanya Ansahta Garnett, José Fernando Serrano Amaya, Zaireeni Azmi…

What Australia is doing to address violence against women
Australian researchers urge prioritising evidence-based solutions and incorporating Indigenous experiences to tackle rising gender-based violence cases.…

“I’ve learned that identifying the “creepy man” at the playground is not an effective strategy. At least 90% of child sexual abusers know their victims or the victims’ family prior to offending.”…

Nourishing Feminist Souls: A Joyful Self-Care Toolkit In the dynamic landscape of feminist activism, self-care isn’t merely a buzzword; it’s a profound act of resilience and resistance. 
Toolkit by COFEM, free here:…;
[Plus graphic, COFEM, Nourishing feminist souls 2024 – Cover]

It’s time to flip the script on how domestic violence is represented on TV
There has been some positive change in how DV, its victims and perpetrators are represented in TV and film.…

‘Honey, you’re overreacting’: The reason why too many men get away with domestic and family violence…

‘Chelsea’ Asked for Nude Pictures. Then the Sextortion Began.
Young men are being tricked into sending naked pictures to scammers pretending to be women — who then demand money. The consequences can be devastating.…

Wondering how to teach your kids about consent? Here’s an age-based guide to get you started 
By Giselle Natassia Woodley and Jacqueline Hendriks… via @ConversationEDU

Pronatalism is the latest Silicon Valley trend. What is it – and why is it disturbing? 
By Luke Munn… via @ConversationEDU

Women and children fleeing domestic violence are left to sleep rough as NSW crisis shelters fill up…

‘My word against his’: Colossal system failure in sexual assault cases 
New figures released by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics show the overwhelming majority of reports made to police never make it to court, and even fewer result in a guilty verdict.…

USAID Engaging Men for Gender Equality training manual: An excellent manual. Available free among the guides and curricula for face-to-face educational work with men and boys on issues of masculinity, violence, etc. that I've compiled here:… [Plus graphic, USAID, Engaging Men in Gender Equality 2023 – Cover]

Consent can’t wait: Most Australians agree that consent is key to healthy sexual experiences. But what does consent mean? What does it look like in action?
Before parents can talk to our kids about consent, we need to talk to each other.
Gov't campaign:

“Leading health-risk behaviors that account for a major share of men’s ill health are directly related to masculine norms and masculinities interacting with other factors."
Equimundo report on masculine norms and men’s health report, here:… [Plus graphic, Ragonese, Masculine Norms and Men’s Health - Making the Connections Full report – Cover]

Men in politics as agents of gender equitable change: This report examines why men in politics decide to support gender equality, how they explain and frame their allyship, and how their actions are perceived by women politicians, activists and students.…

Support to Federal Inquiry and Expert Panel Rapid Review on Preventing Violence Against Women
What Women’s Health Services across Victoria hope will be the process and outcomes of this inquiry and panel review.…

‘I’m not going to stop until she’s dead’: A rising number of men are ignoring domestic violence orders…

Cate Blanchett, like most Australians, thinks she’s middle class
As Australia confronts increasing wealth inequality, the downplaying of wealth and privilege among elites – or the failure to see it at all – becomes all the more untenable. via @ConversationEDU

Workplace bullying and gender: empirical findings
This chapter documents that:
Some studies find women and men suffer similar rates of workplace bullying, others don’t
Perpetrators are more often men than women
Most male victims were bullied by other men.
[Plus graphic, Salin, Workplace Bullying and Gender 2021 – Abstract]

Portland high school’s Healthy Masculinity Club is ‘a place for guys to not be ‘guys’’…

National Foundation for Australian Women Gender Lens Analysis of the 2024 Federal Budget: Shows progress but lacks ambition. Media release:…
Gender Lens:…

Radical Feminism and the Failures of the Left
Professor Robert Jensen’s presentation to a forum on “The Left and Machismo” sponsored by Hombres por la Equidad in Mexico City on May 18, 2024

Trival pursuits? (Gender and crossword puzzles)
A thoughtful piece on the history of crossword puzzles, their shifting status as stereotypical female and then male pastimes, and the politics of puzzles.
By @wordspinster

Engaging men in violence prevention: The Shift project in Canada has produced some truly innovative work, including evidence reviews on: calling men in, community justice, data science, virtual reality, bystanders, nudges, fatherhood, etc. All at:

Jackson Katz is an inspiring thought leader in the growing global movement of men working to promote gender equality and prevent men's violence against women. I'm listening to him speak at a forum organised by White Ribbon Australia. Check out his work:

Debates over violence prevention: I and many others in violence prevention scholarship and advocacy were dismayed and frustrated by the so-called 'white paper' put out by Jess Hill and Michael Salter, given its inaccurate and unhelpful account of this field and its work.

I put together some quick notes on the piece the day I saw it, here:
But now Emily Maguire, a leading expert and advocate in violence prevention, has written a detailed response. Read it here: 
2/2 [Plus graphic, Maguire, Response to 'Rethinking Primary Prevention' May 2024 – Intro]

'Men have to be the brutalisers': What are the impacts of misogynistic porn?
Degrading behaviour towards women is common in 'mainstream' pornography, according to Australia's eSafety commissioner. What sort of impact is this having on teenagers and adults?…

Consent: A new government campaign will encourage adults to check their understanding of consent, before discussing it with each other and young people.…

'You try not to think about what they're going home to': A day on the frontline of Australia's domestic violence crisis…

I want to keep my child safe from abuse − but research tells me I’m doing it wrong
(This article includes a bunch of useful tips, informed by the realities of child abuse.)

Building Bridges: Promising Strategies for Improving the Health of Boys and Men by Promoting Social Connection and Social Support
Review on fostering empathy and communication among boys and men and establishing places for them to convene in positive ways.…

Diddy is just the latest in a long line of musical abusers. How should fans respond?
By Catherine Strong, Bianca Fileborn and Paige Klimentou, The Conversation, May 22…

Women have lower levels of workplace wellbeing than men, index shows…

'There's a radicalisation happening online': Fears hardcore porn could be behind rising rates of teen sexual assaults…
(For an accessible account of porn use as a risk factor for sexual violence perpetration, see….)

Questions to ask a partner that can protect you from financial abuse
One in six women in Australia experience financial abuse. Here are questions you should ask a partner early in a relationship.…

Five-month delays for counselling of violent men
As Australia struggles with a surge in calls for help to domestic violence services, treatment programs for violent men are also struggling to meet demand.
By Rick Morton, May 11 2024…

From jail to counselling, Matt is proof men can change their behaviour if they want to
By Wendy Tuohy, The Age, May 12 2024…

Harrison Butker's misogynist speech is a symptom, not the disease
Worry less about graduation speeches and more about what religious schools are teaching.
Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

The continuum of male engagement: Rus Funk has produced useful tools to engage men in ending violence against women. One is this continuum; men are in different places in relation to this work, from ‘overtly hostile’ to ‘ready to lead’
Includes free manual [Plus graphic, Funk, Manual Continuum of Male Engagement 2018 – Cover]

Dobbs Had the Opposite Effect Conservatives Intended
People are seeking abortions more than ever.…

Rape and sexual violence: “The myth of widespread false allegations is a reflection of a sexist culture, in which the words of women are met with disbelief and denial (Kelly, 2010).”…

The Insidious Legal Movement to Make Pregnant Women Second-Class Citizens Is Growing
And the Supreme Court may only fuel it.
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic…

Building Better Men: This piece profiles my work in promoting men’s involvement in building gender equality and ending violence against women. 
The QUT interview has reflections on these fields, some revealing personal history, old photos, and more.

(The video in the story is from an award the university put me up for, the “Shaping Australia” awards, where I had to put together a boastful 90-second narrative on my achievements. I didn’t win, but the university has used the video piece here. I cringe at it, but so be it.)

Why did it take a humiliating video for us to believe Cassie’s claims about Diddy? You don’t have to watch the video. No one should have to watch it. Because they should have believed her the first time
By Moira Donegan @MoiraDonegan…

“people really do lie about rape and abuse. They lie about it baldly and maliciously, all the time. But it’s not the women who accuse men who do this lying. It’s the men who deny it.”
Also see this summary of the research on false allegations:…

How single mothers face a 'triple whammy' in the housing crisis
Homeless services are seeing more employed people accessing their services and say single mothers fleeing domestic violence are particularly vulnerable.…

Proposed sex education guidance in England goes against evidence and may well lead to harm
By Associate Professor Sophie King-Hill @DrSophieKH… via @ConversationUK

Risk assessment tools for adolescent male victim-survivors?
Does anyone know of risk assessment tools for use among adolescent male victim-survivors of domestic and family violence, to assess their own risks of offending? Or other work on the area? Asking for a colleague. Thanks

Harrison Butker’s misogynistic graduation speech shows the bigots are winning
By Arwa Mahdawi…

The fan site authorities say is 'profiting from the exploitation and sexualisation of children'
The rise of social media and child influencers has brought with it a murky underworld where men lust over kids in private chat channels.…

‘Impunity is growing’: French celebrities call for law to crack down on sexism and sexual violence
Writers, actors, journalists and politicians published petition in Le Monde after learning 94% of complaints were dismissed in 2022…

How the incels warped my research
The ‘manosphere’ is claiming it has scientific legitimacy for its dangerous ideology. Here's how it misuses evolutionary psychology and biology.… via @BostonGlobe

Violence against women: How to cope with discourse overwhelm
The issue of violence against women is in the spotlight — and it can be confronting. Experts share how you can protect your mental wellbeing.…
@AsherFlynn @BeckyBatagol @jayashrikulkar1 @_CEVAW

In domestic abuse, choking is a 'hidden' predictor of femicide, experts say
Abusers often use choking as form of control, says advocate for survivors of intimate partner abuse…

He fights sexual violence. He's won a Nobel and now a $1 million honor. Is he hopeful?…

'It's not a good deal': Why women in Australia are choosing not to have children
For decades, women in Australia have been told they should have more children for the good of the country, but  there's many reasons why more are choosing to stay child free.…

Swipe right or left? How dating apps are impacting modern masculinity 
By Associate Professor Treena Orchard… via @ConversationCA

Want to combat male loneliness? Start by helping boys connect with their emotions…

How the rise of Instagram and TikTok fitness gymfluencers became a 'danger' for young boys

Fellas, if you want there to be more babies, be a dad. A dad in the home
Inaccessible work, outrageous childcare costs and the threat of family violence are only some of the issues holding back Australia’s birthrate
By Van Badham @vanbadham…

Men Make It Tough to Be a Man Today, Not Women
Many men believe that men are worse off than women. But the evidence shows that gender inequality favors men. When men suffer, their problems are usually due to other men.
By Dr P.J. Henry, Psychology Today…

Debt, danger or a decade of fighting: how a lack of legal services leaves DV victims with dire choices
Family violence perpetrators are dragging out lengthy, expensive and traumatic court processes – leading some women to reach unfair agreements.…

'Trickery and deception': Frontline domestic violence services say federal budget a let-down
DFSV organisations will need to start winding back services because the federal government hasn’t invested enough in the sector in its latest budget.…

Relationships and sexual wellbeing in the Australian curriculum
Bloom-Ed warns that the sexual wellbeing of young Australians will suffer if the curriculum is not updated.…

Here’s how you can talk to your kids about gendered violence, and 7 ways to model good behaviour
By Jacqueline Hendriks… via @ConversationEDU
Also see this XY collection on raising non-violent, gender-equitable sons:

Male drivers: why are they such a menace behind the steering wheel?
In France 84% of fatal road accidents are caused by men – and the figures aren’t much better for the UK or US. Why can’t everyone drive like women?…

Men are more likely than women to show various risky driving behaviours, and to support risky driving.
Men who agree more strongly with stereotypical norms of masculinity are more likely to be involved in risky driving. 
XY collection on driving:

Primary prevention of men’s violence and the sexist joke
Can we really prevent men’s violence against women by calling out sexist jokes? No, of course not. But also, yes.
By Jane Gilmore @JaneTribune
(And for research on jokes:…)

Banks blocking thousands of abusive messages sent in transfer descriptions in apps

Labor pours $1bn into domestic violence crisis housing and doubles homelessness funding
Albanese government also plans to cap international student enrolments and require universities to build more housing to ease shortages…

As Australia grapples with a violence against women crisis, major sporting codes are tinkering around the edges of the problem.
@UniCanberra's @catherineordway + @GingerGorman argue plenty more can be done.…

Rough justice: How police are failing survivors of sexual assault. 
A detailed ABC News account of victims’ reports of sexual assault and what happens, or not, after. Part 1 of 3, Jan/Feb. 2020.…

Falling through the cracks: How the legal system fails to deal well with sexual assaults
A detailed investigation by the ABC, 2020. Part 2 of 3
2/3 [Plus graphic, ABC, Falling through the cracks  - Sexual assaults 2020 - The reality of sexual violence]

Unpursued in the Top End
Police in the Northern Territory are less likely to pursue a sexual assault report than police in any other state or territory.
ABC investigation, Part 3 of 3, 2020…

Violence prevention: Compendium of Innovative and Good Practices and Lessons Learned
Interesting collection of innovative and effective violence prevention interventions, from the Spotlight Initiative, comprising 51 international case studies.…

What can men do right now about violence against women?
ABC News, May 12
Also see this wide-ranging collection of free resources: 
Including guides on what men can do, here:

Why the man v bear debate gripped us on social media, and what men can do to help
By Jenna Price…

'Humiliating and scary': Abby experienced first-hand the link between porn and violence
Abby's partner expected her to perform humiliating sexual acts during their five-year relationship. She was scared to say no.…
Also see:

Can we reclaim 'mama's boy'?
On the eve of Mothers' Day, Veronika Elyk from Next Gen Men writes about this pejorative term and whether it can - or should - be reclaimed.

Programs promoting ‘healthy masculinities’ among boys and young men are springing up around Australia, including in the name of violence prevention. 
The international evidence is that well-designed programs can make positive change. 
But are the Australian ones any good?

Programs are more likely to make change if they:
-- Have gender-transformative agendas – they are intended to shift patriarchal gender norms and behaviours
-- Have content on gender, power, and masculinity
-- Have sufficient duration to make change: at least 5 sessions

-- Are interactive and participatory
-- Are delivered by educators with both content expertise and facilitator skill
Checklist of elements of good practice:…
Effective practice in school education for violence prevention:

A scholarly assessment of 15 Australian programs:…
A free book chapter providing guidance on face-to-face education with men and boys, Chapter 6 in this book on engaging men and boys in violence prevention:…
[Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention 2019 - Chapter 6 start]

Banks blocking thousands of abusive messages sent in transfer descriptions in apps

Labor pours $1bn into domestic violence crisis housing and doubles homelessness funding
Albanese government also plans to cap international student enrolments and require universities to build more housing to ease shortages…

As Australia grapples with a violence against women crisis, major sporting codes are tinkering around the edges of the problem.
@UniCanberra's @catherineordway + @GingerGorman argue plenty more can be done.…

Rough justice: How police are failing survivors of sexual assault. 
A detailed ABC News account of victims’ reports of sexual assault and what happens, or not, after. Part 1 of 3, Jan/Feb. 2020.…

Falling through the cracks: How the legal system fails to deal well with sexual assaults
A detailed investigation by the ABC, 2020. Part 2 of 3
2/3 [Plus graphic, ABC, Falling through the cracks  - Sexual assaults 2020 - The reality of sexual violence]

Unpursued in the Top End
Police in the Northern Territory are less likely to pursue a sexual assault report than police in any other state or territory.
ABC investigation, Part 3 of 3, 2020…

Violence prevention: Compendium of Innovative and Good Practices and Lessons Learned
Interesting collection of innovative and effective violence prevention interventions, from the Spotlight Initiative, comprising 51 international case studies.…

What can men do right now about violence against women?
ABC News, May 12
Also see this wide-ranging collection of free resources: 
Including guides on what men can do, here:

Why the man v bear debate gripped us on social media, and what men can do to help
By Jenna Price…

'Humiliating and scary': Abby experienced first-hand the link between porn and violence
Abby's partner expected her to perform humiliating sexual acts during their five-year relationship. She was scared to say no.…
Also see:

Can we reclaim 'mama's boy'?
On the eve of Mothers' Day, Veronika Elyk from Next Gen Men writes about this pejorative term and whether it can - or should - be reclaimed.

Child Sex Abuse: We Need Prevention, Not Just Punishment
This blog emphasizes the importance of prioritizing prevention efforts in combating child sexual abuse rather than solely focusing on punishment after the fact.…

Behaviour programs can curb the cycle of domestic violence – so why are hundreds of Australian men on waiting lists?…

Are You Safe at Home
This campaign highlights the crucial role we all play in recognising and responding to family violence in our communities. If you’re worried about someone you know, please start the conversation.
#AreYouSafeAtHome #AskListenBelieve.

Indigenous women are most affected by domestic violence but have struggled to be heard. It’s time we listened… via @ConversationEDU @CrippsKyllie

Men's change program 'inundated' at launch in wake of Ballarat women's deaths…

'We have reached saturation point on consultation': Experts call for action to address men's violence against women
Advocates say governments need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, if they want to end this violence.

Andrew Tate’s extreme views about women are infiltrating Australian schools. We need a zero-tolerance response
By Stephanie Wescott and Steven Roberts… via @ConversationEDU 

Drake and Kendrick’s ‘beef’ isn’t just misogynistic, it’s telling of a full-blown masculinity crisis
Jenessa Williams questions why Drake & Kendrick only care about abuse when they can use it as one-upmanship

Evangelicals Hate Stormy Daniels But Love Trump. Here’s Why.
Trump may have sinned, but evangelicals still admire his masculinity and power.…
For more commentaries on Trump and masculinity, see this XY collection:

Defying the toxic messages of the 'manosphere', a different kind of young men's movement steps up
As social media algorithms push misogynistic content to teenage boys, other men are trying to model a healthier version of masculinity.…

For more on work with boys and men, see the various materials on XY here:
Including pieces on what we need in violence prevention with men and boys, fostering healthy masculinities, engaging men and boys online, mobilising men as advocates, and more.

Crikey. It’s been a long day. It started with a 7.30am interview on masculinity and men’s violence against women, then ABC talkback radio, then another interview, a bunch of meetings and other work, and filming a documentary at my house. And I’ve just put the finishing touches..
to a workshop on engaging men in violence prevention for tomorrow, 10.50pm.
Anyway, having referred journalists to a bunch of pieces of mine, I thought I’d list them:
What we need in violence prevention with men and boys (list):…

The state of play in work with men and boys in Australia (speech):
Best practice in respectful relationships education:
Critical stocktake of ‘healthy masculinities’ programs (journal article):…

Promoting Healthier Masculinities in Primary & Secondary Schools (speech):…
My book on engaging men and boys in violence prevention, free in PDF:…
A whole stack of other resources:…
Goodnight folks. : )

American men don’t know what “respecting women” means
If most male US voters believe that Donald Trump is respectful to women, how are they behaving in their own lives?
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic…

This policy could make women’s super more vulnerable to financial abuse
Early access to superannuation is an Opposition election policy. But it can make women vulnerable to economic abuse
By Professor Cathy Humphreys, University of Melbourne…

The Tradwife’s Catch-22
The nuclear family tradwife influencers endorse has been a major culprit in the very dissatisfaction women seeking refuge in the tradlife attempt to escape.
By Shahrzad Shams, Ms Magazine @MsMagazine…

The Creeps of Hollywood Must Be Bullied
We can and should inflict public ridicule upon true creeps: men who choose to romanticize much younger women.
By Sonja Anderson, Ms Magazine @MsMagazine

A series of men's murders of women has shone the spotlight on this violence in Australia. While more boys & young men are being taught about respect & consent, better programs & online tools will help
By Prof @MichaelGLFlood (Nov 2023) @QUT @360info_global

Not all men abuse women. But is this how it starts
The Yarra Valley Grammar list shows that, for some, men’s disrespect for women begins in childhood.
By Dr Jenna Price @JennaPrice…

Violence prevention: Are you adapting an education program or curricula from one setting or context to another? This guide from the Prevention Collaborative provides excellent advice on how to select and adapt programs.

Sexually transmitted debt: How financial services are fighting financial abuse 

AFL's minute of silence for female victims of violence is important, but industry-wide change is needed…

There’s One Important Thing Missing From The Conversation Around Domestic Violence
Men. Specifically, men who use violence. PRIMER spoke to experts who specialise in preventing men’s violence about what needs to happen next

Putting perpetrators in the picture: Also see this Briefing Paper (4pp) on domestic and sexual violence, by Michael Flood and Lula Dembele. It calls for reframing how this violence is understood, measured, and addressed.…

New report reveals how Australia’s child support system facilitates economic abuse of women
The report reveals extensive evidence of the way some fathers are using child support as a weapon to perpetrate ongoing gendered violence against mothers.

Violence prevention: Our Watch’s world-leading “Change the Story” framework provides essential guidance on the primary prevention of violence against women.
Change the Story identifies drivers of this violence, offers a primary prevention framework, and details key strategies

To note some key features of Change The Story, it:
Is based on reviews of the evidence on the determinants of domestic and sexual violence and their prevention
Emphasises that this violence has multiple, intersecting causes or drivers.

... multiple, intersecting causes or drivers. Including gendered structures, norms, and practices (pp. 28-47).
And other factors, such as condoning of violence in general, experience of and exposure to violence, alcohol use, etc. (pp. 49-54).

Emphasises that primary prevention “aims to shift the underlying drivers of violence against women - the systems, structures, norms, attitudes, practices and power imbalances that drive this violence” (56).

(But in practice, governments largely have been unwilling to address structural and systemic drivers of violence against women. That is, Change the Story describes a framework that has *not yet* been put into practice in any comprehensive way.)

Also see Our Watch’s excellent guide, “Putting the prevention of violence against women into practice: How to Change The Story”.

Mad Max’s ‘Furiosa’ and other car movies are starting to change who gets behind the wheel 
By Helen Pinsent… via @ConversationCA 
For more on men, masculinity, cars, and driving, see the notes here:

‘It was a murder waiting to happen’: Dannielle never knew the truth about her monster [serial perpetrator] boyfriend…

From doomscrolling to sex: being a boy in 2024
Catherine Carr travelled the UK interviewing teenage boys. She found openness, thoughtfulness, honesty and vulnerability on topics from sex to pornography, feelings and isolation…

For a discussion of “Fostering Healthy Masculinities among Men and Boys”, see…
For bibliographies of scholarship on boys and masculinity, see
For bibliographies on working with boys and young men, see

Sad sign sums up what Australian women really need
Women fleeing violent relationships receiving $5000 is a “cop out” and there’s an obvious way to spend the $925 million earmarked, says one advocate.… 

The national crisis of violence against women is the culmination of many issues — and some of them the government can fix: 
Reform of social security and child support systems
Funding to frontline legal and support services
Social and affordable housing…

What is modern masculinity? Interview with Professor Michael Flood on the Man Box 2024 findings, on young adult men’s levels of agreement and disagreement with stereotypical norms of manhood

The Urgent but Complex Path to Ending Corporal Punishment: Understanding the Role of Bans

Why women would prefer to be alone in the woods with a bear than a man
Associate Professor Lisa Siguira on women’s perceptions of safety and risk, shaped by the actions of some men @ConversationUK 

Most young adult men reject traditional ideas of masculinity based on aggression, stoicism and homophobia. Nonetheless, the ongoing influence of those ideas continues to harm men and the people around them.
By Professor Michael Flood… via @ConversationEDU

The Man Box (rigid, traditional norms of masculinity): To address the harms of the Man Box, one thing we must do is challenge its sources. Whether these are: Parents. Peers. Porn. Or Preachers (male supremacist influencers)
Summary on the Man Box findings:…
[Plus graphic, Flood, Launch speech text Feb 1 2024 - Parents Porn Preachers]

How male corporate leaders can play a role in ending gender-based violence
by Bec Brideson…
For more on men's roles in violence prevention, see…
Find key reports and references, many in full text, here:…

Are You Covered? New publication by Gippsland Women’s Health explores sex and relationships in the online world
Red Flags – what they mean and how to spot them
Can We Talk About Porn?
Swipe Right, Keep Safe
Read online:
In PDF:…

Violence against women: Most men don't use violence, but a sizeable minority do.
Among young adult men in Australia aged 18-30:
-- One in four (25%) has used physical violence against an intimate partner
-- One in five (20%) has used sexual violence against an intimate partner.
[Plus graphic, Jesuit Social Services, The Man Box 2024 – Perpetration]

These are findings from the recent Man Box survey. Report, p. 63, at
To read more about the factors that drive perpetration of domestic and sexual violence, see this report:…
One men's roles in prevention, see…

Challenging anti-carceral feminism Anti-carceral positions critique the use of the criminal law and criminal justice system to tackle violence against women. Professor Clare McGlynn questions them, arguing for the valuable role of criminalisation.
 [Plus graphic, McGlynn, Challenging anti-carceral feminism- Criminalisation, justice and continuum thinking 2022 – Abstract]

'Men need to step up': Attorney-General's call as Australians rally over violence 'epidemic'
Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus says it "cannot be left up to women" to solve gendered violence.…

‘Make me a sandwich’: our survey’s disturbing picture of how some boys treat their teachers…
@ConversationEDU @UniofAdelaide@UniversitySA

For folks who’ve recently followed me, you might be interested in the archive of my tweets I maintain here:
It’s a ridiculously long list though. 

Nearly $1bn funding announced to support victim-survivors leaving violence, combat online misogyny and AI porn…

The federal government has given an online age verification pilot the green light [to minimise children's and young people's exposure to porn]. Here's what we know about it
See the research on patterns of exposure here:

For a handy summary of pornography's impacts on sexual attitudes and behaviours, including the evidence that pornography use is one risk factor for the perpetration of sexual violence, see here:

Violence against women is both a legal and cultural problem. What can we do to address it? 
By Professor Rosalind Dixon and Dr Emma Buxton-Namisnyk… via @ConversationEDU @rosalinddixon15 @ENamisnyk

Healthy masculinities programs among men and boys in Australia: What potential do they have to contribute to gender justice?
This study involves a critical stocktake of programs in Victoria, holding them up against a gender-transformative standard

Educating boys about consent: How should we do it?
UK research with teen boys explores how to address sexual harm as a systemic social problem involving actions and behaviours normalised to the extent that dynamics of consent/non-consent become invisible.…

Women caregivers need more support to manage their responsibilities and well-being

Leaders weigh plan to track domestic violence offenders

What survivors, advocates and experts want from national cabinet on gendered violence…

Aboriginal women continue to be subject to horrific violence – we cannot leave them out of the conversation
By Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts @TurnbullVanessa…

'Failure to properly investigate': Review finds that limited ACT Policing investigations are a key reason for few sexual assault cases making it to charge in Canberra…
@rachael_burgin @jacqui_tassone
Full report:…

How to prevent sexual harassment at work: New resources from Our Watch
11 new resources to support Australian workplaces to meet their legal obligations to prevent sexual harassment and sex discrimination.… 

#MeToo’s Impact Will Stay Strong—Even if Harvey Weinstein Walks Free
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic…

Are men scarier than bears?
What one viral video reveals about women's safety and men's perception of it.
By Liz Plank

Please, ministers, spare us your pathetic platitudes on the domestic violence crisis Sydney Morning Herald Editorial, April 28

Tweets in April 2024

Australia cannot end violence against women until we know who and how many people use DFSV
By Lula Dembele|…

Violence prevention with men and boys: Notes on what we need
- More attention to organisational and structural change
- Focused attention to the masculinity-related drivers of DFSV
- Greater focus on masculinities and *sexual* violence

How can youth practitioners deal with current polarisation around masculinity?
A short paper by the Radicalisation Awareness Network, Europe, 2023

No, getting your boyfriend to peel an orange won’t prove his loyalty. Why TikTok relationship ‘tests’ are useless…

The Albanese government is in the box seat as Australians rally against gendered violence…

Feminist analysis of mass murder: This paper:
Documents that nearly all mass murders are by men
Highlights the roles that misogyny and domestic abuse play
Explores the roots of mass murder in misogynist ideology and neoliberal patriarchy
In full here:…
[Plus graphics: Yardley, The Elephant in the Room x 2]

Dear Lads Podcast: Chat with Professor Michael Flood, on how boys and men can be allies for gender equality and eliminating violence against women
Apple podcasts… #podcast#masculinity #violence

How much did #MeToo change for women? Let’s ask Harvey Weinstein today – or Donald Trump
Both were pilloried, but that was then. Today, one has beaten a rape conviction, and the other may return as president.
By Marina Hyde…

The overturning of Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction is an affront to women
#MeToo’s real legacy may not be ending predators’ impunity so much as highlighting the tenacity of that impunity
By Moira Donegan @MoiraDonegan…

Harvey Weinstein's rape conviction has been quashed. Here's why, & what happens next
Weinstein's successful appeal is a blow to the #MeToo movement against powerful men who prey on vulnerable women. A NY judge warns it's set a precedent that will help serial sexual predators

In February 2020, Weinstein was found guilty of the sexual assault of one woman and the third-degree rape of another.
Weinstein’s conviction was overturned because the trial judge made an error by allowing several other women to testify against Weinstein, even though...

... even though their assault claims were not part of the official case against him.
The decision was split 4-3 among the judges.
Weinstein won’t get out of jail, as he is serving another sentence for raping another woman. And he’ll face another trial.…

As regional Australia reels from several women’s deaths, advocates seek both policing and prevention
Half of the 26 women killed so far this year have been in regional parts of the country, highlighting a need for more resourcing outside metropolitan areas…

More Women Work in Nonprofits. So Why Do Men End Up Leading Them?
It's the 'glass escalator' effect, where men rise unfairly to the top of feminised professions.
By Cathleen Clerkin…

What men can do about men's violence against women:
Here are 47 things men can do. Inform yourself about the realities of VAW. Boycott and resist sexist & violence‑supportive culture. Support victims and survivors. Raise non-violent sons. And more

For a whole lot more on the steps ordinary men can take to help prevent and reduce men's violence against women, see…
Also see this wide-ranging collection on the website XY on men's positive roles in violence prevention:…

Men Need a New Narrative. The Future of U.S. Democracy Depends on It
To counter harmful right-wing ideas of masculinity, the left must provide men with less cartoonish and more expansive models of strength and moral selfhood. 
By Jackson Katz, Ms Magazine

Jackson Katz notes the susceptibility of men -- especially but not exclusively white men -- to gendered appeals by the authoritarian, anti-democratic right. He calls on moderate, liberal, and progressive men to raise their profile and push back as publicly as possible against...

... against MAGA efforts to equate (absurdly, in my view) being a "real man" with opposing reproductive justice and women's rights more generally, and voting for Trump and the right... as our fragile democracy teeters.

“Men who use violence aren’t monsters. They are our neighbours, our family members, our partners – and we must start treating this as a systemic problem, instead of seeing this as an issue caused by a few bad eggs”…

'Beggars belief': Molly Ticehurst's death exposes gaps in justice system, former magistrate says
Molly Ticehurst was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend just two weeks after he faced court charged with other violent offences.…

All-white jury, female wailing and necrophilia: How an outback man got away with 'some very bad things'
Two Indigenous teenage girls were failed by the police as the lawyer for the defendant played on racial tensions in the town.…

Australia shouldn't tolerate terrorism — but our normalisation of 'intimate partner terrorism' has become a national emergency
Our leaders agree that violence against women is a national crisis — an emergency. That requires an emergency response.…

Men and Mass Shootings 25 Years After Columbine
The vast majority of men are not mass shooters—but 98 percent of mass shooters are men. Until we’re willing to say, men’s gun violence, we can’t prevent these tragedies.
By Rob Okun 

Resource for College Students: Talking with a Friend about Concerning Sexual Behavior
Blog on these resources:…

Domestic violence commissioner calls national roundtable to assess number of women's deaths, says conversation is shifting

Detoxifying masculinity: How men’s groups reshape attitudes
Research finds that positive men’s group’s can help men develop new attitudes towards masculinity and more adaptive ways to process life’s challenges.…

Also see the XY collection on anti-sexist men’s groups, as a valuable strategy for both personal and collective change. Includes resources on men’s groups, discussions of their value and potential, guides to how to run them, and wider explorations.

Challenging harmful masculinities and engaging men and boys in sexual and reproductive health
More research is needed to address the impact of harmful masculinities on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Piece in The Lancet Global Health…

Women’s Rights Are Being Rolled Back to a Time Before Women Could Vote
If you thought overturning Roe was bad …
By Jill Filipovic, USA…
@JillFilipovic @Slate

The Troubling Trend in Teenage Sex: the rise of strangulation / choking
By Peggy Orenstein, in the New York Times
Full text:…

Family law has been overhauled. Equal shared parental responsibility will no longer automatically be considered to be in a child’s best interest. Zoe Rathus (@Griffith_Uni) writes that’s a good thing, particularly in domestic violence situations.

Kitty set out to have casual sex for a year to see if women really can have no-strings liaisons. What she discovered was the horrifying reality of how men now believe they can treat women in the bedroom.…

‘Is misogyny so ingrained that these men didn’t care if they made me uncomfortable?’ she asks. ‘Has violent porn convinced them that rough choking is what women want? Is it a matter of cruelty or a matter of ignorance, or both?’

Measuring incel radicalisation: Megan Kelly, Ann-Kathrin Rothermel and Lisa Sugiura raise concerns with the “Incel Radicalisation Scale”, critiquing its “reliance on incels’ self-representation and the dismissal of their harmful online activity.”…

Kelly, Rothermel and Sugiura argue that such approaches “are prone to legitimising misogynist incel narratives of victimhood, and overlooking broader harms such as normalising misogynist violence and male and white supremacism.”

From forced kisses to power imbalances, violence against women in sport is endemic 
By Dr Fiona Giles and Associate Professor Kirsty Forsdike @ConversationEDU 

“Blokes run religious institutions”: Can religion be enlisted as an ally in the prevention of domestic violence?
By Sarah Wendt and Josephine Clarke

How recommender algorithms on TikTok and YouTube Shorts promote male supremacist influencers to boys and young men: New report
Even when ‘manfluencers’ are banned from TikTok and YouTube their content continues to be widely circulated.

In this study using fake or ‘sockpuppet’ accounts, all the male-identified accounts - whether generic or ‘manosphere-curious’ - were fed masculinist, anti-feminist and other extremist content within the first 23 minutes of engagement (in one case in 2 minutes).

Bondi Junction attack: Women are sick of being afraid
The killing of six people, most of them women, at a Bondi Junction shopping centre is a reminder of the unique and unaddressed nature of male violence.
By Louise Milligan @Milliganreports… 

Women Experience More Intimate Partner Violence than Men over the Life Course: Evidence for Gender Asymmetry at all Ages in a National Sample
New study goes beyond most studies’ reliance only on past-year victimisation in current relationships
Full paper:…
[Plus graphic, Cunningham, Women Experience More Intimate Partner Violence than Men over the Life Course - Evidence for Gender Asymmetry at all Ages in a National Sample 2024 – Abstract]

Morally and financially, why employers can no longer afford to ‘go slow’ on tackling gender inequality
By Emma Walsh, Women’s Agenda…

Is It Ok To Dislike Children?
While the internet fights about child-free bars, it’s the people who claim to love children the most who are actually harming them.
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

Pressure to conform to stereotypically masculine norms: Young men (18-30) in Australia report lower levels of pressure to be self-sufficient, stoic, and act strong than they did five years ago, although large numbers still report such pressure.
@JesuitSocialSer #TheManBox

That’s one of the findings from Jesuit Social Services’ Man Box Survey 2024.
See here for a summary on social pressure and personal beliefs:…
See the full report and other materials here:

‘We have a crisis of male violence’: Attorney-general says men must step up
On what men can do, see the guides here:…

Communicating for Connection: Values-Based Messaging for Primary Prevention in Multicultural and Faith-Based Communities
A new resource from the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health and Safe and Equal
@MCWH1978 @safe_and_equal [Plus graphic, Communicating for Connection - Values-Based Messaging for Primary Prevention in Multicultural and Faith-Based Communities 2024 – Cover]

Hill and Salter’s "Rethinking Primary Prevention"
I think that the paper:
- Misrepresents aspects of primary prevention in Australia
- Criticises an approach that has yet to be fully tried, & then
- Endorses strategies that fit with that same approach

Both Sydney stabbing attacks were violent and caused fear. Only one was deemed a terror incident
The attacks have sparked debate over what defines an ideologically motivated attack, and whether deliberately targeting women should count as an act of terror.…

O.J. Simpson’s trial forced us to talk about domestic violence. We’re not done yet.
His legacy will forever be linked to the trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, and the ways racial dynamics complicated it.… 

The reasons why some are reluctant to call the Bruce Lehrmann verdict a win
Consent advocates say there are no winners in the Bruce Lehrmann defamation trial and while there was 'vindication', there are questions and concerns about where it went wrong.…

Feminist debates over trans issues: One marker of good faith engagement is reading opponents' work. Lawford-Smith’s review of Butler's new book suggests she criticises (and misrepresents) 'gender-critical' feminisms based on barely anything. Is that true?? [Plus graphic, Lawford-Smith, Double Standards in the Gender Debate April 12 2024 - Butler's sources]

Hatred and mental illness are not mutually exclusive
Violent men being mentally ill need not make broader societal phenomena irrelevant
By Victoria Smith… 

Bruce Lehrmann's 'omnishambles' defamation case triggered a cruel culture war and a sick kind of grief. Will we learn from this shameful episode?
By Julia Baird… #BrittanyHiggins

‘Miss, what do you think of Andrew Tate?’: The problem of widespread misogyny and sexism in Australian classrooms
By Stephanie Wescott, Monash University @stephwescott_@VicWomensTrust @SteveRoberts_…

Bruce Lehrmann Lost, But We Watched A Survivor Torn Apart. Is This What Justice Looks Like?
By Saxon Mullins @SaxonAdair… #BrittanyHiggins

Lehrmann judgment will bring some comfort to sexual assault victims everywhere…

Why are men randomly punching women on the streets of New York?

If the Sydney attacker did target women we should be calling it a terrorist attack
By Karen Whybro @karenwhybro

“This societal blind spot to male violence is nothing new…. yet we resist labelling attacks against women as terror’, seemingly preferring instead to portray them as lone-wolf acts of violence caused by poor mental health.”

What’s really to blame for the Sydney stabbings
Dr Jessica Taylor writes that attacks like these are rarely ‘random’, ‘unpredictable’, ‘unrelated’ and ‘unpreventable’. The real ‘monster’ here is misogyny.

Latest "masculinity influencer": Another dudebro guiding followers into deeper loneliness
Self-described "alpha male" Nick Adams is offering young men "advice" that will only alienate them even further
By Amanda Marcotte @AmandaMarcotte…

‘AI Instagram Influencers’ Are Deepfaking Their Faces Onto Real Women’s Bodies
AI 'influencers' on Instagram have racked up hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views by stealing reels from real women to make the AI seem more "believable.…

'AI Pimps' and their fake influencers are harvesting videos of women, teens to peddle porn
ABC Investigations: An international network of so-called "AI Pimps" are mass-harvesting women's social media videos to peddle porn through fake influencers.…

OJ Simpson died the comfortable death in old age that Nicole Brown should have had
The 1994 murders of Simpson’s ex and her friend Ron Goldman are inextricable from society’s failure of domestic abuse victims.
By Moira Donegan @MoiraDonegan… 

Misogyny, White Supremacy and the Blueprints for Mass Shootings
By Jonathan Reed, Next Gen Men, Canada @NextGenMen…

Anti-feminist men on X: I get a fair amount of pushback to my posts from anti-feminist, pro-patriarchal men. I think most fall into 2 types of 'Reply Guy', the Sea Lion and the Mansplainer. Here are helpful short guides to both.
See (Shrew & Scott Barolo)

Feminist *women* on X, however, receive far more hostile posts, and far more personal and sexualised threats, than men like me. So I'm guessing that more of their replies come from another type of Reply Guy: Trolls, Creeps and Fools. Yuk.

The Role of Social Media in Facilitating Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
This brief outlines actionable steps to support prevention and response to online child sexual exploitation, part of a project by @ECPAT, @INTERPOL_HQ and @UNICEF…

Traditional models of masculinity, based on aggression, stoicism, and homophobia, are supported by only a minority of men in Australia. But their ongoing influence continues to harm men and the people around them.
Summary of recent survey findings:

The Terrifying Global Reach of the American Anti-Abortion Movement
American conservatives have been busy launching attacks on reproductive rights on other countries, too—with disastrous consequences for millions of poor women.…

These Women Came to Antarctica for Science. Then the Predators Emerged
Jane Willenbring was the first to blow the whistle on sexual harassment and assault in Antarctica. Years later, women are still coming forward with tales of horror.…

Marry me, Jules: The Taylor Swift-inspired love story
A feelgood story of lesbian love at a Taylor Swift concert…

Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence Response (QUT): A valuable qualification for professionals in the domestic violence sector.
I was interviewed on the qualification (2:34 min video) here:
More on the Graduate Certificate:…

Understanding spiritual and religious abuse in the context of intimate partner violence
A new report by the Australian Institute of Family Studies…

How to secure an exclusive interview with a credibly accused rapist 
Jo Dyer on the Bruce Lehrmann defamation trial, Channel 7's funding of such men's alcohol, sex, cocaine, and other monies, and so on.

All women go through menopause. So why is treatment so expensive?…

Support positive masculinity in England and Wales schools, union conference told
Boys and young men need guidance – not punishment – to avoid ‘manosphere’, teacher tells NEU…

Fostering Healthy Masculinities among Men and Boys: Here is some guidance on how to do this:…
Also see these bibliographies on work with boys and young men, including scholarship & evaluations:

Why is teaching for gender justice with boys important? What can schools do?
Watch this webinar to find out more:…
Here is a link to the academic papers and resources presented in the webinar including a pdf of the Power Points:…

Are the images you use in presentations, social media posts, marketing brochures, and websites reinforcing unhelpful and perhaps harmful stereotypes?
Better Allies' inclusive collections of stock photos and illustrations, here:

Violence against women
Handy fact sheet by the World Health Organization… 

The crucial role of legal frameworks in advancing gender equality
UN Women 14-page brief
Removing discriminatory laws and putting in place legal frameworks that advance gender equality are necessary to end sexist discrimination and achieve gender equality…

Twitter / X is the worst social media platform for online threats against women, report finds
The vast majority of incidents involve text-based threats or written abuse.…

She Has Investigated Allegations of Sexual Violence in War Around the World. Here’s What She Wants You to Know.
Interview with Christina Lamb, author of “Our Bodies, Their Battlefields: War through the lives of women”…

70% of School Shooters Perpetuated Violence Against Women, Lehigh Study Finds
The Lehigh University study analyzed the profiles of 59 boys and men who carried out school shootings between 1966 and 2018.…

Beyonce's butchered Jolene! Her 'badass' re-write ISN'T empowering. It's nakedly insecure, faux-feminist and totally misses the point of Dolly Parton's American epic, writes Kat Rosenfield @katrosenfield…

It’s me, hi!: The visibility of women in music…

High rates of violence, a growing gender pay gap and public attitudes are still just some of the many challenges Australia faces in its ongoing fight for gender equality, according to one of the nation’s leading voices on women’s rights.

Bigorexia Is Impacting Young Boys and Men More Than Ever
By Mira Miller

The Republican party has become a full-fledged anti-sex movement
By Rebecca Solnit @RebeccaSolnit…

What Sam Mostyn’s appointment as Governor General means
By Helen Dalley-Fisher… 

So You Think You’ve Been Gaslit
What happens when a niche clinical concept becomes a ubiquitous cultural diagnosis.…

“White Girl Moans Black Lives Matter”
Pornhub’s #BLM genre and the industry’s brash racism.
By Gail Dines and Carolyn M. West 
Slate, 2020…

How the imagery of White women victims is being used to stoke anti-immigrant fear in the USA
The death of Laken Riley, who Trump called “an American daughter,” is at the center of Republicans' hard-line immigration pitch to voters.

That Viral Essay Wasn’t About Age Gaps. It Was About Marrying Rich.
But both tactics are flawed if you want to have any hope of becoming yourself.
(A thoughtful essay on dynamics of age, wealth, beauty, and sexism in relationships.)
By @JillFilipovic…

Rich older men marrying young attractive women is a long-standing practice. But for the women, it’s a life of perpetual insecurity. 
A stunted life, without a sense of self or the basic ability to provide for yourself. 
And what kind of man seeks a marriage like this?

Male promiscuity (sex with consecutive multiple partners) is *not* a cultural universal. Levels of male promiscuity vary 1) across cultures, 2) over time, and 3) among men in any particular context.
On time, see this study in South Africa:…
[Plus graphic, Hunter, Cultural politics 2005 – Abstract]

And on the fact that the norms and practices of promiscuity vary among men (i.e., that some men endorse and practise promiscuity, and others do not), see e.g.
[Plus graphic, Fleming, Masculinity and HIV 2016 – Abstract]

Men are lonely and disconnected. Can men’s groups help?
Featuring the work of Heare Brotherhood, a nonprofit based in Utah USA, that is on a mission to cure loneliness

Tweets in March 2024

Edutainment to prevent violence against women and children: This review summarizes evidence from 22 rigorous evaluations measuring impacts on violence-related attitudes, norms and behaviors in low- and middle-income countries. 

Folks can find comprehensive bibliographies on this and other strategies of violence prevention here:…

2023 State of deepfakes: Realities, threats and impact. HSH: This review by Home Security Heroes is intended to raise awareness of deepfake technology and protecting people from its negative effects.
Includes a survey of US males (see below).…

48% of US men have seen deepfake porn at least once
74% of deepfake porn users don't feel guilty about it
20% of men have considered learning to create deepfake porn
73% of men would want to report to the authorities if someone close to them became a victim of deepfake porn.

A Growing Number of Women Activists Confront Technology and Gender-Based Violence
A useful overview commentary on both this violence and feminist activists’ efforts to challenge it.…

Why Men’s Rights Activists Can Never Heal Their Trauma
By Mark Greene… 

The barbershop where men go to heal | Matteo Brown
She Is Not Your Rehab (, founded by Mataio and Sarah Brown, is an anti-violence movement, created to address and dismantle cycles of intergenerational trauma. 
YouTube talk, here:

‘Wear a skirt, be your own hero’: four men on their first time wearing the garment…

All the men who never assaulted me
“I met a guy at a party. I told him no. Nothing happened. That is normal.”
Maura Quint describes the times when a man could have sexually assaulted her but did not. Choosing to rape is not inevitable or universal.…

“Rapists, sexual assaulters, and those who protect them will tell us that they are not unique, that all men act like they do — with violence… They are wrong. They are lying. They are trying to normalize something that is not normal, because if they can normalize it..."

"... if they can normalize it, they can’t be held accountable for their terrible acts."
Choosing to rape isn’t normal [or inevitable or universal]. Assault is not an inherent quality of being a man.”…

For a wealth of resources on men’s positive roles in ending men’s violence against women, including what men can do in our everyday lives, check out this collection on the pro-feminist website XY:

When Pop Culture Sells Dangerous Myths About Romance
Entertainment glorifying or excusing predatory male behavior is everywhere in popular culure.
By Julie Beck…

Popular culture (music, TV, film) is full of stories in which men crossed the lines of consent, aggressively pursuing women with little or no regard for their desires.
These give the message that “intrusive attention is proof of men’s passion, and something women should welcome”.

“toxic love stories can also normalize coercion... they can make people—women, especially—question when and whether their boundaries have really been violated, when they should be flattered and when they should be afraid.”

Most states now have affirmative sexual consent laws, but not enough people know what they mean
By Jonathan Crowe and Gianni Ribeiro
@RapeReform @ConversationEDU@drjoncrowe

Andrew Huberman’s Mechanisms of Control
The private and public seductions of the world’s biggest pop neuroscientist.…

The US war on reproductive rights should concern women everywhere
Women in the UK and across Europe will also suffer as a result of the political and legal gains being made by the anti-choice movement in the US.… 

Kate Middleton and our conspiracy culture
Wild theories about the princess, who has announced she has cancer, are a symptom of a digital world defined by speculation, sleuthing and conspiratorial thinking.
By Sarah Manavis…

Trump is not the problem: For American democracy to survive, we need to address the cultural breakdown that’s allowing authoritarians to flourish.
By Jill Filipovic… 

Pornography, children, and young people: Our article on this was the most-read article at The Conversation last week. It had 80,033 reads so far, with 96% of readers from outside Australia.
@MareeCrabbe @Kelsey_L_Adams@QUT @OurWatchAus@anzjph @_PHAA_

Misogynistic Extremism, The Manosphere, and Mainstream Social Media: New report from Diverting Hate.
Examines the challenges arising from the manosphere's influence, to provide insights, foster ethical practices, and propose effective interventions.
[Plus graphics, Diverting Hate, Misogynistic Extremism, The Manosphere, and Mainstream Social Media 2024]

Asking for it: language and affirmative consent
A commentary by feminist linguist Deborah Cameron on Right To Equality’s new campaign promoting “affirmative” sexual consent, including through the line “I’m asking for it”.…

Why Adolescent Boys Are Struggling
And how parents and schools can make a positive impact.

Most men support principles of fairness and equity in workplaces and most welcome women’s participation in STEM. Despite this, few men so far have actively supported efforts to increase women’s participation. However, male allyship is vital
Men's roles:…

No men allowed: The battle over women-only spaces continues
For decades, women-only spaces have faced challenges from men who say their missing out amounts to sex discrimination. In 2024, is there still room for women-only — or men-only — spaces?…

Before the 1980s, Australian teachers could be banned for being gay. A new report wants to protect them at religious schools too… via @ConversationEDU 

The role of female political representation in fighting violence against women
Greater female participation in political leadership roles is associated with a decline in violence against women in Brazil.…

If I could gather all the leaders of boys’ schools in one room, here’s what I would tell them
By Chanel Contos @Chanelcontos…

Rachel was sexually harassed in her workplace, but she was the one who had to leave her job
How strict non-disclosure agreements in sexual harassment cases can benefit the organisation and perpetrator instead of the victim.

'Escaping the patriarchy', or discrimination against men? The legal fight over a ladies-only lounge in Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art (Mona)…

To Overcome Resistance to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Understand What’s Driving It
by Eric Shuman, Eric Knowles, and Amit Goldenberg, Harvard Business Review…

By the time they are 20, more than four in five men and two in three women have been exposed to pornography: new research.
Among young people who had seen pornography, the average age of first exposure was 13.2 years for males and 14.1 years for females.…

New research by @MareeCrabbe, @MichaelGLFlood, and @Kelsey_L_Adams @QUT, drawing on data from @OurWatchAus 
Conversation article:…
Journal article:…

Engaging Fathers in Building a Non-violent Future
This new white paper by Professor Michael Flood explores fathers' roles in violence prevention. It was launched at the inaugural Fathering Summit on March 14 2024 in Sydney, hosted by the Fathering Project.…
[Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging Fathers in Building a Non-violent Future 2024 – Cover]

How tech became the next frontier in domestic violence
The fastest growing form of abuse in Australia is the cyberstalking and control of current and former partners using technology, including tracking devices in toys. By Anne Summers.…

The impulse to doubt female pain: In medicine and elsewhere, women are trusted less than men, more likely to have their reports of pain discounted, and less likely to be prescribed painkillers.…

This includes ignoring women's reports of abuse. The article focuses on the example of multiple women’s reports of sexual abuse by a male sports therapist (Larry Nassar) being ignored, before his extensive record of abuse finally was addressed.

An overwhelming majority of elite sportswomen (nine in 10) have experienced some form of gendered online harm, including 87 per cent in the past year. New research from Deakin University. @Kate_ohalloran

Pornography is a powerful sexual socialiser for young people
A useful overview on the negative impacts of exposure to porn (with links to the research), and on strategies to limit pornography’s harms among children and youth.
By Professor Michael Flood…

New report urges major changes in workplace conditions for pregnant women…

‘Keep a close eye on your partner’: The industry selling spyware to jealous and controlling spouses…

The toxic teenage cult of Andrew Tate: Teachers reveal how teenage boys are abusing their mums for having jobs, refusing to be taught by female teachers and spouting homophobia after being brainwashed by misogynistic influencer…

Also see this XY collection on Andrew Tate, including summary notes and links to other commentaries:…

‘Shockingly high’: DV organisations call for urgent change as ‘horror’ year continues
Already 18 women have been killed this year in Australia. Leaders in the domestic violence space are saying enough is enough.…

The State of American Men report is a call for compassion for men and a call to all of us to build and support healthy, connected versions of manhood for the good of all.
Free report, here:

Men can help reduce workplace gender inequalities.
Listen to women. Educate yourself about gender bias and discrimination. Notice sexism. In meetings, make sure women have equal space to speak. Actively mentor and sponsor women. Etc. 
Men's roles:…

There’s no such thing as lesbian porn
'Girl on girl' videos are made for men. By Julie Bindel @bindelj

Social media continues to censor women’s health posts as pornography – and it may cause serious harm…

What’s Your Little One Made Of?
Creating a new generation of male allies for girls in sport. A new campaign by Women in Sport (UK). #WhatsYourLittleOneMadeOf…

Artist Exposes Societal Double Standards In Illustration Series “Imagine A World Like This”
[Plus graphics, You need to cover up; Looking good sweetheart]

Dad Culture Has Nothing to Do With Parenting
Modern fathers are more involved in their children’s lives than ever. Jokes about “dad bods” and “dad rock” haven’t caught up to that reality.
By Saul Austerlitz…

What ‘Barbie’ Can Teach Working-Class Men
The movie didn’t have a great night at the Oscars, but Ryan Gosling’s Ken shows how men can find meaning as the economy shifts beneath their feet.…

33 Ways to Address the Backlash Against Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Compiled by Catalyst (USA), February 2024

Parental leave: offer dads proper benefits and they will take time off to care for their children
By Professor Irina Fernández Lozano…

How does social media influence gender norms among adolescent boys? A review of evidence
This report reviews available evidence on the effects of social media on gender norms and ideals for male behaviour (masculinities) among adolescent boys. [Plus graphic, Koester, How does social media influence gender norms among adolescent boys 2024 – Cover]

Hey, guys, wanna know how to diaper a baby or make a ponytail? Try the School for Men
On an innovative program for men to learn how to tend to their families and homes by sharing the housework and childcare, in Bogotá’s Care School for Men, Colombia.…

#PODCAST @michellegrattan is joined by @QUT professor @MichaelGLFlood to discuss the harassment against women in boys only schools and what leads some men and boys to mistreat women. 

The Importance of Challenging Hegemonic Masculinity in Preventing School Violence
“the production and perpetuation of hegemonic/dominant masculinity plays a pivotal role in various forms of aggression and violence in schools.”
Full journal article:…

“mediating school violence requires recognition, deconstruction, and resistance to the social norms surrounding veneration of hegemonic masculinity.”

There has been significant attention to school violence in the past two decades. But most efforts neglect the interconnectedness of masculinity and violence. 
However, “the normative notion of dominant masculinity plays a pivotal and inextricable role in school violence”

“Contemporary research on violence in schools shows that gender-based, sexualized aggression continues to serve as a technique of normalization, which maintains hierarchies within masculinities, and which helps to consolidate heterosexual identities beginning at an early age” (3)

Against girls: “Subordination and sexual harassment of girls, therefore, often becomes integral and legitimate means through which boys can express and confirm their position within the (heterosexual) masculine hierarchies and to adhere to the ethos of toughness and dominance”

“When girls are harassed, it is very often because they are girls; when boys are harassed, it is not because they are boys but [because] they are the wrong sort of boys.” (4)

Violence among boys: Boys’ violence against other boys often is an expresssion of dominant constructions of masculinity and of hierarchies among boys. In which boys try to prove themselves, including as a defence against the shame of not measuring up (5).

“Because dominant masculinity is defined, in a large part, in contrast to and in denigration of femininity […] boys who are perceived to embody feminine characteristics tend to be subordinated and ostracized” (5)

Hegemonic masculinity is connected with heterosexuality, and subordinated femininity is connected with denigrated femininity. Generating homophobic policing and violence.

Violence in schools, e.g. school shootings, is often “perpetrated by those who want to maintain their masculine dominance, as well as by those boys who are shamed because of their so-called failed masculinities” (5).

How hegemonic masculinity ideals oppress and hurt boys: “Hegemonic domination is difficult to achieve and maintain. […] boys have to actively and repeatedly prove their masculinity while living in constant dread of becoming subordinated and used to prove..."

"... used to prove other dominant boys’ manliness […] In an effort to prove their masculinity, teenage boys tend to avoid displays of pain, mock such displays in others, and deride expressions of hurt, worry, and care"

Boys are not emotionally illiterate. The research shows that boys have relational skills, recognise their friends’ affective states, and “yearn for friendships within which they can share their thoughts, feelings, and secrets” (5).

But as they move from middle childhood to adolescence, boys “increasingly internalized the rules of idealized, dominant masculinity, and equated emotional vulnerability, connectedness, and empathy with being ‘‘girlish’’ and ‘‘gay”” (6-7).

So… It’s critical to challenge dominant masculinities, and foster boys’ and young men’s resistance to them, as a means of violence prevention.
Full paper:…

Building a more equitable future of work for women: opportunities for government action
Excellent account of gender inequalities in paid work, what drives them, and the ways that state governments can address them.

‘Are we dating the same guy?’ These women-run groups are accused of being toxic, but they carry a feminist legacy… via @ConversationEDU

Much of the world has been designed for a one-size-fits-all Reference Man: a caucasian man aged 25-30. That means that lots of things don’t fit women and others who are different from him. 
YouTube video, 2:35min, by the Victorian Government. See

Mainstream accounts of fathering often mistakenly (1) assume that fathers make unique and indispensable contributions to parenting, and (2) offer individualised explanations of the social problems attributed to “fatherlessness”. 
Paper: [Plus graphic, Randles, Role Modeling Responsibility 2020 – Abstract]

Why Canadian dads are more involved in raising their kids than American fathers
Because of four types of social policies in Canada that help fathers be more engaged at home.

Gender norms and masculinity in the US and Canada: I'm reading a fascinating comparison of the 2 countries. The US has a more conservative gender culture, with more rigid norms of masculinity and greater reinforcement of traditional family gender roles. Shaping men's parenting. [Plus graphics, Shafer x 2]

How positive male role models are detoxifying the social media ‘manosphere’
Influencers advocating for mental health, self-love and parenting are reclaiming the space from Andrew Tate and his ilk…

Start-up sector ‘a breeding ground’ for inappropriate behaviour
Venture capital investor Elaine Stead is spearheading a new resource for tackling sexist harassment and discrimination in Australia’s start-up sector.…

The ‘irresponsible’ Glebe squatters who started a women’s movement
On the founding of Australia’s first women’s refuge for victim-survivors of men’s violence, in 1974…

Jordyn was told to keep quiet about her sexual assault in the Air Force because it was 'too difficult'
Australia's first peer-based support network for Defence Force sexual assault victim-survivors seeks to combat isolation…

The women fighting to make women and girls safe in the digital age
For women, girls, and marginalised people, the digital era opened up new opportunities for harm and abuse. @NotYourPorn @leejoanm @seyiakiwowo @GlitchUK_ @ChaynHQ @herahussain

Reply Guys: A handy taxonomy of 9 types of ‘reply guy’, with a short description of this type of Twitter mansplainer, the problem, and what he should do instead. First written by Shrew and Scott Barolo.
Scroll down for the 9 types, here: [Plus graphic, Vishal, 9ReplyGuys - The 9 types of Reply Guy.jpg]

How To Raise Boys Who Aren't Afraid To Be Vulnerable
Whatever Jason and Travis Kelce's parents "did to help their sons become emotionally available needs to be studied," as one viral tweet put it.

Also see this wide-ranging collection on raising gender-equitable, non-violent sons, on the profeminist website XY:

Happy International Women’s Day! As a man I say: Here’s to strong feminist girls and women. May we know them. May we raise them. May we support them. May we join in advocacy with them.
(For more on IWD, see
GWH toolkit:…

As the Beaumaris Inquiry findings are delivered, survivors cling to the hope of a statewide investigation
With the release of a report into historical sexual abuse at a Melbourne primary school, there is hope that it could kickstart a wider reckoning.…

Cranbrook School headmaster resigns following new revelations about teacher and their former student
The headmaster of the private Sydney boys' school, about to go co-ed, supported a teacher who sent sexually explicit messages to a former female student.…

Police have a problem with domestic violence in their ranks. What will it take to fix it? Recent shocking murders should be a wake-up call to police forces that for too long have failed to take action against officers who commit DV.

Cars that are 71% less safe for women than men. Voice-recognition tech that is 70% less likely to accurately understand women than men. Medication that doesn’t work when a woman is on her period…
Perez on the impact of using male-centric data & standards

No equality for working women in any country in the world, study reveals
Global gender gap is far bigger than previously thought, as annual World Bank report takes childcare and safety issues into account for first time…

Some recent feminist books emphasise the need to help men, as if feminism has failed to acknowledge that patriarchy hurts men too. But there have always been feminists expressing concern for men’s lives, including their physical and emotional wellbeing

What’s more, it is not good enough merely to challenge emotional restrictions on men but not patriarchal power. And it is problematic to assume that it must only be women who will fix men, not men themselves.

Some contemporary populist feminist writers, such as Caitlin Moran, see men more as victims than agents. “Men are granted no dignity, no capacity to change on their own terms," writes Victoria Smith @glosswitch

Second-wave feminist Adrienne Rich criticised the dynamic in which men are infantilised and women must mother them. This kind of approach also is dangerous for women, in placing responsibility on women for ‘fixing’ abusive men.

“In her 1979 essay Man Child, Audre Lorde described the importance of “teaching my son that I do not exist to do his feeling for him”. “Men who are afraid to feel,” she wrote, “must keep women around to do their feeling for them while dismissing us for the same..."

“Men who are afraid to feel,” she wrote, “must keep women around to do their feeling for them while dismissing us for the same supposedly ‘inferior’ capacity to feel deeply.” We can hardly eradicate this toxic maternal dynamic by replicating it.”

What do schools need to do to have a good culture and healthy approach to gender?… via @ConversationEDU

Gender inequities and men's domination: I'm reading Perez's book "Invisible Women". It opens with a compelling account of how so much of society is dominated by men: TV and film, news media, statues, school textbooks, gaming, etc. And how male experiences are treated as the norm [Plus graphics, Perez…]

Intimate partner violence in low-income and middle-income countries: Here is a new analysis of population-based surveys among 359,479 women in 53 countries.
This analysis finds that:

-- 37.2% of women have experienced at least one type of intimate partner violence (IPV) in the last 12 months. 29.6% had experienced physical IPV. 25% had experienced psychological IPV. 6.1% had experienced sexual IPV.

-- There is significant heterogeneity across countries in rates of IPV.
-- Rates of IPV are declining overall, with an average annual rate of change of –0.2%. Physical IPV shows an average annual rate of change of –1.1%. Sexual IPV shows an average annual rate of change of –1.9%

But psychological IPV has increased over the past two decades, with an average annual rate of change of 2.3%.
-- Women’s empowerment at both the country level and individual level is associated with intimate partner violence. That is...

At the country level: in countries with the highest levels of gender inequality, women had higher risks of all forms of IPV victimisation.
At the individual level: women with higher levels of empowerment had lower risks of IPV.

The IVF Backlash Shows Almost No One Believes an Embryo Is a Person @JillFilipovic

Annie was harassed at work. Her story was kept secret for years…

Collecting data on people’s perpetration of domestic, family, and sexual violence: A series of recent Australian studies demonstrate that it is perfectly feasible to collect data on people’s self-reported use of violence.

1) In the recent Man Box survey, 28% of young men aged 18-30 reported having perpetrated at least one form of physical or sexual violence against an intimate partner:

2) The University of New South Wales, in collaboration with others, recently released findings on the extent of child sexual offending behaviours and attitudes among Australian men:…

3) A large-scale study, including an Australian sample, found that 1 in 5 men (22.3%) and 1 in 8 women (13.1%) reported having engaged in one or more image-based perpetration behaviours:…

There is a substantial body of international research among perpetrators of DFSV, both quantitative and qualitative, with rich insights about the dynamics and drivers of violence perpetration, as we summarise in this (free) ‘state of knowledge’ report:…

Yes, there are challenges in collecting data on people’s use of violence. And these are no more severe than the challenges in collecting data on people’s subjection to violence.
Self-report data on the use of violence can be collected feasibly and ethically.

As we conclude, "It is time to reframe the problems of domestic, family, and sexual violence to make the perpetrators more visible and more accountable. It is time to know much more about the extent and character of people’s use of violence and about the social conditions that.."

"It is time to know much more about the extent and character of people’s use of violence and about the social conditions that make this more or less likely. And it is time to use this knowledge to guide efforts to prevent and reduce domestic, family, and sexual violence” (p6)

Female teachers given fluffy handcuffs, blackmailed and bullied at one of Australia's most exclusive boys' schools
As one of the most exclusive boys' schools prepares to go co-ed, women who worked there warn its culture is toxic and needs to change.…

Violence against women in Australia: Some forms of VAW have declined in Australia, with rates lower in 2021 than 2016.
-- Overall rates of intimate partner homicide have declined.…

-- Rates of partner violence, including both physical and sexual violence by partners, have declined.
-- Rates of sexual harassment also have declined.
But, sexual assault rates have *not* declined. The 12-month rate shows no change in sexual assault or threatened sexual assault

Meanwhile, community understanding and rejection of VAW has increased over the past 12 years, from data in the National Community Attitudes Survey (NCAS). Although there are still significant, and even worsening, problems with community attitudes.

“It will continue to take a coordinated and evidence-based set of actions across our whole community to address, and ultimately prevent, violence against women in Australia."…

The vasectomy boom: After Dobbs, younger men are stepping up
Planned Parenthood clinics in some states are providing vasectomies — and plenty of younger men want them…

What a Second Trump Term Will Bring
The ban on IVF in Alabama is just the beginning if Trump wins again.
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic…

Men the cause and solution for the worst pandemic in Australia
Men must call each other out when they see disrespect, because the behaviour we walk past is the behaviour we accept, writes Keith Tracey-Patte. @KTeePee @Challenge_DV

Grooming for Violence: Similarities Between Radicalisation and Grooming Processes in Gaming Spaces…

What are the warning signs that my sexual behavior may be harmful?
A resource for young people, providing them with information to help them determine when their behaviours cross boundaries.

I’m excited to be speaking at @thefatheringproject Fathering Summit in Sydney on 14 March!
Join me as we discuss issues facing fathers and work towards creating positive change to contribute to better child wellbeing outcomes

Street harassment: A missing piece in measuring women’s public safety
By Chloe Keel…

Men's hostile sexist attitudes predicts scepticism about sexual assault scholarship
In a US study, men with more hostile sexist attitudes were more likely to reject information and statistics about sexual assault.
[Plus graphic, Betz, Men's Hostile Sexism Predicts Skepticism of Sexual Assault Science 2023 - Abstract]

5 ways to shore up boys’ social skills
CNN Health, January 2024…

Community Matters: How We’re Coming Together to Engage Men & Boys in Gender Justice
Great initiative from Next Gen Men (Canada), building communities of people involved in this work. Let's do something similar in Australia...… @NextGenMen

Tweets in February 2024

Can Parents Prevent Their Sons From Sliding to the Right?
By Kathryn Jezer-Morton, a columnist for the Cut covering modern family life.

How Americans Became Convinced Divorce Is Bad for Kids
By Gail Cornwall and Scott Coltrane

My torment as a gamer girl: Women's worst fears are playing out in pixels
In a world where players can do almost exactly as they want, why do men keep choosing to rape?

‘I think you need to see this’: Celebrities are not the only victims of deepfake porn…

Child predators are targeting Australian parents on dating apps, survey finds
Child predators are targeting parents on dating apps, with a survey finding 1 in 8 Australian users have received a request to facilitate child sexual exploitation or abuse.…

An Insane Missouri Law Prevents Pregnant Women From Getting Divorced—Even If They’re Victims of Domestic Violence…

Labour to help schools develop male influencers to combat Tate misogyny
Shadow education secretary says party would help schools train role models as ‘powerful counterbalance’.…

Violence prevention can transform Canadian hockey culture — but only if implemented properly…

How Driver’s Ed Can Inspire the Way We Teach Consent to Middle School Boys… @NextGenMen

Which big employers have the largest and smallest gender pay gaps? New data reveals all…

Anti-abortion extremists in the US are waging a holy war against women
Republicans aren’t content with just forcing women to give birth, they are intent on controlling all facets of reproductive healthcare, as we’re seeing in Alabama.…

More 'nudifying apps' that use AI to create explicit images of children coming online, research shows…

Ethan Coen's solo feature debut is a hilarious, sexy, lesbian road movie
Margaret Qualley and Australian actor Geraldine Viswanathan star in Drive-Away Dolls as two queer women who are caught up with criminals after finding a strange suitcase in their boot…

Educating boys and young men for violence prevention: What does effective practice look like?
For a summary of key elements of effective practice, see…
For detailed discussion of each, see Chapter 6 in this book, FREE in PDF: [Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention 2019 - Chapter 6 start]

“What Can I Even Say Without Having to Go to Jail?”
The end of Roe has hamstrung advocates for pregnant victims of domestic and sexual violence.…

Two-thirds of women get harassed while running, England survey finds
University of Manchester study says abuse by men and boys is ‘everyday occurrence’ – with only 5% of cases reported to police… @carolinemiles01

Men who want to increase women runners’ safety:
Don’t assault or harass women.
Give women space on the paths.
Avoid derogatory or sexual comments.
Intervene in other men’s sexist and sleazy comments and behaviour.
Support women’s rights to take up public space safely & freely

“What Can I Even Say Without Having to Go to Jail?”
The end of Roe has hamstrung advocates for pregnant victims of domestic and sexual violence.…

Indigenous fathers help build stronger communities. Here’s how we can better support them…

'Healing takes a long time': Faith leaders behind program to end domestic violence
Faith leaders and culturally and linguistically diverse communities are at the centre of a new violence prevention training program.…

National plan to reduce sexual violence at universities to be implemented
State, territory and federal education ministers have agreed to a national action plan to tackle sexual assault on university campuses.…

Research highlights link between school shootings and violence against women
A new study of 59 male school shooters over the past 50 years found that 70% had perpetrated violence against women (VAW), either before or during their attacks.

Taunts, bullying… then groping: how sexual assaults are increasing in schools

Parenting Programmes to Reduce Violence against Children and Women: Three useful briefs from the Prevention Collaborative

How Feminist Foreign Policies Work to Enhance Gender Justice
By Kathryn A. Sikkink & Helen Clapp, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (GJIA)

Let’s Talk Campus Bystander Resources
This GUIDE offers information and basic tools for college students about when and how to talk with a peer when concerned about their sexual behaviour towards others.

How the Taylor Swift effect is changing sports fandom
As Taylor Swift takes over Australia, her presence in the NFL has brought more girls and women into the game, but it hasn't changed the harsh reality of the culture in many men's professional sports.…

Gen Z boys’ attitudes to feminism are more nuanced than negative
By Emily Setty and Jonny Hunt…

The "Sound" campaign encourages men aged 18-34 in Wales to learn about gender-based violence, in three distinct ways: Sound It Out. Sound Advice. Be Sound As.

Rod Wave helps reshape the way society and the Black community see masculinity
The rapper challenges generations of toxic masculinity one lyric at a time.

‘Everything is hairless’: what 100 women taught me about porn and body confidence How is pornography changing women’s perception of what is normal, acceptable and beautiful? I interviewed them to find out By Fiona Vera-Gray 

The 19 'Man Box' rules and how they're contributing to domestic violence.
By Nicole Madigan, Women's Agenda

The orgasm gap and why women climax less than men
(Hint: It’s for social and cultural reasons, not biological ones.)
By Emeritus Professor Laurie Mintz…

No country for old men?
As a Trump vs Biden rematch looms, the US prepares for a second term with an octogenarian in the Oval Office. Jill Filipovic notes the disproportionate focus on Biden's age and neglect of Trump's age. @JillFilipovic

Why Men’s Relationships Benefit from Feminism
Patriarchal models for relationships actually harm everyone—men included—and feminist principles provide us with a path to healthier, more fulfilling relationships
By Veronika Ilich, Next Gen Men

Also see this piece on the men's issues website XY, documenting that feminist identities and attitudes are good for women, and men:…

‘Fear, shame, hopelessness’: how young men are blackmailed online
‘Sextortion’ of young people in Scotland has risen sharply and boys and young men are most at risk…

Australia’s All-Boys Schools Need to Stamp Out Toxic Masculinity
We need a fresh take on education for young men — including the many who go on to hold positions of power in government and business.
By Andreea Papuc…

Rethinking masculinity: Teaching men how to love and be loved
We need to speak more about how to become the kind of man who can openly show love for others while accepting love from those who care.
By Jamie Paris…

How a simple offer to chat if she needed helped Chloe disclose violence in the home
Disclosing abuse can be incredibly difficult. But there are ways we can help those in our lives feel safer to share.…

Will Men Organize to End Gun Violence?
By Rob Okun… @MsMagazine

How to Talk to Kids About Sex and Consent
When it comes to sex, setting boundaries and respecting them are both important
By Rae Jacobson, Child Mind Institute (USA)

Teens and Romantic Relationships
Some DOs and DON'Ts to share with your teens
By Rachel Ehmke, Child Mind Institute (USA)

Nearly half of young men don't know where the clitoris is - and think most women can easily orgasm from intercourse, study suggests via

The phrase “believe women”: It does not mean beginning with an assumption of the alleged perpetrator’s guilt. Instead, “it means that the claims of women should be investigated, interrogated, taken seriously. It means we should not begin with the premise, or posture, of disbelief.”

‘Jokes’ about violence against women: “Blatant displays of misogyny, such as “jokes” about sexual abuse and degradation of women, are never “harmless banter”.” Such ‘jokes’, and the attitudes they represent, feed into actual male violence.… @bindelj

“Liberal feminism’s embrace of abuse, objectification and misogyny as a feminist “choice” has had a disastrous effect on men’s accountability. It created the space for Brand to joke about harming women without any pushback. It helped many more men to abuse and degrade women".

“Misogyny is not funny or fun. Men who constantly “joke” about sexually assaulting and degrading women are not talented comedians but threats to women’s safety," writes Julie Bindel.

Bindel is right. The research finds that:
(1) There is a link between making sexist jokes, sexist and violence-supportive attitudes, and willingness to use violence against women.
(2) Sexist jokes reinforce and worsen gender inequalities.…
4/5 [Plus graphic, Ashley Fairbanks, Pyramid sexist joke]

(3) Exposure to sexist and rape jokes increases men’s support for violence against women.
4) Humour can have positive or negative effects.
5) There are effective ways to challenge sexist and rape jokes.

Give Your Kids Their Mother's Last Name
Patrilineal naming conventions have dominated the US for generations. It's time for a change.
(I did this. My kids have their mother’s surname, and my name as one of their middle names.) @JillFilipovic

Most heterosexual couples give their children the father’s last name. Even though many fathers are absent or largely uninvolved and women do most of the childrearing.
Even among couples that reject patrilineal naming conventions, few give the child its mother’s last name.

“a naming convention that erases a woman’s name when she marries, and passes on fathers’ names down through the generations, is a patriarchal and misogynist one”

The practice of always giving children their fathers’ surnames “reveals a stubborn sexism to heterosexual partnership and, perhaps even worse, a deep romanticization of the idea that a woman’s identity folds into that of her husband when they marry”.

It “says something awfully troubling about how much we respect motherhood, and how much we presume male authority over a household and children.”
In short, how we name ourselves and our children matters. @JillFilipovic

"Believe women”: It does not mean beginning with an assumption of guilt. Instead, “it means that the claims of women should be investigated, interrogated, taken seriously. It means we should not begin with the premise, or posture, of disbelief.”…

Position available: Director, The Men's Project
You will be responsible for leading a team of professionals working to support men and boys to live flourishing lives free from violence and other harmful behaviours.
Closes on Feb. 16 (!)

Mieko Kawakami on how men can make the world better for women
Fathers must confront their unconscious assumptions, says the Japanese writer

Do feminists have better sex? Yes, they do
Feminist women have sex just as often as non-feminists, and in fact, report their sex is more cuddly, loving and pleasurable — some might say better — than among those who are not feminists.
By Professor Fetner

More widely, there is plenty of evidence that having feminist beliefs or a feminist identity has a range of positive benefits, for women *and* men. See…

‘I do regret that’: Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison admits clumsy handling of women’s issues…

Have you heard of the 'Man Box'? Here’s why it can be harmful
The 'Man Box' concept is made up of 19 rules that characterise stereotypical ideals related to masculinity.… @JesuitSocialSer #TheManBox

See my speech summarising the latest Man Box data in Australia here:…
Download the Man Box report and fact sheets here:

With girls getting their periods as young as eight, do we need to talk about menstruation in schools sooner?…

U.S. Women Have Become More Liberal; Men Mostly Stable - Gallup poll data
Increased liberalism since the 1990s has occurred much more strongly among women of certain age groups, while men’s views have been steadier.…

Taylor Swift Is a Threat to the Right—and So Is Travis Kelce
When traditionally successful men like Kelce support liberal causes and candidates, they help to provide a “permission structure” for young men to vote for Democrats.
By Jackson Katz…

Men’s positive roles as allies for gender equity in science
Blog entry on how men can contribute to positive changes in gender inequalities in science and science communication.
In English and Spanish. By Professor Michael Flood… @SciComm_ES

Australia's Prime Minister says, "violence against women is not a problem that women should have to solve.
Men have to be prepared to take responsibility for our actions and our attitudes.
To educate our sons, to talk to our mates.
To drive real change.."…

Whether of politicians, pop stars or teenage girls, sexualised deepfakes are on the rise. They hold a mirror to our sexist world…
@Dr_AnastasiaP @AsherFlynn @DrAsiaEaton

The price of porn: Is pornography hacking our sexual desires?
By Josephine Bartosch @jo_bartosch

How does social media influence gender norms among adolescent boys? Key evidence and policy implications
New briefing by ALIGN.…
@sdiep @ODI_Global @ALIGN_Gender

Men Alone Cannot Build a Durable Peace in the Middle East
Israeli and Palestinian women’s organizations have a rich history of political engagement.
Foreign Policy, February 2024

A reframing of masculinity, rooted in empathy
Gary Barker's Ted Talk urges us to turn away from harmful ideas about masculinity and instead foster a culture of care, compassion and connection among men.
October 2023… @MenEngage @equimundo_org

Also see the collection of videos – on men and masculinities, violence prevention, bystander intervention, consent, and so on – on the pro-feminist website XY, here:
[Plus graphic, XY videos screenshot]

Anyone could be a victim of ‘deepfakes’. But there’s a reason Taylor Swift is a target
Deepfake porn is a potent new weapon for harassment – and it’s not a coincidence Swift has become its most prominent victim.
By Jill Filipovic… @JillFilipovic

Stop blaming male alienation on female liberation
Men Yell At Me blog

Rigid ideals related to masculinity drive violence, hostility towards women, sexual harassment, and men’s own poor mental health, new research reveals
Australian men who most strongly endorse rigid attitudes related to masculinity are more likely to have used violence, sexually abused their partner, sexually harassed women, experienced poor mental health, and displayed problematic gambling behaviours

Patriarchal masculinity in Australia: What the Man Box research tells us has changed or not I was honoured to speak at the launch of The Man Box 2024, the latest research on masculinities in Oz. See it here:
See my speech here:

Sweden: Where it's taboo for dads to skip parental leave
It's been 50 years since Sweden introduced state-funded parental leave, designed for couples to share. The pioneering policy offers some surprising lessons for other countries.…

Suffering in silence: Men’s and boys’ mental health is still overlooked in sport  via @ConversationCA @DrMichaelKehler

‘Looksmaxxing’ is the disturbing TikTok trend turning young men into incels

How can we address both violence against children and intimate partner violence through a feminist lens?
@RaisingVoices’ study examines the cyclical and patriarchal dynamics of violence in the family. Read here:…

Women are lurching to the left. Why aren’t men following them?
By Jacqueline Maley…

What we can learn from Danish masculinity
In Denmark, it is much more acceptable than in the US or UK for men to show vulnerability, caring, and empathy.
Danish men define manhood in opposition to boyhood, not womanhood.…

Rigid ideals related to masculinity drive violence, hostility towards women, sexual harassment, and men’s own poor mental health, new research reveals
Findings from a study among 3,500 men in Australia aged 18 to 45 #TheManBox @JesuitSocialSer

The government has announced the scope of its sexual violence inquiry. Here’s what it gets right (and what it doesn’t) via @ConversationEDU

Transforming gender norms for women’s economic rights and empowerment
New flagship research by @ALIGN_Gender outlines the evidence on overcoming economic inequalities by shifting #gendernorms.…

Building caring societies: how states can shift the gendered norms of care
This brief outlines what government policy can do to foster more gender-equal norms relating to care.… @ALIGN_Gender

Commonwealth Consent Policy Framework: New framework by the Australian Government on speaking to young people about consent.
Provides practical advice on how to communicate with young people about healthy sexual relationships and consent. [Plus graphic, Commonwealth Consent Policy Framework SM_v01]

Misogynistic pathways to radicalisation: Recommended measures for platforms to assess and mitigate online gender-based violence
This paper emphasises the value of a gender perspective in responding to terrorist and violent extremist content.…

Algorithms as a weapon against women – How YouTube lures boys and young men into the ‘manosphere’
This research (2022) shows how YouTube’s algorithms contribute to promoting misogynistic, anti-feminist and extremist content to Australian boys and young men…

A muscle-building obsession in boys: What to know and do…

There is overwhelming gender bias in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – and the review doesn’t address it

Masculinity and women's equality: UK report finds emerging gender divide in young people's attitudes… via @physorg_com @IpsosUK @KingsCollegeLon

Taylor Swift deepfakes: new technologies have long been weaponised against women. The solution involves us all… @n_henry

There are reports some students are making sexual moaning noises at school. Here’s how parents and teachers can respond.… via @ConversationEDU @HigginsDaryl

Meet the family fighting fires as well as misconceptions around female firefighters
Colleen and her two daughters are part of a growing number of female volunteer firefighters who have signed up.…

When Kezia was five years old, her brother began abusing her. Her family and their strict religious community did nothing
The Jehovah's Witnesses are still dealing with child sexual abuse with their own internal investigations and not reporting to police.

Tweets in January 2024

Feminists’ attitudes towards men – Six studies, in the most systematic examination yet of feminists’ actual and perceived attitudes toward men, find that feminists’ attitudes toward men are broadly positive and broadly similar to other people’s attitudes toward men.
[Plus graphic, Hopkins-Doyle, The Misandry Myth - An Inaccurate Stereotype About Feminists’ Attitudes Toward Men 2024 – Abstract]

Feminist and nonfeminist women show similarly positive attitudes toward men.
Feminists’ attitudes toward men are positive in absolute terms and do not differ from nonfeminists’ attitudes.
Feminist women’s attitudes toward men are no more negative than men’s attitudes toward men.

In short, the notion of feminist ‘misandry’ (man-hating) is a myth, a widespread but false belief.
See the journal article here:

If anyone can get the US government to take deepfake porn seriously, it’s Swifties
Their collective anger over AI-generated sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift may help spur changes to federal law when it comes to deepfake porn #TaylorSwiftAl…

‘The real thing almost didn’t turn me on enough’: how is online porn shaping the sex lives of young men?…

Technology-facilitated gender-based violence in an era of generative AI
New UNESCO report highlights how generative AI has amplified existing methods and increased potential avenues for gender-based violence, and explores what can be done. @UNESCO
[Plus graphic, UNESCO, Technology-facilitated gender-based violence in an era of generative AI 2023 – Cover]

What is gender partnership and how to be an effective gender partner (in workplaces)
Infographic on people assuming mutual accountability for advancing gender equity and inclusion, and working together to advance culture change for everyone's benefit.…
[Plus graphic, Catalyst, What is gender partnership and how to be an effective gender partner 2023 – Some]

Flexible Masculinities at Work (Infographic)
There is no single “right” way to be a man, and social environments that encourage flexibility—rather than rigidity—allow men and people of all genders to thrive.… @CatalystInc
[Plus graphic, Catalyst, Flexible Masculinities at Work (Infographic) Sept 2023 – Some]

How Combative Cultures Prevent Men from Interrupting Sexism (Infographic)
Canadian research on whether and why men feel comfortable challenging sexist behavior if they witness it at work.… @CatalystInc
[Plus graphic, Catalyst, How Combative Cultures Prevent Men from Interrupting Sexism 2020 – Some]

Also see this collection on the pro-feminist men's website XY on men's positive roles in building workplace gender equality:

Building Power in Feminist and Women’s Movements to End Violence against Women and Girls: Learning from Civil Society Organizations funded by the UN Trust Fund…

Position available, Men’s Health Ambassador (UK)
Position with the UK government, 1-2 days per month, £350 per day
Applications close on January 31

Violent extremism, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment: There is evidence of a common psychology of misogyny (the hostility and distrust towards or devaluation of women or girls) underlying these various behaviours among men. 1/2

Misogyny predicts violent extremist intentions, willingness to engage in violence, and increased support for violence on women via revenge planning & hypermasculinity. UK nationally representative study.
@B_RottweilerUCL @CaitlinClemmow @paulgill_ucl
[Plus graphic, Rottweiler, A Common Psychology of Male Violence 2023 – Abstract]

3 Ways Men Can Advance Gender Equity at Work
By Colleen M. Tolan and Lisa S. Kaplowitz, Harvard Business Review

Also see this collection on men's positive roles in building workplace gender equality, on the pro-feminist website XY:
Includes tips, guides, reports, and scholarship.

Donald Trump and the art of cruelty
Unlike his rivals, the former president knows how to make punitive vengeance fun.
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

Plan Your Power: A Toolkit For Women’s Rights Advocacy Planning With the increasing backlash against women’s human rights and feminist agendas, advocacy for gender equality and women’s rights is more critical than ever. Toolkit to progress women’s rights:…
[Plus graphic, IWDA, Plan your power toolkit 2023 – Cover]

South Australia is considering the legal status of sex work — it’s imperative that we listen to the experience of survivors…

Masculinity and street dance: In light of recent conversations about the link between hypermasculine rhetoric and youth mental health, M_N uses street dance to dissect the complex stigmas that plague emotional and physical expression among young men.

Critics of D.E.I. Forget That It Works
On diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, by Caroline Elkins, Frances Frei and Anne Morriss…

How the Anti-Abortion Movement Weaponizes Language
Anti-abortion advocates prey on the public’s lack of familiarity with medical terminology and stoke emotional responses in order to demonize abortion care and those who seek and provide it.… @MsMagazine

Trump: A Federal Judge Has Gone to Great Lengths to Make Clear Trump Really Did Rape E. Jean Carroll
Why state-level legal minutiae impacts what words are used to describe the former president’s criminal conduct.…

The #MeToo movement, it turns out, was just a fleeting moment
We still live in a world where sexual harassment is an everyday reality for women and girls.
By Julie Bindel @bindelj…

Criminalisation of victims of male violence needs to end – everywhere
Blaming, and punishing, women for the abuse they suffered at the hands of men is a global phenomenon.
By Julie Bindel @bindelj

Working Together with Men 2.0 - This new resource builds on the innovative work undertaken at RMIT for engaging men in gender equity and violence prevention allyship. Including a Theory of Change and full evaluation plan focused on men’s accountability. [Plus graphic, Hewson-Munro, Working Together with Men 2.0 2023 – Cover]

Fathers’ leave reduces sexist attitudes:
Research finds that exposure to fathers’ leave, a social policy intervention that weakens traditional gender roles, led to a sizeable increase in gender-equitable attitudes among parents.…
[Plus graphic, Tavits, Fathers’ Leave Reduces Sexist Attitudes 2023 – Abstract]

As a feminist, what I wish for in 2024 is criminal justice reform
In 2024, I do not want to hear the usual excuse that “rape is almost impossible to convict”.
By Julie Bindel…

Medical gaslighting: Women's pain ignored and serious health problems left undiagnosed due to sexist healthcare system…

What it really costs women to have a child in Australia
Women’s earnings are reduced by 55 per cent on average during the first five years of parenting their children, while new fathers’ earnings are unaffected. @WomensAgenda…

Body image issues are rising in men – research suggests techniques to improve it
By Chris Stiff… via @ConversationUK

Red carpet looks show that men have finally taken off the straight jacket
By Virginia Trioli…

Domestic violence: criminalising coercive control in France could bring more justice to victims
By Evan Stark and Andreea Gruev-Vintila… via @FR_Conversation

Check your ‘fun parts’: what a new sexual health campaign for young Aussies gets right and wrong
By Dr Andrea Waling… via @ConversationEDU @DrAndreaWaling

Leaving The Real World: How I Escaped Andrew Tate’s Get Rich Quick ‘Cult’
Karim Mahmoud joined Tate’s 'business academy' expecting to get rich, but found himself stuck in an exploitative grift that nearly derailed his life. He’s now warning others away.

Who perpetrates domestic, family, and sexual violence, and why?
Short article on the State of Knowledge Report on Violence Perpetration, in Insights (Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing, Western Australia), pp. 17-19 of
Full report:

Laughing in the Face of Corporate Capture: a Feminist Perspective… @AWID

Shifting Narratives About Gender in Tanzania: Refining Roles for Men in Reproductive and Maternal Health
This blog highlights how Breakthrough ACTION uses a gender lens to improve reproductive, maternal, newborn, & child health outcomes though engaging men…

Nonhormonal Male Contraceptive Development-Strategies for Progress
This article outlines the need for an increased focus on male contraceptive development, explores the perspectives of women and men on male contraceptives, etc.

Gender and interaction: A large body of research tells us that:
-- Women typically get less talking time than men: they speak up less, get called on less, and are interrupted or talked over more.
-- Women who talk as much and as forcefully as men tend to be...

... more negatively evaluated than either men or less talkative women
-- Women’s contributions to a group discussion have less influence than men’s on the group’s decisions
This piece explores if this shapes the interactions on a UK TV show "The Traitors"

Sound it out: Tough questions need sound advice
Am I being too full-on with her?
Why do I get jealous when she goes out?
Am I messaging her too much?
How do I resist the urge to check her DMs?
Welsh campaign aimed at men aged 18-34. See here:

Why are men so lonely?
"Feminists’ suspicion of all-male spaces and male bonding rituals makes sense given their sexist history. But today, these spaces can make men stronger allies of women."
By Jean Guerrero@jeanguerre @latimes

Who is being left out of the domestic violence conversation? Men
"the growing number of men engaging in these conversations offers hope and optimism for a future where such violence is eradicated, and all individuals can live free from fear and abuse"…

Mothers are more likely to work worse jobs – while fathers thrive in careers

How some media debates on domestic and family violence blame the victim, exonerate the perpetrator: Mainstream media’s initial reporting on the 2020 murder of Hannah Clarke and her three children served the online “manosphere”, researchers say. @QUT

GLAMOUR's Feminist Manifesto: 11 things women want to see in 2024
From abortion access to climate justice, here's what needs to change.
By Lucy Morgan
31 December 2023

The Digital Misogynoir Report: Ending the dehumanising of Black women on social media:
A report on the widespread prevalence of digital misogynoir, hatred directed at Black women. How it shows up in online spaces, and what we can do to dismantle it.

Exposure to sexual content and problematic sexual behaviors in children and adolescents: This systematic review of 27 studies among 16,200 people finds that there is a significant association between exposure to sexual content and problematic sexual behaviours.
1/4 [Plus graphic, Mori, Exposure to sexual content and problematic sexual behaviors in children and adolescents 2023 – Abstract]

Problematic sexual behaviours involve developmentally inappropriate and potentially harmful sexual behaviors.
This review finds, "children and adolescents exposed to sexually explicit content, including non-violent sexual content as well as violent or live sexual content...

"... are more likely to display PSB relative to children and adolescents not exposed to sexual content. Specifically, children and adolescents exposed to non-violent SEM were over one and half times as likely to engage in PSB than those not exposed..."

"... , and children and adolescents exposed to violent SEM or live content were about two and a half times as likely to engage in PSB than those who were unexposed."

Facing the backlash: what is fuelling anti-feminist and anti-democratic forces
This ALIGN Framing paper lays out how we understand patriarchal gender norms are fuelling anti-feminist forces and driving authoritarian rollbacks to democracy. @ALIGN_Gender

Sexual harassment: When is it not our fault?
Get harassed... it's only banter
Wary of strange men… uptight
Wary of familiar men… paranoid
Friendly with guys… slut
Trusting of guys… stupid
Report… a liar
Don’t report… part of the problem
[Plus graphic: Sexual harassment - when is it not our fault]

Preventing Suicide in Boys and Men: Useful overview chapter by Pirkis et al., in the book “Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention”
Masculinity – socially constructed gender ideals for boys and men – may be a key contributory factor underpinning males' heightened suicide risk.
[Plus graphic, Pirkis, Preventing Suicide in Boys and Men 2023 - Title page]

Conformity to “dominant” masculine norms like self-reliance is associated with males’ reduced help-seeking in boys and men. If they do seek help, they often find that services are not well matched to their ways of dealing with problems.
[Plus graphic, Pirkis, Preventing Suicide in Boys and Men 2023 – Abstract]

Addressing the problem from both ends – norming help-seeking and engaging boys and men with effective help – is more likely to yield success.
See Pirkis et al.'s chapter (2023), in full text, among the pieces here:

Son preference and gender discrimination:
Studies in 15 societies find consistent evidence of lower-than-expected female survival and rising male-to-female sex ratios.
The phenomenon of ‘missing women’ is still one of the great inequalities of our time.
[Plus graphic, Pennington, The impacts of profound gender discrimination on the survival of girls and women in son-preference countries 2022 – Abstract]

AI girlfriends are here – but there’s a dark side to virtual companions
Creators of these chatbots often tout them as a way to combat loneliness, but they can create unhealthy attachments and affect gender roles.
By Arwa Mahdawi…

Precarious manhood beliefs linked to erectile dysfunction, study finds
Men who believe that manhood must be continually earned and can easily be lost are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.…

Stop framing rape victims as daughters and sisters and start framing rapists as brothers and fathers. [Plus graphic, Stop framing rape victims as daughters and sisters and start]

Sexual consent on TV for adolescents: An experimental study finds that young people who are exposed to media portrayals of verbal consent are then more likely to intend to seek verbal consent themselves, via more positive attitudes toward women.
[Plus graphic, Alexopoulos, Sexual Consent on Television - Differing Portrayal Effects on Adolescent Viewers 2023 – Abstract]

Blog: Examining Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response Efforts

Killers and criminals lose the right to control the graves of family members they have harmed
A man who killed his three sons is the first convicted killer or serious criminal to have his rights to control the graves of his children taken away.…

The Feminist Handbook: Practical Tools to Resist Sexism and Dismantle the Patriarchy
A practical tool for rejecting the influence that sexism and discrimination have on your potential, your mental health, and your relationships. It looks useful!
[Plus graphic, Bagshaw, The feminist handbook – Cover]

A patriarchal preference for sons over daughters in South Korea meant female foetuses often were aborted over the 1980s to 2010s.
This has led to a gender imbalance with men outnumbering women.
And this has produced bleak marriage prospects for many men.…

Men Are Losing Their Friends, and It Could Be Killing Them
There's a core weakness to typical male friendships.
By Loren Soeiro…

What is healthy masculinity? Check out these interesting reflections by Voice Male editors and other advocates.
E.g., Johnson argues that the idea is oxymoronic, because what patriarchy takes from both women and men is the fullness of our humanity.

Silicon Valley’s very masculine year
Ravenous, carnivorous, and totally yoked: How men in tech have evolved.
By Zoë Bernard…

The History Behind The Rise Of Hyper-Masculinity in Indian Cinema
The violence and anger depicted in films such as RRR, Pushpa, Kabir Singh, and Animal prompt reflects on the appeal of such violently toxic masculine representations in Indian cinema.

Yes, men and boys are in crisis — but traditional masculinity won't help them
We can't cure "toxic" masculinity until we demonstrate what healthy masculinity looks like
By Mary Elizabeth Williams…

I’m Andrew Tate’s audience and I know why he appeals to young men

Childless men account for more than a third of adult men in the USA. Over time, a growing share of childless men do not want children and increasingly, a lack of children would not bother them at all.

Masculine norms and drug use: Longitudinal study among Australian young adult men finds that adherence to specific masculine norms (playboy and risk-taking) was associated with hazardous use of alcohol, cannabis, and hard drugs at two-year follow-up.
[Plus graphic, Teese, Prospective associations between traditional masculinity and cannabis, hard drug, and alcohol use in Australian emerging adult men 2023 – Abstract]

The masculine norm of primacy of work decreased risk of both cannabis and hard drug use, but not hazardous alcohol consumption.
Implications: Screening for adherence to traditional masculine norms is useful in working with young men engaging in substance abuse rehabilitation.
[Plus graphic, Teese, Prospective associations between traditional masculinity and cannabis, hard drug, and alcohol use in Australian emerging adult men 2023 – Discussion]

‘Fear, shame, hopelessness’: how young men are blackmailed online
‘Sextortion’ of young people in Scotland has risen sharply and boys and young men are most at risk…

Punish, Torture, Kill: The reality of pregnancy in "pro-life" America
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

Addressing Community Backlash to Male Engagement in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender-based Violence Interventions
The blog draws on experiences working with men & boys to promote gender-equitable norms and behaviors in diverse settings & projects.…

Feminism, media, culture: For insightful and engaging feminist commentary on these areas, I heartily recommend Deborah Cameron’s work. Follow her blog. Follow her on X @wordspinster. See her roundup of 2023 here:

‘We haven’t been taught about sex’: teens talk about how to fix school sex education
By Giselle Woodley @Zosogis…

Traditional masculinity ideology: is a dominant cultural script or set of norms / social expectations that shapes the development and maintenance of men’s roles, through processes of social learning, reinforcement, reward and punishment.
[Plus graphic, Levant, The gender role strain paradigm and masculinity ideologies 2016 - Title ]

This book chapter in the APA handbook of men and masculinities provides a useful overview.
Men’s endorsement of traditional masculinity ideology is associated with a range of problematic outcomes to do with health, help-seeking, relationships, etc.

See the chapter's useful summary of a wide range of scholarship on the impacts of agreement with traditional masculine beliefs, pp. 33-35.
There is complexity too: these impacts depend on which belief and which outcome. And some beliefs are associated with positive outcomes.

Fathering and sexism: This New Zealand study finds that fathers with more sexist attitudes show less responsive parenting towards both daughters and sons.
(Mothers' sexist attitudes shaped their parenting too.)…

Fathers with higher levels of hostile sexism express less warmth, are less engaged with their child, are less sensitive to their child’s needs, and are more intrusive or controlling.
For resources on positive fathering, see the various materials here:

Tweets in December 2023

Tjanimaku Tjukurpa: A book about healing
Developed by senior Aboriginal men, this book is for young men, their families and communities, and for anyone seeking to better understand mental health, trauma and healing.

How the ‘Crazy’ Cat Lady Became One of Pop Culture’s Most Enduring Sexist Tropes
It reflects a deep-rooted fear of feminine power and female autonomy.…

Using TikToks to promote adolescent men’s understanding and empathy about sexual violence
Social media communication is a promising way to deliver important health messages about sexual violence to adolescent men.
New study, here:

In an experiment among males aged 15-19, adolescent men who viewed Tik Toks (short videos) showing first-person stories about sexual violence victimisation had higher knowledge of the consequences of SV and higher perceived severity of SV, compared to a control group.

Chapter on using online media for violence prevention with men and boys, free in PDF:…
Bibliography on social marketing for violence prevention:…
Bibliography on working with boys and young men:…

Sexual Harassment Training: Why It (Currently) Doesn’t Work and What Can Be Done
Traditional organizational training sessions are ineffective, because:
1. Training is only focused on legal compliance.
2. People expect immediate results after a single training session.

3. Employees hold negative pretraining attitudes.
4. Bystander training does not transfer as well to the workplace.
5. There is no effective measurement to determine if training is working.

What is really needed to end sexual harassment at work is culture and climate change.
Journal article:…
Also see this literature review on best practice in prevention:…

'Trust has been shattered': Leaked survey reveals ongoing cultural issues at Australian Antarctic Division
On systemic harassment and bullying at Australia's Antarctic stations…

Will France ever have its MeToo moment?
"Making excuses for famous men accused of rape creates a culture of impunity, telling women that their allegations against ordinary men are unlikely to be believed."
By Joan Smith @polblonde

Give Your Kids Their Mother's Last Name
Patrilineal naming conventions have dominated the US for generations. It's time for a change.
By Jill Filipovic
(PS. I did. My kids have their mum's surname, and my surname as a middle name. Easy!)

"Our work of love should be to reclaim masculinity and not allow it to be held hostage by patriarchal domination... those of us committed to ending patriarchy can touch the hearts of real men where they live, not by demanding that they give up manhood or maleness, but by..." [Plus graphic, hooks, The will to change - masculinity quote]

Don't panic, men: We're not helpless — and we don't need the right's phony masculinity.
Republicans are exploiting male anxiety — and Josh Hawley's warmed-over Bible snippets offer young men nothing new.…

Service providers hope to expand family and domestic violence prevention measures in schools
(An overview piece on respectful relationships education in Australian schools)…

Why more men are joining the ranks of therapists: ‘We’re rushing to a place we’re needed’
Several factors including stigma around mental health and years of low-paid work kept men away. But men’s attitude toward the profession seems to be changing

Santa Claus supports young girl who didn't want to sit on his lap

Men and women who hold sexist views are less responsive as parents: new research
By Professor Nickola Overall

We contacted every male federal MP about domestic violence deaths, to ask what is being done in their electorates about a family violence crisis that has seen more than 50 women killed this year. 20 out of 92 responded.…

Engaging men in workplaces in building gender equality: The report “Men Make a Difference” offers ten principles for how to do this.
1) Get the foundation right. The key here is partnership – a spirit of partnership between men and women.
[Plus graphic, DCA, Men Make a Difference – Cover]
3) Get the messaging right. It’s hard to get men on board. But there *are* ways to make it more likely that you will inspire men’s involvement and commitment.
4) Engage a diversity of men.
6) Educate about how to lead change effectively.
[Plus graphic, DCA, Men Make a Difference - Strategies 1]

10) Encourage men and women to challenge and change gender-biased organisational policies and practices
Speech on the report here:…
Full report and summary here:…
[Plus graphic, DCA, Men Make a Difference - Strategies 2]

Fathering Summit 2024
Intended to unite diverse participants, including, researchers, advocates, educators, policymakers, fathers and influencers, all committed to reshaping and redefining modern fatherhood.
Early bird registration closes on January 10

Fear of falling
Why do high earners have a mistaken view of where they sit on the income ladder? (They typically assume they are nowhere near as rich, relatively, as they are.)

Men and Masculinities in a Globalising Viet Nam: A new study of diverse and shifting masculine norms among men in Vietnam, here:…

Prevalence of and changes in intimate partner violence against women: Here are five valuable findings from an analysis of population surveys among 359,479 women aged 15-49, in 53 low-income and middle-income countries…

1) Over one-third of women (37.2%) experienced at least incident of intimate partner violence (IPV) in the last 12 months before the survey.
29.6% experienced physical IPV, 25% experienced psychological IPV, and 6.1% experienced sexual IPV.

2) There is significant heterogeneity across countries in rates of IPV. In some countries prevalence of IPV was less than 10%. In others, it was over 50%.
3) There has been an overall decline in rates of IPV over 2000-2021. With an average annual rate of change of -0.2%.

4) Women in countries with higher male dominance / worse gender inequality had a higher risk of any type of IPV.
5) Women with lower individual levels of empowerment (measured by social independence, decision-making, and attitudes to violence) had a higher risk of IPV.

Patriarchal gender inequalities – patterns of male dominance – are a consistent predictor of men’s domestic and sexual violence against women. And that’s the finding of a study of over 350,000 women aged 15-49 in 53 low-income and middle-income countries.

This analysis of population surveys in 53 countries finds,
“high gender inequality at country level and low empowered social independence, decision making, and attitude to violence at the individual level were associated with a high prevalence of intimate partner violence.”

Addressing patriarchal gender inequalities and empowering women are key strategies for reducing and preventing men’s violence against women.

For a detailed account of how domestic and sexual violence are driven by gendered inequalities (in structures, norms, and practices), see Our Watch’s excellent “Change the Story” framework, pp. 36-45 of….
(This graphic is from the 2015 edition.) [Plus graphic, Our Watch, Change The Story - Gendered drivers p. 12]

Violence-supportive attitudes are a consistent predictor of men's and boys' perpetration of domestic, family and sexual violence. Men are more likely to use violence against women and girls if they subscribe to attitudes that condone, minimise, excuse or justify that violence.

This is evident in four recent meta-analyses and systematic analyses of well over 300 studies.
As summarised in the State of Knowledge Report on Violence Perpetration.
The report (80 pp.) is available at full at… @QUT @theEQI @DLulabele

Peer support is an important influence on men’s sexual violence perpetration. Men are more likely to be sexually aggressive if they have sexually aggressive peers, that is, male friends who themselves tolerate or perpetrate sexual aggression.

That’s the finding of a variety of studies, summarised on pp. 38-39 of the State of Knowledge Report on Violence Perpetration.
The report (80 pp.) is available at full at… @QUT @theEQI @DLulabele

A third influence on the likelihood of perpetration is settings. In most settings, most men do not use violence against women. But there are higher levels of perpetration in settings (e.g. fraternities, sports clubs, military units) based on sexist norms, gender inequalities, etc

Breaking Down Biases: Men as Allies for Women in Leadership
How men can be part of the solution—and 5 actions organizations can take now.

Also see the XY collection on men’s roles in building gender equality in workplaces, here: It includes tipsheets, guides, reports, and scholarship.

Why some women ignore sexual discomfort and settle for bad sex
Women aren't just more likely to experience consensual sex that's bad and painful; they are also socialised to prioritise men's pleasure over their own.…

The spray umpire Caena, 14, copped from a male spectator almost drove her from the game she loves. She's not alone
Experiences like Ceana's are deterring umpires, especially juniors and women, and that's adding to a shortage of match officials.…

The Fantasies of Josh Hawley
The senator’s new book, Manhood, is an exercise in cowardice.…

Korea’s low birth rates: Although economic factors are often blamed for low fertility rates, critics have begun to recognise the adverse effect of gender roles, workplace discrimination and trends of violence towards women as important factors.…

Decades of Hard-Won Gains for Women Are Unraveling Fast. How Can We Stop It?
By Natalie Samarasinghe, May 15, 2023… via @pass_blue

Do men shun household chores? Spain is launching an app to find out

How Patriarchy Hurts Men Too
By Veronika Ilich, Next Gen Men @NextGenMen

Ted Lasso, and the Fantasy of Soft Masculinity
A fan-favorite show wraps up a series in which the mostly male characters became more vulnerable, empathetic and comfortable being themselves with other men.

Scientists are on the verge of a male birth-control pill. Will men take it?
A male contraceptive is almost here – and it’ll be another test of whether heterosexual men are actually willing to share the responsibilities of adult life
By Jill Filipovic…

Engaging men in violence prevention: Efforts should seek to mobilise men in collective advocacy, address powerful men and male-dominated institutions, and build alliances with other social justice movements.
Book chapter, free here: [Plus graphic, Flood, Sexual Violence Prevention with Men and Boys as a Social Justice Issue 2022 Table 1 recommendations online]

Mobilising Men for Feminist Peace is a new podcast pushing for peace through gender equality.
Led by the team behind WILFP's Mobilising Men for Feminist Peace initiative, it uncovers the potentially transformative power of Feminist Peace.

Also check out other podcasts on men and masculinities in the XY collection here:

Denying the Gender-Based Violence of Oct. 7 Helps No One
By Jill Filipovic, December 13

I’m Worried About the Boys, Too
I’ve spent years trying to understand the mental health crisis among teenage girls. But both sexes are suffering.
By Jonathan Haidt…

If a woman can be raped in broad daylight on a train, there are tough questions for all of us
This latest horrific crime shatters any illusions we may still have about when, where and how such things can happen
By Gaby Hinsliff @gabyhinsliff…

Survivor-led Resources to Support Healing and Recovery
Developed by victim survivor advocates, these resources are for practitioners working in case management / providing therapeutic care to victim-survivors
See or @GeraldineBilst1

Safer Spaces: Redefining Gendered Safety in the Australian Night Time Economy Everyone deserves to enjoy a night out without fear of harassment, assault or violence. She’s A Crowd report, a call to action for recreational spaces in the nighttime economy.
[Plus graphic, She's a Crowd, Safer spaces - Gendered spaces and the night-time economy 2023 – Cover]

Feminism in pictures: illustrated stories of women’s rights around the world
This Guardian piece highlights three female artists contributing to the struggle for equality:…
Download the whole 90-page collection free in PDF here:…

Supporting Survivors of Violence: The Role of Linguistic and Cultural Mediators, with a Focus on Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Violence against Men and Boys. A Training Curriculum.
Developed by Women’s Refugee Commission and UNICEF @UNICEF…

Policy brief: Leveraging the potential of religious teachings and grassroots religious teachers and clerics to combat intimate partner violence in international development contexts
By Dr Romina Istratii & Benjamin Kalkum…
[Plus graphic, Istratii, Leveraging the potential of religious teachings and grassroots religious teachers and clerics to combat intimate partner violence in international development contexts 2023 – Abstract]

Also see the materials on violence prevention in faith-based settings in this comprehensive bibliography on violence prevention:

Challenging power in the boardroom: Why intersectionality matters — and how you can apply it, to diversity, equity and inclusion and beyond
New thought paper by the brilliant folk at the Equality Institute ( Check it out here: [Plus graphic, EQI, Challenging power in the boardroom - Why intersectionality matters 2023 – Cover]

Global @BoyhoodInitiative: Check out these excellent resources for helping boys achieve their fullest potential as connected, caring, engaged, and productive men. Conversation starters, reports on the state of boyhood in different countries, etc. See

Why don’t women always go to the police?
The legal system fails victims of sexual assault.
By Jean Hatchet @JeanHatchet

Guidance for professionals working with victim survivors of domestic and family violence: There are excellent resources in Victoria’s Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework at….
See e.g. the knowledge guide at

Heard it on the Grapevine: Start-ups have their ‘me too’ moment
(On sexual harassment in tech start-ups and a new website for women and men to share their stories.)…

Andrew Tate and the rise of the mega misogynists
By Harriet Hall, Cosmopolitan UK… @CosmopolitanUK
Also see these notes and resources on Andrew Tate and other male supremacist influencers:

I took my rapist to court but knew I’d be the one on trial
Laura Rowe took her childhood abuser to court. What she was asked on the stand is truly shocking. Warning: Distressing.…
#LetHerSpeak #JusticeShouldntHurt

Violence prevention work with men & boys: Is often in schools. But should also involve:
Holding male policy-makers and male-dominated institutions and governments to account
Mobilising men alongside women in advocacy networks
And more.…

The dangerous hate movement we need to talk about. Review of "Men Who Hate Women: From Incels to Pickup Artists; The Truth About Extreme Misogyny and How It Affects Us All" (Laura Bates), by Dan Friedman.… @jdforward

4 ways men’s rights activists actually hurt men. (They’re not just harassing feminists online. These trolls are poisoning the well for good men on the dating market.) By Amanda Marcotte (2015).… @AmandaMarcotte

Men's rights - accessible critiques:
Feminism is good for women: A response to some common MRA arguments:
Responding to backlash and resistance:
Other commentaries and critiques:

Incels and mainstream pornography are different manifestations of the same misogyny or women-hating. In both, women as objects who deserve and enjoy sexual abuse and submission, and sex as a weapon to inflict these and express their hate. [Plus graphic, Tranchese, "I Don’t Hate All Women, Just Those Stuck-Up Bitches" 2021 Abstract]

Work and gender: How are patterns of women’s and men’s work changing or staying the same? What shapes job segregation? How does discrimination work? Etc. Useful introduction in Wade’s chapter, free among the introductions to gender, work, and class here:…

‘Manosphere’ community misuses scientific research to support its beliefs
Evolutionary studies about women’s behaviour (particularly sexual behaviour such as infidelity) are misrepresented and cherry-picked by MRAs to justify anti-feminist, sexist beliefs

Women are being pressured into sex too soon after giving birth
WARNING: Graphic. From subtle pressure to full-blown assault, these women were forced into sex too soon after childbirth.
By Ginger Gorman…

Coercive Control Self Assessment tool: A new resource to help individuals better understand coercive controlling behaviours and steps they can take towards being safer in their relationships.
Based on national risk assessment principles.
Access the tool at

Mothers, of course, have abortions. And it’s time to accept they are the experts in their own lives
If we trust people with the decision to have children, we can trust them with the decision not to.
By Gina Rushton @ginarush

The vast majority of Australians consider coercive control unacceptable, but only just over half of the population know what the term means, according to a new study

US Coast Guard leaders long concealed a critical report about racism, hazing and sexual misconduct

Adolescent Violence in the Home: The Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc and Star Health Victoria have published a booklet (20pp.) on adolescent violence in the home.

More men are speaking up when they hear victim-blaming comments, talking to their sons about healthy relationships, and joining campaigns to end domestic and sexual violence.
There are common pathways to men's commitments to ending men's violence.
[Plus graphic, Flood, Educating men and boys about gender-based violence 2023 – Pathways]

There has been a surge in interest in engaging men and boys in violence prevention in the last few years. There is:
A proliferation of programs
Widespread community support
Growing evidence that well-designed interventions can make positive change
Policy and funding support

There is much to be done.
Scale up the work
Orient the work more towards changing structures and systems
Increase practitioners' capacity to work effectively with men and boys
Explicit standards for effective practice (see mine)
Far more use of online tools and spaces

Men and boys have a vital role to play, with women and girls and others, in ending men’s violence against women. To shift the patriarchal masculine norms and cultures that are at the root of domestic and sexual violence.
Article by Professor Flood:

Rap clap: Understanding & valuing the cultural expressions of minoritised groups
The applause when a professor at an educational research conference in Australia last week said “I hate rap" is troubling, write Steven Roberts and Emma Gavin.… @SteveRoberts_

Counselling for men: Guide to quality counselling (92 pages), for counsellors, social workers and other professionals who work with boys, men and fathers, by the Federal Forum for Men (Germany). (in English. German version also available)

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#46. Commit yourself to making personal change and taking social action. Build gender equality into your life. Make use of resources:…

Safer Communities for All: Gender-transformative Male Engagement. This tip sheet outlines actions that men and boys can take to help end violence against women and girls. In English, French, and Spanish.… @MenStopViolence #16DaysofActivism

Because We’re Dads: Tools and resources designed to meaningfully and effectively engage and mobilize dads in efforts to prevent dating abuse and promote gender equality amongst youth, from the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NYSCADV).…

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#45. Don’t be the hero or saviour. Allyship isn’t about rescuing people from their oppressors. Allyship is about standing in solidarity and working together to collectively tackle a social problem.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#44. Respect women’s spaces. While male allies are vital to the feminist movement's success, it’s important that you respect spaces for women to share, support, and empower. Learn to step back.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#43. Use your male privilege to advance feminist discussions in male-dominated spaces. Your voice may carry more weight than women's in male-dominated spaces / professions. Challenge norms & structures

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#42: Strengthen your relationships with other men. Find male friends who share your values and principles. Build friendship groups based on intimacy, trust, and respect, not shallow bonding and sexism.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#41: Strengthen the relationships with the women in your life. Treasure your friendships with women. Value their lives and experience.

Violence Against Women Is a Men's Issue
We've spoken to researchers, experts and charity campaigners about what men can do to help end violence against women. Spoiler: men talking to men is a good place to start.
Men’s Health Magazine, November 30.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#40: Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. A key way to learn – when talking about gender and feminism with women, reading feminist books, etc. – is through difficult conversations. Stay, and learn.

16 Days of Allyship: All men can play a part in ending violence against women. There are great resources for male allies, put together by Women’s Health West, here: @whwest

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#39: Reflect on how you were raised as a boy. Which messages about manhood were helpful, and which were limiting? Adopt healthy, equitable ways of being.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#38: If you’re going to flirt with a woman, make it less likely that it will be intrusive, creepy, or threatening. Read her body language, Listen to what she says.
More tips:

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#37: Support violence prevention efforts wherever you are.
In sport:
In faith communities:
In workplaces: @OurWatchAus

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#36: Extend your understanding of domestic violence by learning about coercive control, a repeated pattern of control and domination in a relationship. Read this Research Brief:

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#35. Recognise that men’s sexual violence against women is grounded in common social norms: that men are entitled to sex, have an uncontrollable sexuality, sex is achievement, women are objects etc

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#34. Address sexual violence, not only domestic violence. Recognise that SV and DV often co-occur, they have overlapping drivers, and men’s SV is sustained by a ‘rape culture’:

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#33. Learn about victim-survivors’ experiences of violence and abuse. Read their stories, e.g. here:…. Recognise the harms of violence. Value survivors' strength & knowledge

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#31. Work against all forms of oppression. Violence against women, sexism, racism, heterosexism, and homophobia – all forms of oppression are linked. We cannot end one without challenging them all.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#32. Create a new masculinity. Be brave enough to openly value equality. Use your privilege in the service of justice. Live your potential without harming others. Find others who share your vision.

Hundreds of violent NSW men fail to complete behavioural change programs.

“Not all men. But all men need to change in ways big and small. Nothing else is acceptable anymore.”
By Michael McGuire, March 17 2021
PDF copy of the article, and many other pieces on men's roles in prevention, here:…

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women: #30. So hold the men around you to account. When male friends and acquaintances speak or act in violence-supportive ways, challenge them. If they don’t change, drop them.…

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women: #29. Realise that the men who assault and abuse women are likely to be among *the men you know*. As 1 in 6 Australian women has been sexually assaulted since the age of 15 (ABS, 2017).

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women: #28. Read books about men’s roles as allies to women and advocates for gender equality and ending violence against women, like the four here. There is plenty more reading here:… [Plus graphic, 4 books on men's roles in building gender equality]

The World’s Feminists Need to Show Up for Israeli Victims
Solidarity for victims of sexual assault should trump other politics.

Liberal women should not marry Republican men
On marriage, happiness, and gender inequalities

The Return of the Marriage Plot
Rebecca Traister criticises the claims about marriage and wellbeing made by groups and advocates pushing policies aimed to re-center heterosexual marriage as the organising principle of American family life.…

The kinds of strategies that *would* help address crises of contentment and inequality — expanding social safety nets, strengthening labor laws, changing our tax code, overhauling housing policies, making education affordable, passing paid leave and child care...

... reimagining the criminal-justice system, restoring reproductive autonomy – are completely at odds with the conservative agenda.
Plenty of researchers have found that a two-parent family structure does not in and of itself confer economic benefits for families.

The focus on family structure as an explanation for economic stratification obscures the racial wealth gaps and racist policy decisions that leave Black and Latino families economically disadvantaged regardless of whether they are headed by married couples…

Most men don’t use violence. Most men know that domestic violence and sexual assault are wrong. Most men treat women with care and respect. But most men have done little to reduce physical and sexual assault in our lives, families and communities.

Rob has stood up 350 women on dates. He says incels are taking revenge
One man has made it his mission to get back at women – by catfishing them. Experts warn online misogyny spread by the growing incel movement can have serious real-life consequences.…

Four More Years of Unchecked Misogyny
In a second Trump term, women would once again be targets.
By Sophie Gilbert…

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women: #27. Reject porn. It teaches sexism and makes men rapey. At the very least, don’t masturbate to scenes of women being choked, slapped, or degraded - you can't do that and pretend to be against VAW.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women: #25. Invite other men into change. Approach them constructively, critically, and compassionately. Appeal to their better selves & values. See pp. 144- of my book, free in PDF at…

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women: #26. When you vote, vote for candidates and parties that will address gender inequalities and violence against women, not for those who offer only platitudes and tokenistic half-measures.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women: #23. Find and build communities of support. You’re not John Wayne and you can’t go it alone. Join a group or network and find allies, to sustain your commitment to and involvement in anti-violence work.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#24. Of course it’s #NotAllMen. No one was suggesting otherwise. But it’s far too many men. And women’s concerns and fears about men are understandable and legitimate.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women: #22. Practise responding to the backlash responses you will get from some people. To typical MRA (men’s rights advocate) claims about women’s violence, false accusations, etc.

Whatever your view of the Israel-Hamas war, rape is rape. To trivialise it is to diminish ourselves
By Gaby Hinsliff

Vasectomies: It's time to disrupt the expectations we have for family planning with the new frontier of contraceptive options made available by male birth control.…

Men building gender equality in workplaces: I’ve read a stack of articles and books on this area, and compiled a bunch of resources at
But one new book that stands out is Kelan’s “Men Stepping Forward”. Short, evidence-based. See…

Women, Not Politicians, Are Targeted Most Often by Deepfake Videos

Gender-based violence: Teaching about its root causes is necessary to address it… via @ConversationCA

It’s interesting that people think that there’s a super secret group of rich people who control everything instead of the widely known group of rich people who openly control everything. [Plus graphic, It's interesting that people think]

“Well, technically, I have an abrasive personality and a tendency to alienate everyone around me, but, sure, let’s go with ‘lone wolf.’” [Plus graphic, Lone wolf]

Tweets in November 2023

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#21. If you’re heterosexual, get comfortable with the G-word. Some people will question your sexuality or masculinity when you speak up. Reject their homophobic and sexist assumptions. Keep speaking up. [Plus graphic, Flood, Men speak up 2011 – Gay]

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#20. See your own stake in change. Get involved because ending violence against women is the right and necessary thing to do, *and* because men will benefit from progress towards gender equality.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#19: Focus on changing and challenging *men*, not on telling women what to do to avoid rape or assault. Women already do plenty. Focus on supporting and enabling men’s efforts at positive change.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#18. Work in solidarity with women, as allies. Don’t take over or dominate. Listen to and consult women, including victim-survivors. Amplify women’s voices and acknowledge their leadership.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#17. Get comfortable with the F-word. Violence against women *is* a feminist issue, and men can and should support feminism. Voice your support for feminist ideals.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#16. Make yourself less of a threat to women. If a woman is walking in front of you along a dark street, give her lots of room or cross to the other side of the road. Give women space and respect.

The responsibility of men to stop violence. “I'm asking the men reading this to think about the women in their lives, and to think about what you do to help stop men's violence.” By Declan Kelly.… via @illawarramerc

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#14. Hold other men to account. Speak to your friend who talks about his wife in that abusive way, that man who texts his girlfriend all day to check where she is, that guy who thinks rape jokes are ok.

See XY's collection on bystander intervention, here:

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#15. Avoid some common mistakes: Seeing only other men as the problem. Waiting till you’re perfect. Only talking the talk. Dominating feminists. See pp 23-24 of this free guide:

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#13. Realise that the men who abuse and coerce women are *ordinary* men. Men *you know*.
The men who hurt women are not a tiny number of mad bad men, but a large number of everyday men in the community

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#12. Learn how to speak about violence against women. Speak from the heart. Be able to describe VAW’s seriousness, dynamics, impacts, and causes.
Here are some introductions:
[Plus graphic, Flood, Men speak up 2011 p. 17 - Learn a language p.20]

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women: #11. Realise that virtually every woman you know has experienced some kind of violence or abuse. Been touched or groped when they didn’t want it. Been pressured into sex. Been followed or stalked.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#9. Realise how men’s violence against women is relevant to your own life and to the women you care for. Be able to articulate how violence against women is a men’s issue. See

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#10. Recognise that this violence both maintains and expresses men’s power over women. It is a fundamental barrier to equality. It harms women’s autonomy, mobility, everyday safety, and human rights.

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#8. Join in the movements to end this violence. Attend an event, rally, or march. Donate to groups and campaigns. Volunteer to help. Join a network. Act in partnership with women and women’s groups.

What’s needed to educate boys about gender violence
More boys and young men are being taught about gender violence, respect and consent, but better programs and online tools will help.

Nonconsensual deepfake porn is an emergency that is ruining lives
It’s women who are largely affected by the rise of deepfake porn. A 2019 report found that 96% of deepfakes were non-consensual sexual deepfakes, and of those, 99% featured women.…

How empowering kids can help protect them from abuse
Keeping kids safe from abuse isn’t about teaching “stranger danger” or “tricky people”. It’s far less simplistic.
By Professor Daryl Higgins @HigginsDaryl…

How porn breeds paedophiles
Child sex abuse has become normalised online
By Julie Bindel @bindelj

Child marriage: The practice of girls and young women who are under 18 being married off to much older men is common worldwide. And allowed in various US states.
By Mary Harrington

“According to one campaign, between 2000 and 2018 in the United States, 222,430 under-18s were married, including 9,530 under-16s. Of those married under 18, 88% are girls.”

There’s been progress in ending the practice. But the wider practice, of old men’s sexual interest in and sexual coercion of girls, is still pervasive.
Modern ‘sex-positive’ strand of feminism turns a blind eye though to harm, of premature sex.

Harrington argues that we need to question understandings of sex itself, and to address distinct forms of male desire.

Inculcating positive masculinity is key to ending GBV: President Ramaphosa (South Africa)
South Africa’s President says government initiatives are calling on men to critically consider their own prejudices and preconceptions that abet gender-based violence…

From carabiners to the hanky code: Do young queer people still use flagging devices?…

The insidious rise of "tradwives": A right-wing fantasy is rotting young men's minds
There's serious money in peddling fantasies of female submission online, but it may be exacerbating male loneliness.
By Amanda Marcotte…

How we talk to young boys is key to curbing gender-based violence in South Africa
Also see the collection on the profeminist website XY on raising non-violent, gender-equitable sons:

The first-hand reality of trying to get justice for rape
Very few victim-survivors of sexual violence ever see justice in the legal system, and very few perpetrators ever are held to account for their violence.…

“Last year, 67,169 rapes were recorded by the police, and by the end of the year, only 1,276 (1.9%) of these cases resulted in charges being bought. This meant that only 2 in 100 rapes recorded by the police resulted in a charge that same year, let alone a conviction.”

“The Labour Party found that amid court delays, low police conviction rates and fears over the trauma of reliving the crime in court, 69.2% of those subjected to a serious sexual assault withdrew from investigations.”

In their joint Decriminalisation of Rape report, Rape Crisis set out recommendations to overhaul the criminal justice system and improve the experiences of rape victims and survivors.
Report here:

We’ve lost Dale Spender – a woman who saw feminism as a job that brought some pain, some achievements and some serious fun
By Chloe Shorten…

‘No one would ever speak up again’: servicewomen feel military culture stops them from reporting sexual assault… @ConversationUK

Gender inequalities and violence: Country-level gender inequalities are associated with a higher burden of interpersonal violence for young women *and* young men. Young men, like young women, will benefit from progress towards gender equality.

“Men – men who care for women, men who care for justice and equality, and men who care for the wellbeing of our communities and society – must act to end violence against women. […] Men *can*make a difference. And men *must* make a difference.”

#HowToTalkWithMen: A campaign about how gender-transformative change among men and boys happens
new MenEngage campaign inviting people to share insights and experiences of talking with men and boys about issues related to gender justice.…

See the campaign toolkit here:…

7 charts on family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia
By Professor Daryl Higgins… via @ConversationEDU

‘We must stop blaming mothers in child protection social work’
Practitioners too often make mothers solely responsible for their children's safety, even when they are domestic abuse victims, undermining the effectiveness of interventions with families.…

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#7. Raise your sons to be non-violent, gender-equitable, and nurturing. Be a good role model for the children around you.
See XY’s collection on raising feminist sons, here:

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#6. Support victims and survivors.
a) Listen.
b) Believe: Assume that something happened. (False accusations are rare.)
c) Respect – both her feelings and decisions. [Plus graphic, Flood, Men speak up 2011 p. 17 - Support victims]

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women:
#5. Boycott and resist sexist & violence‑supportive culture. Avoid media that normalises or eroticises violence against women. Reject the aggression & sexism so routine in porn: [Plus graphic, Flood, Men Speak Up 2011 - Boycott and resist]

What men can do on the #16DaysofActivism against men’s violence against women: #4. Make it less likely that you are coercing or pressuring your sexual partners into sex. Practise explicit verbal consent. See p. 11 of this guide to action for men:… [Plus graphic, Flood, Men Speak Up 2011 - p. 11 consent]

What men can do on the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence: #3. Speak up. Start a conversation with your mate about men’s violence against women. Challenge violence-supportive comments and jokes. See pp. 18-19 of this guide to action for men:…

What men can do on the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence: #1. Inform yourself about the realities of men’s violence against women. Check out key organisations and their info: Read introductory pieces on VAW:

What men can do on the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence: #2. Put your own house in order. Take responsibility for violent behaviour and attitudes and build respectful relations with the women and girls in your life. See pp. 11-13 of…

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has called on men in Australia to challenge high rates of domestic violence and abuse following a horrifying spike in the number of women killed by family violence this year.…

Best Male Characters for International Men’s Day
Not all men. Specifically these men.
By Kimberly Terasaki, Julia Glassman, Alyssa Shotwell and D.R. Medlen…

Child abuse: A Victorian government inquiry has laid bare how the state's education department protected paedophile David MacGregor, allowing him to teach and coach children for almost three decades despite multiple warnings from children and their parents

Young Men Seek Answers to an Age-Old Question: How to Be Hot
“Looksmaxxers” are a booming online community creating new terms for age-old insecurities.…

AI fake nudes are booming. It’s ruining real teens’ lives.
Artificial intelligence makes it frighteningly easy to transform ordinary pictures into realistic nudes, triggering a surge of fake images of women and teens

Schoolgirls endure sexual harassment that no employer would tolerate
By Jordan Baker…

Before You Judge, Here's Why So Many Survivors Wait Years To Report Abuse
There's no correct timeline for reporting abuse. Therapists and experts in domestic violence prevention groups explain why.
By Jillian Wilson… #DiddyandCassie #Diddy #PDiddy

Men and Love: Photography competition by WILPF, as part of the Mobilising Men for Feminist Peace Programme (MMFP), on the theme Men and Love
Contest Categories: Documentary, Photojournalism, Open Format Photography
Deadline for submissions: Jan 1 2024

‘For the boys’: Matt Rife’s sh*t joke says everything about our cultural acceptance of domestic violence…

How men can become role models for gender inclusivity in the workplace
By Professor Elisabeth Kelan… via @ConversationUK
Also see Kelan’s new book "Men Stepping Forward – Leading Your Organisation on the Path to Inclusion", here: @ekelan

The third MenEngage Africa symposium sparks a renewed commitment to the fight for gender equality in Africa
Report by Sonke Gender Justice…

MenEngage Africa is one of the 6 regions of the MenEngage Global Alliance, a network harnessing the collective energies of 900+ members toward ending patriarchal power and achieving gender, economic, and social justice.
MenEngage Africa strategic plan:…

53% of women and 43% of men in the US identify as feminists, according to a 2023 survey among 5,055 adults.
The degree of gender difference in identification as feminists varies by generation.… @amersurveyctr

There is a significant gender gap in feminist identity among baby boomers and Generation Z (aged 18-26). E.g., 61% of Gen Z women identify as feminist, compared to 43% of Gen Z men.

Most Americans believe that feminism has made America a better place. 59% agree that feminism has improved American society, and 39% disagree. Women are more likely than men to say that feminism has benefited the US (63% vs 53%).

Diddy’s alleged abuse of Cassie is a sad reminder of how power works in society
By Moira Donegan…

In countries where manhood must be proven, men have shorter lives
"Precarious manhood" is the belief that manhood must be earned and constantly defended. It has a poor outcome.

One in 10 Australian men report having sexual contact with under-18s, study finds…

For the press release and full report, see here:…
@UNSW @mike_salter

“Calling out” and “calling in”: What is the difference, and what does each look like in practice? Check out this helpful 4-page guide from Harvard’s Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging. [Plus graphic, Harvard Diversity and Inclusion, Calling In and Calling Out Guide – Definitions]

How discredited ‘parental alienation syndrome’ is used to cover up abuse
Thousands of children in New Zealand will go to bed tonight in the court-ordered care of violent fathers because a judge accepted a diagnosis of a non-existent disorder

Fade Out: Conversations for Men (Podcasts)
What do you do when someone you like rejects you? Why can it be so awkward to ask your partner what they like during sex? How do you tell a mate they’ve crossed a line? And more.

Also see XY’s collection of podcasts on men and masculinities, here:
(XY is a library, clearinghouse, and resource guide on men, masculinities, and gender. All free.)

Tasmania Police are still mistaking family violence victims for abusers. For too many women, correcting the record is impossible…

How can men be invited into the work of preventing and reducing sexual harassment?
Personalise the issue
Appeal to higher values and principles
Emphasise that men will benefit
Start with men wherever they are
Begin with the positive and build on men’s strengths

Show that other men agree
Provide concrete opportunities and invitations for involvement
Build men’s knowledge and skills in intervention
Precedent, the Australian Lawyers’ Alliance journal. [Plus graphic, Flood, Men’s positive roles in ending sexual harassment 2022 – Cover]

Five Gains and Gaps in the Campaign to End Conflict-Related Sexual Violence
Sexual violence is not an inevitable consequence of war — but the international community must do more to prevent it.…

Why funding women’s organizations prevents violence against women
Explainer by UN Women… @UN_Women

50 of the World’s Most Sexist Laws: A Snapshot of Gender Inequality
This new UN report highlights 50 of the most egregious, absurd, and discriminatory examples of gender inequality in the world.… @unfoundation

We won’t get real equality until we price breastmilk, and treat breastfeeding as work… via @ConversationEDU

‘Desensitised’: calls for better education after research suggests Victorian boys less likely to stop harassment
Study of students finds marked drop from Year 7 to Year 9 in proportion of those willing to intervene.… @ANROWS

Master and Commander at 20: how a film about men fighting at sea is actually a safe harbour of positive masculinity
By Matilda Hatcher…

About 1 in 6 older Australians experiences elder abuse. Here are the reasons they don't get help… via @ConversationEDU

Educational programs for sexual harassment prevention: are more likely to be effective if part of a whole-of-institution strategy; address the drivers of SH; involve participatory learning; are provided by skilled educators; have sufficient duration; etc.…

The death of Jezebel is the end of an era of feminism. We’re worse off without it
Websites like Jezebel revived feminism, showing the internet might have a re-radicalizing effect. Who will carry the torch?
By Moira Donegan

Call for participants for study on opportunities and risks and online abuse among women involved in online activism advocating for women-related issues and gender justice in Australia.
Deakin University study
Survey here:

Domestic violence in the Northern Territory is out of control. Will another coronial inquest change it?

One in four Australians suffering from eating disorders are male, yet research on muscle dysmorphia remains scarce…

Feminism and Men: Shut Up and Speak Up
Professor Robert Jensen explores the paradoxes men face in embracing feminism. He ends, "I want to contribute to feminism and other liberation movements because I believe in justice. And because I want to be alive."

MenEngage Alliance statement: Joining the global call for an immediate ceasefire in the Palestine-Israel conflict…
@MenEngage @WILPF @Peace_Women

Power and violence in private school culture
The murder of a young woman at an elite private school, and a principal's reaction, has highlighted a culture of privilege in which boys are protected from consequence or culpability.…
@SatPaper @SquigglyRick

Preventing Gender-Based Violence Through Positive Masculinities: Fathers’ Clubs – A Grassroots Bottom-Up Approach
A short report on fathers’ clubs in Bangladesh, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria, and Senegal, by Plan International Canada…

For more on work with fathers for violence prevention, see this bibliography:

Call for Papers: Still fit for Purpose? Conceptualising (Emerging) Masculinities of the Current Moment (Germany, December 2024)
Are current global challenges captured by existing theoretical concepts used in masculinity studies?
Call for papers, here:

New research reveals harrowing stories of murdered Indigenous women and the failure of police to act
By Professor Kyllie Cripps

Identifying Solutions to School-Based Prevention Programming Resistance: Key themes and takeaways from PreventConnect’s Town Hall
7-page discussion of strategies: Leveraging policy, Adapting prevention messaging, Fostering strategic relationships, etc…

The Confusion about Manhood is Global. Are We Ready to Talk About It?
Men must learn to care for children, support the end of domestic violence, demand equitable workplaces, and actively contribute to gender equality. So how do we begin the conversation?…

Hypermasculinity, Misogyny, Homophobia: The Toxic Triad of Authoritarian Gender Politics
By Ruth Ben-Ghiat, author of the book “Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present”

For more references on men, masculinity and formal politics, see here:

The Tragic Tale of Boys’ Closeness
How boys’ close friendships are pushed apart by stereotypical masculine norms. @NextGenMen

Bringing Domestic Violence Victims Back to Life
A new book from author Jo Scott-Coe explores the murders that preceded the first modern-day mass shooting.
By Rob Okun…

How to talk to the men in your life about harmful masculinity. A short piece on Liz Plank’s book ‘For the Love of Men’, by Rachel Thompson. 1) Avoid the term ‘toxic masculinity’. 2) Steer clear of gender theory jargon. 3) Start with self-reflection.

Gender roles and crying: More masculine men cry less often, and less intensely. Men and women experience the same emotional (and bodily) arousal, but women cry more often, intensely, & longer than males. Explained by socialisation. Lombardo, in full here:… [Plus graphic, Lombardo, For crying out loud 2001 Abstract]

Support for Fathers: Good website for fathers, and those who work with fathers, by Relationships Australia, here: Includes tools for fathers, list of groups around Australia, and frameworks and guidelines. @relaustvic

Men and HIV: how poverty, violence and inequality play a part. (As Andrew Gibbs argues, men’s lives are shaped by both privilege and disadvantage, and addressing both is vital in tackling pandemics such as HIV, or indeed COVID-19.) Jan. 2019 via @TCAfrica

What We Know About Masculinity and Asking for Emotional Support. Men are often told to value strength, control, and self-sufficiency, and to avoid being vulnerable, or asking for help.… @equimundo_org

1) Many young men get the message about manhood that asking for help is a sign of weakness. 2) When men do seek support, it is often from women. 3) Young men are eager for spaces to talk about their feelings, and to talk about gender, power, and their relationships with other men

So, we must shift societal expectations of men’s social connections and of manhood more generally.… @equimundo_org

If the ‘Man Box’ (rigid masculine norms) is unhealthy for men and boys and those around them, what’s the alternative? ‘Healthy masculinities’, based on gender equality, non-violence, respect, empathy, nurturance, etc. They must be ethical, gender-equitable, and inclusive.

In the first report on the Man Box survey (2018), I argued that whatever vision we have for men and boys, it must be a) feminist – based on equality, b) diverse and multiple, and c) non-essentialist. See p. 53 of  [Plus graphic, Flood, Men and the Man Box - report excerpt Vision]

From Andrew Tate to Jordan Peterson, a phoney zero-sum-game argument sits at the heart of anti-feminist backlash
By Bethan Iley, November 2022… via @ConversationUK #AndrewTate

Andrew Tate: 1) Tate’s normalization of misogyny harms girls and young women.
Many young men are confused and lonely. But rather than encourage them to develop the interpersonal and relational skills that would improve their lives... @jacksontkatz

But rather than encourage them to develop the interpersonal and relational skills that would improve their lives, Tate teaches them to double down on tired cliches and cartoonish images of ‘manly’ strength and success. Tate and others advise young men to treat women badly.

Tate's and others' teachings produce young men who believe that men’s emotional and sexual needs come first, and that women’s most important role is to serve men.

At time when growing numbers of girls and women expect equal treatment and respect, this is a recipe for conflict if not sexual violence.

2) The ideal of “manhood” Tate promotes harms boys and young men.
Tate teaches boys selfish materialism, harassment, and control. Whereas boys need to develop skills in emotional intelligence, to thrive in relationships and at work.

For more notes and commentary on Andrew Tate and other male supremacist influencers, and what to do about them, by Professor Michael Flood, see here:

The Alpha Wolf Idea is a Myth
The idea that wolf packs are led by a merciless dictator, or alpha wolf, comes from old studies of captive wolves. In the wild, wolf packs are simply families.
Scientific American, 2023:… @sciam

The Problem With Right-Wing Men. By Jill Filipovic
"the turn toward a cheering-on of violent vigilantism and a broad acceptance of male violence goes hand in hand with illiberal governance and authoritarian take-overs." @JillFilipovic

Parenting and Caregiver Support Programmes to Prevent Violence in the Home (Prevention Collaborative, 2022)
This evidence brief highlights how parenting programmes have contributed to the decline in intimate partner violence and violence against children.

Safe and Together: an internationally recognised suite of tools and interventions to help child welfare professionals become domestic violence-informed. Safe and Together works at the intersections of child welfare, child maltreatment and DV. 1/3

The Safe & Together Model is *both* gender-based – it considers gendered expectations and inequalities - *and* gender-neutral, applicable across multiple situations, including women’s use of violence against men and DV in same-sex relationships. 2/3… [Plus graphic, Mandel, Unraveling the gender paradox at the center of the Safe & Together Model 2020 – Cover]

Check out Safe and Together’s approach, evaluations, and training here: 3/3

‘All these people with lived experience are not being heard’: what family violence survivors want policy makers to know… via @ConversationEDU

Teaching sexual consent to young people in schools and universities: Should be sex-positive, whole-of-school, interactive, long-term, and involve critical analysis of social and structural forces. 1/2

That is the conclusion of a systematic review of scholarly articles on programmes in education settings for young people aged 15–29. 2/2 [Plus graphic, Burton, Teaching sexual consent to young people in education settings 2021 – Quote]

Winning against domestic and sexual violence: This Canadian 'playbook' is a genuinely innovative guide to key strategies for preventing and reducing domestic and sexual violence.

The guide emphasises that perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence are made, not born, and aims to disrupt the pathways that lead to violence while addressing the cultural and structural conditions that perpetuate inequality, exclusion, and discrimination.
Check it out!

Porn leading to rising sexual violence and grooming in Australia, consent activist says
Australia needs to reckon with the "indoctrinating" force of pornography among young people and ensure higher "porn literacy," a leading consent activist says.

Australia is in a domestic violence 'crisis'. Experts say we need a whole-of-society change
At least six women have been killed in Australia, allegedly by people they knew, in the last two weeks. Why does this keep happening?…

Boys, we need to talk: As women die violently, too many can’t see a problem
(But boys *can* be given the skills to navigate relationships, jealousy, break-ups, and everything else that life throws at them without needing to dominate and control.)…

If nothing can keep women safe, perhaps our raw rage will
By Julia Baird…

Tracking men likely to kill: The radical proposal after five women dead in nine days
By Wendy Tuohy…

Facilitating the Desires of High Status Men
Grant Wyeth argues that the parental alienation industry panders to domination and entitlement among men, and relies on downplaying or obscuring domestic violence and child abuse. @SheraFamily

Schools often default to calling a student's mom instead of dad, study suggests
Schools are more likely to honour a mother's request for more calls than a father's, says Kristy Buzard.…

When Andrew Tate and the online manboys obsess over a ‘bodycount’, girls, you know what to do
By Van Badham
Tate’s comments that he rejects women who have slept with more than three men betrays a screaming admission of insecurity and immaturity.… @vanbadham

The latest mass shooting in Sault Ste. Marie highlights Ontario’s epidemic of gender-based violence [men's violence against women]
By Associate Professor Jack L. Rozdilsky…

Toxic Love: Using educational tools such as informative videos and youth Power & Control Wheel, the campaign by the Allison Baden-Clay Foundation aims to educate 14 to 18 year olds on the signs of coercive control in relationships.

Effectiveness of community mobilization and group-based interventions for preventing intimate partner violence against women in low-and middle-income countries: A systematic review
There is strong evidence that such interventions reduce IPV.

Advocating for Male Contraception
This infographic page provides numerous graphics for those seeking visual support for their work or interest in the field of male contraception.

Teen boys at the gym: Healthy hobby or muscle dysmorphia? Experts help parents spot the difference.…

Article: Practice and development of male contraception: European Academy of Andrology and American Society of Andrology guidelines
This paper provides an overview of the status regarding male contraception and new male contraceptive development.

A Birth Control Revolution: New Options for Men on the Horizon (US News)
As many men become increasingly engaged in family planning, a new era of male contraceptives arrives.…

Violence and gender: Men’s rights advocates (MRAs) like to cherrypick findings that show or seem to show that domestic violence against men is more common than DV against women. The latest example comes from a multi-country study of university staff’s experience of violence.

MRAs claim the study shows more men than women have experienced physical domestic violence.
Two problems:
1) The study *is not* about DV. All the questions ask about violence by someone connected with the institution – other staff or students - not about intimate partners

2) The study shows that women suffer *more* violence than men. Women suffer more violence overall, and more psychological violence, economic violence, sexual violence, and sexual harassment. See the table, p. 33
The full report is here:

Yes, men suffer more physical violence than women. And remember, this is not by intimate partners, but by people connected to the institution.

A third issue: The study does not tell us *who* perpetrated the violence. For example, most violence against men in universities may be by other men.
The UniSafe survey instrument is here:
The full report is here:

Outside the Box: A training manual on gender & masculinities & strategies of engaging men and boys in combating gender discrimination & violence, produced by ABAAD Lebanon (2018): UN Women. 25pp.

Also see the profeminist men’s website XY’s collection of curricula (in full text) for engaging men in preventing men’s violence against women and/or building gender equality, here:…

The music industry: It’s time for men / people with power in the music industry to step up! Great primer on what men and others in music can do to prevent and reduce sexual violence and harassment.…

‘Not all men’ is an astonishingly selfish reaction to women’s pain
Dec. 14 2018.

“You’ve decided how you feel is more important than how women live their lives. You’ve decided your desire to feel like a good person trumps your desire to hear what men do to women - and what men can do to stop it.”

For other responses to #NotAllMen, see the XY collection here:

Beyond the Mantras: Working with Men to End Violence Against Women. A brief commentary on some common assumptions in men’s anti-violence work.
(And see this journal article:…)

Tweets in October 2023

Male infertility may be the world’s ‘canary down a coal mine’
A global team of experts has made ten crucial recommendations to urgently tackle the worldwide decline in male fertility
By Professor Moira O’Bryan and Professor Robert McLachlan…

A ‘good guy’ who snapped? We must do better and unite on ending gender-based violence in Australia
By Katherine Berney, Executive Director of the National Women’s Safety Alliance…

Marriage: 2 new feminist commentaries
By Jill Filipovic, "The Marriage Cure":
By Clementine Ford, "Marriage is an inherently misogynistic institution – so why do women agree to it?":…

Revealed: Scandal of police failure to protect vulnerable women (UK)
Labour vows to crack down on police failures to keep women safe, as campaigners warn lives are being put at risk…

Being Safety: A reflection resource written for, with and by mothers who are (or have been) parenting while subjected to violence and abuse by a co-parenting father. 108 pages.

An introduction to economic abuse: This video is for anyone who wants to learn about financial and economic abuse as a form of domestic and family violence. 23 minutes
A co-production of the Centre for Women’s Economic Safety and Insight Exchange.

Doctors are being sexually harassed and sexually assaulted at work. This needs to stop
By Louise Stone… via @ConversationEDU

Is Australia in the grips of a youth crime crisis? This is what the data says… via @ConversationEDU

How organizations can address toxic workplace cultures to tackle sexual harassment  via @ConversationCA @LiliaCortina

Fathers are doing more care work than in the past, but social norms & lack of parental leave are still barriers to men doing more care work at home. How can workplaces create a more gender equal culture? Check out this blog from @wef citing #SOWF2023 data:

‘This is our horror’: NT coroner investigates deaths of women at hands of their partners…

Thousands of Australian men are in private Facebook groups that are “cesspits” of racism, misogyny, doxing, slut-shaming and fat-shaming.…

Practising feminism and social justice in our intimate relationships
How do folks do this? One thing my (female) partner and I do is have a 60:40 split on any costs, in recognition of how our lives and economic assets have been and are shaped by wider patriarchal inequalities.

Evidence Review: Pathways Between Poor Mental Health and Intimate Partner Violence
Prevention Collaborative, 2023 Review of evidence on how and why mental health problems can be a risk factor for both perpetrating and experiencing intimate partner violence… [Plus graphic, Prevention Collaborative, Pathways Between Poor Mental Health and Intimate Partner Violence 2023 – Cover]

The Enhancement of Women’s Political Participation to End Violence Against Women and Girls: Results and Promising Approaches from Spotlight Initiative (Spotlight Initiative, 2023) @GlobalSpotlight [Plus graphic, Spotlight Initiative, The Enhancement of Women’s Political Participation to End Violence Against Women and Girls 2023 – Cover]

Gender Impact Investing & The Rise of False Solutions: An Analysis for Feminist Movements
Gender Impact Investing is trending as a solution to gender inequality, but it is part of the problem.
By the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)…

Rates of violence against women under spotlight again after shocking death of [after man's alleged murder of] 21-year-old Lilie James…

What the anti-woke backlash against liberal feminism misses about causes like the gender pay gap
By Lauren Bari, University College Cork, UK… @laurenbari1

Promoting Men's Engagement in Early Childhood
A useful programming and influencing package, developed by Plan International and Equimundo…
@equimundo_org @PlanAustralia @planinternatio2  [Plus graphic, Plan International and Promundo, Promoting Men's Engagement in Early Childhood 2021 – Cover]

How Bruce Lehrmann’s media interviews cost him his anonymity in Toowoomba rape case…

Despite years of mass shootings in the US, there has been little research on gun violence.
Nearly two decades ago Congress imposed restrictions on gun violence research, and the effects are still reverberating.…

Think before shouting at your child: to them, words can be as harmful as physical blows
A pioneering systematic review on the impact of childhood verbal abuse by adults documents the harms of this exposure.

“exposure to verbal abuse profoundly affects children, and is associated with persistent psychological distress; complex emotional and relational difficulties; physical as well as mental disorders; increased likelihood of recreating abusive situations in their lives..."

“If we really want to “teach” our children to behave, we need to be kind, show appreciation, find the good amid the naughtiness, be as alert to effort as we are to signs of idleness, and be far more ready to praise than find fault.”…

Fake Porn, Real Victims
Deepfake pornography is a threat to all women and girls. It is being used to attack, humiliate, and silence girls and women.
By Clare McGlynn @McGlynnClare and Fiona Vera-Gray @VeraGrayF

There is an “urgent need for us to face up to the content of mainstream porn and recognise its role in creating a conducive context for the abuse and harassment of women and girls”.

Three things must happen.
1) Internet intermediaries like Google must be made to act to reduce the ease of access to this technology.
2) Governments and regulators must demand change.
3) We need a cultural reckoning with the reality of mainstream porn…

Kids escaping family violence can be vulnerable to intimate partner abuse. We must break the vicious cycle… via @ConversationEDU

'A hugely pivotal moment': How Hollywood great Rock Hudson's AIDS diagnosis changed the dialogue…

$128 billion – the cost of gender inequality in Australia
Comparing the average 25-year-old woman with at least one child and 25-year-old man with at least one child, the woman will earn $2 million less across her employment lifetime.…

'Sassy men' have taken over TikTok — and they're trying to help combat toxic masculinity
At a time when hypermasculine influencers reign, creators like Prayag Mishra are encouraging flamboyant self-expression.

Should You Tell Your Ex's New Partner They're Dating an Abuser?
Social media makes it easier than ever to keep tabs on an abusive ex, but is it ever a good idea to warn their new partner about them?
Vice magazine, 2018…

The perils of putting off fatherhood: why it poses risks to children’s physical and mental health…

‘I stood up and fought back’: how image-based sexual abuse survivor Georgia Harrison got her abuser jailed…

More time and more money for paid parental leave — the big changes being put to the federal government
Recommendations that government-funded paid parental leave double in length, and increased amount be paid to parents.…

Why good men need to reclaim masculinity from the toxic cliche of power and aggression
By Darren Saunders, 2017…

Masculinity, loneliness, and the dominance-based Man Box culture of masculinity: Interview with Mark Green, author of “The Little #MeTooBook for Men”, “Remaking Manhood”, etc.
Remaking Manhood website: @RemakingManhood

A stranger crashed a first date to out the man as a cheat – and thousands of women seek the same online
Women post pictures of potential dates, seeking information from others who have met them. It’s a defence strategy, but also a privacy & legal minefield…

Campaigns focused on violence against women often face the question, “Why not *all* violence?”. But there are good reasons to have campaigns focused on violence against women, amidst other campaigns focused on other or all forms of violence.
Blog piece:…

Male allies for gender equality: A key part of allyship is being accountable, that is, working in gender-equitable ways. At three levels: 1) personal: men addressing their own practice; 2) interpersonal; 3) institutional: consultation & collaboration.

Sexual harassment in academia by men of women: Some of the most influential men are serial harassers. Abuse of power contributes to their career success in multiple ways. We must make destructive power visible and refuse to celebrate abusive individuals. [Plus graphic, Mansfield, It’s time to recognize how men’s careers benefit from sexually harassing women 2019 - Work to do]

Violence does not come naturally to men and boys. “it takes a huge effort to turn boys and men into killers. […] Extreme trauma, humiliation, shaming, social isolation and intense indoctrination” Gary Barker (2015):  [Plus graphic, Barker, Violence does not come naturally to men and boys June 2015 – Quote]

Why Society Goes Easy on Rapists. Our criminal justice system still doesn’t take seriously one of the most heinous acts a person can commit.
By Lili Loofbourow, 2019.…

Domestic violence: It is understandable why some women stay in violent relationships: Fear of escalating violence, including to kids; no alternative housing or income; no access to services, trying to maintaining family, etc. @ANROWS survey, p83 of report:  [Plus graphic, ANROWS, Australians’ attitudes to violence against women and gender equality NCAS Findings 2018 p83 Why women stay]

Why people blame women for being sexually harassed: 2 studies suggest that *empathy for male perpetrators* may be equally if not more important than lack of empathy for female victims in explaining victim blame. So: Campaigns should seek to reduce empathy for male perpetrators. [Plus graphics, Bongiorno, Why Women Are Blamed for Being Sexually Harassed 2020 – Abstract; Bongiorno, Why Women Are Blamed for Being Sexually Harassed 2020 - Practice implications]

Violence against women #VAW: Attitudes towards domestic and sexual violence are shaped above all by gender and gender roles. Traditional gender-role attitudes are associated with greater acceptance of violence against women. Free journal article (2009): [Plus graphic, Flood Pease, Factors influencing attitudes 09 - gender orientations p128]

When you blame the victim you side with the perpetrator
(Artist: artist Caitlin Blunnie, @liberaljanee) [Plus graphic, When you blame the victim you side with the perpetrator]

Why taking a trauma- and violence-informed approach can make sport safer and more equitable

Online dating: advice from the eSafety Commission @eSafetyOffice

Consent: advice from the eSafety Commission @eSafetyOffice

In this new episode of The Counter Narrative Podcast, we discussed how toxic masculinity, sexist beliefs, and misogyny don't just harm women but also have a profound impact on boys and men.
Listen now:
And there’s a transcript too:

Brief: Engaging Men for Women’s Economic Empowerment: Overview of Evidence
This 16-page overview examines evidence on the effectiveness of three different types of approaches and identifies priority areas for future innovation and research. [Plus graphic, Pierotti, Engaging Men for Women’s Economic Empowerment 2023 - Cover some]

Tech-based family, domestic and sexual violence (FDSV): This new literature scan by the eSafety Commission on tech-based FDSV covers its nature, prevalence, impacts, and responses to this abuse, including support for victim survivors.… @eSafetyOffice

Fostering Healthy Masculinities among Men and Boys
First, let’s define ‘masculinity’: The socially learnt roles, behaviours, and attributes that are seen as appropriate for boys and men in a given society.
There are diverse versions of masculinity in different contexts.

But in many contexts, masculinity is defined in terms of dominance over women, sexual entitlement, homophobia, aggression, rigid stoicism, etc.
There are various terms for this form of masculinity: Hegemonic. Sexist. Traditional. Toxic. Patriarchal. I’ll go with the last of these

There are three compelling rationales for critical attention to masculinities
1) Patriarchal forms of masculinity are implicated in a series of social problems: public violence, sexual and reproductive health, suicide, alcohol & drug use, mental health, occupational injuries, etc

2) Patriarchal forms of masculinity are implicated in the harms that some men inflict on women. Implicated in the whole continuum of harmful behaviour, from domestic and sexual violence right through to everyday sexism and disrespect.

3) Patriarchal forms of masculinity are implicated in the harms that men and boys themselves suffer. Men who conform more strongly to the beliefs that men should be tough, stoic, dominant, daring, and in control are more likely than other men to ...

Men who conform more strongly to traditional masculine attitudes are more likely than other men to consider suicide, take risks with sexual partners or at the wheel of a car, assault other men, avoid help-seeking, and refrain from active fathering.

Putting it simply: patriarchal masculinity is oppressive and unjust for women. And it is also limiting and harmful for men ourselves. Men and boys who conform to traditional definitions of manhood are more likely to suffer harm to themselves, and to do harm to others.

There is an urgent need to promote change in dominant norms of masculinity. Our task is to transform gender – to work for the transformation of gender roles and relations towards gender justice.
Six tasks are vital.

1) Engage men and boys at scale
We must take work with men and boys from the program and project level into policies and institutions. We must reach large numbers, and change systems and institutions.

2) Raise awareness of the harms of patriarchal masculinity.
3) Weaken the cultural grip of patriarchal masculinity.
Let’s highlight the gap between masculine social norms and men’s own ideals, tackling men’s routine overestimation of other men’s support for gender inequalities.

Let’s engage men and boys in critical conversations about manhood.
Let’s challenge the promotion of patriarchal masculinities in sports, the military, by faith leaders, in media, and pornography.
4) Support diversity and resistance

5) Promote healthy and ethical alternatives
6) Go beyond norms
Finally, changing masculine norms is itself only one part of a wider project. Men’s and boys’ attitudes and behaviours are bound up with patterns and structures of power and inequality.

We must tackle not only the norms that express unhealthy and oppressive forms of manhood, but the institutional and structural forces that sustain these.
Speech by Professor Michael Flood:…

Coercive control is a pattern of abusive behaviour used to control someone within a relationship through manipulation, pressure and fear.
Advice from the eSafety Commission… @eSafetyOffice

Russell Brand and why we need to talk to boys about sex, porn and consent
By Uju Asika @marieclaire

Male advocates and allies in workplaces: This report offers valuable analysis of men’s motivations, challenges, and strategies.
Men are motivated to become allies by both personal and professional experiences.

Professional inspirations for advocacy: having had female bosses, mentors, or colleagues (and so seeing models of effective, successful women leaders, and hearing or witnessing bias against them). Learning about inequalities. Aware leaders. Witnessing gender bias. Etc.

Personal experiences that inspire advocacy: Having a minority experience themselves. Family experiences, e.g. watching their wives struggle with work-life decisions. Being influenced by mothers or sisters. Etc.

Factors discouraging men’s advocacy: Some factors stop men in general from supporting diversity efforts: apathy, lack of awareness, lack of a clear rationale.

Other factors discourage men from advocacy even when they intellectually support…: fear and discomfort, and the perception that the problem is too large.

What can men do to advocate for diversity?
1. Listen to women’s stories
2. Talk to other men
3. Seek out ways to recruit women
4. Increase the visibility and number of female leaders
5. Mentor and sponsor women

6. Notice and correct microinequities and instances of unconscious bias
7. Establish Accountability Metrics for Diversity
8. Model Alternative Work-Life Strategies and Encourage Use of Existing Policies
9. Make discussions of gender less risky
10. Work with Women’s Groups

For the full report, see Ashcraft et al., among the reports on men’s roles in building workplace gender equality, here:

Violence prevention work with men and boys: Three principles should guide this work:
1) Feminist: intended to transform gender inequalities
2) Committed to enhancing boys’ and men’s lives
3) Intersectional
Excerpt from free book chapter: [Plus graphic, Flood and Burrell, Engaging Men and Boys in the Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence 2022 - Three principles]

To help end violence against women, we need an open and honest conversation about pornography
By Serina McDuff and Kate Fitz-Gibbon…
@Kate_FitzGibbon @MonashGFV @Respect__Vic @canberratimes

The Dilemma of Babies on Airplanes
Hamstrung by the need to ensure that their kids don’t inconvenience anyone else, parents can’t do much parenting at all.…

To Accelerate Social Change, Approach Philanthropy With a Feminist Lens
By Angelika Arutyunova and Leila Hessini…

Her right to speak versus his reputation: how courts around the world are getting this wrong | Jennifer Robinson and Keina Yoshida…

Rebel Wilson and the problem with surrogacy
Julie Bindel argues that surrogacy is inconsistent with feminist and human rights principles.… @bindelj

How to prove the gender pay gap to a non-believer
Jamila Rizvi provides an accessible account of some of the factors that shape the gender pay gap.…

Gender as a social structure: Gender operates at individual, interactional, and macro levels of society. Professor Barbara Risman integrates the three in her excellent chapter in the “Handbook of the Sociology of Gender”, Chapter 2 here:…; [Plus graphic, Risman, Gender as a social structure, Fig 1 p. 32]

For university-level introductions to gender, see the works listed here, many free in PDF:
This includes chapter-length introductions and entire books. Enjoy

The Influence of Influencers: How to Tackle Andrew Tate in Schools
By Next Gen Men, Canada @NextGenMen
[Plus graphic, Next Gen Men, The Influence of Influencers - How to Tackle Andrew Tate in Schools October 2023 – Graphic]

Concern Worldwide, Engaging Men on Gender Equality
A 28-page report on the NGO's work on men, masculinities, and gender equality, including in countries such as Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Mozambique, Uganda, Malawi, and Niger (2018)… @Concern
[Plus graphic, Concern Worldwide, Engaging Men on Gender Equality - Learning from Concern’s Programming and Practice – Cover]

For other reports on engaging men and boys in building gender equality, see the comprehensive collection on the website XY, here:…

Proving Your Manhood Could Lead to Earlier Death, Study Finds
This study finds that men in countries with stronger beliefs about precarious manhood had much higher rates of risk-taking and worse physical health than those in countries with weaker beliefs.

Why ‘toxic masculinity’ isn’t a useful term for understanding all of the ways to be a man
By Dr Richard Gater… @Richard_Gater

Sidelined no longer, Claudia Goldin wins the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics for examining why gender pay gaps persist
By Leonora Risse
Gender gaps in economic outcomes can’t be merely attributed to women’s “choices” or “preferences”. Instead...…

Gender gaps in economic outcomes "arise from an interplay of wider factors; among them, societal norms, technological breakthroughs, institutional structures, and policy settings that push or pull women’s workforce participation in different directions."

Podcast, Toxic masculinity: I was interviewed for this podcast on the program DW, based in Germany (but in English). I’m about 8:20 minutes in, but there is lots of interesting material throughout.…

Attention Mrs Nobody: Whatever you do, don’t change your name for marriage
By Jenna Price…

Men: Don’t use professional social networks like LinkedIn as dating apps. Doing this often makes women feel uncomfortable in such networks, limiting their access…

A survey of 1,000 women in the U.S. who use LinkedIn at least once a week found that most (91%) have received romantic messages. Even though the platform has rules prohibiting using it as a dating app.

And there’s a negative impact. 74% of the women said they use LinkedIn less because of these inappropriate messages. As a result, they’re not tapping into the wealth of networking and career opportunities the platform provides.
So, if you want a date, use *other* apps. Easy!

A healthier masculinity
Various programs in schools counter the toxic messages many boys are encountering online, discuss the dangers and limitations of gender stereotypes, and promote healthier role models for their students.

A wee message to men: stop peeing in public. You’re taking the piss
By Jenna Price…

Why Children Are Being Returned To Abusive Fathers Overseas
How an international treaty is being weaponised against women fleeing family violence – and the campaigners trying to change it

‘Every day girls are being forced to have degrading, violent sex their boyfriends have seen in porn’
Holly Bourne’s latest novel is inspired by her time as an online sex advisor, and describes the dystopian sexual expectations sold to teens today.…

Lucy followed her husband's directions in hopes he'd love her more, until she realised she was being coercively controlled
Historic legislation is set to be introduced in Queensland today addressing coercive control.…

Today's white working-class young men who turn to racist violence are part of a long, sad American history… via @ConversationUS

Designing Gender Equality into the Future of Law
New report on how to build gender equality in the legal profession

The Boys Are Not Okay
By Stacy Lee Kong
How the internet radicalizes boys and young men…

Three boys came up excited to meet alt-right internet personality Sneako. They greeted him with exclamations that they clearly thought he'd be happy to hear. Like, you know, "F**k the women!” And “All gays should die!”
“What have I done?”, he asked.

Engaging male allies for women’s empowerment — it’s time!
By Fiza Farhan
The Express Tribune (Pakistan)… @etribune @Fiza_Farhan

Gender inequality in Bangladesh: Engaging men and boys to close the gap

Suicide rates of teenage boys are skyrocketing because of firearm access
Experts on adolescent suicide say too often, guns and stigma around masculinity and mental health lead to deadly outcomes.

Also see this XY collection on suicide among males:
And this XY collection on guns, violence, and masculinity:

Engaging male allies for gender equality: Why it takes two, and how you can help
By Concern Worldwide

Sexualised media (ranging from sexual depictions in film and TV through to pornography) has significant and consistent effects on people's aggressive attitudes and behaviours towards women.
That's the conclusion of this new meta-analysis.
Full paper here:
[Plus graphic, Burnay, Effects of violent and nonviolent sexualized media on aggression‐related thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors 2023 - Abstract with highlight]

Our place in time: making unpaid work count
This report discusses why unpaid work needs to be quantified, how and why unpaid work is under-valued, and the need for unpaid work to be properly recognised as essential for supporting paid work

How we make gender equality more than a ‘women’s issue’
Men must do more to promote gender equality in politics
By Jossif Ezekilov, National Democratic Institute (NDI), and Alan Greig, Co-founder of the Challenging Male Supremacy Project

Men, Stop Calling Yourselves Allies. Act Like One.
Six actions to ensure you’re actually promoting gender equality at work
By W. Brad Johnson and David G. Smith
[Plus graphic, Johnson, Men, Stop Calling Yourselves Allies. Act Like One. August 5 2022 – Summary]

Toolkit, What is a rape culture
A 7-page guide for students, by Bold Voices (UK)…
See other toolkits by Bold Voices here: @bold_voices
 [Plus graphics, Bold Voices, What is a rape culture - Student guide p. 5, Bold Voices, What is a rape culture - Student guide p. 6]

Family violence and sexual harm
This report addresses the intersections of family violence and sexual harm. The full report (69 pp.) and an accessible 6-page Knowledge Translation & Exchange Report are here: @Dr_AnastasiaP @HeydonFL @DrGemmaHamilton

As social media grows in Kenya, so does the disturbing and toxic ‘manosphere’
Boys and young men are increasingly being drawn into online forums that denigrate, objectify and ‘slut-shame’ women. How can we effectively address it?…

Under-reporting of sexual harm in Australian medicine is endemic
By Ranjana Srivastava

One key solution is for non-abusive men to speak up and step in. Including helping to build more gender-equal workplaces. Check out this piece on male allies in surgery, also relevant for a variety of workplaces. Free among these: #HeForShe #MaleAllies

Finding the right fit: Why breasts are a still a 'taboo' topic in sport, and what we can do to protect them…

Fake Porn, Real Victims We must stop the easy use of AI to create nude images of women & girls
Two experts look at the worrying case of deepnude image generation in Spain this week.…

Education minister flags possible overhaul of tertiary education regulator amid sexual assault mishandling
There are fears that the threshold for triggering investigations into the mishandling of sexual violence matters is too high.…

Parents of teenage girl considering legal action against Perth Children's Hospital after alleged rape in mental health ward
More than 1,500 people have reported alleged sexual assaults and harassment in mental health wards over the past six years.…

The Coming Attack on an Essential Element of Women’s Freedom
No-fault divorce has improved the lives of millions. Now some extreme Republicans want to abandon it.
By Kimberly Wehle, The Atlantic…

Rescuing Men From Rage Rabbit Holes
The ‘manosphere’ is full of troubled young men—some groups are trying to pull them out.
By Julie Jargon…

Economic Abuse: Coercive Control Tactics in Intimate Relationships
This infographic explores 3 forms of economic abuse and other tactics used to coercively control intimate partners.
These abusive tactics are compounded by economic systems that systemically oppress groups.

Economic abuse consists of behaviours to control, exploit, and sabotage an individual’s resources. It limits the individual’s independence and autonomy.
It affects things like employment, food, medicine, and housing.…

Let’s Talk About “Ethical Porn”
Many people argue in favor of “ethical porn” that allegedly guarantees performers’ consent, fair pay, and enjoyment. But is ethical porn really exploitation-free?

There’s no way around it, we need to talk to our kids about porn
By Chloe Shorten, The Age

Why bad behaviour is good for your career. But only if you're a sportsman.
Male athletes are celebrated for their performance 'on the field' regardless of the harm they cause to women and often their children 'off the field'.
By Nicole Madigan, MamaMia

French equality watchdog finds 90% of online pornography abuses women
Report urges changes in the law to make it easier to take down content and prosecute its makers…

One in ten men have carried out sex offences against children, says survey
Edinburgh University’s Childlight unit highlights a ‘public health emergency’ with a rapid increase of child sex abuse online…

Muslim Women Australia (MWA) have launched the Saving FACE Sector Guide, a primary prevention initiative developed to support the domestic violence sector's capacity to engage effectively and appropriately with Muslim communities… @MuslimWomenAust

Police Further Traumatize Sexual Assault Victims by Turning Them Into Suspects
In hundreds of cases officers have twisted trauma responses to sexual violence into evidence of false reporting.
By Rachel de Leon @truthout

Tweets in September 2023

Everyone has a role to play in preventing men’s violence against women, including men and boys. @OurWatchAu have released a new guide with practical strategies on engaging men and boys to help stop violence before it starts #MenInFocus

Mentors in Violence Prevention: Has the “premise that structural and systemic inequalities are the context for, if not the root cause of, most interpersonal violence”. Encourages people to challenge micro-level expressions of macro systems of injustice.… [Plus graphic, Katz, Bystander training as leadership training - notes on the origins 2018 – Abstract]

MVP’s feminist and social justice orientations are vital in violence prevention. Must address the gendered and patriarchal character of much violence, the gendered norms that constrain intervention, and people’s roles in perpetuating systems of inequality [Plus graphic, Katz, Bystander training as leadership training - notes on the origins 2018 – Abstract]

Listen to Women Before Saying "Not All Men". (I know that many of us feel hurt when men in general are blamed for violence against women. It’s true, not all men hurt women. But consider what it means to walk through the world with male privilege.)

Also see these further responses to #NotAllMen:

Is an All-Meat Diet What Nature Intended?
The hyper-carnivory movement conjures a time when men hunted and lunch was literally on the hoof. What does the research say?
(Spoiler: The meatfluencers are wrong.)

The presumption of innocence
"The expectation that women would extend the presumption of innocence to Brand in public discourse, in the face of what appears to be reasonably robust and substantiated accusations, is an altogether unreasonable one." 1/2

"If the courts always presumed innocence, the accused would never be held in custody before trial. The presumption of innocence is only enacted in a trial as the exercise of the rights of the accused. In many other contexts, the presumption of innocence is not just stupid but.

Legal prostitution is a gift to pimps
Women need protection from male greed
By Julie Bindel @bindelj

Russell Brand and why the allegations took so long to surface
Publishing stories like this in England and Wales is fraught with risk – for media groups and accusers…

It took a call between two old housemates to expose a paedophile and change a state forever
That a paedophile had worked on a children's hospital ward for almost two decades was Launceston's worst-kept secret.…

Nobody Should Care About a Woman’s ‘Body Count’
Popular internet personalities are peddling repressive, misogynistic ideas to their young male fans.
By Helen Lewis…

Male celebrities: A US study finds that celebrity men are much more likely to engage in infidelity than men in the U.S. general population, and that celebrity men are far more likely to commit sexual transgressions than celebrity women. [Plus graphic, Lankford, Celebrity Infidelity and Sex Crimes 2023 – Abstract]

How Domestic Violence Perpetrators Manipulate Systems
Why Systems & Professionals Are So Vulnerable & 5 Steps to Perpetrator-Proof Your System
By David Mandel, Anna Mitchell & Ruth Stearns Mandel
Safe and Together Institute [Plus graphic, Mandel, How Domestic Violence Perpetrators Manipulate Systems 2021 – Cover]

MRAs / men’s rights advocates: Their actual strategies do little to help men. Men’s rights activists blame, threaten, and harass women and women’s organisations, rather than offering men support or services. See pp. 342-343 of my book, free here:…

Wanted: people to write evidence-based assessments of ‘men’s rights’ / MRA talking points. Accessible, research-based assessments of typical anti-feminist claims. For publication on
See e.g.
DM me if interested

Fathers’ rights and MRA groups: Privilege fathers’ contact with children over children’s safety. Try to discredit victims of violence, telling lies about false allegations. Try to protect perpetrators of domestic and family violence. Journal article:

‘There are dozens of Russell Brands’: female comedians say abuse is rife
Many women working in industry say allegations only scratch the surface of its culture of misogyny.

‘They turn a blind eye to it’: The open secret in Australian comedy

‘Do not be alone in a room with him’: how Australia’s comedy scene deals with its ‘open secrets’
Despite #MeToo and greater awareness, women are still having to protect each other from threatening men and still paying the price for speaking out.

Hardcore porn, choking and rape: UK universities left to tackle rising tide of sexual assaults…

Calling time on gendered watches: times have changed, and strict divisions between men's and women's watches are breaking down.…

Russell Brand never hid his misogyny. So why did so many fail to see it?
Liberal feminism helped create the space for Brand to ‘joke’ about raping women without meaningful pushback, writes Julie Bindel. @AJEnglish @bindelj

Calls for additional dedicated support services for male sex assault victims as more reach out for help…

‘Believe Women’ was and is a slogan. ‘Believe All Women’ is a straw man.
"Believe Women" simply means, “Treat women seriously, and don’t automatically just believe the man," as Monica Hesse writes.…

Driving Change: New resource from Safe and Equal Victoria on the drivers of men's violence against women and the practical and positive actions that everyone can use to end family and gender-based violence. 8 pages. @safe_and_equal [Plus graphic, Safe and Equal, Driving Change Sept 2023 – Cover]

Not your typical boys’ club: Mozambique’s school meetings engage students against gender-based violence
14-year-old Cleiton Adriano is a boy who leads a boys’ club at his school to challenge stereotypes about masculinity and promote women’s rights.…

Intimate partner violence negatively effects parenting Lancet commentary by Professor Rachel Jewkes on the impacts of IPV on mothers' and fathers' parenting, and the importance of interventions that enhance parenting for both mothers and fathers. 2 pages.…

Be a Better Ally: On how the white men who dominate institutional leadership roles can step up to make organizations more fair and inclusive.
Educate yourself. Own your privilege. Accept feedback. Become a confidant. Bring diversity to the table. See something, say something.

Sponsor marginalised coworkers. Insist on diverse candidates. Build a community of allies.
Harvard Business Review, 2020
Also see this XY collection on men's positive roles in building workplace gender equality:

The Noughties enabled Russell Brand
In a culture of viciousness, he was adored
BY Sarah Ditum @sarahditum

The brave victims of Russell Brand’s misogyny deserve full support. This time, let’s get it right
Marina Hyde writes, The new claims made me think about the media’s treatment of the woman he so famously humiliated on Radio 2. I hope we all know better now.…

Open Letter: Women’s safety and child protection experts call for age verification pilot to help protect children from exposure to pornography. @CollectiveShout @CoralieAlison @MelTankardReist @Michael

Violence against women: Check out this excellent range of Learning Network resources designed synthesize and disseminate knowledge on topics related to Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Short briefs and reports on a wide range of topics. See

The nasty noughties: Russell Brand and the era of sadistic tabloid misogyny
By Zoe Williams, The Guardian

How to give a good apology
In this handy flow chart for good apologies, Liz Fosslien asks:
Did you admit your mistake? If not, try again.
Did you say “I’m sorry”? If not, try again.
Credit to Karen Catlin, @BetterAllies
[Plus graphic, Fosslien, How to give a good apology]

What happens if you give a boy a doll?
They just might become…
Caring pediatricians
Nurturing teachers
Doting uncles
Loving fathers
[Plus graphic, What happens if you give boys a doll]

Why Are Women Freezing Their Eggs? Look to the Men.
A new book explores the “mating gap” and why women are struggling to find a male co-parent.
By Anna Louie Sussman…

Good guys and bad guys. We have to let go of a comforting illusion that there is some bright line between men who rape and men who don’t rape, between the bad guys and the good guys. Many men don’t rape, but do contribute to the problem. 1/5

We should not let the worst and most egregious cases of men’s violence against women derail the analysis of how a wide range of men’s intrusive and abusive sexual behaviours against women and girls are woven into the fabric of patriarchal society. 2/5

Most men do not rape. But consider these other categories. Men who do not rape but… Would be willing to rape if they were sure they won’t be punished. Will not intervene when another man rapes. Whose sexual arousal depends on feeling dominant and having power over a woman. 3/5 [Plus graphic, Jensen, Good guys and bad guys 2017 - Consider these other categories]

So it’s not enough for men to avoid the acts legally defined as rape. Instead, men must challenge the wide range of intrusive and abusive sexual behaviours, examine our own complicity in these, and strive for consent and gender justice. 4/5

Men can play vital roles in ending men’s violence against women. For a wealth of resources – speeches, videos, guides, research, and more – see the collection on the website XY here:

Engaging Men Online: Using online media for violence prevention with men and boys
This new book chapter, in The Routledge Companion on Gender, Media and Violence, explores the use of online strategies to engage men and boys in violence prevention. Free:…

False allegations of domestic violence are *very rare*. UK police data over 2018-2021 shows that false complaints make up 0.01% of all domestic abuse complaints to police. 

A total of 365,353 offences of domestic abuse were reported to the Metropolitan Police (UK) over 2018-2021. Of these, 50 were flagged as false allegations. These therefore make up 0.01% of all domestic abuse complaints to police, or about one in every 7,300 complaints.

For more on false allegations of domestic and sexual violence, including on the scholarly evidence of how often they occur, where the myth that they are common comes from, and why this matters, see this piece: 

What American Bullies tell us about men
The dogs are bred to signal Instagram machismo
BY Mary Harrington

University students tell major review how the sector can better protect students from sexual violence
Students detail consistent mishandling of sexual violence complaints as part of the biggest review of the university sector in years.…

Children to learn about consent, power imbalances in sex education shake-up (NSW, Australia)…

‘Until we are all equal’: Plan International Australia releases Gender Compass, a first-of-its-kind study revealing what ordinary Australians really think about gender equality -… @PlanAustralia

Sistas in Trade forging paths in male dominated trades
Women make up just 5 per cent of the NSW workforce in key industries such as building and construction, with Indigenous women even less represented. A trades program in Dubbo is paving a new path.…

Seven red flags your teen might be in an abusive relationship – and six signs it's escalating
Teenagers are experiencing intimate partner violence and abuse, and they want help from others to spot the early warning signs, writes Carmel Hobbs.…

Gender equality: the route to a better world
Health outcomes, ending poverty and greening the environment are boosted when power is shared between men and women.
Nature editorial, here:

What makes men uncomfortable?
A new poll finds that almost half of men would be uncomfortable crying in front of male friends, or saying “I love you” to a male relative. Many are still reluctant to show emotion to or make physical contact with other men. [Plus graphic, YouGov, What makes men uncomfortable Sept 8 2023 – Graphic]

“It is by standing up for the rights of girls and women that we truly measure up as men.”
— Desmond Tutu, South African cleric, theologian, and human rights activist
[Plus graphic, Tutu, It is by standing up for the rights of girls and women]

Youth leaders gather in Korea to discuss how to eliminate technology-facilitated gender-based violence in Asia and the Pacific
I was honoured to take part in this 3-day event in Korea, among 45 youth leaders and experts from 13 countries UN Women @UN_Women…

Five things you need to know about consent
1. Consent is inseparable from human rights.
2. Denial of consent increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections.
3. Consent is about more than just sex. @UNFPA

4. Consent is crucial for people with disabilities, who are at greater risk of sexual violence.
5. Consent has a direct impact on physical and psychological well-being.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce is making the media ask the worst questions
The singer and actor’s divorce is nobody’s business – but the tabloid narrative that she’s a party lover while he’s a devoted father should be questioned
By Arwa Mahdawi…

#Men & #masculinities: Useful 159-page intro to key men’s issues: #work, #menshealth, #education, #violence, etc., in this report, ‘Man Made: Men, masculinities and equality in public policy’, by the Coalition on Men and Boys (UK), 2009: [Plus COMAB graphic]

Calling men – 5 ways you can be a feminist at work. Recognise that all men benefit from the patriarchal dividend. Take responsibility for the patriarchy… (2016) @ConversationUK
Also see the XY collection on men's positive roles:

Everyday sexism is a serious problem. Sexist jokes & comments, intrusive & harassing treatment, and other behaviours are a near-daily experience for many women. They cause direct harm, and they contribute to wider gender inequalities. Everyday sexism is routine and often excused.

So, how can we challenge everyday sexism? These workshop notes describe the problem of everyday sexism, and provide detailed strategies for how to respond.

What Do We Want From Male Feminists? Have a sense of humour. Be pissed off too. Really mean it. You don’t have to be perfect. Speak out in front of other guys. Back it up with actions. Be our friends. Etc. By Tracey Moore, 2015. @jezebel

Good Guys 1/3: Men’s commonsense belief that they’re one of the “Good Guys”. Men can be sexist in all kinds of ways, but as long as they don’t violently rape a stranger or hit a woman without provocation, they’re fine. By Jindi Mehat, 2016.

Good Guys 2/3: “With the Good Guy bar set this low, men can easily meet the criteria despite doing pretty terrible things [… this] prevents men from identifying and challenging their sexist programming and working as our allies”.

Good Guys 3/3: To see what’s involved in being an *actual* ‘Good Guy’, see:
1) this collection on what men can do,…;
2) this collection on men’s roles in supporting feminism,…;
3) men and gender equality,…

‘There’s a huge problem’: New Zealand searches for new ways to tackle family violence
Mental health apps such as InnerBoy are part of a wider push to support men and address high rates of family harm.…

The US Fails on Child Rights
The most "pro-life" states are the most likely to allow for child abuse, child marriage, and dangerous child labor (also, they force child rape victims into motherhood).
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

Women, Homelessness, and Domestic Violence: Men making change
I was honoured to be of part of a panel on “Men making change” at the Lady Musgrave Trust Forum on Women and Homelessness. Check out videos of the panel discussion, and all the sessions, here:

Workplace gender equality initiatives: Let’s focus on fixing systems, not trying to ‘fix’ women
There is widespread recognition that workplace gender inequalities arise from inequalities embedded in our social and organisational structures and systems. But...

But this acknowledgement often dissipates when it comes to actually implementing interventions and initiatives, says Michelle Ryan (2022).
Too many existing initiatives focus on changing women’s behaviour, addressing their mindsets, and so on. But issues such as ...

But issues such as girls’ and women’s interest and engagement in STEM or their ‘imposter syndrome’ often are *responses* to organizational and societal systems: to very real cultural and normative barriers that exclude them, experiences of discrimination, and treatment by others.

So we need organisational and structural solutions.
The full text of Ryan's article is here:…

I Had a Helicopter Mom. I Found Pornhub Anyway.
Porn is not content. It’s a substance. And it must be controlled like one, argues 16-year-old Isabel Hogben.
By Isabel Hogben

For summaries of the research on pornography's impacts among children, young people, and adults, and how to foster resistance to pornography's sexist and violence-supportive effects, see here:

The Punk-Rock Predator
Anti-Flag suddenly broke up after frontman Justin Sane was accused of rape. Twelve more women have accused the singer of predatory behavior, sexual assault, and statutory rape…

National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book
A free digital resource to help judges, legal practitioners and frontline staff navigate DFV cases. This excellent resource now is also available as a single PDF (see below the list of contents to find it).

Sophie Turner Isn’t a Bad Mom. You’re Just a Misogynist
Joe Jonas appears to be weaponizing the press against his soon-to-be-ex, and it’s working.
By E. J. Dickson, Rolling Stone magazine…

‘Himpathy’ Is Making Colleges Suspicious of Women Students Who Report Sexual Assault
New research reveals alarming examples of how sympathy for men accused of sexual violence worked its way into one university's Title IX office. @Jezebel

Do violence prevention initiatives work? The evidence base is growing, but weak. Few studies measure actual violent behaviour as an outcome, use control or comparison groups, or collect longer-term data. See pp. 50-55 of my book, FREE at…

In Australia, few programs have had any kind of robust evaluation of impact. Including prominent programs such as MATE Bystander – this has only post-workshop data from participants, and this can’t be used to make robust claims about impact. (Sorry.) @MateBystander

There is, however, a substantial international evidence based on the effectiveness of violence prevention efforts. See my bibliography on key assessments and overviews of violence prevention practice, among the references here:

Minimum standards for evaluation of impact include pre- and post-intervention assessment, measures of impact on violence-related variables, and longer-term follow-up. (For more on 'economy' and 'deluxe' evaluation, see p. 8 and 85-86 of this:…).
4/5 [Plus graphic, Flood, LOVEBiTES - An evaluation of the LOVEBiTES and Respectful Relationships programs 2012 - Pre and post

So, are your violence prevention efforts actually making positive change? See here for key manuals on evaluation, including e.g. the excellent “Putting the prevention of violence against women into practice: How to Change The Story” (@OurWatchAus):
5/5 [Plus graphic, Our Watch, Putting the prevention of violence against women into practice 2017 Section 9 Hdg]

Top Tips for Conducting Gender-Based Violence Awareness Raising Campaigns
On the different types of GBV awareness campaigns, and what to consider when planning, implementing and monitoring them…

How is economic security linked to violence against women and children? Excellent summary of key insights from the Sexual Violence Research Initiative Forum 2022… @svri

Why locking up youth offenders fails to reduce crime – and what we should be doing instead
Contrary to political rhetoric in Queensland, incarceration does not rehabilitate young people. It only exposes them to more violence.
By Professor Ross Homel…

Gender equality benefits everyone.
For more on men's positive roles in building gender equality, see the resources on the website XY, here:…
For more on men's roles in building workplace gender equality in particular, see
[Plus graphic, UN Women, How a gender equal society can benefit men 2]

I've also made the argument for how men will benefit from gender equality in a commissioned report on men's positive roles in building workplace gender equality, free (and summarised) here: [Plus graphic, DCA, Men Make a Difference - men benefit]

Finally, I emphasise that men will benefit from progress towards gender equality in a speech on men’s roles in building gender equality. Yes, men benefit from male privilege, whether we want to or not. From the unearned advantages of an unequal system. At the same time...

At the same time, men pay heavy costs for conformity to traditional masculinity, to our health and relationships.
Men are part of the solution. Men in every part of society can make a positive difference. Speech here:

'Intimate terrorism': why the murders of Hannah, Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey must spark change
Excellent long-form newspaper article on coercive control, by Madonna King, from November 2020…

If it takes a man’s daughters to teach him to shun sexism, that is no bad thing
Having children can create a welcome shift in perspectives, not least among politicians, writes Sonia Sodha…

Everyday sexism in the workplace: There’s a good account of common forms of everyday sexism in the Champions of Change report, “We Set the Tone” (2018), pp. 9-10. E.g., insults that masquerade as jokes, devaluing women’s views or voices...

[Plus graphic, Male Champions of Change, We Set The Tone - Eliminating Everyday Sexism Release Oct 2017 p. 9]
Everyday sexism in workplaces also includes: role stereotyping, preoccupation with physical appearance over competence, assumptions that caring and careers don’t mix, unwarranted gender labelling, etc.
[Plus graphic, Male Champions of Change, We Set The Tone - Eliminating Everyday Sexism Release Oct 2017 p. 10]

See the report for what everyday sexism looks like, why leaders should care, and what leaders and organisations can do.… @champs_change

Achieving gender balance in business: Men can play crucial roles as agents of change. Let’s actively engage CEOs (the majority of whom are male) and other senior business leaders in championing and delivering change.
[Plus graphic, Women's Business Council, Men as Change Agents 2018 – Cover]

This report by the Women's Business Council (UK) (2018) focuses on men as change agents. It emphasises harnessing the influence of men, especially those at the most senior levels of business, to drive change.

The piece is among the numerous reports, guides and tipsheets on men’s roles in building workplace equality, here: Another comprehensive collection on the pro-feminist website XY.

Why do so many powerful men seem allergic to apologies?
The Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales – ‘arrogant and cowardly’, according to his uncle – is living the mantra of never apologize, never explain
By Arwa Mahdawi…

‘He took every penny’: the women left with a debt mountain by coercive partners
Coercive or controlling behaviour has been an offence since 2015, but its financial aspects are poorly understood and can leave lives in ruins, a new report says…

My editor trashed my inquiry into child sexual abuse. Now I know why
Peter Wilby, who spent years denigrating victims in the media, has been convicted of possessing the most appalling images
By Dean Nelson…

Tweets in August 2023

Harmful online messages about masculinity must be countered, violence expert says
Boys and young men have few outlets to talk about their emotions and healthy relationships, expert warns…

Building Peace, the Feminist Foreign Policy Way
This new report by the Global Public Policy Institute highlights promising practices for promoting feminist foreign policy, focused on supporting conflict prevention, stabilization and peacebuilding.…

‘To his followers, this man is a messiah!’ Matt Shea on his long fight to expose Andrew Tate
Documentary-maker Shea has been investigating Tate since 2019. But even he was shocked by what he uncovered working on his latest film.… #AndrewTate

Also see the notes on Andrew Tate and other male supremacist influencers on the pro-feminist website XY, here:…

'Emu Men': a new way to recognise and celebrate Indigenous fathers
By Bhiamie Williamson… via @ConversationEDU

Mental health, men and culture: This report explores how sociocultural constructions of masculinities relate to men’s mental health help-seeking behaviour in the WHO European Region.
A useful 72-page review of research on men and mental health.

Say Maaate To A Mate: Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, Launches Campaign to End Violence Against Women and Girls
Sadiq Khan tells Men's Health how his campaign isn't about demonising men, it's about giving them the tools to do better… @MensHealthUK

Family composition in Australia: New AIFS data on patterns of family life in Australia. E.g.;
There are now more couple households without kids than with kids.
There are close to 80,000 same-sex couple households, comprising 1.4% of all couple households.

A toolkit on paid and unpaid care work
By @UN_Women, this toolkit serves as an introductory reference for those working on care as a means to achieve gender equality, the empowerment of women and girls, and the Sustainable Development Goals. 22 pages…

Young Men Need a Model Not an ‘Übermensch’
The church can’t compete with “manosphere” influencers. But it doesn’t have to.
By Matthew Loftus, Christianity Today… via @CTMagazine

Masculinity and the environment: A recent study found that men’s adherence to traditional masculinity ideology is linked to negative attitudes towards electric vehicles, or EVs, and a lower likelihood of intending to purchase them.…

Hip-Hop’s New Generation Is Giving A Polished Middle Finger To Toxic Masculinity
Gen Z was born into hip-hop, and they don’t concern themselves with made-up heteronormative rules.
By Stephen A. Crockett…

'Something deeply rotten': Soccer, chauvinism and the national conversation Spain had to have
After Luis Rubiales's non-consensual kiss, Spaniards were forced to pick a side, and start a national conversation about chauvinism.…

Luis Rubiales is a sad symbol of much bigger problems for women’s football
The lack of respect shown to Jenni Hermoso reflects dismissive attitudes to female players in Europe and beyond.
By Anita Asante

Karen has been waiting nearly 20 years for justice. Law reform is long overdue
From making space for more complainants to report, to supporting them from start to finish, justice systems must do better to support victim-survivors of sexual assault.…

An infamous Spanish kiss overshadowed meritorious women doing their job — can you believe it?
By Annabel Crabb… @annabelcrabb #SeAcabo

Working with men and/or boys? There are excellent manuals and curricula out there for face-to-face educational work with men and boys on issues of masculinity, violence, etc. I've just added two new ones, by @USAID and @NextGenMen, to this XY collection:…

Gender and the Australian Federal election: free chapter by Blair Williams and Marian Sawer, “High-vis and hard hats versus the care economy”, in the book “Watershed: The 2022 Australian federal election”.
Free in PDF at

Men who support feminism: Surveys find that large proportions of men define themselves as feminists: 40% of US men (2020), 56% of US men (2018), 44% of Australian men (2018), 49% of UK men (2018), and so on. See

Smaller proportions of men are *active* supporters of feminism. They are active allies. They speak up in response to sexist comments and behaviour, act as allies to women in workplaces and elsewhere, or use their votes or money or time to support feminist efforts and advocates.

There are typical paths for men to support for feminism. Typical experiences for pro-feminist men include: exposure to feminist and social justice ideals, involvement in progressive politics, closeness to particular women, hearing of women's experiences of victimisation...

hearing of women’s experiences of victimisation, feminist role models, awareness of other forms of injustice, and so on.
I summarise the research in this book chapter:…
Longer bibliography:…

There are everyday actions men can take that will make a difference: at home, on the street, at work, in bed, in the kitchen, etc.
There are a whole range of ways that men can act in support of feminism and women’s rights.
See this XY collection:…

There are groups and networks of pro-feminist men in countries across the world, working with women to build gender equality, address men’s violence against women, and so on. And the brilliant international network MenEngage @MenEngage.

For men seeking to build gender equality, and for women, organisations and others that seek to engage men, I have compiled a wealth of resources: talks, videos, guides, curricula, and materials on key issues and challenges, on the profeminist site XY:…

‘Gay guys can do missionary?’ – like other queer rom-coms, the film "Red, White & Royal Blue" brings queer intimacy to mainstream audiences
By Damien O'Meara…

Military service and suicide: how martial masculinities and tribalism in the Australian Defence Force lead to veteran self-harm and suicidality.
Report by Professor Ben Wadham at Flinders Uni, funded by Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.…

Men’s rights advocates (MRAs) and pro-feminist men: MRAs are deeply hostile to pro-feminist men or male feminists. But *how* MRAs criticise and attack male feminists betrays their own low opinions of men and their hypocrisy.…

Men's rights advocates (MRAs) write off large numbers of men.
MRAs have low and cynical opinions of men.
MRAs contribute to the harmful policing of masculinity.
MRAs show their hypocrisy about men’s violence against women.

Male Engagement Task Force Newsletter: This newsletter is an excellent source of international information on new resources, publications, webinars, etc.
Provided by the Interagency Gender Working Group’s Male Engagement Task Force.
Subscribe at

How parents take more risks when naming girls than boys
By Associate Professor Jane Pilcher… via @ConversationUK

Sexism (attitudes and behaviours that support men’s dominance over women): Four reasons why it is particularly important to address sexism among men, not women

Yes, both women and men may hold sexist attitudes and act in ways that prop up patriarchal gender inequalities. At the same time, there are good reasons to target men in particular.

Men are *more likely* than women to hold sexist attitudes - there is a consistent gender gap in attitudes towards gender, with men's attitudes less progressive than women's.
See this free book chapter:

Women already are far more likely than men to speak up and challenge sexism, and it is time for men to join with women in doing so.
Men have a distinct responsibility to address sexism, as we men are the group who benefit from it, while women are its victims.

Men can be particularly effective in challenging other men’s sexism. Men often will listen more readily to other men than women, and men can be important role models for other men and boys.
Resources on men's positive roles in building equality:…

Combating Gender Stereotypes in India’s legal system: new handbook from the Supreme Court of India
“Relying on predetermined stereotypes in judicial decision-making contravenes the duty of judges to decide each case on its merits, independently and impartially. In particular...
[Plus graphic, Supreme Court of India, Handbook on Combating Gender Stereotypes 2023 – Cover]

"In particular, reliance on stereotypes about women is liable to distort the law’s application to women in harmful ways.”

Should scholars avoid citing the work of awful people?
Some scholars suggest that we should not cite the scholarship of ‘bad people’: sexists, sexual harassers, Nazis. But there are important problems with this stance

Scholarly citation has only two purposes in a discipline:
To acknowledge a prior contribution to knowledge on which your work depends.
To serve as an epistemic authority for a claim relevant to your own contribution to knowledge.

“Failure to cite because of a scholar’s misconduct – whether for being a Nazi or a sexual harasser – betrays the entire scholarly enterprise that justifies the existence of universities and the protection of academic freedom.”

We *should* cite the work of people who have behaved badly or with whom we disagree.
“Insofar as you aim to contribute to scholarship in your discipline, cite work that is relevant regardless of the author’s misdeeds. Otherwise you are not doing scholarship but something else.”

Focusing on consent ignores better ways of preventing sexual violence
By Nicole K. Jeffrey @nicolekjeffrey…

Jeffreys argues that “consent is much too low a standard for promoting ethical sex — even if it *may* be the best available legal standard. And focusing on consent limits our ability to create better approaches to dealing with sexual violence.”

Jeffreys notes five reasons we should stop focusing on consent and start thinking about more ethical values and norms.
Consensual sex is not always wanted, pleasurable or free from coercion.

Teaching people how to give and understand consent isn’t going to prevent sexual violence because sexual violence isn’t usually about misunderstanding.
Consent doesn’t require meaningful, collaborative decision-making between partners.

Consent doesn’t disrupt the stereotypes that support sexual violence.
Consent can be used as an excuse for sexual violence.
(Although strategies of affirmative consent address this.)

“We need to teach that empathy, mutual decision-making and ongoing communication are integral components of sex, rather than preconditions that only take place before sex. And we need to teach and expect boys and men to listen to women’s desires and care about their well-being.”

Allyship and Social Justice: Men as Allies in Challenging Men's Violence and Discrimination Against Women
A useful book chapter by Alankaar Sharma, available in full here:

Allies: persons 'from a privileged group who make intentional choices to support or work for the rights of those from the oppressed group' and are 'committed to eliminating a form of oppression from which they benefit' (Goodman, 2011, p. 157).”

The practice of allyship involves “intentional, overt, consistent activity that challenges prevailing patterns of oppression, makes privileges that are so often invisible visible, and facilitates the empowerment of persons targeted by oppression” (Ayvazian, 2010, p. 625).

Men as allies: It is vital as part of this work that men challenge their own gender privilege. And recognise the value and promise that feminism offers not only to women but to men.
Male allies need to “cultivate respectful and productive alliances with feminist women” (109).

Being an ally involves: “listening and reflecting, being honest and authentic, educat­ing yourself on oppression, speaking up against examples of oppression at work, not assuming the role of leading members of the marginalised group..."
5/7  [Plus graphic, Sharma, Allyship and social justice 2019 - Bridges on ally actions]

It is important for men allies to “maintain a positive and affirming stance towards themselves as men” (112). But a self-positive attitude is not the same as self-congratulation.

We must “recognise that the bar for men is too low and the rewards are disproportionately high” (113)
Men allies must work with and challenge other men (113). We must continue to politicise men’s violence and discrimination against women.

Alankaar Sharma's book chapter is available in full here:…

Boys aren't growing more conservative. They're just not that into politics.
In fact, many young people remain politically noncommittal as they figure out where they fit in.
By Daniel Cox, director of the Survey Center on American Life…

What Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg's canceled cage match says about masculine anxiety
By Associate Professor Kristen Barber… @ConversationUS

None of the AFL's gay male players are publicly out. Does the code's culture need to change?
No professional male AFL player, past or present, has ever publicly come out as gay or bisexual. Insiders say a culture of homophobia lingers.… @AFL

Guns, Republicans and "manliness": We all suffer from the right's mental health crisis
Republican men seem massively troubled about their masculinity — and that's literally causing death and suffering
By Kirk Swearingen, Salon

TikTok users turn 'alpha male' podcasters into a viral joke
Some popular male podcast hosts, who call themselves “alpha males,” often use their shows to encourage treating women as objects. Now, those hosts are being parodied by TikTokers.… #AndrewTate

Where Does Gender Equality Fit Into Australia’s Development Policy?
Clearly articulating gender-based violence as the world’s primary security problem is necessary to properly address it.…

Developing Positive Masculinity
An accessible summary of a recent journal article, “Operationalizing positive masculinity: a theoretical synthesis and school-based framework to engage boys and young men”…

Financial abuse red flags: Violet's ex gambled away their rent money on Valentine's Day

Men Think They Are Strong Workplace Allies. Women Disagree
Men and women often disagree on how much support women receive from male colleagues in addressing sexism. Actions speak louder than words, and action from men in the workplace is still too little.…

Unwanted romantic and sexual advances on LinkedIn discourage women from using the site
The professional social network has explicit rules that prohibit using it as a dating app, but a sizable number of users still insist on being that guy.

Incels in Australia: the ideology, the threat, and a way forward
This report explores the phenomenon of ‘incels’ and the misogynistic ideology that underpins a subset of this global community of men that has become a thriving Internet subculture.

It's 2023 and period products are only now being tested with blood…

The government has released its action plans to end violence against women and children. Will they be enough?
By Professor Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Associate Professor Marie Segrave, and Professor Silke Meyer… @Kate_FitzGibbon @MSegrave @SilkeMeyer_DFV

Misogynists like Andrew Tate hold sway over thousands of men and boys. Male leaders like me must address that. We cannot be passive bystanders when other men cause harm.
By Humza Yousaf, first minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National party…

Release of two critical Action Plans under the National Action Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children 2022-2023.
The First Action Plan contains concrete actions and measurable targets towards ending gender-based violence within a generation.

A dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Action Plan will work alongside the First Action Plan.

Practice Brief: Doing Violence Prevention Well
By the Prevention Collaborative & UN Women, this Brief shares how to match programme aspirations with funding timeframes when writing concept notes or negotiating funding.
See… @Prevent_Collab @UN_Women

What is gender socialisation? Gendered roles and expectations disadvantage girls and women and limit their possibilities. They create inequalities so that girls and women have less power and agency than boys & men.
Prevention Collaborative video, 3:54 min

Young people need more support coping with online sexual harms
By Estefania Reyes and Alexa Dodge… via @ConversationCA

The calamitous Lehrmann trial is a gift to #MeToo critics
By Jacqueline Maley…

Men Overboard
With conservatives feeling besieged by acceptance of same-sex marriage and gender fluidity, a key question for them is how to restore the patriarchal family to its rightful, protective place between the market and the state.… @ProSyn

The anonymous question a sex educator hears from kids nearly every day
Young people's curiosity about sex is nothing new, but access to the internet and the terabytes of graphic pornography it hosts has given rise to a fresh set of concerns.… #Pornography

See this summary of the research on pornography's impacts among children, young people, and adults:…
And see here for further materials, including on how to foster resistance to pornography's sexist and violence-supportive effects:

Rape myths make it almost impossible for victim-survivors of sexual assault to find justice in Australia’s legal system
By Dr Rachael Burgin…
@rachael_burgin @RapeReform

Boy Problems: The manosphere (the online network of anti-feminist men’s websites and groups) promises to fix young men’s lives. Instead, it’s making them miserable.
By Eamon Whalen, Mother Jones magazine… via @MotherJones

Also see other accessible critiques of men’s rights advocates (MRAs) and men’s rights advocacy, here:
See scholarly critiques and assessments, here, in full text:…
Other materials:

Research: Why Managers Deny Inequity in Their Own Organizations
By Christopher To, Elad N. Sherf, and Maryam Kouchaki… @HarvardBiz

Tradwives: The Housewives Commodifying Right-Wing Ideology
By Sophia Sykes and Dr Veronica Hopner, Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET)… @GNET_research

Consent: Fantastic series of comics by Alli Kirkham illustrate sexual consent issues with everyday situations.

Violence prevention: Here is a collection of short, accessible introductions to the field, in full text here:… #VAW #GBV #DV

Gender and domestic violence: Useful summary of the research on women’s and men’s experiences of domestic violence, showing gender contrasts and asymmetry, in this national report by @ANROWS and @VicHealth, p. 56: [Plus graphic, ANROWS, Australians’ attitudes to violence against women and gender equality NCAS Findings 2018 p. 56]

Violence prevention programs: Should address *both* domestic violence and sexual violence. Move beyond the silos. These forms of violence co-occur, have shared (and distinct) risk and protective factors, & prevention can impact both. See pp 191-92 of book:… [Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention 2018 p. 191]

Privilege, oppression, justice: Sensoy and DiAngelo’s influential book “Is Everyone Really Equal - An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education” (2017) is a great introduction. Explains key concepts, answers common questions. In full here:… [Plus graphic, Sensoy, Is Everyone Really Equal – Cover]

Academia can be a site for activism in 4 ways: 1) a means to produce knowledge to inform progressive social change; 2) a means for conducting research which itself involves social change; 3) a site for progressive strategies of teaching and learning; etc.… [Plus graphic, Flood Martin Dreher, Combining academia and activism - Academia as a site]

White people acting in allyship or solidarity with people of color: An ally is not a hero or saviour. Allies “are members of the community who understand injustice when they see it and do what they can to work with others to redress it” (Kivel, p. 136):

"When you debate a person about something that affects them more than it affects you, remember that it will take a much greater emotional toll on them than on. For you it may feel like an academic exercise. For them, it feels like revealing their pain only to have you dismiss..." [Plus graphic, When you debate a person about something that affects them ]

How to engage men in gender equality 1/2: (1) Feminist and human rights agenda. (2) Reach and educate men. (3) Mobilise men and communities. (4) Address masculine organisations. (5) Integrate men into gender policy. 6-pager at

How to engage men in gender equality 2/2: (6) Scale up successful initiatives & strategies. (7) Build political will and sustain momentum. (8) Build partnerships. (9) Build institutional capacity. (10) Support efforts with research. 6-page brief at at

Why influencers like Andrew Tate want your sons’ attention
Wellness rhetoric functions as a Trojan horse to smuggle in a more sinister agenda.
By Associate Professor Debbie Ging… @debbieging

Anti-feminist “men’s rights” groups are heavily involved in the gun rights movement, major contributors to racist practices and discourses, and active participants in efforts to criminalize and curtail women’s access to abortion.
Journal article, free:

Andrew Tate is an example of a new wave of explicitly sexist, anti-feminist, and misogynist social influencers. They overlap with the “manosphere”, the online ecosystem of anti-women websites. Their teachings harm girls and women, *and* boys and men.

Andrew Tate and other male supremacist influencers are popular because they: Tap into longstanding sexist norms. Tap into some males' sense of aggrieved entitlement. Sell a traditional image of 'alpha' masculinity. Make effective use of marketing. Etc.…

MRAs (men’s rights activists) be like…
(Image: A man is sitting on a park bench. A woman comes along and says, “I think I deserve to sit on this bench too.” The man throws himself to the ground, crying, “Oh my God I’ve been pushed off! There’s no room for me on *my* bench anymore!”) [Plus graphic, MRAs be like - Park bench]

For accessible critiques of MRAs, see
For academic critiques (in full text), see
For various other critiques and discussions of MRAs, see

The Problem With Men Who Date Much Younger Women
Leonardo DiCaprio gets older. His girlfriends are forever 21.
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

Lessons Learned in Gender Transformative Health Programming: A Rapid Literature Review
This research brief reviews evaluated evidence on how best to achieve gender equality and health outcomes through gender transformative programming.…

The gender pay gap: what it is, what drives it, and what to do about it.
Here is a handy explainer from WGEA, including addressing some common myths and misconceptions... @WGEAgency

Legitimate Sexpectations, by Katrina Marson
Review of Katrina Marson’s book, describing it as a timely start to a fresh debate on sex education… @Marson_Katrina

Clitoral knowledge and orgasm: This UK study finds that both men and women have poor knowledge of the clitoris, with men’s poorer than women’s. Women with better clitoral knowledge were more likely to orgasm in masturbation. 1/2 [Plus graphic, Dienberg, Does Clitoral Knowledge Translate into Orgasm 2022 – Abstract]

Women with better clitoral knowledge were also more likely to orgasm in partnered sex, *but only if* they did not subscribe to gendered sexual scripts - passivity, low desire, and less interest in orgasms for women, high sexual desire, orgasm, dominance, & initiative for men. 2/2  [Plus 2 graphics, Dienberg, Does Clitoral Knowledge…, on gendered scripts]

Feminism has positive effects, including for women with feminist identities and attitudes. Studies find they have higher levels of psychological wellbeing than other women, including on measures of purpose in life, autonomy, personal growth. Summaries:…

'Turned a blind eye and accepted it': Women in mining speak out against sexual harassment
A growing chorus of women are speaking out against gendered discrimination, bullying, a lack of opportunity and, at the extreme end, sexual harassment and assault.…

“No” to Sex Education Fuels Early Pregnancies in Central America
By Edgardo Ayala

See the signs of coercive control
Valuable new campaign by the South Australian Government, here:

Transforming Masculinities: A training manual for educating faith leaders and others as ‘gender champions’, to lead and facilitate change in communities on gender norms, gender equality and the role of faith. By Tearfund, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  [Plus graphic, Tearfund, Transforming Masculinities Training Manual 2017 – Cover]

For further guides and curricula for working with men and boys in community settings, including excellent Australian and North American manuals, see the collection on the profeminist website XY, here:…

Mobilising men to build gender justice: Start by recruiting gender-equitable men. (Where do we find them?) Use community workshops and events. Work with ‘gatekeepers’. Support men in getting organised. Form coalitions and networks.

Sport, manhood, and using sport as a means for building healthy masculinities: Useful Advocacy Brief from MenEngage (2014). How Sport Constructs Manhood and its Impact on Men and Boys. Using Sport for Transforming Manhood and Mobilizing Boys and Men. See  [Plus graphic, MenEngage, Advocacy Brief - Sports and the Making 2013 – Cover]

Engaging men in building gender equality: It is vital to maintain a feminist agenda. Transform gendered systems and structures. Tackle structural and material inequalities. Use the term ‘feminist’, asserting its legitimacy & credibility. FREE book, p.385:… [Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention 2018 p. 385]

It Took Going To Prison To Recognize My Toxic Masculinity. Here's How I Finally Changed.
"While trying to live up to this flawed version of masculinity, I caused serious harm to others, my community and myself."…

Men needed in care-crisis conversation. (On men's roles in care work, in the USA)
By Gary Barker and Vicki Shabo…

#Aftermetoo – reflective groups for men
This 41-page guide on men’s groups is published by MÄN, a Swedish organisation working to advance gender equality, combat men's violence and redefine masculinity. Among the resources here: [Plus graphic, MAN, Aftermetoo – reflective groups for men 2018 – Cover]

Who is responsible for unwanted pregnancies? Men, a new book argues.
Gabrielle Stanley Blair’s book boldly reframes the abortion debate. The title says it all: ‘Ejaculate Responsibly.’…

Masculinity: podcast interview with Professor Michael Flood, by Emily Wolter, here: Covers the "man box", how to be a good man, whether the conversation around masculinity and femininity is outdated, etc.

You are running a workshop or training on gender equity or violence against women, and there is resistance and pushback in the room. What can you do? This toolkit provides practical strategies for reducing resistance. See pp. 15-18 of… @easternhealthau [Plus graphic, Engaging Men - Reducing Resistance and Building Support 2021 - Cover Some]

A new generation of male contraceptives is coming
Scientists are working toward several promising male contraceptive options, but a lack of funding is the main barrier.…

The movie ‘Barbie’ has put the phrase ‘toxic femininity’ back in the news – here’s what it means and why you should care
By Professor Karrin Vasby Anderson…

Professor Anderson writes that the phrase toxic femininity "lacks a consistent definition and is often invoked by people with competing and even opposing views about women, men and gender".

‘Why did you wear that?’: The myths hurting sex abuse survivors in courts
Sexual assault trials across NSW are permeated by outdated myths and stereotypes about how “genuine victims” should act, dress, and fight off their attackers, finds new research.…

‘Faking it for 20, 30 years’: The women trapped in ‘motherhood’ sex (On the common dynamic in heterosexual relationships where men put *their own* sexual needs first and women put *men's* needs first too.)…

Exculpatory Chauvinism: a phenomenon in which negative characteristics ascribed to men (e.g., insatiable sex drives, competitiveness, 'natural' aggression) are offered as acceptable justifications of men's dominance over women. [Plus graphic, Exculpatory chauvinism]

Resource Package and Training Modules for Promoting Gender-Transformative Parenting
Challenging gender norms and gender inequalities to create a more equitable environment for all children to thrive @UNICEF

Is this what a feminist looks like?
An excellent piece by Deborah Cameron on the Queen, and what feminism is and isn't…

A feminist: someone who believes two things: (1) that women are oppressed as women, and (2) that this can and should be changed through political action.
We should not uncritically equate “being a feminist” with “being a woman who occupies a position of power”

Cameron’s objection to the idea that the Queen was a feminist is about "the extraordinarily patriarchal nature—and I mean “patriarchal” in the strictest and most literal sense—of the institution she was born into and dutifully served throughout her life".

The new state of healthcare in America: one for men and a worse one for women After the shutting down of women’s reproductive rights, women in anti-abortion states can’t access life-saving medication for everything from chronic pain to lupus to ulcers.…

Workplace gender equality initiatives: 4 common mistakes: (1) Not going beyond describing the numbers; (2) Trying to ‘fix’ women rather than fix systems; (3) Being overly optimistic about progress made; (4) Failing to recognise intersectionality.
Full text [Plus graphic, Ryan, Addressing workplace gender inequality- Using the evidence to avoid common pitfalls 2022 – Abstract]

Gaslighting: a type of psychological abuse aimed at making victims seem or feel “crazy”. It is rooted in social inequalities, including gender, and executed in power-laden intimate relationships. Useful sociological account by Dr Paige Sweet @paigelsweet [Plus abstract, Sweet, The Sociology of Gaslighting 2019 – Abstract]

Women’s levels of sexual desire in their relationships are shaped by how equal the relationship is. Greater equality in relationships (greater equity in power) leads to higher relationship satisfaction, which leads to higher sexual desire for partners. [plus graphic, Johansen, Fairer Sex - The Role of Relationship Equity in Female Sexual Desire 2022 – Discussion]

The Protests Inside Iran’s Girls’ Schools
From the start, women were at the center of the demonstrations that swept Iran last year. Schoolgirls emerged as an unexpected source of defiant energy.
By Azadeh Moaveni
August 7, 2023… @NewYorker

How to be a supportive ally when your child has experienced sexual assault

No-one should live in fear of abuse.
Let’s all be part of the change. Everyone can do something to challenge the abuse of women and girls.
Excellent UK campaign, with lots of downloadable social media assets, videos, etc.

12 tips for media reporting on sexual harassment
Evidence-based media reporting on sexual harassment can change the attitudes and behaviours that drive violence against women. Handy guide by Our Watch.… @OurWatchAus #SexualHarassment

Consent Education In Schools, Explained
By Claire Keenan, for Our Watch… @OurWatchAus

Also see:
Best practice in consent education:
Consent: Notes on fostering affirmative consent and challenging sexual violence:…

What it's like to learn someone you care about is violent
ABC Everyday

‘Boundaries’ or coercive control? Experts explain how to tell the difference… via @ConversationUK

E-learning Course: How to be a male ally for workplace gender equality
This UN Global Compact Academy e-learning course will help you understand why and how you can be a male ally for gender equality. 45 minutes long.… @UN_Women

Many women prefer to use female driving instructors, and that's holding them back from getting their licences
Demand for driving lessons is strong among women, but a lack of female instructors is putting some of them off taking the test.…

Matildas' fans have a message: Women aren't accepting second-class status in sport anymore
The tournament and the love being shown for the world game by the young fans is in contrast with how the AFL supports its own women's league, writes Virgina Trioli…

What is patriarchy? What does it mean and why is everyone talking about it?
By Eliza Anyangwe and Melissa Mahtani, CNN…

Essential Considerations for Engaging Men and Boys for Improved Family Planning Outcomes
This USAID resource (2018) explores why men and boys should be engaged in family planning efforts and provides a framework for implementing male engagement.… @USAIDGH

Work with men and boys has been growing rapidly. What are some of the opportunities, challenges and problems that engaging men and boys brings? And how can this work be delivered most effectively?
Podcast with Professor Michael Flood: @the_daily_panda

Advancing girls and women in male-dominated industries requires the leadership, participation, commitment, and allyship of men. Focus of a new curriculum developed by USAID’s Engendering Industries program, in partnership with Equimundo:… @equimundo_org [Plus graphic, USAID, Engaging Men in Gender Equality 2023 – Cover]

For further resources on men’s positive roles in building workplace gender equality, see the XY collection here:

Fast Facts on Family and Gender-based Violence 2023
A guide to Australian statistics, for prevention practitioners, by Safe and Equal Victoria

Should the man be the one who proposes? Despite greater gender equality, some women still prefer traditional gender roles in heterosexual relationships. One possible reason is simply because they are traditional, writes @Dr_BeatriceAlba @Deakin…

Attention policy makers and funders of violence prevention portfolios! Are you planning to invest in initiatives that engage and mobilise men and boys in preventing violence and advance equity and inclusion? Check out these principles and guidelines:… [Plus graphic, Wells, Supporting best practices - Guidelines for funding 2020 Cover]

The men ranting angrily about Barbie have got it all wrong
While it surges at the box office, Barbie has inspired a similar surge of hate from men who simply don’t understand it.
By Samuel Clench…

The complicated gender history of pink
Pink only became identified as a women’s color in the 1940s, when retailers and manufactures made it so. For centuries it was associated with men. Red was seen as the color of passion & aggression, a “masculine” color…

'They leave our cries unheard': Universities accused of failing sexual assault victims
Universities are failing to meet a key recommendation set out by the Australian Human Rights Commission to support students who are victims of sexual violence.…

Indian women’s struggle against sexual violence has had little support from the men in power
By Dr Severyna Magill

Positive Masculinity Conference
Engaging boys and improving their life outcomes through connection, authenticity and motivation. Exploring pro-social ways of working with boys and young men.
September 1, Melbourne, Australia

I wept for Ken: why men have the most to gain from watching Barbie
Men suffer under patriarchy, too – and Ryan Gosling’s man-child Ken is a brilliant demonstration of that
By Akin Olla…

What Boys and Men Can Learn from Ken
In Barbie, the problem isn’t Barbie, Ken or anyone else. It is the patriarchy—which excludes and punishes women, but also harms men. And many men got it.
By Jackson Katz, Ms Magazine… @MsMagazine

Uncharted territory: do AI girlfriend apps promote unhealthy expectations for human relationships?
Chatbots are getting better at mimicking human interaction, but some fear they feed into unhealthy beliefs around gender-based control and violence.…

Inspiring men’s support for equality at work: 1) Leverage the influence of other men. 2) Appeal to higher ideals & the greater good. 3) Align training with job roles & performance. 4) Dispel zero-sum thinking. Prime, ‘Stacking the deck’ report, in full: [Plus graphic, Prime, Engaging men in gender initiatives - Stacking the deck 09 Cover]

Men’s roles in building gender equality are firmly on the public agenda. There is a compelling feminist rationale for involving men. Men are both part of the problem of gender inequality *and* part of the solution. See pp.3-8 of the book chapter free here: [Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging Men in Building Gender Equality - Intro Start]

Tweets in July 2023

Gender and the COVID-19 pandemic: Gender relations and inequalities shape the progression of pandemics, men’s and women’s responses, and their impact. See this XY collection of commentaries on the pandemic and gender: #coronavirusau #COVID19 #COVID19Aus

How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings (humour). (Sexist comments. “Threatening”: That’s not appropriate and I didn’t appreciate it. Non-threatening: *awkward laugh*.) Sarah Cooper’s book, ‘How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings’. [Plus graphic, Cooper, How to be successful - Sexist comments]

Benevolent sexism: a feminist comic explains how it holds women back. (The French artist Emma, famous for her comic on the ‘mental load’, illustrates how certain ‘friendly’ remarks can belittle women in the workplace.)

Girls’ bodies aren’t responsible for boys’ thoughts - Emmy Coletti @emmycoletti [Plus graphic]

Progress of the world’s women: UN Women’s flagship report assesses the reality of families today in the context of sweeping economic, demographic, political, and social transformation. @UN_Women @unwomenpacific

Because Why: This campaign by Our Watch aims to show parents how rigid gender stereotypes limit children’s opportunities and freedom to make their own choices. Short, accessible videos and materials for families, friends, and others. See @OurWatchAus [Plus graphic, Our Watch, Because why - Gender stereotypes]

How to parent without perpetuating gender stereotypes. via @mashable. And see the profeminist website XY’s collection on raising gender-equitable sons, here:

Mass shootings and masculinity: This XY collection features commentaries on how individual men’s perpetration of mass shootings is shaped by norms and behaviours associated with patriarchal masculinity. Commentary eg on Las Vegas (2017), Nova Scotia (2020)

In #MeToo, we need to call out gay men’s misogyny as well. Including the sexual harassment and assault of women by gay men. By Jo Bartosch, April 2019.

Australian media is failing to cover domestic violence in the right way: Media often frame DV as an individual problem, not a systemic one. Focus on the physical. Portray the perpetrator as a victim of circumstance. Excuse the violence.… @ConversationEDU

Reshaping masculinity in Mozambique: “I changed the way I see the world. When a girl says ‘no’, it is no"
At 17, Vasco César is rethinking some of his views, especially about women.…

School-related gender-based violence: achieving systemic, sustainable change
This brief sets out clear and specific recommendations for governments to urgently prioritize and implement so that all schools are safe places for all students… @UNESCO

The paths to equal: Twin indices on women’s empowerment and gender equality
This report, prepared by UN Women and UNDP, highlights the global challenges faced by women and provides a roadmap for targeted interventions and policy reforms.… @UN_Women @UNDP

Managing Gender-based Violence Programmes in Emergencies: E-Learning Companion Guide (UNFPA, 2023) A supplementary Companion Guide to UNFPA’s E-learning Course on Managing Gender-based Violence Programmes in Emergencies @UNFPA…

Tips to better reach social media users, including survivors of violence (Spotlight Initiative Safe and Fair Programme, UN Women, 2022)… @UN_Women

Feminist Leadership: What’s Privilege Got to do With it?
In the non-profit sector, despite our fluency in structural analyses of power, we remain woefully inarticulate about a very specific form of power: privilege.
By Leila Billing… @leilabilling

Violence against women: More deaths, little action
By Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Marie Segrave, and Silke Meyer… @Kate_FitzGibbon @SilkeMeyer_DFV

Men supporting women’s land rights: stories of how men, specifically ordinary men, chiefs and those in the legal profession, are demonstrating support for women’s land rights during conflicts in Cameroon.… @WILPF

Technical brief: Analysis of issues related to masculinities and disability in conflict and post-conflict settings… @UNFPA

Disability-inclusive development with men and boys
Mainstreaming disability equality in approaches to engaging men and boys for gender equality… @UNFPA

"I made upskirting illegal. This is why I don’t want to change any more laws."
I don’t want more prisons and punishment for men – I want to help prevent sexual assault so women are safer in the first place, writes Gina Martin… @ginamartinuk

‘Any victim is a liar’: sexual violence scandals in Italy expose deep-seated sexism
Two high-profile cases underscore how sexual harassment and rape are downplayed, as women are disparaged.…

Tackling violence against women and girls in sport: A handbook for policy makers and sports practitioners
By UN Women, UNESCO and the Spotlight Initiative, to facilitate constructive conversations about how we can work together to address VAWG in sport.…

Like Father, Like Son: There are significant associations between fathers’ and sons’ attitudes and behaviours related to masculinity. This suggests that fathers pass on their masculinity to their sons. Blog:
Journal article:

It's Time to Talk About What It Means to Be a Man in the U.S.
Shaunna Thomas and Gary Barker, for Newsweek… @equimundo_org

Ken is a bell hooks critique come to life in ‘Barbie’
The movie offers us a humorous, and very pink, critique on the patriarchy and the performativity of gender.

What "Barbie" Gets Right About Male Psychology
Barbie shows how men often translate and funnel existential angst into anger, resentment, and sexual longing.
The movie gives a nuanced model of male self-care and self-acceptance.
Blog, Psychology Today…

Ignore the pearl-clutching conservatives. ‘Barbie’ is not anti-men
The Herald Sun

Ken’s rights? Our research shows Barbie is surprisingly accurate on how ‘men’s rights activists’ are radicalised
By Associate Professor Lucy Nicholas… via @ConversationEDU

How Australia's sexual consent laws could change
Experts and advocates will appear at a three-day Senate inquiry into the country's current and proposed sexual consent laws. Here's what will be discussed.

These young Chinese women are ditching make-up as they reject 'beauty duty'

Feminism: A short history of a big idea. A short, readable book on feminism, its key ideas, its history, and its issues. Including on second-wave feminism, ‘the personal is political’, and more (2006). Excerpts here: [Plus graphic, Hannam, Feminism (Short Histories of Big Ideas) (2006) – Cover]

Feminism is good for women. The research finds women with feminist identities or beliefs feel more empowered and agentic, have better mental health, more positive body image, more stable and higher quality intimate relationships, and better sex lives. See…

Feminism, victimhood, and agency: Feminist beliefs are empowering. Among women who have been assaulted or harassed, feminist women are less likely than non-feminist women to blame themselves, and more likely to embrace their own power and capacity to act.… [Plus graphic, Flood, Feminism and MRAs - Feminism and women’s agency]

Bias against women is bias *towards men*. Female disadvantage = unfair male privilege. Global data shows extent of normative support for male privilege: that men make better leaders, men make better executives, men have more right than women to a job, etc

Gender: What does it mean to argue that gender, the meaning and organisation of men’s and women’s lives, is *socially constructed*, given the reality of biological sex differences? Connell provides a useful account, Chap 4 of ‘Gender in World Perspective’: [Plus graphic, Connell, Gender in World Perspective, 2nd Edition (2009) - Cover CROPPED]

6 Ways the Mainstream Porn Industry Fuels Child Sexual Abuse
This Fight The New Drug piece identifies six connections between porn and child sexual abuse.… @FightTheNewDrug

Mayor launches new campaign empowering men to challenge misogyny by saying ‘maaate’ to their mates when they cross the line… @MayorofLondon

Exposure to sexual content and problematic sexual behaviors (PSBs) in children and adolescents: This systematic review, of 27 studies among 16,200 young people, finds that exposure to sexual content such as online pornography or live sexual content is associated with PSBs.

*Both* exposure to violent sexually explicit content and live sexual acts *and* to non-violent sexual content were associated with PSBs. The levels of violence, degradation & objectification in the content matter, but average porn contains enough of this to be associated with PSB

See the journal article at:

Why is hazing such a widespread problem? Abuse prevalent despite efforts to stop it
(Hazing: Activities expected of someone joining or participating in a group that humiliate, degrade, abuse, or endanger them, regardless of willingness to participate.)…

8 Documentaries on Masculinity, Patriarchy, and Change
Compiled by Next Gen Men, Canada… @NextGenMen

With Barbie, Ryan Gosling is leading the big himbo revival
GQ Magazine

One in 10 children ‘have watched pornography by time they are nine’
Report by children’s commissioner for England finds worrying amount of content involves violence
Guardian article:
Full report:…
#Pornography #Violence

‘Rape culture’ in schools and the role of pornography: Research by Prof Nicky Stanley and Prof Christine Barter has found a significant link between boys’ regular viewing of online pornography and their use of sexual coercion and abuse.

Pornography exposure is routine among young men and informs their coercive treatment of young women. A key strategy for minimising pornography’s harms is education. Framework for effective practice in schools to address porn’s influence here: @MareeCrabbe

Sexuality and relationships education (SRE): The evidence is that comprehensive SRE programs delay the initiation of sexual activity among young people, and reduce the incidence and frequency of unprotected sex and number of sex partners, pp. 17-18 of:…
[Plus graphic, Thomas, School-Based Sex and Relationships Education - Title.png]

Also see the “Review of the evidence on sexuality education: report to inform the update of the UNESCO International technical guidance on sexuality education” (2016), free here:

Big W has withdrawn Welcome to Sex from its stores to protect staff – but teen sex education can keep young people safe
By Emma Whatman  @emmawhatman @Zosogis

Not all therapy is a force for good. I give you exhibit A: the actor Jonah Hill
The star wrote his controlling texts to a girlfriend in language he learned on the couch
By Martha Gill…

Ignore the moral panic: the book “Welcome to Sex” is a valuable resource for kids
By Giselle Woodley @Zosogis

10 ways to help the boys in your life read for enjoyment (not just for school)
By Margaret Kristin Merga via @ConversationEDU

How to talk to boys about misogyny
By Sophie King-Hill

Economic security and intimate partner violence
This research synthesis by @ANROWS focuses on the nexus of women’s safety and women’s economic security.…

To achieve gender equality, men and boys must join the call for paid & unpaid care to be central to political, social and economic plans, says the new #StateoftheWorldsFathers report, launched as part of @MenCareGlobal at @WomenDeliver
Read more:

State of the World's Fathers: This new report makes recommendations for urgent, structural action on caring that includes men and boys. Its recommendations include:
Center care systems in policies and public institutions.
Advocate for a culture of care in all workplaces.

Revolutionize the way boys are taught about care.
Normalize equal, nontransferable parental leave.
Generate mainstream media that portrays men and boys as caring and competent caregivers
Read more:
@MenCareGlobal @equimundo_org
[Plus graphic, Equimundo, State of the World's Fathers 2023 – Cover]

"RESPECT Women: Preventing violence against women" is an evidence-based framework for policy makers to strengthen and scale up efforts to prevent violence against women. It outlines a set of action-oriented steps to support policy makers and others.

Can Domestic Violence and Community Violence Be Interrupted at the Same Time?
A novel program in Brownsville, Brooklyn, is working to break the links between two of the most common types of shootings.

A modest proposal for breaking the gender and care connection — why not encourage shared paid parental leave?
By Associate Professor Luara Ferracioli

Wales launches campaign to help tackle misogyny and violence against women
Campaign aims to put onus on men to stop violence against women as figures suggest most already feel country safe place for women…

The fourth leading cause of death in the US? Cumulative poverty
Reverend William Barber and Gregg Gonsalves
We hear so much about crime rates, opioids, and gun violence in America, but so little from our elected leaders about the poverty crisis…

The Crisis Over American Manhood Is Really Code for Something Else
Male malaise in the United States goes back to the founders, and it is a preoccupation of elites in particular. They might teach us something about this current wave of manliness panic.…

The Best Way to Find Out If Someone Is a Trump Voter? Ask Them What They Think About Manhood.
A new POLITICO/IPSOS poll shows that people have very different ideas on the solutions to the challenges facing men and boys, and these affect how they vote.…

Portrait of a ‘Pink-Collar’ Working Man
Eric Cromer found an unlikely and promising path out of the wreckage of the industrial Midwest.…

She’s had a whip-smart Hollywood facelift, but Barbie still isn’t much of a role model
Mattel has reinvented its doll in the language of empowerment, but it’s a hollow, plastic form of feminism
By Natasha Walter…

Men in feminist classrooms: The men who take Women’s and Gender Studies classes at university find them a positive experience, and more positive than other undergraduate classes. Review (2011) on men as students and teachers in Gender Studies, here:…

Men’s groups and movements: What is the ‘men’s movement’? Are there different men’s groups and organisations out there with differing agendas and focuses? How do they compare to other groups and movements? Handy overview (2007), in full text here:

“Are You Man Enough?” Millions of boys have been socialized to believe strength is synonymous with manhood. It’s time to redefine what ‘manhood’ means - Justin Baldoni and Tony Porter (Aug. 2018).

Parenting arrangements after separation: 97% of parents in Australia do not go to court to decide arrangements for parenting after separation. Court ordered arrangements are less likely to involve no contact between children and father: 3% of court orders  

Why Being a “Real Man” Will Kill You: Some men think worrying about their health or caring about climate change is feminine - or for “pussies”. These ideals of manhood are a detriment to people everywhere. By Jennifer Wright, Aug 2019.

Whose alpha male is this? Donald Trump and America’s sad, failed model of masculinity. (As author Tom Digby explains, Trump’s "cartoon masculinity" is a desperate attempt to cling to a fading ideal.)…
Also see this XY collection:

Men and boys have a vital role to play in preventing and reducing men’s violence against women and girls. Massive collection of resources here: readings, speeches, manuals, discussions of key debates, bibliographies, my book (free in PDF), etc.…

6 Action-Packed YA Novels With Positive Role Models for Boys
Next Gen Men blog… @NextGenMen

Mothers and Sons program helps women raise boys to become non-violent, respectful men
(A story on a program run by the Illawarra Women's Health Centre, March 2021)

6 Ways Parents Can Help End 'The Boy Crisis'
We raise boys to be islands, then wonder why men are so shut down
Also see XY's collection on raising gender-equitable, feminist sons, here:

Can ‘positive masculinity’ influencers beat the sway of Andrew Tate?
We sincerely hope so.
By Lucy Morgan… @glamourmag @Beyond_Equality

What the murders of two women say about the dangerous, ‘heart-broken’ young men of India
A warped sense of masculinity and a sexual culture that invisibilises gender inequality produces entitled men who cannot see women as equal sexual citizens.…

The Perils and Promises of Penis-Enlargement Surgery
One doctor’s Promethean quest to grow the male member is leaving some men desperate and disfigured.
New Yorker magazine…

"Joy Ride" delivers a full-frontal subversion of sexuality for Asian women
Both hilarious and empowering, the raunchfest doesn't use its R rating for mere titillation or transgression

The testosterone primary of 2024 is ‘getting out of hand’
The presidential contest is careening into a frenetic fit boy summer sidequest in which candidates are skirmishing over feats of strength.…

What About Men? by Caitlin Moran review – bantz gone bad
A tendentious take on masculinity that takes unoriginal thoughts and confirms them in the echo chamber of Twitter…

Moran's book does look poor and uneven, including in feminist terms. But there *is* excellent writing out there on men and masculinities. Including introductory, accessible books and scholarship. Here's a list I've compiled:

Male celebrities: A US study finds that celebrity men are much more likely to engage in infidelity than men in the U.S. general population, and that celebrity men are far more likely to commit sexual transgressions than celebrity women. [Plus graphic, Lankford, Celebrity Infidelity and Sex Crimes 2023 – Abstract]

Jonah Hill’s alleged texts reveal a bigger issue
There are men that have taken the old fashion misogyny that ruined our mothers’ lives and given it a hipster makeover. They're still trying to control women. It's a prime example of how far we haven’t come.…

(I had an interesting chat with my partner about this last night. She and I agree, there’s no problem with one person in a monogamous relationship saying that they are not okay with their partner having flirtatious or sexualised friendships with other people. But there *is* 1/2

But there *is* a problem with men policing female partners' platonic friendships and contact with men, careers, or pictures in their swimmers (especially when dating a surfer!).

Building Networks & Addressing Harm: A Community Guide to Online Youth Radicalization
Resources for trusted adults, mentors & community leaders, from the Southern Poverty Law Center [Plus graphic, SPLC, Building Networks & Addressing Harm - A Community Guide to Online Youth Radicalization – Cover]

Gender norms can be changed by collecting individuals’ true beliefs and then sharing the group’s average beliefs
Study: Correcting men’s misperceptions of other men’s attitudes had a positive impact on their support for their wives' independence.…

Case study: 79% of men aged 18-35 in Saudi Arabia would support their wives working outside the home, yet they mistakenly believed that other men do not hold this view. They estimated that only 63% of men support women working outside the home.

Researchers provided husbands with accurate information on other husbands’ views. This led to an update of beliefs in the long-term and a change in behaviour. The intervention led to a 180% increase in job applications from wives, rising from 5.8% to 16.2%.

The intervention also made husbands more more open to other changes, such as allowing their wives to attend driving lessons.
Details:… @GenderEconomy

Female delivery drivers plagued with sexual harassment: ‘He opened the door, he was completely naked’ ‘Very often the guy is in his underwear or is shirtless and acts in a sexually provocative way,’ a Deliveroo driver tells Maya Oppenheim

Josh Hawley’s horrifically misogynistic book signals a much bigger problem
Soraya Chemaly on traditional, patriarchal masculinity and the harms it causes.… @schemaly

By men, about men: how bad is the gender research gap for women in exercise science? Most research is done on men and men’s bodies, risking the injury, misdiagnosis and mistreatment of women.…

Promote gender equality to sports leaders – tools
Our Watch has developed a set of tools to support sports leaders and athletes in taking action to address the drivers of violence against women.… @OurWatchAus

How did patriarchy actually begin?
For centuries, people have held mistaken assumptions about the origins of male-dominated societies, writes Angela Saini.

Work with men and boys in Australia: Five trends in the field.
Growth: The healthy masculinities field is growing.
The number of initiatives is increasing. And expanding into new areas (parenting, women’s economic empowerment, parliamentary politics, and violent extremism).

Evidence base: There is a growing body of research on the impacts of these efforts. Very few initiatives in Australia have been evaluated. But international impact evaluations show that well-designed interventions among men and boys can make positive and lasting change.

Support for engaging men: There is widespread support for men’s positive roles for example in ending violence against women. A 2020 Australian survey found that just under 80% of people agree that “There are things that all men can do to help prevent violence against women".

Policy support: There is growing policy support for engaging men and boys, particularly in frameworks and policies on violence prevention.
Professor Michael Flood's speech, Healthy Masculinities Network:

Men’s and boys’ sexual violence against girls and women *starts young*.
2 major US studies find that the average age of first perpetration among males is 16. In a longitudinal study, with 11 waves of data, the most common age of first perpetration of sexual violence was 16.

By the age of 20, 88% of respondents who were going to become sexual assaulters had already done so. In other words, nearly nine in ten male sexual violence perpetrators reported their first assault by age 20.
Report, p. 48:…

Mary-Lou says elder abuse by her son left her 'humiliated, horrified and alone'
Mary-Lou says her son used to park his car in the driveway to block her in her home before demanding money. Now the program that helped her escape elder abuse is ending.…

The pornification of everything
In today’s dating market, women who would prefer porn practices kept out of their bedrooms have little negotiating power @HJoyceGender

Three quarters of universities aren’t being transparent about sexual violence… @eroc

‘It was so shocking’: why robodebt’s dark legacy will linger long after royal commission report…

The stabbing attack at the University of Waterloo shows the dangers of polarizing rhetoric about gender
Patterns of violence online & offline "against women, racialized, disabled, queer and gender nonconforming people are forms of stochastic terrorism”…

Daniel wishes the rest of the world could witness what he sees in Australia’s high schools
On pornography, sexism, masculinity, and Daniel Principe’s work with Collective Shout… @anthonysegaert @CollectiveShout

Halfway through a domestic violence inquest, the NT coroner is unravelling a system in crisis

'He had this secret life': Eliza's husband had sex with more than a hundred people during their marriage
Husband's sex addiction shook Eliza's life like an 'earthquake' but she found support for both of them

5 Online Dating Tips for Guys
Helpful, thoughtful discussion on online dating, from Next Gen Men @NextGenMen

Boys experience depression differently than girls. Here’s why that matters
Surveys of teen mental health may underestimate boys’ despair
Science News, June 2023

The origins of sexism: How men came to rule 12,000 years ago
Human societies weren’t always male-dominated. The switch came when we became farmers – and that suggests ways to roll back towards a more equal system
New Scientist, 18 April 2018…

Sex education must engage boys to tackle harassment - MPs
BBC News:
Full Women and Equalities Committee Report:… @Commonswomequ

Men when their friends make sexist jokes… Men when they find other men sending threats to women… Men when someone says “Men are trash”… [Plus graphic, Men when their friends make sexist jokes]

But here is a collection of resources on what men (and women) *can* do to challenge sexist and violence-supportive comments and behaviours. Practical actions, strategies, and resources, at [Plus graphic, Stand Speak Act - Bystander intervention]

To add some data... More men (20%) than women (11%) agree that “there is no harm in men making sexist jokes about women when they are among their male friends”, from a nationally representative Australian survey (Main report,, p. 190).

Among those who said they would be bothered, women were significantly more likely than men to say they would disapprove immediately in public (65% versus 47%) and less likely than men to say they would disapprove later in private (26% of women; 42% of men) (pp. 189-190).

Women in Melbourne’s top music venues report high rates of sexual violence
Live music is a huge part of Melbourne’s cultural scene, yet a new study from Monash University has revealed that it’s not always a safe space for women.… @WomensAgenda

Sexual violence in music spaces: Check out this comprehensive report, by Dr Andrea Baker. Explores the extent and character of the problem, and makes recommendations for prevention and reduction. @andreajeanbaker 2/2

How to Meaningfully Address Men in the Women, Peace and Security Agenda
More countries are recognizing men and boys in their gender-sensitive security policies. But can commitment turn into action?
By David Duriesmith…

Want good national and international news on violence against women and its prevention? The AWAVA e-bulletin, by the Australian Women Against Violence Alliance, is an excellent fortnightly bulletin. Subscribe here: @AWAVA_women

Efforts to engage men in preventing violence against women and building gender equality are growing around the world. What changes do we aim to encourage among men? Excellent table, pp. 37-39, on desired behaviours and outcomes, in this:…. Excerpt below. [plus graphics, Wells, Building a movement of men and boys committed to violence prevention and gender equality in Alberta 2022 – Cover; Wells, Building a movement of men and boys committed to violence prevention and gender equality in Alberta 2022 Table 1 some]

Men Overboard: Why the right can never outgrow the masculinity crisis.
"American boys and men are suffering because an American culture that outlines how to perform manliness following a solitary, stoic script of violent self-assertion is ruinous."

Are South Korea’s New Policies Silencing Rape Survivors?
Seoul’s crackdown on false accusations is having unintended consequences.…

Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and our new age of hyper-masculinity
The embarrassing rise of the “anti-woke” alpha male shows how a crisis of masculinity makes one seek to aggressively perform it.
By Sarah Manavis…

Why do men keep resorting to public violence to settle disputes, and why do people enjoy watching?
15-minute radio interview on the Musk and Zuckerberg cage fight, violence between men, and masculinity, with Professor Michael Flood…

Inside the hateful and lonely world of incel men | Uncovering Incels | Short Documentary
SBS The Feed

The single dad taking on toxic masculinity in Colombia one nappy at a time
Henry Murrain believes that working with men is a path towards reducing violence against women. He’s leading Bogota’s first anti-machismo program.…

"Mass killers practice at home": How domestic violence and mass shootings are linked
CBS News, June 17 2023…

Why Japan is rethinking its rape laws and raising the age of consent from 13
By Jessie Yeung and Eru Ishikawa, CNN…

Gender-based Violence is Notoriously Hard to Address – But Accurate Data Helps
Health Policy Watch, June 2023

Universities urged to improve how staff sexual-assault claims are handled
Early-career researchers are often poorly served when they come forward, says the author of a report investigating the response to #MeToo at UK institutions.

Francis never got taught how to use condoms in China. Then he came to Australia
A compulsory online module is teaching international students at Australian universities about consent and inspiring some to take their new-found sex education back home.…

The spike in eating disorders among men is an ‘uphill battle’—and porn is partly to blame

Age-Appropriate Sexual Behavior
Understanding what expected sexual behaviour looks like for children can help adults recognise when a youth may need additional support or information
Tip sheet from US child sexual abuse prevention organisation Stop It Now

Guide for Transformative Prevention Programming: Sexual violence & individuals who identify as LGBTQ |
This US resource provides information to sexual violence prevention educators and practitioners on preventing sexual violence against LGBTQ individuals…

Tweets in June 2023

Preventing violence against women: There is an excellent international literature on how best to prevent and reduce men's violence against women. It includes major, systematic reviews of effective practice in this field. Find key guides and reports here:…

Erin told a family court report writer her father abused her. She was then forced to live with him full time
Experts warn a culture of disbelief in Australia's family court system is resulting in children being sent to live with their alleged abusers.…

Positive Masculinity Programs, Gender Attitudes and Practices, and Health Behaviors among Men and Boys in Poor Urban Settlements in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, and Rwanda
New report by ICRW, here:

Positive masculinity interventions provide a critical opportunity for challenging gender norms and masculine ideals obstructing sexual and reproductive health and perpetuating gender inequality in poor urban sub-Saharan African communities. @icr

Know, Care, Do: A Theory of Change for Engaging Men and Boys in Family Planning
Breakthrough ACTION’s new 2-hour online course, free, for programs and services aiming to increase and improve men’s and boys’ engagement in family planning and sexual health:

The Hollow Man: What Do You Mean 'Just' Ken?
In anticipation of the Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie as the leggy doll and Ryan Gosling as her gelded beau, Esquire gets beneath the plastic of an uncomfortably freighted icon of anti-masculinity

When Your Boyfriend Becomes an Andrew Tate Fan
“I am at a point where I'm grieving the loss of almost ten years of my life.”…

Behind the Rise of the Online ‘Tradwife’ Movement
Trad ideology doesn't just extend to 1950s housewife videos. It also has sinister connections with right-wing extremism, experts say.

Women, Men and Criminal Justice
Jo Phoenix examines how a woman’s journey through the criminal justice system is structured by profound sex-based inequalities.… @JoPhoenix1 @philosophersmag

How I Was Red-Pilled, and Survived It
Three men recount their journeys beyond the lure of radical politics.…

Power to create inclusive gender equality in the workplace
New discussion guide from Champions of Change, on individual power, the power systems and structures in organisations, and how these systems and structures can impact gender equality.…

"If I were younger, I would ask for your number." Older men and sexism
Animah Kosai on older men, sexism, and the things it's important to learn. @SpeakUpAtWork

Hannah’s Story: A podcast by 9News focused on Rowan Baxter’s murder of Hannah Clarke and their three children. Six episodes, on the case, coercive control, lessons learned, and more.
@9NewsQueensland @9MelissaDownes @jess_lodg
#SmallSteps4Hannah #9News

Workplaces, including Australia’s Parliament, can involve ‘masculinity contest’ cultures. Based on 1) Show no weakness. 2) Show physical strength and endurance. 3) Work comes first. 4) Win at all costs…

Such organisations are not functional or productive. They tend to have higher rates of bullying, sexual harassment and physical intimidation, burnout, turnover, work-family conflict, and illness and depression, among both male and female employees.

Workplaces with masculinity contest cultures also tend to have leaders with toxic tendencies, including a quest to protect and preserve their own egos.
Also see:…

The long road to gender equality: Overcoming institutional resistance to change
#MonashLens @DrLisaWheildon @AsherFlynn @JacquiTrue

Glass ceilings: gendered inequality in the housing system
This paper by the Centre for Equitable Housing explores some of the gendered inequalities within the housing system, based on data from the Australian Housing Monitor.

Women who have been sexually assaulted in workplaces – or bedrooms or parks – hear the ways we talk about it. And so do the men who sexually assault them. What lessons do they learn?…

How gender stereotypes of men and masculinity are perpetuated in the media, and the impact this has on gender-balanced leadership in organisations:
New industry-first research project by Innocean and The 100 Percent Project…

The ‘manning up of boys begins in the cradle.’ But what boys really need is emotional support from their dads
By Andrew Reiner, author of "Better Boys, Better Men: The New Masculinity That Creates Greater Courage and Emotional Resiliency".…

Women who have been sexually assaulted in workplaces – or bedrooms or parks – hear the ways we talk about it. And so do the men who sexually assault them. What lessons do they learn?…

How gender stereotypes of men and masculinity are perpetuated in the media, and the impact this has on gender-balanced leadership in organisations:
New industry-first research project by Innocean and The 100 Percent Project…

Her son said his stepdad was sexually abusive. A judge gave the stepdad custody anyway. Then she found the photographs.
How the 'junk science' of parental alienation infiltrated US family courts and allowed accused child abusers to win custody of children…

‘He forces himself to eat more’: One mum’s struggle with her son’s ‘bigorexia’
Worries about muscularity and body image are affecting more boys than ever before.
By Sally Leeds…

A year ago Roe v Wade was overturned. Grieve for the new America
The supreme court’s decision has created a two-tiered class of US citizenship: one for men and one for women. It is a generational tragedy.
By Moira Donegan @MoiraDonegan…

Tackling economic and financial abuse linked to domestic and family violence
A partnership between UNSW’s Gendered Violence Research Network and Commonwealth Bank is raising awareness around groups at greater risk of economic and financial abuse.…

Minecraft + Mental Health: A Discord Server for Boys
On NGM Boys Club, a positive, inclusive, and supportive community on Discord for boys and nonbinary youth… @NextGenMen [Plus graphic, Next Gen Men, Boys Club poster.jpg]

What Josh Hawley is missing about the ‘masculinity crisis’
By Jake Stika, the executive director of Next Gen Men, a Canadian non-profit that seeks to change ideas about masculinity. @NextGenMen

Andrew Tate's latest sexual abuse charges prove it: Online misogyny breeds rape culture irl [in real life]
Sexual violence among teens is rising — no wonder when so many boys idolize an accused rapist and sex trafficker
By Amanda Marcotte @AmandaMarcotte…

The millions of Australians in the survivor community are asking: what does justice look like for us?
Van Badham
To have our experience retried daily in the kangaroo courts of leaks, political expedience and sloppy journalism looks nothing like justice.…

Women Get Worse Sex: A Confound in the Explanation of Gender Differences in Sexuality
Gender differences in sexuality have gained considerable attention. One of the main unacknowledged reasons for these differences is simply that women experience worse sex than men do.
1/2 [Plus graphic, Conley, Women Get Worse Sex - A Confound in the Explanation of Gender Differences in Sexuality 2022 – Abstract]

This journal article explores four arenas in which women’s experience of sexuality often is worse than men’s: (a) anatomical differences, (b) sexual violence, (c) stigma, and (d) masculine cultures of sexuality
Full text:…

For further introductions to the intersections of sexuality and gender (gender norms, gender relations, gendered inequalities), many in full text, see the bibliography here:

How to prevent child sexual abuse material offending The Australian Institute of Criminology has released an international review of prevention initiatives for child sexual abuse material (CSAM) offending, including evidence of effectiveness @AICriminology

Incels are the new shock troops
Victoria Smith criticises accounts of incel culture, toxic masculinity and young men led astray. @glosswitch

"I am not convinced “normal” men — no matter how “anti-incel” their posturing — are ready for a world in which female submissiveness is not the norm"

"The belief that men have the right to use female bodies in any way they see fit, is not niche — it is the norm. Incel culture is just one manifestation of it. Including how “progressive” men position access to prostituted women and surrogate mothers as a human right."

Romance novels ditch hunks for 'squishy-centered' men
Welcome to the era of sensitive woke men, and the women who desire them.… via @nypost

Jordan Peterson blasts Andrew Tate, likens 'king of masculinity' to 'violent rapper': 'I'm not a great admirer of pimps'…
[But then, some of us aren't admirers of Jordan Peterson either... See critical commentaries here:]

The podcast bros profiting off the loneliness epidemic
In a post-Roe world, so-called podcast bros convince lonely men to seek control over women for a sense of power.

How 'toxic' are men in Germany? [A new survey shows that significant minorities of young men in Germany condone violence against women, support men's domination over women, endorse homophobia, and see Andrew Tate as a role model.]

The Fetishization of Black Men
@BlackLensLGW on the power, aggression, and lust stereotypically associated with Black men, whether in popular culture or in pornography.

Caregiving costs women nearly US $300,000 in lost pay over their lifetimes, Department of Labor finds
A first-of-its-kind report calculated how much women lose as a result of their caregiving responsibilities for children and parents.…

Illawarra program gives victims of violence an equal voice to help deliver change
An Australia-first program will help victims of domestic, family and sexual violence use their experience to build new skills to advocate for change in the community.…

Media don’t help. They enable violence against women and fuel the backlash
Hard-won momentum gained over the past decade when it comes to the media's reporting of violence against women seems to have stalled.
By Kristine Ziwica @KZiwica…

Gender-based violence and environment linkages: the violence of inequality This report builds a comprehensive knowledge base on addressing gender-based violence (GBV) and its linkages to the environment.…

RESPECT Women: Preventing violence against women – Implementation package
This suite of practical resources and tools aims to support national- and sub-national-level policy and programming to prevent violence against women and girls.… @UN_Women

Technology-facilitated coercive control This 10-page practice guide describes the research evidence on technology-facilitated coercive control (TFCC). It explores what TFCC is and how practitioners can support victims and survivors… @aifs_gov_au

"As a Muslim woman, I'm disgusted by Andrew Tate's attempts to align himself with Islam."
Taking on the identity of a persecuted religion like Islam allows Tate to mask his vitriol in the politics of persecution.

Also see further commentary on Andrew Tate and other male supremacist social influencers, here:

Engaging men in change towards gender equality: There is an excellent account of emerging best practices in the IRCW report “Gender Equity and Male Engagement”, pp. 88-.
See the report here:

Use messaging that avoids a zero-sum game mentality, but that also discusses power imbalances and sets realistic expectations. Be cautious of using a “soft approach” to engaging males.
Programming: Work across ecological levels - individual, community, institutional, and policy.

Start young and adapt through life transitions.
Use a gender-synchronized approach.
Promote alternative, positive masculinities.
Use positive messaging that promotes men as agents of change instead of “shaming and blaming” them. But do not portray men as saviors

Promote men’s role in caregiving.
Use male role models and advocates.
Unpack gender norms among male facilitators and role models.
Identify and work with community influencers.

Focus on norm change among powerful individuals within institutions.
Engage male leaders to create more gender equitable workplace policies.
Promote the voices of female policymakers, but also listen to voices 'from the ground'.

Ensure that programs move from gender sensitization towards gender transformation.
Acknowledge and address the intersectionality of other systems of oppression.
Create mechanisms that allow interventions to regularly assess whether programming is accountable to women.

Worried about how a mate behaves around women? You can do something about it without shaming them or calling them out in front of pals. Find the right time to have a quiet word. #DontBeThatGuy who stands by and says nothing. For more advice:

Who is a real man? Most Australians believe outdated ideals of masculinity are holding men back. Article by me in The Conversation, summarising @VicHealth work on Australians’ attitudes to masculinity.… via @ConversationEDU

What We Know About Masculinity and Asking for Emotional Support. Men are often told to value strength, control, and self-sufficiency, and to avoid being vulnerable, or asking for help.… @equimundo_org

1) Many young men get the message about manhood that asking for help is a sign of weakness. 2) When men do seek support, it is often from women. 3) Young men are eager for spaces to talk about their feelings, and to talk about gender, power, and their relationships with other men

So, we must shift societal expectations of men’s social connections and of manhood more generally.… @equimundo_org

Wanted: More Fathers on the Front Lines of Social Change
Like mothers, dads can parlay caring for their children into caring for the future—from gun violence to the climate crisis.
By Rob Okun… @MsMagazine @voicemalemag

Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention Evidence Review
Common features of effective prevention approaches include:
Holistic, involving the whole family
Designed and delivered by the community
Cultural strengthening and reconnection to Aboriginal culture

‘Measly’ paternity rights mean nearly a third of UK fathers take no leave – report
More than 62% of fathers would take more time off after births if statutory pay rate was increased, poll finds.…

Radical feminism and sexuality: This thread is a good account of radical feminist critiques of the patriarchal social organisation of heterosexuality:
Radical feminism is widely misrepresented and misunderstood. See here for some useful introductions, many in full text:

The Men Fight Back
After MeToo, a regressive vision of masculinity became increasingly popular. Here’s a guide.
Eamon Whalen, Mother Jones, June 2023…

'I Was Raped—But I Didn't Report It. Here's Why'
By Kristen Dold, Women’s Health, August 2017

Facebook 'bans' awareness posts from women's hygiene company for using terms period, vulva and clitoris for 'being too sexual'

Analysis of 3.5 million comments uncovers disturbing insights into the incel community
Misogynistic language is extremely prevalent on discussion boards for involuntarily celibates (so-called ‘incels’), according to new research.

Working with young people to promote respectful, healthy relationships? The brilliant violence prevention organisation Our Watch has put together an excellent guide to key resources for practitioners and educators. See @OurWatchAus

Violence prevention education: This report offers guidance on key dimensions of practice. Effective programs have sufficient duration, pp.44-46. Mixed-gender and single-gender classes both have advantages, pp.47-50. Evidence on educators' gender, pp.53-54.…

There are at least two distinct types of violence in intimate relationships: 1) intimate terrrorism (what many would call domestic violence ‘proper’), and situational couple violence (mutually escalating conflicts between partners that lead to violence).

Intimate terrorism (IT) involves a partner seeking to control their partner, often through dominance and possibly violence, while situational couple violence (SCV) does not. In IT, a violent perpetrator uses violence in combination with a variety of other coercive control tactics

A systematic review of 44 studies supports this distinction. And helps us understand differing findings regarding men's and women's use of DV, where some studies find gender symmetry while other studies find that DV is more often by men against women. 3/5

Situational couple violence is perpetrated at comparable rates by men and women. In contrast, IT is most often perpetrated by men against women, is more likely to be frequent and severe, and results in more negative outcomes than SCV. 4/5

Intimate terrorism is rooted in patriarchal norms and control motives. Situational couple violence, instead, is situated in particular conflicts.
See the systematic review here:  5/5 [Plus graphic, Conroy, Assessing the State of Empirical Research on Johnson’s Typology of Violence 2022 – Abstract]

Sexual harassment: The vast majority of harassers of women, and most harassers of men, are men. And much harassment is by peers, not superordinates. See this review by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2018, free here: [Plus graphic, National Academies, Sexual Harassment of Patterns of harassment]

Gender and domestic violence: One reason why many studies seemingly show that similar numbers of men and women have suffered DV is because these studies use the Conflict Tactics Scale (CTS), only counting violent acts rather than asking about their impact, meaning, or context 1/3

An Australian study found that CTS-style studies often mistakenly counted as domestic violence behaviours that were undertaken in a light-hearted or non-abusive context. That is, they mistakenly counted behaviours that were playful, unintentional, and so on. 2/3

This ‘over-reporting’ was twice as common among men as women. In fact, one quarter of men’s experiences were overreports (Ackerman, 2016). This may shape the apparent findings of gender symmetry in domestic violence victimisation. Paper here: 3/3

10 Things People Don’t Realise About Masculinity. 1. High heels were for blokes. 3. Boys do cry. 4. Men aren’t emotionless. 5. Boys used to wear pink. 6. Lacey clothing used to be masculine. 7. Being gay used to mean you were more masculine. Etc.…

Changing the Global Mindset on Fathers: Lessons From the MenCare Campaign. @equimundo_org’s Gary Barker, Ruti Levtov, and Brian Heilman with an overview of evidence and lessons learned, including how to achieve equality in care work. See pp. 44-50 of this:  

Dads Group: We promote positive parenting for men and give new Dads the support and connection they need. An Australian network and website. Provides new dathers with positive social relationships and easier pathways to health services if they need them.

‘Pick-up artists’ and PUA cultures and communities: are often virulently anti-feminist. Focus on coercive strategies: manipulate women, ignore what women say, push past ‘No’, etc. A commodity model of sex. Premised on male entitlement. Critiques:

Who Are You Calling a Mama’s Boy? A strong mother-son bond is crucial, but heaven help the mom who admits being emotionally close to her son. By Kate Stone Lombardi, 2012.… via @WSJ

Gender and COVID: Men with higher conformity to traditional masculine norms are less likely to wear masks, US study finds. But mediated by perceived benefits/barriers, confidence in scientists, empathy toward vulnerable persons, and political ideology. [Plus graphic, Mahalik, Men’s attitudes toward mask-wearing during COVID-19 2021 – Abstract]

Understanding and preventing internet-facilitated radicalisation
This paper from the Australian Institute of Criminology reviews available research on how the internet facilitates radicalisation and measures to prevent it.

Men Think They Are Strong Workplace Allies. Women Disagree
Men and women often disagree on how much support women receive from male colleagues. The differences hurt women’s well-being at work…

Also see this collection on the profeminist website XY on men’s positive roles in building workplace gender equality:
Includes tipsheets, commentaries, and my report, “Men: Make a Difference”.

Schools need more support to stop the spread of toxic masculinity
By Stephanie Wescott and Steven Roberts… @SteveRoberts_

Also see:
Andrew Tate and other male supremacist influencers: notes and commentaries:…
Promoting Healthier Masculinities in Primary & Secondary Schools:…

What to do about male partners who have no friends? Take them to Man Park!
Comedy, Saturday Night Live  (Facebook video, 2:34 minutes)

Violence-supportive attitudes are a consistent predictor of men's and boys' perpetration of domestic, family and sexual violence. Men are more likely to use violence against women and girls if they subscribe to attitudes that condone, minimise, excuse or justify that violence.

This is evident in four recent meta-analyses and systematic analyses of well over 300 studies.
As summarised in the State of Knowledge Report on Violence Perpetration.
The report (80 pp.) is available at full at… @QUT un@theEQI @DLulabele

Peer support is an important influence on men’s sexual violence perpetration. Men are more likely to be sexually aggressive if they have sexually aggressive peers, that is, male friends who themselves tolerate or perpetrate sexual aggression.

That’s the finding of a variety of studies, summarised on pp. 38-39 of the State of Knowledge Report on Violence Perpetration.
The report (80 pp.) is available at full at… @QUT @theEQI @DLulabele

A third influence on the likelihood of perpetration is settings. In most settings, most men do not use violence against women. But there are higher levels of perpetration in settings (e.g. fraternities, sports clubs, military units) based on sexist norms, gender inequalities, etc

Pornography and body image: A systematic review, of 21 studies involving 29,881 people, finds that pornography exposure is associated with poor body image. Including body dissatisfaction, body surveillance, physical self-esteem, drive for muscularity, and sexual body image. [Plus graphic, Paslakis, Associations between pornography exposure, body image and sexual body image 2020 - Abstract]

Pornography viewing predicts later sexual assault perpetration. In a longitudinal study of US middle and high school students over 3 years, young people who had viewed porn were between 4.2 and 14.4 times more likely to go on to perpetrate sexual assault than other young people. [Plus graphic, Waterman, Prospective Associations Between Pornography Viewing and Sexual Aggression Among Adolescents 2022 – Abstract]

Also see the further research on pornography and sexual violence summarised here, including on pornography’s role in the sexual socialisation particularly of boys and men:
And on strategies for reducing pornography’s harmful impacts.

New research reveals the 30 critiques holding women back from leadership that most men will never hear
Practically any characteristic can be proclaimed problematic to question a woman’s competence and suitability for leadership.…

New @UNDP report shows no progress in level of bias against women:
50% believe men make better political leaders
40% believe men make better business executives
25% believe it is justified for a man to beat his wife
News story: @UN_News_Centre

Find the full report here:…

Factors influencing silencing of women who experience intimate partner violence: This integrative review documents that microsystem factors (self-blame, concern for family, and concern for children) were the most common factors that reinforced the silencing of women.

Macrosystem factors (societal expectations, normalization of violence, religious values, and immigration policies) also were influential.
Journal article:
2/2 [Plus graphic, Pokharel, Factors influencing silencing of women who experience intimate partner violence 2020 - Fig 2 ecological model]

'Star Trek's Captain Pike: From Misogyny to Non-Toxic Masculinity
On the progression from more sexist to more gender-equitable portrayals in successive versions of Star Trek… via @themarysue

Calling out a friend on their sexism? Great article on men’s experience of hearing other male friends say sexist things, the impact of sexist jokes & comments, and what mates can do to call out mates in constructive ways. By Moataz Hamde. I’m interviewed.

What Motivates Men to Champion Gender Diversity? Men become champions of gender equity in any number of ways, but research shows that a sense of fair play, empathy, and life experiences are key contributors.
7-pp. review:… @SWETalk

Men, masculinities, and power: Handy introduction to these issues, in this MenEngage report (2014) on men’s positive roles in building gender equality. Available here: @UNFPA @MenEngage [Plus graphic, Ricardo, Beijing+20 Men Masculinities and Changing Power (MenEngage 2014) p. 17]

On Feminism: A How-to Guide for Dudes. (By Sarah Ratchford, 2014.) If you claim to be a feminist, you should be a practicing one. 1) Read. 2) Know that it’s not about you. 3) Be cognizant of the space you occupy.… @sarratch 1/3

On Feminism: A How-to Guide for Dudes. (By Sarah Ratchford, 2014.) 4) Support women’s viewpoints and stories. 5) Try not to be self-congratulatory. 6) Don’t remain silent. @sarratch 2/3

Men and gender equality: Also see this wide-ranging collection on the profeminist website XY on men's roles in building gender equality:

Rape and sexuality education: Sexuality education helps prevent rape. If adolescents have greater knowledge about sexuality, they are less likely to develop rape-supportive beliefs. French longitudinal study among adolescents. Mallet, in full text here: [Plus graphic, Mallet, Does knowledge about sexuality prevent adolescents 2011 – Abstract]

So You’ve Sexually Harassed Or Abused Someone: What Now? Excellent piece by Ijeoma Oluo on the 7 steps individuals must take. [Plus graphic, Oluo, So You’ve Sexually Harassed Or Abused Someone – Summary]

‘Stepping in’, VicHealth’s bystander action toolkit, is designed to help State Sporting Associations to become workplace leaders in promoting gender equity and respect for women. But useful for other workplaces and organisations too.… @VicHealth

Men: Paying for sex is incompatible with gender equality. (A short piece, arguing that paying someone to have sex with them is unethical.)….
Also see more on ending demand, here: #Prostitution #Sexwork #Enddemand [Plus graphic, Paying for sex is incompatible.jpeg]

How to Talk to Your Children About Developing Healthy Relationships. A parent’s handbook, from Love Is Not Abuse. 13 pages. One of the useful guides compiled in this XY collection on consent:  [Plus graphic, Love Is Not Abuse, A parent’s handbook – Cover]

#MeToo: The evidence is that false allegations of sexual assault and domestic violence are *rare*. Summary of the research on the extent of false allegations (and the problems with the studies that show apparently high rates), here:…

#MeToo: 2 more points on false allegations.
(1) False allegations of violence are far less common than false denials of perpetration.
(2) Men are far more likely to be sexually assaulted – 230 times as likely – than they are to be falsely accused. See…

Gender inequalities predict domestic and sexual violence against women: Analysis of data from 44 countries finds that factors related to women’s status, gender norms, & gender inequality predict the prevalence of partner violence within the past 12 months:  [Plus graphic, Heise, Cross-national and multilevel correlates of partner violence 2015 – Abstract]

Domestic violence: Intersecting relations of gender and ethnicity (racism & white privilege) shape women’s victimisation, men’s perpetration, & community & institutional responses. Eg, white men less likely to be criminalised. Pp 347-354 of FREE book:…

Street harassment: 87% of Australian women have experienced at least one form of verbal or physical street harassment. Including being followed, grabbed or groped; blocked, flashed, kissed without consent. Australia Institute survey 2015. See  #MeToo [Plus graphic, Everyday Sexism - Summary]

What are the links between masculine norms and men’s likelihood to perpetrate or experience violence? What implications do these have for efforts to prevent the many forms of men’s violence? Accessible, evidence-based account here by @equimundo_org (2018): [Plus graphic, Promundo, Masculine Norms and Violence - Making the Connections 2018 – Cover]

Woke: adjective
aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality
Don’t let anyone try to persuade you that being woke is a bad thing.
Credit for original post to Dr Jess Isom @DrJessIsomMDMPH

Knowledge Hub: Learning and resources on gender in education
A digital library featuring all types of learning content relating to gender in education, dedicated to organizations and individuals working to advance gender equality in and through education.

Achieving gender equality in education: Don't forget the boys
Gender norms constrain boys’ schooling, particularly at the secondary level and amongst those from the poorest families. Addressing boys’ disadvantage and disengagement in education is essential

Catching the men who sell subway groping videos
A detailed BBC investigation on the men who make, sell, and buy videos of men sexually assaulting women on the subways in East Asia. This is patriarchal porn and misogynist male sexuality at their worst.

Ozempic has won, body positivity has lost
I am fat, healthy, happy – and entirely unsurprised at how quickly the small gains of the body positivity movement have been rolled back with the arrival of a new ‘miracle’ drug. By Rachel Pick.…

Workplace Equality and Respect Communications guide
Useful guide by Our Watch for workplaces and organisations in promoting the prevention of violence against women. Here:… @OurWatchAus

Deepfakes: How AI Porn Is Being Used As A Weapon Against Women
"It’s a shocking violation to have to see yourself in that way.”
By Harriet Sim, Marie Claire… @marieclaire #Pornography #Deepfakes #VAWG

Consent: Some men say they don’t ask about consent because they might hear ‘no’. Would you rather rape than risk a ‘no’? Weinberg, in full text here: [Plus graphic, Weinberg, The conversations – asking]

Preventing violence against women: What policies, processes, and structures *should* state and national governments have in place to prevent and reduce domestic and sexual violence? Brilliant “Counting on Change” framework identifies what’s needed [Plus graphic, Our Watch, Counting on Change - A guide to prevention monitoring 2017 – Cover]

Working with organisations for violence prevention and gender equality: Effective elements include senior leadership, resources, education, communication for culture change, victim support, reporting processes, and assessment. See Chapter 8 of (free) book:…

Violence prevention: Language matters. Compare these sentences:
John raped Mary.
Mary was raped by John.
Mary was raped.
Mary is a victim.
See Tabachnick on the different meanings these generate, among the introductions to violence prevention here:…

“Women are taught to live with a constant humming fear of men, an instinctive reflex, one that waxes and wanes on any given day, minute, moment. [... Women] learn early that this is seen as a man’s world, we’re just living in it.”  1/2

“To enter into public space is to do so at a potential cost to yourself, an eternal risk assessment.
Of course, women know that not all men present a danger, but we can also never be sure which ones do.” 2/2

The Ugly Ways TikTok Corrupted the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial
A new documentary examines the shameless influencers who profited off pro-Depp content during the popular defamation trial over the screen icon being branded an abuser.… via @thedailybeast

About 29% of college men in the US and Canada – close to one in three – report having perpetrated sexual coercion. 6.5% - about 1 in 15 – have perpetrated rape. Findings from a systematic review of 78 samples of 25,524 college men.

Men who want to be feminist... need to take the space they have in society & make it feminist. More resources here: [Plus graphic]

Speak up: Simple ways to speak up about everyday bigotry, whether sexism, racism, etc. From the ‘Teaching Tolerance’ website. Includes guides to speaking up in families, among friends, at school, at work, and in public. 47-pp guide to download here:  [Plus graphic, Speak Up - Responding to Everyday Bigotry5 – Cover]

“There’s no ONE way to be a man…” A campaign from @OurWatchAus, “Never Follow”. It’s all too easy to copy the negative behaviours that we see around us. But we have a choice... to never follow.

Engaging men in feminist change: “The key challenge here is to engage men positively, recognize their diversity [...] and promote the idea that men can be agents of change, while holding them accountable for sexist and/or violent behaviors.” [Plus graphic, ICRW, Gender Equity and Male Engagement – Cover]

Male musicians who have abused women are headlining events and performing gigs, but a new campaign by Male Allies Challenging Sexism (UK) aims to challenge them and other abusers.… @MenVSexism

Coercive Control Literature Review
Commissioned by the Attorney-General’s Department, this literature review reports on coercive control in the context of domestic and family violence in Australia.…

A History of Women's Bodies
Throughout history, ideas about women's bodies have been used to reinforce and, occasionally, to challenge women's social position.
A timeline by Rose Weitz, Dec. 2000

To have better disagreements, change your words – here are 4 ways to make your counterpart feel heard and keep the conversation going… via @ConversationUS

Domestic violence: In some couples there is occasional, minor violence, that tends not to escalate or cause injury & fear. In other couples, one partner uses violence in combination with other controlling tactics to dominate & coerce their partner, with devastating effects.

That’s one of the main points in the State of Knowledge Report on Violence Perpetration (80 pp.). Available at full at….
The report also is summarised e.g. in a short piece in the Centre for Women's Safety and Wellbeing newsletter:…

The Right Is All Wrong About Masculinity

Ukraine war: why Putin's appeals to masculinity to recruit for the military won't work
The Kremlin’s recruitment campaign is designed to appeal to men’s sense of national pride and injured masculinity, but it’s unlikely to succeed with working-class men.…

Breaking Down Biases: Men as Allies for Women in Leadership
How men can be part of the solution—and 5 actions organizations can take now.

Also see the XY collection on men’s roles in building gender equality in workplaces, here: It includes tipsheets, guides, reports, and scholarship.

The Process of Leaving Jordan Peterson Behind
How one Peterson fan lost his faith, and what lessons we can learn about drawing people away from right-wing ideology.
Also see further critical commentaries on Jordan Peterson in the XY collection here:

“A History of Masculinity: From Patriarchy to Gender Justice”, by Ivan Jablonka, and “What Do Men Want?: Masculinity and Its Discontents”, by Nina Power
Review of these two books on men and masculinity, here:

“Although their diagnoses of the problem are almost diametrically opposed, both authors make the case for a more generous and humane feminist discourse, capable of recognizing the suffering of men as well as of women.”

Buff billionaires are latest sign that bulk is now beautiful for male body image
Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg have been busy morphing from nerds to musclemen – even action figures are piling on the beef.…

In China, AI-Generated Fashion Models Are Hugely Popular — and Sexist
China’s fashion models are rapidly being replaced by doe-eyed, big-breasted, AI-generated bots. Women are horrified.

Rory's using music to take on a 'toxic mindset', and 100 boys' voices have joined in
At just 16, Rory Phillips is challenging the centuries-old view that the strong, silent bloke is the epitome of Australian manhood.…

Fox wants to protect kids from gay Pride, but not abusers in the church
Fox News aired more than 2 hours of coverage of the backlash to Target’s LGBTQ Pride Month displays, and less than a minute of coverage on a report on sex abuse in the Catholic Church.…

Why some women ignore sexual discomfort and settle for bad sex
Women aren't just more likely to experience consensual sex that's bad and painful; they are also socialised to prioritise men's pleasure over their own.…

The real manhood crisis is conservatives whining about manhood
By Paul Waldman, The Washington Post…

The spray umpire Caena, 14, copped from a male spectator almost drove her from the game she loves. She's not alone
Experiences like Ceana's are deterring umpires, especially juniors and women, and that's adding to a shortage of match officials.…

The Fantasies of Josh Hawley
The senator’s new book, Manhood, is an exercise in cowardice.…

Korea’s low birth rates: Although economic factors are often blamed for low fertility rates, critics have begun to recognise the adverse effect of gender roles, workplace discrimination and trends of violence towards women as important factors.…

Nine years after deadly ‘incel’ attack, threat of male supremacism is growing
By Rachel Fugardi, Southern Poverty Law Center

Decades of Hard-Won Gains for Women Are Unraveling Fast. How Can We Stop It?
By Natalie Samarasinghe, May 15, 2023… via @pass_blue

Do men shun household chores? Spain is launching an app to find out

How Patriarchy Hurts Men Too
By Veronika Ilich, Next Gen Men @NextGenMen

Ted Lasso, and the Fantasy of Soft Masculinity
A fan-favorite show wraps up a series in which the mostly male characters became more vulnerable, empathetic and comfortable being themselves with other men.

Focusing on consent ignores better ways of preventing sexual violence
By Nicole K. Jeffrey 
5 reasons we should stop focusing on #consent and start thinking about more ethical values and norms to help prevent #sexualviolence and promote equitable #sex. @nicolekjeffrey

The myth of widespread false memories of abuse: My bedside reading was Manson’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”. I'm really dismayed though that this best-seller repeats the myth of an epidemic of false claims of child abuse. Salter has the truth:…

When men tell women, in effect, that their bodies are not their own: A woman’s experience of going on dates, where men have touched her in intimate ways without her invitation or consent. She offers a handshake, and they hug her. It’s the patriarchy.

Guns: Research finds that if you are carrying a gun, you are 4+ times *more likely to be shot* in an assault than if you’re not carrying a gun. Carrying a gun makes getting shot far more likely. Full paper: [Plus two graphic, Branas, Investigating the Link Between Gun Possession and Gun Assault 2009 – Abstract; Branas, Investigating the Link Between Gun Possession and Gun Assault 2009 - Stroebe summary]

Why I didn’t report the violence I experienced… Victim-blaming: “You lead him on” “He would never do that” “That’s exaggerating” “You have no proof” “Boys will be boys” “You never said no” “Did you scream?” Etc. #WhyIDidntReport #MeToo [Plus graphic, Why I didn’t report]

Putting perpetrators in the picture: This Briefing Paper (4pp) on domestic and sexual violence from the QUT Centre for Justice, by Michael Flood and Lula Dembele, calls for reframing how this violence is understood, measured, and addressed.… @DLulabele [Plus graphic, Flood and Dembele, Putting perpetrators in the picture Briefing Paper - Cover some]

F**k You, Men’s Rights Activists. Kate Harding has some harsh words for men’s rights activists (2012). (“You have forever tainted those issues with your rage-filled, obsessively anti-woman horseshit...”) via @jezebel

MRAs / men’s rights advocates fail to address important forms of pain and suffering among men, and when they do, they blame the wrong targets for these. Perhaps the best example is to do with violence against men. p. 341: [Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention 2018 p. 341a]

How can we respond to anti-feminist men / MRAs? 1) Assert a feminist-supportive men’s perspective. 2) Speak to pain: Take up MRA issues, but differently. 3) Show that MRA strategies are harmful to men themselves.
Book chapter (2004), free in PDF here:

White House focuses on prevention in National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence
The Biden-Harris administration has launched The National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence

Eating disorders in men and boys: All you need to know
Healthy Male website, May 2023

Explainer - The reform of sexual consent laws in NSW (June 2022)
Under changes to sexual consent laws in NSW from June 2022, people having sex have a responsibility to take steps to find out whether the other person is consenting.…

An accused person can no longer assert that their belief that the other person was consenting was reasonable unless there is evidence that they took steps – by words and/or actions – to find out.
Other changes include...

Other changes include clearer recognition that sexual consent involves ongoing and mutual communication, that a person has the right to withdraw consent at any time, and that if someone gives consent to one sexual act, it doesn’t mean they’ve consented to other sexual acts.

Also see this piece by Rachael Burgin, “Sexual assent law is a triumph for Saxon, common sense and common decency”:…

Exposure to intimate partner violence and the physical and emotional abuse of children
National survey of female carers in Australia finds that 1 in 7 women (14.1%) who had a child in their care during the past 12 months said that a child was exposed to intimate partner violence.

One in nine (11.5%) said a child in their care had been the target of direct abuse perpetrated by their current or most recent former partner (11.5%).
One-third of female carers (34.8%) who experienced IPV said a child was exposed to the violence at least once in the past year.

Report: Exposure to intimate partner violence and the physical and emotional abuse of children: Results from a national survey of female carers

Trump symbolized powerful men’s impunity for sexual abuse – until now
By Moira Donegan… @MoiraDonegan

Trump is “a symbol of casual misogyny, of droning and repetitive male sexual entitlement, and of the dismissiveness – ranging from vulgar indifference to seething contempt – that many men feel for the proposition that they should treat women as their equals”.

“It’s often said that justice for sexual assault accusers is a matter of believing women. But what seemed most at stake in E Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Trump was not whether she would be believed, but whether it would matter.”

Charlie fell for a sextortion scam on Snapchat — he's now warning others of the pitfalls of online romance.…

White Masculinity and the US Capitol insurrection
Political commentary on the drivers of the Capitol insurrection (Jan 2021) has ignored gender. The insurrection was dominated by white men, and it was “an overt and violent assertion of white male centrality and entitlement”.

“Trumpism is rooted in the aggrieved entitlement of millions of white men who are enraged at the loss of their cultural centrality—both as white people *and* as men.”
Let’s make retrograde beliefs about manhood visible, dishonourable, and unacceptable.…

Tweets in May 2023

New research reveals harrowing stories of murdered Indigenous women and the failure of police to act
Professor Kyllie Cripps notes that many women did not receive the support that potentially could have saved them.  @CrippsKyllie @MonashUni

Gender biases in fictional dialogue are well documented in media. In film, television and books, female characters tend to talk less than male characters, talk to each other less than male characters talk to each other, and have a more limited range of things to say. 1/2

And now we know that’s true of video games too. This major study of video game dialogue finds that there is half as much dialogue from female characters as from male characters 2/2

Community-level violence prevention: Community-level strategies are a vital next step in the prevention of domestic and sexual violence. Most prevention efforts address risk and protective factors only at individual and relationship levels, but wider-level change is needed.

Community-level strategies address the social norms, relations, and inequalities that underpin domestic and sexual violence. They target modifiable characteristics of the community – structural, economic, political, cultural – to reduce risk for perpetration and victimisation

Community-level strategies move violence prevention closer to the general ideal that initiatives be comprehensive, relevant, and engaging. Community-level approaches ideally engage whole communities, are based on community ownership, and empower community members.

New 4-page Briefing Paper on community-level violence prevention, from the Queensland University of Technology's Centre for Justice, by Professor Michael Flood, free here:… @QUT

Yes, you should be worried about AI – but Matrix analogies hide a more insidious threat: bias and discrimination, surveillance and policing, state-sanctioned violence, and recommender systems driving online extremism…?

What Josh Hawley and the Right Get Wrong About Manhood
The Republican senator identifies a real crisis among US men and boys that some on the left deny. But like other conservatives, he’s looking for scapegoats, not solutions, and for recruits not results…

How did patriarchy actually begin?
For centuries, people have held mistaken assumptions about the origins of male-dominated societies, writes Angela Saini.… via @BBC_Future

Coercive control: a vital concept in domestic abuse
A useful explainer on coercive control by Women for Women France @WFWFrance. First published in French in 2021 ( @SarahMc_G

The gendered nature of loneliness
Article in Healthy Male about higher rates of loneliness among men and their social and cultural causes.

Men and loneliness: New campaign by Healthy Male for Men’s Health Week 2023
Check out the resources, tips, and research

Abusive & disrespectful behaviour in relationships: Stop the excuses. Good campaign addressing excuses for violence. Here’s a summary on male stereotypes. [Plus graphic, Excuse interpreter - Male stereotypes]

Abusive & disrespectful behaviour in relationships: Stop the excuses. Good campaign addressing excuses for violence. Here’s a summary on female stereotypes. [Plus graphic, Excuse interpreter - Female stereotypes]

Sexual violence and abuse: Tabachnick (2013) has a useful introduction to prevention strategies at the individual, relationship, community, and societal levels. Full text among the short reports on prevention here:… [Plus graphic, Tabachnick, Why Prevention Why Now 2013 p. 57]

Campaign, “This is not an invitation to rape me”. ‘We’ve kissed & touched, it doesn’t mean I’ve consented to sex.’ [Plus graphic, This is not an invitation to rape me - Kiss in car]

Campaign, “This is not an invitation to rape me”. ‘Marriage is not permission to take sex when you want it.’ [Plus graphic, This is not an invitation to rape me – Wedding]

Violence against women: Some people defend or excuse domestic or sexual violence by referring to *culture* or *tradition*. Here are some ways to respond, p. 367 of the book ‘Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention’, FREE here:… [Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging men and boys – p. 367

The 'right to recover': Healing from family, domestic and sexual violence requires community-wide action
Marisa Lo Bartolo reports on the recent Inaugural Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence Healing & Recovery Conference. @marisalobartolo

The new imitation game
Feminist commentator Deborah Cameron on AI companions and their implications

Chinese Courts Want Abused Women to Shut Up
Personal and political violence are intermixed in authoritarian societies. @ForeignPolicy

The extraordinary legal tactics institutions are using to block abuse victims seeking justice
Reforms after the royal commission made it easier for victims to seek compensation, but now some organisations push to have cases thrown out altogether.…

Five Ways Men Can Improve Gender Diversity at Work
By Matt KrentzOlivier Wierzba, Katie Abouzahr, Jennifer Garcia-Alonso, and Frances Brooks Taplett, 2017 via @BCG

Also see this comprehensive collection on men’s roles in building gender equality at work, including articles, tips, and reports, on the pro-feminist website XY:
(Yes, the website XY really is an excellent clearinghouse for male allies and advocates!)

The Emerging Roles of Collective Care for Global Feminist Movements
Based on interviews with 141 activists in 63 countries on how they integrate care into their activism and work
By the Urgent Action Funds, a consortium of four autonomous feminist funds…

Rape: Neuroscience counters a rape myth.
Victims frequently report immobility (‘freezing’) during sexual assault. Neuroscientific evidence suggests fear and threat can block cortical neural circuits for action control, leading to involuntary immobility.

Male entitlement - when a man... Treats his partner as if has sexual rights over her and her body. Believes that he “owns” his partner or that she “belongs to him”. Expects that he should be “the leader” in the relationship and “the head of the household”.

Expects that his partner will “wait on him” and take care of his wishes, whatever they happen to be. Believes that it is his partner’s “primary job” to take care of all his (and their children’s) emotional and physical needs and issues

Believes that what he says and thinks is far more important and valid than what she…
And so on.
A useful 6-pager from David Decker, from his work with men who use violence against their partners.

Can we change our culture of masculine entitlement?
Steven Ogden on family violence and some men’s excess sense of entitlement.…

Down Girl by Kate Manne review – #MeToo and the logic of misogyny
The philosopher Kate Manne is compelling on misogyny and sexism but it is crucial to understand how neoliberalism and anti-feminism work together. There is an alternative.…

In the Gendered Economy, Women Are Perpetual Debtors
On the insights, and limitations, of Kate Manne’s book “Entitled”…

"Men's rights" & misogynist social influencers: Not only are they harmful and oppressive for women and limiting for men, they're a hotbed of crypto scams and con men.
Over $40 Million In Crypto-Related Activity Linked To ‘Manosphere’ Influencers Like Tate.…

Half of British female gamers experience abuse when playing online
Campaign to raise awareness of issues reports that 80% of those affected receive messages that are sexual in nature

#MeToo – Stop asking women & girls to fix the problem! Men, #MeToo is on us
Rev Graham Hill examines how men can refuse to be complicit in violence against women

Instagram and Snapchat are the most-used platforms for 'sextortion', with young men most at risk
Reports of "sextortion" to the eSafety Commissioner triple in the first quarter of 2023, with victims most likely to be young men.…

Faith-based communities and family violence in Victoria
Research Brief by the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre…

Reproductive coercion and abuse
This practice guide describes the evidence on what RCA is; strategies used by perpetrators; impacts; factors that influence a person’s risk of experiencing RCA; how to ask about RCA victimisation; and supporting survivors.

Protecting kids from porn is simple. Why are we making it look difficult?
By Chloe Shorten
Also see the materials on pornography here, including evidence of its impacts on sexual attitudes and behaviours, including sexual violence:

OECD Toolkit for Mainstreaming and Implementing Gender Equality
Implementing the 2015 OECD Recommendation on Gender Equality in Public Life
Chapters on governance frameworks for gender equality, gender-sensitive practices in Parliaments and the Judiciary, gender-sensitive employment systems, etc.

Learning Brief: Risks of Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence to Publicly Visible Women This brief from the GBV AoR HelpDesk examines technology-facilitated GBV among women politicians, journalists, human rights defenders, and others.…

Website | Monitoring And Action For Gender and Equity (Mage)
This site promotes gender- and equity-intentional monitoring and evaluation. Includes tools and guides for integrating gender into monitoring and evaluation practices. Links to data portals.

Adventures in the manosphere
Andrew Tate has turned five months of Romanian detention into a rallying cry. I went to a bootcamp for “alpha males” to find out why.…

Intersectionality in Primary Prevention
A new 9-page resource from Safe and Equal (Victoria)… @safe_and_equal

The State of American Men: From crisis and confusion to hope. This new report finds that many men are struggling, and embracing uhealthy masculinity. It calls for supporting healthy, connected versions of manhood for the good of all. @equimundo_org

‘I didn’t even know men could get it’: the hidden impact of male postnatal depression
Postnatal depression affects up to 15% of new mothers, but studies suggest almost as many fathers also show symptoms – and little is being done to help them.…

Gender Lens on the May 2023 Budget
Detailed analysis of the Australian Government’s latest budget, the good and the bad, by the National Foundation for Australian Women…

Why Outspoken Women Scare Trump
Mocking the sexual-harassment reckoning is a feature of Donald Trump’s political persona.
By Ronald Brownstein
The Atlantic, May 18 2023…

Podcast: Interview with Professor Michael Flood, on various topics including: Feminism. ‘Toxic masculinity’: rigid, patriarchal models of masculinity and how they limit men and boys and oppress girls and women. Sexuality education and violence prevention. 1/2

Part of Sexual Health Victoria’s “Doing ‘IT’” series.
Host page:
Apple podcast link:…

One in four young men agree with Andrew Tate’s views on women, poll finds
Campaigners say the influencer is a ‘legitimising force’ for misogynistic ideas.…

Alpha Males Are A Myth That Has Hijacked Modern Masculinity
In "Are Men Animals?" anthropologist Matthew Gutmann explores how modern ideas of masculinity repress and harm men.
by Lizzy Francis…

How to be a man? Josh Hawley has the (incoherent) answers.
In “Manhood,” the senator joins a long tradition of those who bemoan masculinity’s endangerment and offer advice for saving it.…

Manhood review: Josh Hawley, moraliser, neo-Confederate and Tucker Carlson of the US Senate
The Missouri Republican senator thinks something is amiss with American men. Something is definitely up with him

Depp comes up smelling of roses despite defamation trial’s catalogue of misogyny
The actor who joked about drowning and burning his then wife Amber Heard has been the toast of Cannes and has snagged $20m to hawk perfume
By Arwa Mahdawi…

Why is Johnny Depp forgiven and celebrated while Amber Heard is blacklisted?
The redemption arc is underway.

"ample evidence has shown that socially constructed gender norms that socialize men to value hierarchy, aggression, power, respect, and emotional suppression may be a primary root cause of violence-related disparities"
Fleming et al.'s paper, here: [Plus graphic, Fleming, Men's violence against women and men are inter-related 2015 – Abstract]

Flexible work is feminist–and women won’t return to a system that hasn’t served them well to spare the feelings of powerful men

Can We Reclaim “Mama’s Boy?”
Maybe it’s time to stop using “mama’s boy” to describe unhealthy mother-son relationships. Perhaps it’s more effective to locate the problems in the specific behaviours — like a lack of boundaries or independence. @acalltomen

The Australian Government’s family law bill is a big step forward. But it doesn’t do enough to address family violence…

Higher unemployment and less income: how domestic violence costs women financially

Building Gender Equality For Young People: This resource, by White Ribbon UK, helps professionals working with children and youth to nurture positive gender traits that foster healthy and respectful relationships. @WhiteRibbon_UK
[Plus graphic, White Ribbon UK, Building Gender Equality for Young People 2023 – Cover]

Trump’s sexual assault verdict marks a rare moment of accountability. And women are noticing
AP News, May 12…

At times devastating, always powerful: new SBS drama Safe Home looks at domestic violence with nuance, integrity and care… via @ConversationEDU

Online predators target children’s webcams, study finds
There has been a tenfold increase in sexual abuse imagery created with webcams and other recording devices worldwide since 2019.…

Women should help design UK parks to tackle safety fears, says study
West Yorkshire research shows women and girls affected ‘on daily basis by misogyny and harassment’…

Addressing gender norms key to promoting peace, finds International Alert
New research by peacebuilding organisation International Alert shows how patriarchal gender roles contribute to violent conflict and prevent pathways to peace.…

Josh Hawley’s New Book on Manhood Is Wrong on Everything, Everywhere, All at Once
By Rob Okun, Ms Magazine @MsMagazine @voicemalemag

Are You There, God? My Nude Photos Are All Over the Internet.
Slut-shaming has become more rampant and acceptable than ever before in our surveillance-saturated culture. Girls deserve better.
By Leora Tanenbaum… @MsMagazine

Abortion Bans are Gifts for Abusive Men
Men who want to control women lending a hand to men who want to control women.
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

Anna was 10 when a boy first showed her porn on his iPad
Exposure to violent porn is adversely affecting teenagers’ sexual experiences. But how can we restrict their access to such websites?
By Jordan Baker… #Porn

Lost in a Sea of Pixels: Men, Pornography, and the Illusion of Control
Is pornography sabotaging men’s emotional connections and ability to experience authentic intimacy?
By Professor Robert Jensen…

What Are Gender Trainers Struggling With When They Work With Men?
Trainers working on masculinity bring up all the complications of the good men vs bad men approach.
By Juhi Jotwani, India…

Gender and prison: Women are generally charged with low-level and non-violent offences, and most women in prison have gendered experiences of trauma and victimisation.
Facts about the criminal justice system, by the Centre for Innovative Justice… @RMIT

Healing our children and young people: a framework to address the impacts of domestic and family violence
For working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who have experienced DFV and have come into contact with child protection systems.…

Rejecting Violence: A Necessary Response to Toxic Masculinity
"He had to respond with violence. If he didn't, it would've threatened his manhood and his standing."…

Youth Guide To End Online Gender-Based Violence: A 48-page guide, written for young people, on ending violence enabled or perpetrated by using technology or online. From the UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP).… @UN_Women @unwomenasia [Plus graphic, UN Women ROAP, Youth Guide To End Online Gender-Based Violence 2022 – Cover]

'He is always there to listen': friendships between young men are more than just beers and banter
By Professor Damien Ridge and Professor Alex Broom… via @ConversationUK

The right-wing Proud Boys organisation is focusing its violent tactics on policing the borders of traditional masculinity.
Far-right ideology contains a dangerous mix of racism, misogyny, homophobia and anti-trans bigotry.
By Jackson Katz @MsMagazine

What if Your Job is to Teach Men and Boys to be Better Men and Boys?
How does training in masculinity work exactly? Juhi Jotwani on healthy masculinities work in India…

Why should men embrace feminism? First, for justice: it’s the right thing. If we take seriously the values of dignity, solidarity, and equality, we should support feminism. Second, out of self-interest. Yes, patriarchy gives men various advantages. But they come at a cost.

Feminists offer men a gift. “Feminism gives men a chance to be fully human, to strive for richer and more meaningful lives than patriarchy could ever offer.”

Improving gender balance at conferences: Good tips and strategies for invited speakers, responses to common excuses for common imbalance, and more
[Link to The Brussels Binder, Improving Gender Balance at Conferences 2020]

Why can't we believe that "kind" and "gentle" men can be abusers and murderers?
Eulogising violent white men must stop.

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Why not smash the patriarchy
While Mother’s Day is often surrounded by cloying sentiment, Australian mums have a long history of political activism and forcing social change. #MothersDay #MothersDay2023

Trump symbolized powerful men’s impunity for sexual abuse – until now
By Moira Donegan… #Trump #TrumpIsACriminal

I took anger management classes. Here’s what they get wrong about the world
The course focuses on taming a ubiquitous emotion. But what about addressing its root causes?
by Olivia Watson…

'Three friends of mine have been killed by their partners': Are we on track to end violence against women?
Advocates question federal government's $194 million to address domestic violence in First Nations communities… @ChayBrown1

Mother’s Day’s origins are in activism. Today’s saccharine version is suffocating
In its early guises, Mothers’ Day was about fighting for a better world for women, not breakfast in bed
Jennifer Zeven… #MothersDay #MothersDay2023

We need boys and adult men "to not just ask for consent, but to want to and more importantly to care about what their partner desires. We need to teach boys to desire mutuality and reciprocity as much as they want sex.”
By Daniel Principe @_DanielPrincipe…

‘The more women accuse him, the better he does’: the meaning and misogyny of the Trump-Carroll case
Being found liable for sexual assault would normally leave your career in tatters. But the cult of Trump means nothing is out of the question.…

The incomplete revolution for equal work
Even though men and women are reaching a convergence in the household division of labor, childcare remains predominantly a woman’s responsibility.
Research Brief, Gender and the Economy

Why professional women may enact intentional invisibility
How women manage their paid and unpaid work responsibilities by purposely remaining 'invisible' at work, allowing them to prioritize caring for their families.
Research Brief, Gender and the Economy…

Work-life balance as a household negotiation
We should think of “work-life balance” as a household negotiation rather than an individual balancing act.…

How all men can join the fight to end violence against women
Not all men commit violence against women, but all men can help prevent and address it… @EvieBreese @BigIssue

‘How to Use Statistics in Primary Prevention’ aims to support a greater understanding of the importance, uses and limitations of statistics within the context of primary prevention and family violence.

Consent and violence prevention: “a focus on consent will be ineffective if we don’t address the cultural drivers that embolden male sexual entitlement and the dehumanisation of women.” By Daniel Principe @_DanielPrincipe… @CollectiveShout

Sixty-five countries have banned smacking children – why isn’t Australia one of them?
Research overwhelmingly links physical punishment with later involvement in violent domestic relationships…

62 dating green flags that shout ‘this one’s a keeper’…

Emotional abuse is a pattern of hurtful messages – building parenting skills could help prevent it…

Ninety years since the first Tampax, why aren’t there better menstrual products?…

Feminism 101: What is Himpathy?
“the inappropriate and disproportionate sympathy powerful men often enjoy in cases of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, homicide and other misogynistic behavior" (Manne)
Lara Washington, April 13, 2019

Learning brief: Learning from the Men and Women for Gender Equality programme
Men and Women for Gender Equality (MWGE) programme, implemented in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan and Tunisia over 2015-2022.… @UN_Women

1) Rapid attitudinal and behavioural change is achievable despite entrenched societal views on concepts of masculinity.
2) Ensuring programme accountability to feminists movements is a vital part of developing allies and mitigating risks.

3) Engaging men and boys for gender equality requires a broad understanding of societal drivers and enablers.
4) All implementation partners need to have understood and internalized core feminist principles and approaches.

5) Given emerging best practice on masculinities-oriented programming, broad knowledge exchange is crucial.
UN Women Learning Brief, here:…

Slap fighting: The next big thing in combat sports or the quickest route to brain damage?
Slap fighting sees competitors try to slap each other in the face as hard as possible, sometimes causing knockout. Experts worry about the potential for brain damage.…

Love in the time of incontinence – why young people don’t have the monopoly on love, or even sex… via @ConversationEDU

A nascent men's movement eschews orgasms for health reasons. Experts say the science behind "NoFap" doesn't add up
How an online community became obsessed with the idea that ejaculation was hurting their mental and physical health

‘No one is talking about this’: What happens when men age
What’s eating men over 50? A host of serious physical and emotional issues.…

Consent Education In Schools, Explained
By Claire Keenan, for Our Watch… @OurWatchAus

Also see:
Best practice in consent education:
Consent: Notes on fostering affirmative consent and challenging sexual violence:…

NSW man charged over siege believed feminism and ‘cultural Marxism’ threaten white race, court hears
Simon Fleming has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges, including using a fake bomb to create a false sense of danger…

Everything you need to know about consent on dating apps
A great guide to keeping things consensual and respectful (and sexy) on dating apps, by Our Watch @OurWatchAus

Engaging men in building workplace gender equality: barriers and gender norms. 7-page report from Catalyst. Use these five strategies to eliminate barriers and successfully engage men. 1. Identify and eliminate apathy; 2. Don't frame gender equity as a zero-sum game 1/2 [Plus graphic, Kerr, Engaging men - barriers and gender norms 2022 – Cover]

3. Include men in discussions of gender; 4. Highlight respected men who advocate for gender equity; and 5. Provide men with learning opportunities.
Catalyst report, free here: 2/2

How ‘gym bro’ culture is harming young men
The pressure to get jacked is sparking a male mental health crisis and driving men into the arms of the far-right.…

Adolescent boys and young men face distinct risks in relation to sexual and reproductive health, violence, and other issues. They are vulnerable to rigid norms of masculinity. Programs that question patriarchal gender norms and inequalities are invaluable.

How to Engage Men in Nurturing Care Across the Life Stages
This infographic (with links to further resources and guides) shows how men can be supported to provide nurturing care for their children from pregnancy to early childhood.… @USAID

Emerging concepts in male contraception: a narrative review of novel, hormonal and non-hormonal options
This review looks into current and emerging male contraceptives, including hormonal and non-hormonal options

Practice and policy in engaging men and boys for gender equality: Excellent resources, including a Practice Brief, Policy Brief, and Evidence Review, from this groundbreaking two-year project. See… @equimundo_org @SonkeTogether @IDS_UK

Shifts in Gender and Sexual Identities in the U.S., 2023 Update
Fascinating data on proportions of people in the US who identify as LGBT, breakdowns among LBGT-identified people by sexual and gender identification, etc. By Tristan Bridges @tristanbphd…

MenEngage Alliance supported feminists making bold steps for women’s rights and gender justice at this year’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW67). The session agreements included concrete recommendations around men and masculinities. @MenEngage…

Men dominate conference Q&A sessions — including online ones
‘Question and manswer’ sessions are the norm at both in-person and virtual events, even when there’s a good gender balance.

How Women Are Being Increasingly Screwed Over by Modern Technology
On the prevalence of tech-facilitated violence, abuse and sexual harassment…

The pandemic deepened gender inequality in dual-career households
Canadian research on gendered divisions of labour among dual-career heterosexual couples… via @ConversationCA

Censorious sadism: We are never far away from abuse and ostracism
Victoria Smith on cancel culture and Umut Özkirimli’s "Cancelled: The Left Way Back from Woke". @glosswitch

Good Practice Indicators Framework for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Sexual Harassment
A new resource by the Respect at Work Council, at…

It’s Time To Take Seriously The Connection Between Domestic Violence And Gun Violence
Health Affairs Forefront, April 27, 2023…

3 reasons you should never view or share videos showing children being assaulted – even if you think it helps 'raise awareness'… via @ConversationEDU

What it’s like to be in the minority at a conference
Female and Black researchers describe the impacts of sexism and racism at conferences

Love ≠ Control
New campaign on coercive control, by the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council (Queensland). Includes profiles of ten personal stories, a 7-page factsheet on domestic violence and coercive control.
[Plus graphics, Love does not equal control - We had a whirlwind relationship.png; Love does not equal control - I started to understand that he had no right]

Toxic masculinity is so rife I’m terrified for my son’s future

The Rise of the 'Sigma Male', a New Kind of Toxic Masculinity
How memes of a fictional serial killer turned into an un-ironic personality and lifestyle.

Why we need to talk about porn when we talk about Andrew Tate

Tweets in April 2023

The film "Ghosted" is not romantic – it’s a walking red flag
The drama is really not a love story; at best it shows an entitled man who won’t take no for an answer. From "Love Actually" to "10 Things I Hate About You" this is sadly nothing new.…

In 'Air,' Michael Jordan's silence speaks volumes about the marketing of Black athletes… @ConversationUS

Nearly one out of every three (29%) women around the world has been a victim of sexual violence in their life. That’s the finding of a systematic assessment of the global prevalence rate of sexual violence against women. [Plus graphic, Li, Sexual violence against women remains problematic and highly prevalent around the world 2023 – Abstract]

Striving for a world where boys and men feel less pain and cause less harm: That’s one of the aspirations of Next Gen Men, an inspiring Canadian nonprofit organisation that works with boys and men. Check them out at @NextGenMen

Around 90 per cent of adolescent girls and young women do not use the internet in low-income countries, while their male peers are twice as likely to be online, according to a new UNICEF analysis.… @UNICEF

A self-identified men’s rights activist is on trial for his harassment of academic and women's rights campaigner Dr Charlotte Proudman in November last year. And carrying a knife.…

Treasurers call to increase male participation in the care workforce
Targeting more men to work in the care sector is one proposal the Australian board of treasurers has submitted to challenge gender stereotypes and address workforce shortages.…

How is Masculinity related to Climate Justice?
Blog piece, NextGen Men, Canada… @NextGenMen

“We stand for women’s rights and gender justice." "We work to disrupt and end patriarchy." "We believe in the capability of men and boys to actively support gender, social, and climate justice."
Some of the MenEngage Alliance principles. See @MenEngage

The Chilling: A global study on online violence against women journalists.
Report on the challenges faced by female journalists dealing with prolific and/or sustained online violence around the world, including how disinformation deepens the problem.

Violence against women in universities: is facilitated by organisational characteristics, including male-dominant hierarchies, a neoliberal managerialist ethos, and leadership that perpetuates male entitlement and toxic masculinities.

Men: if your wife or girlfriend only has sex with you because you get angry or give her the silent treatment if she doesn’t; if you have sex with her when she is too drunk/high to consent or she is asleep; if you pressure her into sex... Then you are raping her. You are a rapist

Instead, make consent the bedrock of your sexual practice. Respect others' bodily autonomy. Discuss expectations. Ask check-in questions. Seek verbal consent. See p. 11 of this report, “Men Speak Up”, at…. And more on consent here: [Plus graphic, Flood, Men Speak Up 2011 - p. 11 consent]

Speaking of rape and the cultural norms of *male sexual entitlement* that facilitate it: 22% of men and 6% of women in Australia agree that “It’s a woman’s obligation to have sex with her boyfriend or husband even if she doesn’t feel like it.”

#NotAllMen? “Good men care about oppression. They care about the lived experiences of women. They understand that, without listening to women, they cannot learn what women experience. They believe women." 1/4

"When women share their experiences and your responses is, "But not all men!" you undermine those experiences. You show no concern for oppression. You are not behaving as a good guy." 2/4

“If you think a woman hates men because she hates rapists/abusers/assholes, then you think that all men are rapists/abusers/assholes, and the real person who hates men is you." 3/4

"To claim that a woman hates men because she hates some things some men do is a failure of reading comprehension." 4/4
For more critiques of #NotAllMen, see…

Ending Domestic Violence Requires Working With Those Who Harm, Too. Account of the Healing Together Campaign by the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, USA (launched in Oct. 2019). Including, promoting community healing through accountability.…

The music industry: It’s time for men / people with power in the music industry to step up! Great primer on what men and others in music can do to prevent and reduce sexual violence and harassment.…

‘Not all men’ is an astonishingly selfish reaction to women’s pain
Dec. 14 2018. 1/3

“You’ve decided how you feel is more important than how women live their lives. You’ve decided your desire to feel like a good person trumps your desire to hear what men do to women - and what men can do to stop it.” 2/3

For other responses to #NotAllMen, see the XY collection here: 3/3

How to reduce backlash and build support in engaging men in violence prevention and gender equality work:
This toolkit provides practical strategies for violence prevention practitioners, advocates, and educators.
See @easternhealthau

Pornography: One in every eight titles on the front pages of the UK’s most popular porn websites described sexual acts that fit the World Health Organization’s definition of sexual violence. Violating their own terms and conditions.

Why is pornography so prevalent? Why are themes of domination and subordination so common in pornography? And why do so many people defend or celebrate it, even in progressive and feminist circles? By Professor Robert Jensen.… @merionwest

Pornography, young people and preventing violence against women. Background paper by the national violence prevention organisation @OurWatchAus, 2020.

Cool your heels
Cool your heels: Victoria Smith on men in suits wearing pink heels in the name of ending violence against women. And how women are expected to be grateful when men "lower themselves" by temporarily associating themselves with femininity.

Working with Men and Boys for Social Justice Assessment Tool: This issues paper describes this tool for assessing and guiding work with men and boys to support #gender and #socialjustice.
Free here:… @CRISconsortium 
[Plus graphic, Keddie, The Working With Men and Boys for Social Justice Assessment Tool Issues paper 2023 – Cover]

Preventing sexual violence: Initiatives should include a focus on changing behaviour, particularly violence perpetration, and the social and sexual relations and institutional and cultural conditions that perpetuate violence.
Review of best practice:…

Preventing sexual violence: There should be greater use of more intensive and comprehensive ‘prevention packages’ that incorporate multiple approaches. Whole-of-institution approaches. And more use of community-level strategies.
Review of best practice:…

The Futures of Feminism: Bryson’s book makes the case for an inclusive socialist feminism. Demystifies terms like patriarchy and intersectionality. Argues that most women's needs will not be met in an economy based on the pursuit of profit.
In full text:…

Post-separation abuse and the devastation it causes
When coercive controllers continue to abuse long after the victim-survivor has separated from them
By Dr Emma Katz… @DrEmmaKatz

For Centuries, Boys Used To 'Dress Like A Girl.' Here's When Everything Changed.
Many parents have a strong reaction against gender-neutral clothes, but American kids dressed like "sexless cherubs" before capitalism and more rigid gender norms took over.…

Evidence Digest: Why partnering with local women's organizations for gender-based violence programming is crucial.
Here is the evidence of the value of partnering with local women's organizations for gender-based violence programming in humanitarian settings.…

This new “Don't Be That Guy” PSA hopes to help men understand why saying things like "hey, baby" to people they don’t even know can make them feel uncomfortable or even threatened. @WithoutViolence

Achieving Gender Equity Depends on Boys, And How We Raise Them
This op-ed unpacks the latest research findings on the need to include boys and men in dismantling inequitable gender and social norms to build an equitable world for everyone. @MsMagazine

Men’s willingness to use novel male contraception is lined to gender-equitable attitudes: Results from an exploratory online survey
Men with supportive attitudes towards gender equality are more willing to use a novel male contraceptive.

When men lose their Diamond Dogs it can have a dramatic impact on their health
This op-ed discusses the evolving male support groups boys and men need throughout their lifetime for emotional intimacy and social support to combat negative health outcomes.

Educational Underachievement Among Boys and Men
This report underscores educational underachievement among boys and men, unpacks the contributing factors, and explores what has been done to address this phenomenon around the world.

Like father, like son: new Australian research shows how young men ‘copy’ their fathers’ masculinity.
Sons whose fathers support more traditional forms of masculinity are more likely to do so themselves. Fathers can foster healthier masculinities...…

Trans people aren’t new, and neither is their oppression: a history of gender crossing in 19th-century Australia

What exactly is – and isn't – sexual consent?
SBS explainer piece on consent:
Also see my piece giving notes on fostering affirmative consent:

Pornography and sexual choking / strangulation: US research among university students finds that consuming pornography more frequently leads to more exposure to pornographic depictions of sexual choking, which leads to a higher likelihood of choking sexual partners. [Plus graphic, Wright, Pornography consumption and sexual choking 2021 – Abstract]

Asking For It is urgent, difficult viewing on Australia’s consent crisis
Rape, deepfake porn and misogyny in schools: Jess Hill’s new SBS documentary examines how Australians’ attitudes towards sex and consent are being shaped…

The Danger of Incels—and How We Shift the Thinking of Men Attracted to These Groups
By Chuka Emezue, Ms Magazine…

Girls and women should not be the collateral damage for someone else’s right to a second chance
A rapist gets a 270-hour community service order for raping a 13-year-old girl. A rapist's future prospects are held more dear than a teen's broken childhood.,girls-and-women-should-not…

What happened to the Senate inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women?…

People in NSW may soon be allowed to check if their partner has a history of violent assaults as part of The Right To Know scheme, but the move is more complicated than it seems.  

Ineffective policies for gender-based violence in sports result in a lack of accountability

Pride, Respect, Equality: Campaign by Respect Victoria, highlighting the important role that families can play in supporting and celebrating LGBTIQ+ loved ones.

What is Primary Prevention?: This resource aims to promote understanding of work across the continuum from prevention to response, as well as provide practical suggestions to improve connection. By Safe and Equal (Victoria).

Get Off Your Damn Phone
A call for a universal social norm of actually socializing.
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

Body dysmorphia in boys and men can fuel muscle obsession, doctors say
The Washington Post, April 2024…

Social media misogyny: The new way Andrew Tate brought us the same old hate
By Luc Cousineau… #AndrewTate #Manosphere

Australian study finds risk of sexual assault and violence significantly higher for trans women of colour
ABC News report:
@ANROWS full reports:…

Intimate partner violence in transgender relationships: Useful overview by Aaron Sylvian, Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research newsletter, 2022:

Porn and the ‘manosphere’: SBS series is tough to watch, but it’s must-see TV
On the new documentary "Asking For it", by Jess Hill…

MGTOW: Despite the official narrative of MGTOW as a separatist community of men “going their own way,” #MGTOW’s central goal is in fact the fight against gender equality. MGTOW communities promote violence against women and feminism.

Challenging Stereotypes: Afghanistan’s Male Advocates for Gender Equality
There are many male allies in Afghanistan who work alongside women activists for gender equality in the country, often facing threats and danger.… @Peace_Women

Masculinity is structured in powerful ways by homophobia, fear and hostility towards gay men and other non-heterosexual people. Homophobia keeps men in line – it’s “the dragon at the gates of an alternative masculinity”. A talk, dated (1997), but useful.

The social science explaining why Fox News wants you to believe masculinity is under threat (Things aimed at helping men and promoting healthy masculinity -- such as the APA guidelines or the Gillette ad -- are twisted into attacks on male identity.)…

Men and disaster: Men’s experiences of the Black Saturday bushfires and the aftermath. (Based on interviews with men, this report explores the harmful effects that social expectations of masculinity can have on coping mechanisms and decision-making.)

From a father to the young men dating his daughter: “If You Ever Hurt My Daughter, I Swear to God I’ll Let Her Navigate Her Own Emotional Growth.” (Humour) [Plus graphic, Kohn, If You Ever Hurt My Daughter, I Swear to God I’ll Let Her 2018 Jaxsen]

Men and HIV: how poverty, violence and inequality play a part. (As Andrew Gibbs argues, men’s lives are shaped by both privilege and disadvantage, and addressing both is vital in tackling pandemics such as HIV, or indeed COVID-19.) Jan. 2019 via @TCAfrica

Men, boys, and masculinity: There is actually enormous diversity among men and boys in how they ‘do’ gender, their attitudes and behaviours. Let’s open up models of manhood, affirm diversity, and promote gender multiculturalism. See, p. 52. [Plus graphic, The Men’s Project and Flood, The Man Box - Full report 2018 p. 52 volume]

Work to address violence against women fits into 3 broad approaches that exist along a continuum: primary prevention, secondary prevention (early intervention) and tertiary prevention (response). Here is a handy 1-page explanation:… @safe_and_equal

Use proper names for body parts, don’t force hugs: how to protect your kids from in-person sexual abuse. By Divna Haslam, Ben Mathews, and Kerryann Walsh.  via @ConversationEDU

Addressing resistance to domestic and family violence responses in CALD communities: New publication from the @ANROWS Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Projects initiative. E.g., on resistance from communities, and service providers, and what to do.…

What Works to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls Global Programme. World-leading program of review and impact evaluation. Now an extraordinary collection of evidence reviews, reports, toolkits, videos, and curricula, here: My fave: the Evidence Hub [Plus graphic, What works to prevent violence – Logo]

Engaging bystanders in sexual violence prevention: Tabachnik’s guide (2009). “Bystanders represent a web of people surrounding a progression of inappropriate behaviors, harassment or violence, including those who make a choice to speak up or intervene...” [Plus graphic, Tabachnick, Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention 2008 – Cover]

The Woman Paradox: Misogyny and Women In the Far-Right
By Anet McClintock, 2022
The threat of right-wing extremism is accelerating, and understanding the gendered element of the threat is essential to countering radicalisation.…

The Duluth Power and Control Wheel — the Model for Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention
And why men’s rights activists want it abolished.
By Matilda Fairholm, The Good Men Project…

Self-perceptions as masculine: US survey finds that older men are more likely than young men to say they are very manly or masculine. Republican men are far more likely than Democratic men to identify as traditionally masculine. @pewresearch

Being viewed as masculine is generally more important among Americans with conservative views. Most conservative men (55%) say it is at least somewhat important that they are viewed as masculine, compared to only 30% of liberal men. @pewresearch

44% of Americans agree that White men are too often blamed for problems in American society today. Most Americans (55%) reject this statement. Support is higher among White than Black or Hispanic people.
75% of Republican men believe White men are .., vs 26% of Democratic men. [Plus graphic, Cox, Politics, Sex, and Sexuality - The Growing Gender Divide in American Life April 2022 - White men blamed]

45% of Americans believe American society has become “too soft and feminine”. 54% reject this idea. More men than women (52% vs 40%). Sharp partisan differences in views. 78% of Republican men and 65% of Republican women, vs 25% of Democratic men and 20% of Democratic women.

The Alpha Wolf Idea is a Myth
The idea that wolf packs are led by a merciless dictator, or alpha wolf, comes from old studies of captive wolves. In the wild, wolf packs are simply families.
Scientific American, 2023:… @sciam

Engaging men in violence prevention in the Pacific
This new collection describes initiatives in the Asia Pacific, principles for engaging men and boys in ending violence against women and girls, and relevant scholarship. See: @unwomenpacific @CommsFWCC

Bring up respect: Lovely video ad for raising our sons to be non-violent, emotionally expressive, gender-equitable boys and young men. @OurWatchAus
For more on raising boys, see this XY collection:

Why arts degrees and other generalist programs are the future of Australian higher education
By Professor Catharine Coleborne… via @ConversationEDU

Violence Against Women and Girls: Snapshot Report 2022-23.
This UK report, by the End Violence Against Women Coalition, sets out the state of violence against women and girls (VAWG) in the UK as of January 2023.…

Men and women in the US: A whole series of fascinating comparisons in this 2022 survey. Young men play video games far more than young women. Men are far less likely than women to read a book for pleasure. Men are far more likely than women to watch porn.

Transforming Masculinities: Towards a Shared Vision: Exploring international and cross-regional perspectives on engaging men and boys in gender equality and women’s rights. Valuable report by MenEngage (2019). [Plus graphic, MenEngage, Transforming Masculinities - Towards a shared vision 2019 – Cover]

Changing Congo Men’s Attitudes on Gender Begins at Home. “I couldn’t accept my share of my father’s will if my sisters were to receive nothing,” Bahati Leomard says. He convinced his father and brothers to share the inheritance with his sisters. (2017)

Engaging men to support women in science, medicine, and global health. Requires working with male researchers and leaders to critically consider masculinities, change men’s gender power and privilege, shift unequal power relations, and act as advocates.…

Profeminist men seek to divest themselves and other men of unfair privileges. Common traps in ally politics: selves as different from other men, making only rhetorical change, taking up undue space, using feminism as an alibi for sexism. Chapter, pp192-93:

Feminist Left: a group of radical / gender-critical and leftwing feminists campaigning on women’s issues. 2 interesting articles on Kellie-Jay Keen’s tour of Australia.
One criticising KJK’s right-wing links:…
Another on the fallout:…

'Parents have never had this education.' There’s a reason talking about sex with kids seems hard – but it doesn't have to be
Conversations about sex can be hard but providing good information leads to better health outcomes for kids. Here's how to start:…

Also see the resources for parents, on talking to children about sexuality, relationships, consent, and respect, towards the bottom of this page:

Evidence-led violence prevention: Principles and guidelines for practice (2020). This 8-pp policy brief presents lessons from the South African Violence Prevention Forum on how to design a multisectoral violence prevention intervention for communities. [Plus graphic, Violence Prevention Forum, Evidence-led violence prevention 2020 – Cover]

Trying to prevent domestic and sexual violence in a workplace, a sporting code, the military, or a university? Change is stymied by institutional inertia, systemic gender inequalities, institutional distinterest, staff resistance, and sexist and masculine cultures. 1/2 [Plus graphic, Flood, Making change in organisations – Challenges]

Preventing domestic and sexual violence in an institution? You need a whole-of-institution approach: comprehensive strategies, senior leadership, dedicated resources, effective education & training, reporting processes etc. See Chapter 9 of this free book: [Plus graphic, Flood, Key elements of whole-of-institution change]

Sexual consent: Efforts to promote consensual, equitable sexual relations must challenge powerful ideologies of gendered sexuality: of male sexual entitlement, uncontrollable male sexuality, female sexual passivity and subservience, and a double standard.…

Workplaces and men’s violence against women: Workplaces themselves may contribute to the problem. 1) Workplace gender inequalities – including unfair divisions of labour and power and norms of male dominance – contribute to women’s economic and social disadvantage.

So they can can intensify the wider gender inequalities in which violence against women flourishes.
2) The cultures of some workplaces involve violence-supportive social norms. Women in these institutions or in contact with their members face greater risks of victimisation.

And the men in these workplaces are more likely than other men to tolerate and perpetrate violence.
3) Workforces can contribute to violence against women through ineffective or inappropriate responses to employees who are victims of violence or its perpetrators.

Workplaces are a key setting for violence prevention. And men in workplaces have a vital role to play in prevention.
See the White Ribbon Australia report here:…
See further references on violence prevention in workplaces here:…
4/4 [Plus graphic, Holmes & Flood, Genders at work 2013 – Cover]

Fears for tears: Why men need the freedom to cry
For men and boys, the pressure to not show emotion in public is crushing, even in supposedly progressive circles – and it hurts everyone. Rachel Giese asks how we can make room for male vulnerability.…

Sports are one place where the social prohibitions against men crying are relaxed. But men must cry in the ‘right’ way: eyes brimming, a single tear, but no sobbing or bawling.
These norms reflect an overarching anxiety about signs of weakness in men.

How much people cry, why, and when are shaped by social norms.
Including for boys and men, the social expectations to be tough, rational, and remain calm under pressure.

Among babies and toddlers, there are no sex differences in crying. But boys and girls learn differing expectations about crying, parents and peers respond differently to them, and their own responses shift in turn.

“As long as emotion is equated with both femaleness and weakness, women and girls will be perceived as irrational and incapable, while men and boys will continue to repress their feelings of sadness and vulnerability.”…

We Need To Talk About Toxic Gay Masculinity
Jeffry J. Iovannone criticises gay male culture’s “adulation of conventional masculinity and muscularity, the rejection of femininity as undesirable, and the sexual objectification of black and Latino men"…

“Gay male toxicity contributes both to the oppression of queer men and to the pervasive culture of violence against women […] and anyone outside of the gender binary.”
“Gay culture, like the dominant culture, creates a hierarchy based on norms of masculinity.”

“The implications of gay toxic masculinity extend beyond gay male culture and contribute to our general culture of misogyny in which women, femmes, genderqueer people, and others who don’t or can’t perform mainstream masculinity are consistently devalued and undermined"

Stopping misogyny shouldn’t just be about Andrew Tate
Schools and parents must do more than respond to the influencer after the fact.

"Far from being a champion of boys, Tate exploits and denigrates them for his own financial gain. Learning that the only way to be a man is to own, control and exploit women is a recipe for a sad and lonely life, not one full of relationships and success."

As Long as We Associate Leadership with Masculinity, Women Will Be Overlooked
By Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
So long as we associate leadership with masculine features, female leaders will be evaluated more negatively even when their performance is higher.

Why do many heterosexual men hide their porn use from their wives and girlfriends? Because they know many women dislike it. They know the aggression & sexism in porn is offensive to many women. The shame some men feel tells something important.

Men: Are We Willing to Examine Pornography’s Impact? By Rus Funk (2019). Embedded within pornography are a host of values and norms that may well conflict with the values and norms of the men viewing pornography. @voicemalemag

Hate speech against women: addressing a democratic crisis. Policy Brief by Anjalee de Silva, Melbourne School of Government.

Sexism and covid: People with more sexist beliefs are less likely to be worried about covid, less likely to protect themselves and others, less likely to support policies that aim to stem the spread of the disease, and more likely to get sick themselves. [Plus graphics, Reny, x 2]

Sexism (a feminist definition): Sexism = prejudice + power. Sexism refers to attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate the gender inequalities that privilege men and disadvantage women and/or that reinforce narrow patriarchal roles for men and women. 1/3

Common definitions of sexism refer to ‘prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender’. But this is a weak, non-feminist definition. Instead, sexism is directed towards women and girls and tied to systems of oppression that disadvantage them. 2/3

For more on sexism, and especially on everyday forms of sexism (comments, jokes, etc.) and what men can do to challenge them, see For books on sexism and feminism, see 3/3

What proportions of women, and men, identify as feminists? In the US, 61% of women and 40% of men (Pew, 2020). Across 27 countries, 57% of people (Ipsos, 2018). In Australia, 69% of women and 34% of men. Proportions are lower when no definition is given.

Why Are Women Not “Heard” In A Court Of Law?
Founding attorney Patricia Fersch explores biases towards women in court. Read her #Forbes article here:… #DomesticAbuse #womenincourt #SocialMedia #misogyny #familylaw #divorcelawyer #divorcedwomen

The evidence to support medicalised gender transitions in adolescents is worryingly weak
The effectiveness and side-effects of the most common treatments are not well understood
The Economist, April 5, 2023

Gender Bias In The Courts: Women Are Not Believed
The justice system systematically discounts women’s credibility. What can be done?… @FerschLLC

No matter the content of her story, women are considered unreliable narrators of their own experiences. The assessment of women’s personal trustworthiness suffers from skepticism rooted in (1) uneducated expectations regarding a survivor’s “appropriate” demeanor;

(2) prejudicial stereotypes regarding the false motives of women seeking material assistance; and (3) the long-standing cultural tendency to disbelieve women simply because they are women.

Surveys of gender identity: Strange and implausible findings from the recent England and Wales census highlight problems with how questions about gender and gender identity are being asked in surveys.…

The Anti-Abortion Movement Will Sacrifice Anything to Control Women
The shocking ruling outlawing Mifepristone shows just how far they're willing to go.
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

Gender equality: Men and boys have a vital role to play in ending violence and gender injustice. Let's shift from men's mere involvement, to men’s accountability for dismantling systems of male privilege.
UN paper, in 5 languages:… @UN @LizBroderick

Marcos Jr. and the Dangers of Virtual Hypermasculinity
On how gendered disinformation, in this case by Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., is a threat to national and global security.
By Maria Tanyag

Self defence and violence prevention: Despite the numerous studies supporting the efficacy of women’s verbal and physical resistance against sexual assault, much of the literature on sexual assault prevention fails to include self defence.
Article: [Plus graphic, Cermele, Self‑Defense as an Effective and Neglected Form of Sexual Assault Prevention 2022 abstract]

Violence prevention: Community-level approaches, intended to change characteristics of the community (structural, economic, political, cultural) are vital in reduce risks for violence perpetration and victimisation. CDC report on the future of prevention:… [Plus graphic, Dills, Continuing the Dialogue 2019.pdf – Cover]

LGBTQ+ People’s Experiences and Perceptions of Sexual Violence Report
ACON report on LGBTQ+ people’s experiences and perceptions of sexual violence, here:… @ACONhealth

Grooming gangs: the rape and pimping of vulnerable girls by men that escaped justice, and the myth that fascists cracked the case By Julie Bindel

Talking To Teens about Andrew Tate: Guidance & Lesson Plans for Parents & Teachers Materials by Dr Brendan Kwiatkowski

Analysis: Why are men having more orgasms than women in heterosexual relationships?
(The reasons are social and cultural, not biological.)…

Feminist rape resistance training empowers (rather than blaming) potential victims, contributes to primary prevention, and addresses the social and political causes of rape. Hollander’s review answers common misperceptions or criticisms, pp9-10, in full:… [Plus graphics, Hollander, Women’s self‐defense and sexual assault resistance - The state of the field 2018 – Abstract; Hollander, Women’s self‐defense and sexual assault resistance - The state of the field 2018 - That not prevention]

Be an active bystander. Interrupt acts of sexual harassment, sexism and sexual violence. Japanese PSA emphasises “Turning away creates a society in which it’s easy for sexual violence to happen”. The young man asks, “What would you do if you were me?”.

For more on bystander intervention, including tipsheets and guides, see the XY collection here:

Consent toolkit, for young people, parents, and educators, and others. The 101-pp guide contains 3 modules: consent, communication and confidence. Plus worksheets and resource list. By Rape & Sexual Assault Research & Advocacy (RASARA) @RapeReform. Free at

‘No More Excuses’ – Primary Prevention of Violence Against Women with Disability
Building the evidence to prevent violence against women with disability.…

Mass shootings and masculinity: This expert report provides data on mass shootings and explores the social-psychological and cultural links between mass shootings and masculinity. By Tristan Bridges and Tara Leigh Tober

Also see this XY collection on gun, violence, and masculinity:

Karen Whybro: "Why is TikTok platforming misogynistic influencers, but censoring women's rights activists?"

Is biological sex a binary or a spectrum? If you’ve heard it’s a spectrum, here’s the counter-argument, by Colin Wright. @SwipeWright

The Myth That Coercive and Controlling Domestic Abusers Can Be Adequate Parents
By Dr Emma Katz @DrEmmaKatz

War on women: The link between white supremacy, "men's rights" and anti-abortion politics
Anthony DiMaggio's research finds a strong connection between white supremacy, support for "men's rights" and anti-abortion views…

'I started walking the long way': many young women first experience street harassment in their school uniforms
By Bianca Fileborn and Jess Hardley… via @ConversationEDU

#Men4Change toolkit: A new workshop resource for youth leaders, activists and other professionals who work with young men to reflect on issues relating to gender, masculinity and what it means to be a man
Download the toolkit here:
[Plus graphic, O'Rourke, #Men4change - Tackling and transforming harmful gendered norms and behaviours 2023 – Cover]

For other curricula for working with men and boys in community settings, see the XY collection here:

Stopping sexual violence: This CDC ‘technical package’ is a handy 48-page guide to prevention strategies, based on the best available evidence, for reducing sexual violence and its consequences (2016).
Available here:… [Plus graphic, Basile, STOP SV - A Technical Package to Prevent Sexual Violence 2016 – Cover]

He texted Holly that he’d done ‘the most heinous thing possible’. A jury disagreed
Sexual assault complaints have skyrocketed in recent years, but convictions remain low and the legal process is brutal for complainants. It’s time for an entire rethink.…

Violence prevention: Programs often seek only to change knowledge or attitudes. They should also focus on changing behaviour, particularly perpetration, and the social and sexual relations and institutional and cultural conditions that perpetuate violence.…

Violence against women, but woke
Anti-feminist aggression is exactly what it looks like
(Victoria Smith argues that recent acts of violence by males at Let Women Speak and lesbian events share commonalities with a long history of anti-women violence.)

“These men ... threaten [women] if they’re right wing. They threaten them if they’re left wing. They threaten them if they’re Mumsnet mummies. They threaten them if they’re lesbians.”

What Do We Really Want From Chris Brown?
Since assaulting Rihanna in 2009, the singer has been accused of more than 20 acts of aggression, violence, or crime — and has remained incredibly popular. Many demand better. This is what that could look like.…

Guns recently became the number one cause of death for children and teens in the United States. In no other similarly large or wealthy country are firearm deaths in the top 4 causes of mortality let alone the number 1 cause of death among children & teens.…

Masculinity and men’s bodies: As the media ideal of women’s bodies has grown thinner and thinner, the media ideal of men’s bodies has grown bigger and bigger. Documentary “Tough Guise 2” examines American media’s glamorization of violent masculinity. [Plus graphic, Tough Guise 2 - Infographic men’s bodies]

Parenting and social change: Fathers with daughters are more in favour of gender equity policies than fathers with both daughters & sons, and fathers with sons are least supportive (Warner & Steel 1999). Fathers’ connections to daughters may undermine their support for patriarchy [Plus graphic, Warner, Child rearing as a mechanism 1999]

"Let’s be very clear: Strong men - men who are truly role models - don’t need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful. People who are truly strong lift others up. People who are truly powerful bring others together." Michelle Obama, 2016: [Plus graphic, Obama, Let’s be very clear 2016]

You Can’t Unsee What It Looks Like When You Photoshop Men Out of Politics. (ElleUK shows what it looks like when you remove all the men from pictures of politicians and celebrities. It’s a stark glimpse at a world that is wildly out of balance.) 2017. [Plus graphics, You Can’t Unsee What It Looks Like When You Photoshop Men Out of Politics x 2]

Tweets in March 2023

Digital devices can become weapons in relationships Technology-facilitated abuse in relationships weaponises digital devices. To prevent it, we must engage with its perpetrators @rfiolet @DrBridgetHarris @Kobotic @sallymarsden22 @cynthia_l_brown

#MeToo has changed how the media portrays rape
A Norwegian study finds that media reporting on sexual violence has improved, at least in some ways, in the wake of #MeToo…

#MRAs #Mensrights: Here is a collection of handy critiques, both academic and accessible, of anti-feminists groups and ideologies:

Beating the backlash: Here are some key strategies in responding to men’s rights / #MRAs. Offer an alternative analysis of male disadvantage. Critique and discredit MRAs. Show they’re harmful for men themselves. See pp. 338-343 of my book, FREE here:… [Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention 2018 p. 339]

#MRA / men’s rights strategies on domestic violence, health, and other issues in fact are harmful to men themselves. They’re driven by anti-feminist political agendas rather than a genuine concern for suffering men. See pp. 275-77 of [Flood, Backlash - Angry men’s movements p. 276 Attacking services]

Who perpetrates domestic violence and who are their victims?
(Includes commentary from the State of Knowledge Report on Violence Perpetration: find it here:…)
@ChayBrown1 @theEQI @DLulabele

Conversations with your kids about relationships, harassment, consent, and other issues related to dating violence: useful “Car Conversations Guide” for parents and caregivers, from Valor.Us

Also see the resources on raising boys, and parenting, in gender-equitable and anti-sexist ways, towards the bottom of this page on XY:

Do you spank or smack your kids? What does the evidence tell us about physical punishment?
This resource outlines what physical punishment is, how common it is in Australia, and what current evidence says about physical punishment's effects on children.…

‘The reporting process was more traumatising than the assault itself’: LGBTQ+ survivors on accessing support after sexual violence… @ConversationEDU @ACONhealth @snappyalligator @Dr_AngelaDwyer
#sexualviolence #LGBTQ

Saving our boys: Teen boys are bombarded by toxic, misogynist messages online. How can they shut out the noise and become good men?
By Elissa Lawrence, QWeekend (Courier Mail), March 11-12 2023.
PDF download:…

@elissalawrencejourno @WhiteRibbonAust @GlennAzar_Coach @AndrewTateOff @DrJoshuaRoose #andrewtate  

Women’s accounts of unwanted and nonconsensual anal sex with men show that:
-- Traditional norms of men’s sexual entitlement to women still persist, along with
-- Expectations of women to please a male partner even if that implies undesired, unpleasurable, and painful sex.
[Plus graphic, Faustino, "You feel like normal sex is not enough anymore" 2022 – Abstract]

Instead of saying, “Women slept their way to the top,”
We say, “Men withhold promotions until they receive sexual favours.”

Gender socialisation – children’s internalisation of gender norms and stereotypes through interpersonal and social processes – has impacts on their political interests and aspirations. With age, girls increasingly express lower levels of interest & ambition in politics than boys
[Plus graphic, Bos, This One’s for the Boys - How Gendered Political Socialization Limits Girls’ Political Ambition and Interest 2022 – Abstract]

As they internalise gender roles and gendered traits with age, girls are pulled toward “feminine” roles and move away from politics. While boys' interest in politics and political careers stays steady as they age, girls' interest drops.…

How world sport got into a mess over trans athletes – and how it can get out of it
Jon Pike notes, for example, that what matters about male advantage is not just its size but the *kind* of advantage it is: a category advantage, not a competition advantage…

How 'misogyny influencers' cater to young men's anxieties
By Dr Emily Setty

‘TERF’ stands for ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist’. But feminist criminologist Burt argues that the term should be avoided, as it is both inaccurate and derogatory. 'TERF' is a misnomer for both the TE and RF aspects. And 'TERF' is a slur.

First, the measures the term ‘TERF’ criticises are not trans-exclusionary but *male*-exclusionary. They involve sex-separation as a proportionate means to a legitimate aim (safety, psychological well-being, fairness).

Defining female-only provisions as anti-trans is deceptive, Burt argues. Providing female-only spaces need not involve any negativity whatsoever towards trans women (or males for that matter). Like having adult-only swim lessons is not 'anti-child'.

Second, regarding radical feminism, ‘gender critical’ feminism is neither coterminous with nor a subclass of radical feminism, says Burt.
'TERF' "continues to be used not despite the fact it is derogating but because it is”. To signal a shared contempt… 4/4
[Plus graphic, Burt, Feminist Lesbians as Anti-Trans Villains- A Comment on Worthen and Elaboration 2022 - on TERF]

MrBeast is an American YouTuber and philanthropist, with the 4th most popular channel on YouTube. Two interesting articles on the kind of philanthropy MrBeast practises and its pros and cons. @MrBeast

Patriarchy: can be defined as “a system of social structures and practices in which men dominate, oppress and exploit women” (Walby, 1990: 20). Waldby’s influential account in ‘Theorizing Patriarchy’ (1990). Chapter 1 here:

Gender equality strategy for workplaces: WGEA’s strategy suite helps organisations to achieve workplace gender equality, including the ‘Gender Equality Strategy Guide’ and the ‘Gender Equality Diagnostic Tool’ (2019). Download both at @WGEAgency

The Practical Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships – an excellent resource for young people and parents. From the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University, exploring relationships, consent, equity and sexual health.

The Myth That Gets Men Out of Doing Chores. They’re just as good at recognizing messes as women — they just don’t feel the same pressure to clean them up. The Atlantic:… @leahruppanner

The evidence, from a whole stack of studies, is that having feminist beliefs and identities is *good* for women. Empowering. Feminist attitudes and identities are associated with greater personal agency, mental health, and better sex and relationships:…

If the ‘Man Box’ (rigid masculine norms) is unhealthy for men and boys and those around them, what’s the alternative? ‘Healthy masculinities’, based on gender equality, non-violence, respect, empathy, nurturance, etc. They must be ethical, gender-equitable, and inclusive.

In the first report on the Man Box survey (2018), I argued that whatever vision we have for men and boys, it must be a) feminist – based on equality, b) diverse and multiple, and c) non-essentialist. See p. 53 of  [Plus graphic, Flood, Men and the Man Box - report excerpt Vision]

Porn as sex education: a cultural influence we can no longer ignore | Maree Crabbe, 2016. (Not only does pornography commonly portray a particularly concentrated and toxic version of gender inequality, it suggests that it is sexy.)… @MareeCrabbe

“the more pornography is viewed, the more preference for and reliance on the pornographic sexual script users will exhibit during dyadic sexual encounters... In other words, pornography is... an easily accessible template for actual sexual behavior.” Sun:… [Plus graphic, Sun, Pornography and the male sexual script 2014 – Abstract]

Engaging Fathers – Professionals’ Toolkit. A practical guide for support services working with dads and families. Aims to improve opportunities for dads to access support services, and support services’ approach to working with dads. @relaustvic

Working with Men in the Law Enforcement and Justice Sectors to Promote Women’s Access to Justice. This 2018 report by @AbaadMENA & @Oxfam describes work with men in the Middle East and North Africa in police, justice, etc. to build gender equality. [Plus graphic, ABAAD, Working with men in the law enforcement – cover]

Engaging men in building gender equality: Different feminisms dominate in different streams of work with men. More radical feminism in the work on violence against women, more liberal feminism in the work on workplace gender equality, but little socialist…

For women’s economic empowerment we need more caring men. @MenCareGlobal. 1. Show children that care is everyone’s responsibility. 2. Teach fathers to challenge caregiving stereotypes and do the hands-on care. 4. Offer equal parental leave. Etc.…

XYonline is one of the biggest websites on men, masculinities, and gender in the world. I’m pleased to see it had 11K+ unique visitors last month. This pro-feminist site has wide-ranging content and is a rich resource for personal growth and social change.

On XYonline, see here for a handy guide to its content on men’s roles in building gender equality:…. And see here for a handy guide to its content on men’s roles in ending violence against women:…. XY covers lots of other areas too.

Violence prevention and respectful relationships: Great library for practitioners and educators who work with young people and want to prevent violence against women and promote gender equality and respect, part of The Line. See @OurWatchAus

Community activism approaches to shift harmful gender attitudes, roles and social norms: What are the elements of effective approaches? This useful review, examining 5 interventions in the Global South, identifies key elements. See [Plus graphic, Kerr-Wilson, A rigorous global evidence review of interventions to prevent 2020 - Box 8 p30]

Pride in Prevention: A guide to primary prevention of family violence in LGBTIQ communities. Launched by Rainbow Victoria, 2020. Seeks to address evidence gaps, strengthen understanding of the drivers of violence, and build expertise. See… @RainbowHVic

Respectful relationships education in schools: What does good practice look like? This 40-pp. evidence paper from @OurWatchAus identifies 7 core elements. 1) Address drivers of gender-based violence. 2) Have a long term vision, approach and funding. Etc. [Plus graphic, Our Watch, Respectful relationships education in schools - Evidence paper 2021 TOC standards]

Calls for more open sex discussions to help combat intimate partner sexual violence
Advocates are urging people to have more conversations about sex – the good, the bad and the ugly – in a bid to help recognition of intimate partner sexual violence…

6 Steps Everyone Can Take To Become An Ally In White, Male-Dominated Workplaces
If fair treatment for all is something that’s important to you, here’s how you can help level an uneven playing field.…
Step 0: You have to care.

Step 1: Listen to women/people of color/ underrepresented minorities (URMs) when they discuss the problems they face.
Step 2: Resist the urge to compare your own experiences with theirs.

Step 3: Recognize that “treating everyone the same” can magnify, not erase, pre-existing inequalities.
Step 4: When you learn about one way that URMs experience inequality, look at your own actions.

Step 5: When you witness someone in the “in-group” saying something unacceptable about women/PoC/URMs, speak up.
Step 6: Don’t stop striving to improve your allyship.…

For plenty more on men’s positive roles in building workplace gender equality, including tipsheets, guides, and reports, see

How To Teach Young Boys To Be Feminists
I’m not raising my son to be a ‘man’. I’m raising my son to be a human being.
By Victoria Richards, 2019…
Also see this XY collection on raising gender-equitable, feminist sons:

Financial abuse: the weaponisation of child support in Australia
This report documents how the Australian Child Support Scheme is used and abused to jeopardise the financial safety of recipient parents and their children, largely by men against mothers. [Plus graphic, Cook, Financial Abuse- The Weaponisation of Child Support in Australia 2023 – Cover]

Indictments and Incitements: Threats of Violence Surround Possible Prosecution of Trump
From the start of his political career, Trump has legitimized and encouraged violence by his supporters in the service of his ambitions.
By Jackson Katz @MsMagazine

March 21 is known around the world as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, a solemn reminder of a brutal massacre that took place on this day more than 60 years ago. In Australia, it's called "Harmony Day".…

Feminism’s dangerous new allies
The Left may have let women down, but be wary of false promises from the Right, writes Julie Bindel (October 2020) @bindelj

Very Young Adolescence 2.0: A curriculum to promote gender equality and sexual and reproductive health. A 12-week program aimed at students aged 11-14, developed by Promundo-US and the College of Medicine Malawi. Available in full at… @equimundo_org

Discussing gender justice issues with young people. Tips, strategies, and resources, compiled by Maria Delaney, for the Association of Women Educators

Gender inequalities in care and pay in the EU: There is a direct link between the unequal division of unpaid care in households and gender inequalities in the labour market. New report by the European Institute for Gender Equality.

Remembering the giants whose shoulders we stand on: the power of local women’s movements. By Fatima Saeed and Zainab Sulaiman, COFEM Blog.… via @COFEM_EVAW

The Racial Dynamics Between American Women Are Flipped in a Disorienting Photo Series.… via @Pocket

The pleasure gap: How a new program is revolutionizing sexual health education for young women. (In a bid to shield high school-age women from poor, coercive relationships, a new mode of teaching in Canada prioritizes safety, assertiveness – and desire.)…

What’s destroying democracy around the world? At least in part, misogyny and sexism
The worldwide rise of authoritarianism is a direct result of men’s profound unwillingness to share power with women. By Amanda Marcotte, Sept. 2019.

Gender Toolbox: Sida’s Gender Toolbox provides knowledge, tools and inspiration on how to operationalize gender equality in development work and other fields. Includes Tools, Briefs and Thematic Overviews. See @Sida

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty – This new book by Florence Given looks like a great book for women looking to challenge patriarchy in their own lives. Feisty, readable, and punchy. Give it to your friends. I did. [Plus graphic, Given, Women don’t owe you pretty - Bought a copy]

Capital is Intersectional; Radicalizing Piketty’s Inequality. Zillah Eisenstein offers a feminist intersectional critique of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2014).

Women often are aware of themselves as existing under the judgement of a male-dominated society. Women learn to live in a world where sexism is commonplace. And saying no to men’s unwanted advances can be threatening or dangerous.…

The Futures of Feminism: This new book by Professor Valerie Bryson makes the case for an inclusive form of socialist feminism that puts women with multiple disadvantages at its heart. Chapters on sexism, patriarchy, intersectionality, trans, capitalism etc

What terms should we use to describe oppressions and inequalities? Feminist Deborah Cameron examines the widespread shift from ‘isms’ to ‘phobias’.… 1/2

We need a language that "does not reduce every form of oppression to a single cause or mechanism. We need a political language that does not mystify the workings of power and inequality, or pathologize prejudice, or obscure whose interests a given form of oppression serves." 2/2

Boys and young men coercing girls and young women into sex: "We need to move beyond thinking “what if this was our daughter?” and start considering “what if this was our son?” Parents must talk to their sons about consent - earlier, and more explicitly.…

Also see this XY collection on raising gender-equitable sons:

Men, if you want to help stop violence against women, start with *yourself*. Put your own house in order. Take responsibility for violent behaviour and attitudes and build respectful relations with the women and girls in your life. See pp. 11-13 of… 1/2

But as well as doing the personal work, contribute to wider social change. Talk to other men, challenging sexism and building gender-just norms. Give your time, energy, and money to women’s rights and prevention networks. Work in partnership with women.…

Engaging Men and Boys in the Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence: This new book chapter explores sexual violence prevention work with men and boys. It identifies key principles and explores key debates and tensions. Free in PDF at @the_daily_panda

Sex: Women are still expected to prioritise their male partners’ sexual desires over their own. Women now have the “sexual freedom” to go along with porn-inspired acts – strangulation, slapping, aggression – that are unwanted if not harmful and dangerous.…

Coercive control: a repeated pattern of control and domination in a domestic relationship, used to maintain dominance over a partner, to restrict their freedom and autonomy. Dr Marilyn McMahon’s useful primer, SBS news, here:

‘Women are routinely discredited’: How courts fail mothers and children who have survived abuse. Burdened by the high cost of legal help and penalized by courts that favor fathers, women risk losing children to abusive partners.

What is ‘DARVO’ and how is it used against survivors of violence? (DARVO stands for ‘Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.’ Perpetrators often use DARVO to shame victims into believing they are responsible for the abuse.)

Addressing men's harassment of women at music festivals: These mock festival posters replace lineup with copy highlighting harassment, and invite men to call out sexism, abuse or assault when they see it.… via @thedrum

How do rigid and patriarchal gender roles and constructions of masculinity and femininity feed into men’s violence against women? Our Watch’s world-leading ‘Change the Story’ framework spells it out, pp. 41-42. See @OurWatchAus

No public outrage, no vigils: Australia’s silence at violence against Indigenous women. By Browyn Carlson, April 16 2021.… via @ConversationEDU

Violence against men is a serious problem. And it is overwhelmingly *by other men*. E.g. in a 4-year study of admissions to the Emergency Department of a US hospital, 8,000+ men had been assaulted and injured. 1/2

Of these 8,217 men, only 45 men had been injured by their female partners or ex-partners, representing only 0.55% of male assault visits (Muelleman & Burgess 1998). And, these men themselves also had a high rate of domestic violence *perpetration*. 2/2

Women’s experiences of men’s abuse: For powerful first-person accounts of the realities of women’s experiences of domestic and sexual violence, I recommend the Insight Exchange ‘Voices of Insight’. Commissioned with dignity, safety and respect. See:

Perpetrators are *made*, not born. When a man assaults a woman, this is the predictable result of lessons about manhood as he grew up, the sexist cultures in which he participates, and the gender inequalities woven into his everyday life.… @DLulabele

Evidence shows children who are smacked are more likely to be involved in partner violence in adulthood.… via @ConversationEDU

Women are harmed every day by invisible men | Rebecca Solnit. (When men harm women, we obscure their role. Instead, we blame women for the injustice that happens to them.) March 2021.…

Sexual violence by an intimate partner: Excellent collection of analyses and reports. What it means to be assaulted by a partner. What drives it. Intimate partner sexual violence in the courts. And more. See

Engaging men in the Pacific in ending violence against women: Shamima Ali, Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, describes the pioneering Male Advocacy Program (2017). Recruits, trains, and mobilises men as advocates for violence prevention. See pp. 8-9 of… [Plus graphic, Pacific Women’s Network Against VAW, Beneath Paradise July 2014 Clipping]

‘Working with Men as Parents: Becoming Father-Inclusive to Improve Child Welfare Outcomes in Domestic Violence Cases’. This is one of the pieces by David Mandel and colleagues at the Safe & Together Institute, available here: @SafeandTogether

Women don’t feel safe in public spaces — and it’s up to men to do something about it (ABC Life, 2019).
On what men can do (and avoid) to help women feel safer in public spaces.

Reflecting on male engagement in anti-violence work: Maddie Brockbank writes of the challenges of moving men from ambivalence to accountability. Pro-feminist website XY, here: @maddiebrockbank

Men preventing men’s violence against women: What we know, what we’ve done, and what to do next. Time for a fresh approach. Men have to make it personal. Scale it up. Focus on ending gender inequalities. Be intersectional. And mobilise men. Speech, 2014.…

Men taking action to end sexual harassment: there are at least six barriers to men’s action.
Men: 1) Typically have lower levels of understanding and recognition of sexual harassment than women.
2) May feel that sexual harassment is a “women’s issue”. 1/4

Men: 3) May respond with defensiveness and hostility to efforts addressing violence and sexual harassment.
4) Often overestimate other men’s comfort with harassment.
5) Fear others’ reactions to intervention.
6) May lack knowledge of or skills in intervention. 2/4

Each of these barriers to action can be overcome. Increase men’s knowledge of sexual harassment and empathy for victims. Show how harassment and violence are a ‘men’s issue’. Use positive, strengths-based messaging. Show that many other men also oppose sexual harassment. 3/4

Men have vital roles to play in preventing and reducing sexual harassment. First, start with ourselves and our own behaviour. Second, speak up and take action. Third, alongside women, help build safe and respectful workplaces and communities.… 4/4

Engaging men in the Pacific in ending violence against women: Shamima Ali, Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, describes the pioneering Male Advocacy Program (2017). Recruits, trains, and mobilises men as advocates for violence prevention. See pp. 8-9 of… [Plus graphic, Pacific Women’s Network Against VAW, Beneath Paradise July 2014 Clipping]

‘Working with Men as Parents: Becoming Father-Inclusive to Improve Child Welfare Outcomes in Domestic Violence Cases’. This is one of the pieces by David Mandel and colleagues at the Safe & Together Institute, available here: @SafeandTogether

Women don’t feel safe in public spaces — and it’s up to men to do something about it (ABC Life, 2019).
On what men can do (and avoid) to help women feel safer in public spaces.

Reflecting on male engagement in anti-violence work: Maddie Brockbank writes of the challenges of moving men from ambivalence to accountability. Pro-feminist website XY, here: @maddiebrockbank

Men preventing men’s violence against women: What we know, what we’ve done, and what to do next. Time for a fresh approach. Men have to make it personal. Scale it up. Focus on ending gender inequalities. Be intersectional. And mobilise men. Speech, 2014.…

The monster myth: Tom Meagher on the myths about the men who assault and rape women, myths that allow us to ignore that most rapists are normal guys, guys we might work beside or socialise with, our neighbours or even members of our family.…

Engaging male allies in supporting gender equality is essential and timely. To support this, we need measures of their involvement. Support for Gender Equality Among Men is a measure that assesses support for gender equality among men in the public and in the domestic sphere. 1/2

For other measures of attitudes towards masculinity or conformity to stereotypical masculine norms, see the collection I have put together here:…. Plus other measures on gender, violence, etc. 2/2

Is ‘engaging men’ the game changer for gender equality? I was part of a public debate on this question. Although I have been cheerleading for engaging men for 30+ years, I was put on the “No” side. And I raised cautions about this work. 1/4

I argued that engaging men is hard work, as it involves engaging members of a dominant group in challenging their own dominance. And I noted that this work does not easily or quickly produce substantial change in patriarchal gender inequalities. 2/4

I also noted that engaging men sometimes is the same old patriarchal game: some efforts set the bar too low, appeal only to paternalism, or water down our feminist principles, and men get disproportionate praise and attention for our efforts. 3/4

But I concluded: Changing men *is* the true game-changer. If men can change, in large numbers and in substantial ways, yes, that will be a real change in the game.

See my speech, and more on the debate, here: 4/4

Community Activism Toolkit to Prevent Violence Against Children
This toolkit, from Raising Voices (Uganda), provides organizations and individual community activists with ideas and practical tools to mobilize communities for VAC prevention.…
Women politicians pay too high a personal cost for their leadership… via @ConversationUK

International Women’s Day: The exclusion of Afghanistan’s women
Eighty percent of school-aged Afghan girls and young women – totalling 2.5 million people – continue to be out of school.

Scientific conferences: Why meeting face-to-face still matters
In person meetings are still vital in creating and sustaining academic communities.…

Confronting Far-Right Masculinities - Implications for NGOs. A piece on how the far right uses masculinity in its narratives, and how non-government organisations can challenge the far right.…

Improving heterosexual men’s sexual skills and communication: *Reading* about women’s bodies and sexual satisfaction makes a difference. Experimental study: young men who read from “Becoming Cliterate” showed improved sexual beliefs and communication compared to a control group. [Plus graphic, Warshowsky, Cliteracy for him - effectiveness of bibliotherapy – Abstract]

As Fathers, We Must Commit to Dismantling the Patriarchy. The power structure in place, the white patriarchy, has benefitted many fathers, but it is actually standing in the way of things being OK for our children.

“Men can be amazing carers. When they actively care for their children, they become more emotionally open and nurturing. They better role model gender equality at home by sharing the parenting load, [...] and supporting their partner.” @BroadAgenda5050

Consent is more than a hurdle you clear to Get The Sex. Friedman on what real consent requires… “the very things required for a deep moral sexual consent practice are the things forbidden by our dominant, toxic ideas about what it means to be a man”. [Plus graphic, Friedman, Sex and consent – Summary]

Preventing sexual violence: Programs / interventions must be long and intensive enough to make change. 1-hour, 1-session efforts won’t change behaviour or have lasting effects. Degue’s “systematic review of primary prevention strategies” – full text here: [Plus graphic, DeGue, A systematic review of primary prevention strategies 2014 p. 357]

Men and boys have a vital role to play in preventing and reducing men’s violence against women and girls. Massive collection of resources here: readings, speeches, manuals, discussions of key debates, bibliographies, my book, etc.

One key reason many men don’t recognise our roles in preventing and reducing rape is that we fail to realise that most rapes are by men known to the victim, in a familiar location, without serious physical injury, and that rapes are common. Many men have a mistaken idea of rape. 1/6

Men often imagine some crazed guy, in a park, violently raping a passing woman. Men often don’t think of what’s far more common: A man pressuring his date into sex. A man expecting that his wife will have sex whenever he wants to. A man taking advantage of a drunk woman. Etc. 2/6

Men, and to a lesser extent women, often believe, mistakenly, that most rapes are by strangers, in a public place, & involving severe physical force, contributing to the neglect of the reality of sexual violence and to victim-blaming. Report, p. 54:… 3/6 [Plus graphic, ANROWS, Australians’ attitudes to violence against women and gender equality NCAS Findings 2018 Real rape script]

This ‘real rape’ myth means that we underestimate the real rate of rape, make problematic distinctions between ‘deviant’ men and the ‘normal’ majority of men, and make women themselves responsible to prevent and/ or counter the threat of rape. 4/6

Incidents that do not fit the ‘classic’/’real’ rape scenario – most rapes - tend to be dismissed or denied. Harder for women to name their experiences as rape when these occur in private spaces, by normal men who they know and have a relationship with, & without extreme force 5/6

Men must learn about the realities of men’s sexual violence against women. It’s common, by ordinary men, and supported by widespread cultural norms about gender and sexuality. And men must, with women, work to foster cultures of consent and equality.… 6/6

Sexual assault and harassment in the beer industry: Here’s a valuable piece on the individual, workplace and societal scale change needed to tackle the issues of sexism, sexual assault and gender inequality, by The Crafty Pint. @Matt_B_Tyler @TheCraftyPint

Young Australians’ attitudes to violence against women: There are areas for real concern. Some young men think control is a normal part of a relationship. Some endorse male dominance in relationships. Some have poor understandings of sexual consent. 1/2

Among 16-24 year-olds, males have narrower definitions of violence and abuse and are less likely than females to recognise non-physical forms. They’re less aware that DV and SV are common. And they have poorer knowledge, e.g. less aware that SV is most often by someone known. 2/2

National Domestic and #FamilyViolence Bench Book: A rich resource for understanding domestic and family violence and legal responses to these. 2020 edition has 220 new resources, including section on victims as (alleged) perpetrators. See @UQLaw

Victims’ and survivors’ experiences of domestic and family violence: It’s vital to understand these, as part of understanding DFV. The National Domestic and #FamilyViolence Bench Book provides summaries of victims’ stories, linking to info & research. See

When men have close male friendships and male peer groups based on sexist and patriarchal norms and behaviours, they are more likely to perpetrate domestic and sexual violence. Our Watch’s influential ‘Change the Story’ framework spells it out, p. 28. See [Plus graphic, Our Watch, Change the story - Male peer relations p.28]

Conservatives hate wokeness. Don’t trigger them by asking what it means The right’s use of "woke" is amorphous by design. It is to be a loaded catch-all for things they don’t like and a stand-in for slurs they can’t say in public.…

What YouTube hustle gurus are really selling you YouTube and TikTok are plagued with 20-something “passive income” bros who want your attention — and your money. By Rebecca Jennings @rebexxxxa… via @voxdotcom

Data 'silos' giving inaccurate picture of domestic violence prevalence across Australia Better data is needed to set successful targets for the reduction of domestic violence.…

A manly divorce Straight men rarely write about the end of their marriages. Our enduring ideas about gender explain this silence.…

New data shows 1 in 3 women have experienced physical violence and sexual violence remains stubbornly persistent  By Kate Fitz-Gibbon and Bridget Harris… via @ConversationEDU

In military academies, 1 in 5 female students and 1 in 23 male students said they experienced sexual assault

What is the manosphere and why is it a concern?
Introductory piece by Jessica Aiston, October 2021

Ending ‘Gender Wars’: Why Dismantling Patriarchy isn’t Anti-Male
Blog entry, Next Gen Men, Canada… @NextGenMen

Understanding and Preventing Incel Violence in Canada
Includes evidence-based recommendations to identify risk and respond to incel-related violence
Full report:
[Plus graphic, Moonshot, Understanding and Preventing Incel Violence in Canada 2021 - Incels summary]

The “manosphere” is getting more toxic as angry men join the incels
Men from the less extreme end of the misogynistic spectrum are drifting toward groups that espouse violence against women, a new study suggests.
By Tanya Basu
February 7, 2020

One-third of childhood sexual abuse is perpetrated by another child. Shannon Molloy tells his story – and urges us not to look away… via @ConversationEDU @HigginsDaryl

What can state and federal governments and community organisations do to build a movement of men and boys committed to violence prevention and gender equality? This Canadian report provides clear and actionable strategies.… @wells_lana [plus graphic, Wells, Building a movement of men and boys committed to violence prevention and gender equality in Alberta 2022 – Cover]

Men &: An initiative connecting with men who are looking for help to improve their mental health and relationships. Includes guides, resources, articles, and tips.
Based in Canada, but relevant for a wide variety of men.
Andrew Tate is an example of a new wave of explicitly sexist, anti-feminist, and misogynist social influencers. They overlap with the “manosphere”, the online ecosystem of anti-women websites. Their teachings harm girls and women, *and* boys and men.

Using data on gender-related attitudes and behaviours: What are effective ways to use this data to inform policy, programming, and advocacy? What should you do, and not do? Useful discussion in this Equimundo ‘research to action toolkit’:…

There is good discussion in the toolkit on *how* to present gender-related data. For example, simply presenting the ‘bad news’, e.g. on young men’s support for Andrew Tate, can *intensify* this support. Other messages can stigmatise vulnerable groups.

Recent media stories on young men’s support for Andrew Tate sometimes have made this mistake.
Some of the tips in the toolkit:
Use data to uplift, inspire, focus, and advance the movement for gender equality, violence prevention, care equality, and public health

“find the balance between highlighting social ills and injustices on the one hand, while on the other hand, keeping a strong pro-equality analytical voice and a principled, aspirational tone”
Draw upon positive attitudes that are widely held to demonstrate public support

Build the good kind of social norms
E.g., highlight situations where there is more widespread agreement with positive pro-equality ideas than people think.
Don’t put forward high rates of agreement with harmful ideas without context or complexity…

How the media represent men’s murders of women influences how they are perceived. When the crime was labeled as “love killing” rather than a “murder”, male readers in particular saw the male perpetrator more as a loving person and had higher levels of victim-blaming. [Plus graphic, Schnepf, “Domestic Drama,” “Love Killing,” or “Murder” - Does the Framing of Femicides 2023 – Abstract]

A friend tells you that she has been raped or assaulted. What should you do and say? 3 key elements: (1) Listen. (2) Believe. (3) Respect. See this toolkit for violence prevention in men’s daily lives, “Men Speak Up”, p. 16,  [Plus graphic, Flood, Men speak up 2011 p. 17 - Support victims]

Engaging men in preventing men’s violence against women: What are the implications of scholarship on men and masculinities for this work? Journal article in The Lancet by Jewkes, Flood, and Lang, here: [Plus Lancet graphic, Jewkes Flood Lang, From work with men and boys 2014 p 6]

Violence against women: Why do many men stay silent in the face of domestic & sexual violence against women? What stops men from taking action to prevent & reduce this violence and being part of the solution? See pp 126-136 of my book, FREE in PDF here:… [Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention 2018 p. 126]

Pornography: Of course it's fake. But it is also real people having real sex; real gender inequality and aggression; and real implications for young people who are navigating sexuality with porn as default sex educator.

Andrew Tate and other male supremacist influencers are popular because they: Tap into longstanding sexist norms. Tap into some males' sense of aggrieved entitlement. Sell a traditional image of 'alpha' masculinity. Make effective use of marketing. Etc.…

The dark side of fantasy
If you are outraged by Andrew Tate, why aren’t you outraged by online porn? @BareReality

Where Women’s Leadership Development Programs Fall Short
"for every woman you send to a leadership development program, send a proportional number of male leaders for inclusive leadership, allyship, or cultural humility development to improve their gender intelligence."

Without any broader effort to advance women or accountability from managers and leaders, women’s leadership development programs can signal that women are deficient and need fixing, that the problem is women’s inability to compete with men, and can amplify gender stereotypes. 2/3

@HChristensenPhD… 3/3

Radical feminism: Here's an interesting graphical summary of radical feminism's typical or defining positions.
Also see the introductions to radical feminism, some in full text (PDF), here:…

The times they aren’t a-changin (enough)
Examination of the sex pay gap in Australia, by the Australia Institute and the Centre for Future Work. Highlights sex disparities across income levels, occupations and ages, and in unpaid work. 47 page report.

Men across the globe may be profoundly affected by a core belief about manhood, according to study of 62 nations
Men tend to die earlier in life in countries where the belief that manhood is “hard won and easily lost” is more widespread.…

Are you addressing suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, or risky driving? Then part of your work should be addressing masculinity, as conformity to stereotypical masculine norms is an important influence on men’s involvement in these behaviours. Report: [Plus graphic, JSS, Fact-sheet-2-Impact-of-Man-Box-attitudes - Impact diagram]

Sexist white men are the super spreaders of climate denialism
Research finds that there is a tight relationship between harmful forms of masculinity, right-wing extremism, and the refusal to deal with the climate crisis.

Andrew Tate says he is suffering in a prison cell "because the general structure of the world I was brought up in allowed and encouraged me to dehumanize women and gave me the entitlement to manipulate and use them for my own gain."
Satire, The Onion…

"Unfortunately, the patriarchy has impressionable young men believing that a guy who hides his insecurities with surface-level wealth and abuses vulnerable women to make himself feel more powerful has the answer to how to be the “ideal man."

How Upper Lips Got Stiff
The truism that “boys don’t cry” is a Western social convention. Colonialism and imperialism made sure it spread East.

Happy International Women’s Day! As a man I say: Here’s to strong feminist girls and women. May we know them. May we raise them. May we support them. May we join in advocacy with them. #IWD2023 (For more on IWD, see

On a more personal note: I am deeply grateful for the feminist women I have known: friends, partners, colleagues, allies, and others. My connections with them, and my involvements in pro-feminist advocacy and scholarship, have been profoundly enriching and inspiring. So, thankyou

Laura Bates wrote the definitive book on online misogyny – which led to the police installing a panic alarm in her home. Bates explains how the ‘manosphere’ radicalises boys, how the media feeds the problem – and why she is still hopeful.…

Mass Shootings, Violence Against Women, and the Amendment That Could Forge a Path Forward.” Careful analysis of the links between mass shootings, men’s violence against women, and masculinity, in the California Law Journal (2019).

Guns: The American fantasy of the ‘good guy with a gun’, stopping criminals, is not matched by the evidence. Those who carry guns often have their own guns used against them. And a civilian with a gun is more likely to be killed than to kill an attacker. [Plus graphic, Lee, How the ‘good guy with a gun’ became a deadly American fantasy 2018 Quote]

Four Reasons Why Catcalling is Not a Compliment. (Women often hear the retort that the harassment we face in public spaces should be viewed as nothing more than complimentary. Dr Bianca Fileborn outlines why this attempt at dismissal doesn’t cut it.)

Stereotypical and sexist attitudes towards gender contribute to domestic and sexual violence. Useful account in the @ANROWS report on attitudes. E.g., socialisation of men to be sexually dominant, callous, etc. See section 9, p63-76 of [Plus graphic, ANROWS, Australians’ attitudes to violence against women and gender equality NCAS Findings 2018 p65 Attitudes]

Male sexuality isn’t brutal by default. It’s dangerous to suggest it is. Feminists reject the idea that men are inherently dangerous or predatory, explain violence as social, and believe that things can be better. Jessica Valenti, 2018. @JessicaValenti…

Men: Show up for International Women's Day
Show up, lean in, and listen
Check out this great invitation to men from the group Fck the Cupcakes: @fckthecupcakes
It's full of good, accessible advice on how men can show up, educate ourselves, and be an ally.

How to fight toxic masculinity
‘Toxic masculinity’ is a rigid set of narrow ideals about being a man, that limit men’s lives and feed into harms to others. So, some tips on challenging toxic masculinity
By Ellen Hendriksen, 2019…

Offer a reality check. Men consistently overestimate the sexism of other men. So give men a reality check about men’s actual levels of support for sexism
Be vocal about opting out of the man box. When men see other men making healthy choices, it gives permission to do so.

Make clear that any activity is manly if a man is passionate about it.
Because when men feel that their masculinity is threatened, they may respond with masculine over-compensation, including in destructive ways.

Encourage multiple roles and relationships. (Rather than all men relying entirely on one relationship and defining their lives only in terms of their provider roles.)…

For four key strategies for shifting narrow, patriarchal models of masculinity and fostering healthier, equitable masculinities among boys and men, also see pp. 50-52 of my discussion on the 'Man Box', here:

Deepfake pornography involves fake sexual videos and images where women’s faces are artificially edited into porn. These are often weaponised to tarnish women’s reputations, silence them, or extort money.

But there is a widespread unwillingness to see deepfake pornography as abuse, and a troubling lack of empathy for the women subject to it. Some say that ‘women are fair game' because they are rich, popular, pretty, or simply online. This indicates our culture’s pervasive sexism.

Racism is the root cause of the current issues around Alice Springs
Alcohol restrictions are back in the Northern Territory, but they're the easy option. Governments time and time again turn their heads away from the real issues and fail to hear our voices…

Domestic violence and gender: Apparent findings that men and women are using DV at similar rates must be interpreted with caution, for 4 reasons. 1) Most studies are just ‘counting the blows’, measuring any use of a set list of violent acts. False positives and over-reporting 1/3

2) There is evidence that men are less likely than women to report their own use of violence. 3) More of women’s than men’s violence is in self-defence. 4) Even where overall rates of the use of various violent acts are similar among males and females, males’ use of violence...

4) Even where overall rates of the use of violent acts are similar among males and females, males’ use of violence is more frequent, severe, fear-inducing, injurious, and harmful than females’ use of violence.

Femicides: the undeclared war on women in Europe
This cross-border investigation sheds light on femicides and rising violence against women at the time of the pandemic in Europe, as well as on the staggering shortage of up-to-date data on these phenomena.…

Hags: the demonisation of middle-aged women
A new book by Victoria Smith is an angry defence of the right of middle-aged women to be heard without being demonised. @glosswitch

Gun availability and suicide: A study of state firearm regulations in the US over 1995-2004 finds that, “firearms regulations which function to reduce overall gun availability have a significant deterrent effect on male suicide” (Andres and Hempstead, 2011). [Plus graphic, Andres, Gun control and suicide 2011 – Abstract]

Guns and suicide: When guns are available, ‘successful’ suicides are more likely. Thoughts of suicide are often impulsive, and can pass if the means to try suicide are not available. Limiting access to *means* of suicide is an effective prevention strategy… [Plus graphic, Lewiecki, Suicide, Guns, and Public Policy 2013 1st page]

Harmful Masculine Norms and Bullying: Bullying behaviors often share common root causes: the perpetrator’s desire to demonstrate power and control over the victim, and the use of bullying to enforce gender conformity. Short brief by @equimundo_org…

When women live with violence by a male intimate partner, there are powerful obstacles to them leaving. Fear. Lack of alternative housing or income. Others’ unhelpful responses. Concerns for children’s safety. Etc. Useful account, p.83:… @ANROWS @VicHealth

Teenage boys with progressive attitudes about gender are less likely to be violent, study finds. (Teenage boys with progressive attitudes about gender are much less likely to bully or use violence than peers with rigid, traditional views of masculinity.)

Healthy masculinities and the wellbeing of young men and boys
Encouraging equality starts at school
Short piece in the British Medical Journal, here:

Grasping Patriarchal Backlash: A Brief for Smarter Countermoves
A 6-page brief from the Institute of Development Studies, on key agents of backlash, how backlash works, and strategic countermoves.… @IDS_UK

Why this IWD what women want is for men to show up
Founder of industry initiative, Fck The Cupcakes, and CEO of Innocean Australia Jasmin Bedir, asks that this IWD, men look to make a contribution.…

Prevention toolkit for local government
By the national violence prevention organisation Our Watch

Tweets in February 2023

In the UK, law reform will see domestic abuse categorised as a national threat; serious perpetrators will be added to the violent and sex offender register; and police will be required to treat VAW with the same seriousness as they would terrorism.…

Anti-feminist backlash online against academic research: Attacks on feminist researchers and research spread misogynistic, white-supremacist, and heteronormative ideology in a vain attempt to silence feminist scholars [Plus graphic, Dej, "Die alone, old, and let the cat eat your face" 2023 – Abstract]

Affirmative consent: New policy position paper on affirmative consent by WESNET, a network including women’s refuges, shelters, safe houses and information/referral services.

Older women are doing remarkable things – it's time for the putdowns to end
The gender pay gap is bigger for some women than others – here’s how to work it out…

Hags (new book by Victoria Smith): This rigorous defence of middle-aged women, who are ignored and vilified, is an often painful read and a future classic.… @glosswitch

Coercive men hide in plain sight
Not all abuse victims have visible scars
BY Julie Bindel @bindelj

Misogyny in policing: Police responses describing predatory police perpetrators of violence against women and girls as “unspeakably evil” suggests they are rare. But they are actually part of a long, systemic pattern of misogyny in policing.…

Australia’s gender pay gap falls to narrowest on record but women still earn less in every industry…

MPs urge crackdown on pornography to tackle violence against women
All-party group says there is extensive evidence that consuming pornography fuels sexual violence
(For summaries of and links to the research evidence, see here:

Men’s violence against women: character, causes, & consequences – Check out the XY collection of key readings and reports in FULL TEXT here:

Violence against men and violence against women are interrelated: Gender norms and social constructions of masculinity are at the root of most violence perpetrated by men against women & against other men. Full text, by Fleming, here:… [plus graphic, Fleming, Men’s violence 2015 – Abstract]

Men’s rape of women: A study among over 10,000 men across 6 countries in Asia and the Pacific finds that the most common motivation for rape was sexual entitlement - men’s belief that they have the right to sex. Full report:… [Plus graphic, Fulu, Why do some men p. 39]

Videos on violence, consent, and violence prevention etc: Here’s a collection of 100+ YouTube videos providing powerful, engaging, and/or humourous discussion of consent, violence against women, etc, as well as men and gender, men’s roles in feminism, etc.…

Domestic violence: There are significant contrasts in women’s and men’s experiences of victimisation, as this review of studies over 2002-2013 finds. Women are more highly victimised, injured, and fearful than men. Hamberger and Larsen’s article, in full:… [Plus graphic, Hamberger, Men’s and Women’s Experience of Intimate Partner Violence Review 2015 – Abstract]

Domestic violence: Women are far more likely than men to live with intimate terrorism. Strong gender contrasts in DV. Among victims, women are far more likely than men to… [Plus Flood graphic gender contrasts]

Sexual consent: There is a long way to go in building a culture of consent in Australia. Too many people don’t recognise consent must be actively sought and freely given, and excuse men raping as ‘uncontrollable’. @ANROWS NCAS survey, p.90 full report: [Plus graphic, ANROWS, Australians’ attitudes to violence against women and gender equality NCAS Findings 2018 p90 consent]

Why are teachers mostly female? Because men get better pay in other professions
For men, the ‘opportunity cost’ of becoming a teacher is higher than for women, because of wider differences in salaries. So men and women make different choices about teaching…

If we compare the salaries of men in teaching to men in other professions, and women in teaching to women in other professions, men give up far higher salaries than women by choosing teaching.

Men supporting workplace gender inequality: One key way that men can make change is to challenge “boys’ clubs” – informal male-dominated networks of patronage and power. Instead, push for networks and socialising that *everyone* can participate in.…

For plenty more on men’s positive roles in building workplace gender equality, see
Free guides, tipsheets, reports, and more.

Feminism taught me all I need to know about men like Trump and Putin
Like all abusive men, dictators seek to control who can speak and which narratives are believed. The only difference is scale.
By Rebecca Solnit @RebeccaSolnit…

Why do men kill their families?
Eloise Hendy talks to criminologists and experts on domestic violence about why women and children are being murdered by their partners…

Why have young men fallen out of love with romantic relationships?
Men aren’t naturally stoic: they’re just taught from a young age that emotions are for girls – and then people wonder why young men are so lonely…

The documentary “The Dangerous Rise of Andrew Tate” (Australia: SBS on Demand; UK: BBC Three) tracks the meteoric rise of the ‘king of toxic masculinity’, and gives a voice to some of the women affected by this militant misogynist.

Tools for Developing Positive Masculinity
Some practical tools for men’s mental health, on the Psychology Today blog

A message to our sponsors on International Women’s Day.
When companies take up feminist concerns and use the language of feminism in their messaging, when is it inauthentic, self-serving, and antithetical to feminist goals, and when can it actually serve women’s interests? 1/3

Corporate feminism is a good example of ‘neoliberal feminism’: it ignores large-scale structural issues, offering only individualised solutions. Corporate gestures to ‘empower’ women may be contradictory, e.g. encouraging conformity to oppressive beauty standards. 2/3

Corporate messages on IWD tend to be fleeting moments of feelgood celebration, not preludes to any kind of collective action. And it’s the latter we should celebrate, as only they make real progress towards gender equality. 3/3

What sort of language about pregnancy, birth, lactation, breastfeeding and newborn care should be used in nursing, medicine, and health communication? This journal article argues for the value of language naming sex and inclusive of gender.

Equal paid parental leave could provide the economic boost Australia needs | Jessica Mizrahi
Australia’s parental leave rules entrench old social gender roles. Making them equal and gender-neutral could be our ticket out of a recession.

Gender and gender inequalities influence the impact of and responses to disasters. Traditional gender roles shape how men and women respond. Family violence can worsen. Gender inequalities can intensify.
Resources from Municipal Association of Victoria:…

Intersectionality: Here is a 169-word summary of its key elements, summarised from a new journal article on intersectionality and social justice in programs for boys and men, by Amanda Keddie, Michael Flood, and Shelley Hewson-Munro. @amandaMkeddie  [Plus graphic, Keddie Flood Hewson-Munroe, Intersectionality and social justice in programs for boys and men 2022 - Intersectionality summary; abstract]

Can men help take down patriarchy?
With the rise of right wing populism and authoritarian strongmen in positions of power, patriarchy seems more entrenched than ever. It is more important than ever to engage men in the struggle for gender equality.…

Gender and partner abandonment after illness: Comparing women and men with a diagnosis of cancer or multiple sclerosis, a woman is six times more likely to be separated or divorced by the spouse or partner soon after diagnosis.
Summary: [Plus graphic, Glantz, Gender Disparity in the Rate of Partner Abandonment in Patients With Serious Medical Illness 2009 – Abstract]

Kindness for clicks: MrBeast and the problem of philanthropy as spectacle…

The Dangerous Rise of Andrew Tate review – you’d laugh if you weren’t already crying
The jailed misogynist blusters and rants his way through a noxious interview that says as much about the cancerous state of our society as it does about him… #AndrewTate

Men are more likely to use violence against women if they hold attitudes that condone, minimise, excuse, or justify that violence. This is evident in 4 recent meta-analyses and systematic analyses, p. 36 of new report. Sexual violence is shaped by 'hostile masculinity'. 1/2

‘Hostile masculinity’ – based on sexual dominance, hostility toward women, adversarial sexual beliefs, acceptance of rape myths, and acceptance of violence – is a consistent predictor of men’s sexual violence perpetration. See pp. 36-38 of free report: [Plus graphic, Who uses domestic, family, and sexual violence, how, and why - The State of Knowledge Report on Violence Perpetration 2023 – Cover]

The splashback scandal: should all men sit down to urinate?
The Germans call them Sitzpinklers, and more and more men are now taking the weight off their feet in the bathroom. It could be good for their health – and help protect the family toothbrushes…

How can we adapt intimate partner violence prevention programs for different populations and contexts?
This 68-page guide, supported by the Sexual Violence Research Initiative, offers a framework and key steps. Free at…

Introductory Guide to Understanding Misogyny and the Far-Right
Misogyny and gender identity can play a linking role between various far-right ideologies and groups both online and offline…
By @Alex_Phelan @J_White692 @WallnerClaudia & James Paterson

Resource Package and Training Modules for Promoting Gender-Transformative Parenting
Challenging gender norms and gender inequalities to create a more equitable environment for all children to thrive @UNICEF

Why locking up youth offenders fails to reduce crime – and what we should be doing instead
Contrary to political rhetoric in Queensland, incarceration does not rehabilitate young people. It only exposes them to more violence.
By Professor Ross Homel…

International Women's Day is coming up, and Gippsland Women's Health wants to help you and your organisation leave pinkwashing in the past. We want to see more action and less cupcakes.
GWH International Women's Day toolkit:… #IWD2023 @GippslandWomensHealth

Women and men getting jobs, being recruited, and promoted: There is evidence of gender biases against women and towards men at every stage of the employment cycle. WGEA paper on the research, and on equitable recruitment and promotion (2019):… @WGEAgency

The WHO alcohol-pregnancy warning for childbearing women overlooks men, as usual
Men who drink can damage fetuses as well, but they aren’t mentioned by the World Health Organization. The entire burden — and blame — of childbirth is still put on women.…

Women’s rights must be at the center of the global recovery. (If men are serious about being feminists, we have to cede space and relinquish privileges we and our forefathers have enjoyed for centuries.) By Ban Ki-moon, former secretary-general of the UN.

Checking Under the Dashboard: Gender Bias in Data and Tech. By Stephanie Mikkelson.

Gender Bias in Data and Tech - Detailing Tech-Facilitated Harms. This article details tech-facilitated direct harms (online GBV) and indirect harms (algorithmic bias, data bias, data security, gender-blind tech) against women and girls.

Why are there few women in skilled trades? This systematic review identifies factors that exclude / push women out: gender stereotypes about the work, pervasive sexual harassment, ‘boys’ club’ cultures, men informally hiring men, gender socialisation etc.

Gender inequality and the workplace: Why do men and women end up in differing occupations and at differing levels of professions? The book chapter, “Gender and diversity in the workforce”, by Lloyd-Jones et al. provides a useful explainer. Download at…

Why talking about toxic masculinity is getting trickier
Podcast / interview, ABC Radio National, All In the Mind
Plus a handy transcript…
#ToxicMasculinity #Healthymasculinity @socialmediaQUT @RadioNational

‘Gender trolling’ is curbing women’s rights – and making money for digital platforms
Lucina Di Meco
Online hate has become a tool of the right and a lucrative business. It’s driving women out of public life, putting democracy and human rights at risk.…

When the Bridezilla label was thrown my way, I realised no one was safe from this sexist trope…

How can London's police force ever regain the trust of women?
How a toxic code of [patriarchal] loyalty allowed criminal cops to thrive in London’s police force. One of Britain's worst sex offenders in history was using his police badge to aid his crimes.…

Elon Musk has put every lost young man on Twitter in the crosshairs of the far right.
Letting the expert online recruiters Patriotic Alternative back on the platform isn’t a win for free speech but for fascism.…

Gender gaps in countries in and around the Middle East and North Africa remain stubbornly entrenched, despite positive trends
Clear majorities in the 12 countries in which the survey was conducted still hold traditional views on gender norms.…

'Oh girl, you better run': Why Polynesians are cross-checking their boyfriends with 7,000 other women
Tongan woman Esitia Tupou moderates a Facebook page for Polynesians in Brisbane where they expose men they claim cheat on girlfriends, wives, & families.…

The draw of the ‘manosphere’: understanding Andrew Tate’s appeal to lost men
By Ben Rich and Eva Bujalka, Curtin University… #AndrewTate

The New Conservative Strategy of Civilian Surveillance and Paid Snitches
First the GOP offered a bounty for "aiding or abetting" abortion. Now it's offering a bounty on librarians who stock banned books, and bringing back Victorian-era obscenity laws.

Some men terrorise women, not with physical violence, but with threats, rage, and self-pitying resentment, and claim that "nothing happened". And when other men shout at women (e.g. in Parliament), it is a reminder of this.
By Victoria Smith @glosswitch

Victoria has implemented all 227 recommendations from its royal commission into family violence. It has achieved signicant reforms. And next: 1) We need ongoing strategic vision and leadership. 2) We must not lose sight of prevention 3)..… @ConversationEDU

Why do men who kill their families still receive sympathetic news coverage?
By Dr Denise Buiten… via @ConversationEDU

How We Describe Male and Female Job Applicants Differently. Harvard Business Review, 2018.…. (Thanks to @betterallies for noting this.)

Why Women’s Spaces are Critical to Feminist Autonomy. By Patricia McFadden, a radical African Feminist/Scholar, 2007.…

Ijeoma Oluo’s Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America. Feminist journal Signs’ "Short Takes" series discusses the book, with short pieces by Jude Ellison S. Doyle, Saida Grundy, Kate Manne, and Imran Siddiquee. See

Menstruation and period sex: If a woman’s partner is grossed out by her body carrying out a natural process, she probably shouldn’t stay with them, writes Nadia Bokody.

Time for a sharper focus on gender equality in corporate giving
Says this new report from the Champions of Change Coalition, developed in partnership with Australians Investing In Women (AIIW):… @champs_change @AIIWomen

Feminist reading for your bedside table. There is a whole bunch of great, accessible books out there to inspire your feminist knowledge and advocacy. Full bibliography at…, including sections on academic & more accessible introductions. Suggestions welcome. [Plus graphic, Feminist books popular some]

The sociological explanation for why men in America turn to gun violence: Tristan Bridges (2017) on why mass shootings are committed by men, and why US men more than other countries. [Plus graphic, Bridges, The sociological explanation for why men in America turn to gun violence Oct 7 2017 - Why men]

Domestic violence among women during the COVID-19 pandemic: An Australian study finds that violence began, or escalated, with the pandemic. Survey of 15,000 Australian women in the initial stages of the pandemic, May 2020. [Plus graphic, Boxall, The prevalence of domestic violence among women during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020 Summary]

New report, ‘Masculinities and Preventing Violent Extremism: Making the Connections’ seeks to shed light on the question, “What do masculinities have to do with violent extremism?”… @equimundo_org

Domestic Violence is a gendered crime. By Barry Goldstein, Stop Abuse Campaign (USA). Including on violence and abuse in family court cases.… via @AbuseStoppers

New book, “The tough standard: The hard truths about masculinity and violence”. Explains the connections between masculinity and violence, calling for healing ideals of manhood. Review by Christopher Kilmartin here:…. See

Why Society Goes Easy on Rapists.
Our criminal justice system still doesn’t take seriously one of the most heinous acts a person can commit. By Lili Loofbourow, 2019.…

Parents, talk to your sons about Andrew Tate – we teachers can’t take him on alone
The messages of toxic, misogynist influencers can reach children more easily than ever – schools and families need to work together to prepare them.
By Lola Okolosie…

Men’s accountability for gender equality
Working Group on discrimination against women and girls: Achieving gender equality requires a shift from men’s mere engagement, to men's roles in redistributing power and dismantling systems of male privilege.…

How to successfully engage boys in gender equity (Global Fund for Children, 2019). Story on an initiative addressing deep gender disparities in Mexico and Central America, successful in promoting change in gender norms and roles. [Plus graphic, Global Fund for Children, How to successfully engage boys in gender equity 2019. - Main Findings]

Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Transformation: This 16-pp brief by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) explores how to introduce a gender-transformative approach in addressing gender inequalities particularly by engaging men and boys.… [Plus graphic, SDC, Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Transformation 2019 – Cover]

Most people want boys to be respectful, helpful and kind, but many find society imposes outdated rules about how to be a man. Boys need to know we’ll support them if they show their feelings. Visit @VicHealth to see how you can help:

Consent Campaign Guidebook: Provides step-by-step advice for creating a Consent Campaign in schools, lesson plans for grades 7-10, and helpful materials and resources for parents and others. Vermont Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence @VTNetwork [Plus graphic, Vermont Network Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, Consent Campaign Guidebook 2019 – Cover]

Prevention of violence against women and safer pathways to services: Ten research insights from the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Projects with Action Research (CALD PAR) initiative. See

Experts by Experience Framework: On survivor advocates’ roles. Designed to enhance the ability of specialist family violence services to provide opportunities for survivor advocates to influence policy development, service planning and practice.…

The myth of the abusive protesters: The idea that anti-Vietnam war activists in Australia confronted returning soldiers at airports and in the streets seems to be a made-up myth. Inside Story:

Allyship, e.g. by white people in support of anti-racism: there are differences between performative allyship and real allyship. By Holiday Phillips, in @forgemag…

Research: What Fragile Masculinity Looks Like at Work
When men feel that their gender identity is being questioned or threatened, they are much more likely than women in similar situations to respond by engaging in harmful behaviors. Strategies & solutions…

Is toxic masculinity driving as dangerous as drunk driving? (On a new French campaign encouraging men to shun macho posturing and aggression behind the wheel.)… @globeandmail

Also see this XY collection on men, masculinity, and driving, showing that men are more likely than women to condone and to practise risky driving behaviours, and that this is shaped by norms of masculinity:

Andrew Tate is just one piece of a toxic internet subculture. Here's how to combat it.
Andrew Tate’s violent, misogynistic teachings are seeping into classrooms
How to counter the “tidal wave of misogyny” spurred by anti-feminist influencers.… via @msnbc

The death of Tyre Nichols — and the cost of stereotypical Black masculinity
Behind that night in Memphis lie the lessons too many Black boys and men learn about toughness and violence.…

‘Close’: The Oscar-Nominated Movie that Names the Threat in Our Sons’ Lives
Mark Greene: It is long past time for us to encourage and normalize a healthy masculine culture of authentic emotional expression and connection. @msmagazine @RemakingManhood

‘Rapid rise’ in Andrew Tate-related cases referred to Prevent by schools
Counter-extremism workers dealing with incidents including verbal harassment of female teachers and other pupils…

Popular entertainment and domestic abuse: the debate over the song "Delilah" (in which a man tells the story of murdering Delilah)
By @DrEmmaKatz…

How to respond when a coworker says something offensive
In their new book, ‘Say the Right Thing,’ two NYU law professors share ways to tactfully respond to the folks who still simply don’t get it.…

Unbiased hiring: A simple handout from Google describing common errors and biases that interview teams and assessors make and how to fix them. Free here:… @Google

From Outrage to Opportunity: How to Include the Missing Perspectives of Women of All Colors in News Leadership and Coverage
In editorial leadership roles and news coverage, women are significantly under-represented in an industry still dominated by men.

True crime: when voyeurism becomes harmful and exploitative
As internet sleuths swarm the Lancashire village where Nicola Bulley went missing, has our obsession with true crime finally gone too far? @David_Challen

International Women’s Day: The theme for this year is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”.
UN Women Australia refers to “Cracking the Code: Innovation for a gender equal future” (

However, the theme is *not* “#EmbraceEquity.” – that theme was invented by a corporate website, with no official role in #IWD. Each year the corporate-run website makes up a theme for IWD. But this is not the official IWD site. It's invented and unofficial

What NOT to do on International Women’s Day
How are you going to ensure your messaging and actions actually move the needle for gender equality?
By Elisabeth Anna Resch

The serious side of ‘mansplaining’ has been lost. That’s where the harm begins
The key context of the word is one part of a huge problem – of who gets listened to, and who gets believed
By Rebecca Solnit @RebeccaSolnit…

"If you spend your life being assumed to be less competent, less qualified to speak and less worthy of being listened to, more likely to be mocked, ignored or insulted, it inhibits your willingness to speak up and participate... it shapes how we perceive ourselves and others" 2/4

"Mansplaining’s meaning requires the broader context of intersecting inequalities and assumptions that play out in everyday life, with consequences that are occasionally amusing but too often nightmarish." 3/4

"My goal always was to advocate for a democracy of voice, for equality in who gets to speak, who’s heard, and who’s believed and respected when they speak, across all categories." 4/4

Fear of a Female Body
Controlling women's bodies is a hallmark of religious fundamentalism. Why are liberal institutions getting on board?
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

Women are using social media as 'Google reviews for men' to warn others about violence
Women are filtering out online dating's "bad seeds" by posting information on social media pages. But may be creating a defamation minefield.

Rise of the post-truth sex tape: Deepfake pornography is making women’s online lives even more frightening…

Programs and initiatives engaging men and boys in violence: How feminist and social justice-oriented is this work? What does the emergence of a “gender-transformative” standard mean? Discussion in this free book chapter on sexual violence prevention:…

Violence prevention work with men and boys shows an increasing emphasis on an intersectional approach. But it has limitations. Focuses especially on ethnicity and less on on other forms of difference. Focuses on disadvantage & neglects privilege. Chapter:…

What do we know about violence perpetration? Who uses domestic, family, and sexual violence? What are the drivers of perpetration? What are the typical trajectories of perpetration?
New report on violence perpetration, launched today. Download it free at…

What will it take to stop the rape and murder of women by men on probation?
Sonia Sodha
In an underfunded system, a killing a week is committed by former prisoners…

Women can reliably remember if they gave sexual consent when intoxicated, new study suggests.
It's wrong to doubt a woman's claim she was assaulted simply because she was drinking before it happened.… via @ConversationUK

Men and women in the US: There is a growing gender divide in politics. Particularly between college (university) educated women and non-college-educated men. E.g., on abortion, Trump, the environment, and the use of political force. [Plus graphic, Cox, Politics, Sex, and Sexuality - The Growing Gender Divide in American Life April 2022 - Political divide]

Most Americans say being viewed as masculine or feminine is not an important priority for them. Less than half of men (44%) & women (46%).
Being viewed as masculine is more important among men with conservative views. 55% of such men, vs 30% of liberal men

Not being masculine enough: About one in five (22%) men say they were criticized during their childhood for not acting like a man or not being masculine enough. Especially young men: 37%, compared to only 6% of senior men.

Sexual attraction: Young women are far more likely than young men to report feelings of physical attraction to both men and women. Among people aged 18-29, 75% of males, and only 56% of females, report attraction only to the other sex.
[Plus graphic, Cox, Politics, Sex, and Sexuality - The Growing Gender Divide in American Life April 2022 - Sexual attraction]

Building a movement of men and boys committed to violence prevention and gender equality: This new report provides the case for engaging men and boys in violence prevention, guides state government plans, and outlines strategies, skills, and approaches.…

For plenty more free resources on men's positive roles in ending men's violence against women, see the XY collection here:…
Speeches, guides, curricula, videos, research, and more.

Policy Lessons on Reducing Gender-based Violence Findings that: 1. Women’s economic empowerment can reduce GBV. 2. Social protection can reduce economic stress for women, but program design is key to achieving reductions in GBV

Violence prevention: Discussion groups that engage men can reduce intimate partner violence but results depend on context and implementation.
That’s the finding of various impact evaluations. Policy Lessons on Reducing Gender-based Violence:…

‘I Love Raping You’: What Andrew Tate Told Woman Who Accused Him of Rape
“Because the more you didn’t like it, the more I enjoyed it. I f**king loved how much you hated it. It turned me on.”

Building a movement of men and boys committed to violence prevention and gender equality in Alberta:
An innovative report that informs Canadian initiatives expanding work with men and boys to end violence and advance gender equality.…

Sextortion of boys on the rise as experts call for better awareness
More young Australian males seek help after being targeted by online offenders coercing them to send sexual images and threatening to share them unless they pay.…

They were found to have kissed, harassed, or groped patients, but these doctors are still allowed to practise
Almost 500 health practitioners have been sanctioned for sexual misconduct involving patients. Nearly a third are still allowed to work…

Note: An Australian study of notifications of sexual misconduct by health professionals documents that 88% of notifications were of male health professionals. These involved 0.6% of men and 0.03% of women in the health professions.

This suggests that men were 20 times as likely as women to perpetrate sexual misconduct. Two thirds (62%) of the female practitioner notifications involved inappropriate relationships, not harassment or assault (Bismark et al., 2020).

Steroids won’t cure toxic masculinity
Young men are killing themselves for an empty ideal

What's the Matter with (right-wing) Men?
The same factors driving shocking levels of male violence also drive conservative politics. And the Republican Party is fueling the bloodshed and disorder.
By Jill Filipovic @JillFilipovic

If someone is asleep and you start touching them sexually, this is *sexual assault*. People cannot consent when they are asleep. Or unconscious. Or too drunk or high to know what’s going on.
Canberra man found guilty of raping woman while she slept

Let me mansplain: studies reveal impact of condescension
US research using actors and volunteers finds women have negative outcomes but men are less affected…

The Toxic-Masculinity-Industrial Complex
How to Get Rich and Famous by Being an Abusive Creep on the Internet, and Why That Needs to Change
By Umair Haque @umairh

Anti-feminist “men’s rights” groups are heavily involved in the gun rights movement, major contributors to racist practices and discourses, and active participants in efforts to criminalize and curtail women’s access to abortion.
Journal article, free:

The misogynistic men making money for social media giants: Fury as TikTok and YouTube continue to host Andrew Tate-inspired influencers amassing millions of fans and charging up to £400 for tips on 'dominating women'…

What does it mean to get 'woman'd'?
There's a depressing inevitability when it comes to the short online life cycle of famous women.
By Rayne Fisher-Quann

“Male supremacist and alt-right grifters are using mental health to exploit male vulnerability and discontent, but their wellness rhetoric effectively functions as a Trojan horse to smuggle in more sinister agendas.. a return to pre-feminist gender roles"

“This vision of self-improvement is all about disconnection from emotion, local community and indeed the planet […] It is relentlessly individualistic and utterly devoid of empathy, vulnerability, generosity or creativity.”

Eight Women Say the Same Man Raped or Assaulted Them. Now They’re Out for Justice
When the system failed to help them, these survivors banded together and took matters into their own
Rolling Stone magazine… @RollingStone

These are the Australian occupations that continue to be segregated by gender
Women continue to remain in occupations that have traditionally been regarded as female-dominated. A new report says this gender segregation needs to be addressed.…

Indigenous Protesters Campaign to Make "Chineo" A Hate Crime in Argentina
Women and Indigenous groups denounce widespread sexual violence perpetrated against Indigenous girls and women in northern Argentina.

The Chilling: Global trends in online violence against women journalists
UNESCO paper on the sharp increase in online violence against women journalists. These attacks are bound up with disinformation, intersectional discrimination, and populist politics.

Andrew Tate: 1) Tate’s normalization of misogyny harms girls and young women.
Many young men are confused and lonely. But rather than encourage them to develop the interpersonal and relational skills that would improve their lives... @jacksontkatz

But rather than encourage them to develop the interpersonal and relational skills that would improve their lives, Tate teaches them to double down on tired cliches and cartoonish images of ‘manly’ strength and success. Tate and others advise young men to treat women badly.

Tate's and others' teachings produce young men who believe that men’s emotional and sexual needs come first, and that women’s most important role is to serve men.

At time when growing numbers of girls and women expect equal treatment and respect, this is a recipe for conflict if not sexual violence.

2) The ideal of “manhood” Tate promotes harms boys and young men.
Tate teaches boys selfish materialism, harassment, and control. Whereas boys need to develop skills in emotional intelligence, to thrive in relationships and at work.

3 in 4 people experience abuse on dating apps. How do we balance prevention with policing?
By Professor Kath Albury and Daniel Reeders…

Tinder launches safety feature to outline ‘house rules’ to protect daters
The popular dating app has launched a new safety feature aimed at protecting users from abuse.
News story:…
The safety guide:… @WESNETAustralia

‘Watch this creep’: the women exposing gym harassment on TikTok…

Contraception and gender equality: Data from 33 countries finds that increasing gender equality is positively associated with contraceptive use among both adolescent males and females. Including when controlling for national wealth and income equality. [Plus graphic, de Looze, Country-Level Gender Equality and Adolescents’ Contraceptive Use 2019 – Abstract]

“Nothing” is still something
Aggression against women comes in many forms
By Victoria Smith @glosswitch

Tweets in January 2023

Online dating safety: we need more than ID verification
By Kat Berney, for Broad Agenda… via @BroadAgenda5050

Join us for this INTERNATIONAL CONVERSATION with renowned speaker Tony Porter, a leading voice on issues of manhood, male socialization, and preventing violence against all women and girls
2/16/2023 12:00pm- 1:30pm (USA)

Violence Against Jacinda Ardern and Other Women Political Leaders Is an Attack on Democracy Itself
By Jackson Katz, Ms Magazine @msmagazine @jacksontkatz

Should misogyny (women-hating) be included in hate crime legislation (UK)? Deborah Cameron has doubts, as misogyny works differently e.g. from racism or homophobia. @wordspinster 1/2

“Misogyny, in short … is not a generalised hatred of women, but rather the punishment of women who refuse to stay in their subordinate place or to meet what men regard as their obligations.” @wordspinster 2/2

Ijeoma Oluo’s “Mediocre” Explores the Disaster of White Male Supremacy. @BitchMedia

Mediocre reveals how well-trodden American stories of “meritocracy” and “rugged individualism” have served to reinforce the false image of white American men as supermasculine heroes while blaming marginalized groups for their own dispossession and dehumanization.

A daughter asks her dad if she can use his tools. You bet! Who knows how it will end… [Plus graphic, Dad can I use your tools]

Sex Is Not A Substitute For Masturbating. Women are still encouraged to see masturbation as shameful, or as a consolation prize for sex. It’s time to end that. By Samantha Mann, Nov. 2018.

Sexism in politics: A sexist culture is firmly entrenched in Australian politics. It’s hard for women who suffer sexism and harassment within politics to do much about it from within. Male political leaders must step up, and show leadership and integrity…

#TradWives: sexism as gateway to white supremacy
The TradWives debate is a new and effective recruiting tool for the growing intersection between toxic masculinity and white supremacy.…

To Learn About the Far Right, Start With the ‘Manosphere’
The sexist world has become a recruiting ground for potential mass shooters.
By Helen Lewis, 2019.…

Why Understanding The UK Anti-Feminist Movement Is Vital To Countering The Far Right
Manosphere ideas have snowballed into an ideology that has taken on a life of its own, and for some it has served as a route into wider far-right politics (2019).…

Media reporting on violence against women: This website by @OurWatchAus support the media to step up and play its part in preventing violence against women and their children. Features resources for journalists, presenters, and journalism educators.

Toolkit for work with male victims of domestic violence: By Respect UK (2019), this toolkit is for male victims (whether in heterosexual or same-sex relationships). See  

Violence prevention and respectful relationships: Useful resources by @OurWatchAus designed to support those working with young people to promote positive, equal & respectful relationships. Primers on violence against women, its causes, gender, power, etc.

Shifting the line: By creating spaces for problem-posing discussions with small groups of boys and young men, it may be possible to support and nurture them towards a more critical perspective on gender and on the ethics of online communication. See

@NicolaGavey @Octavia_CD @j_legrice @DeepFriedDreams

Vulga Drawings: An excellent series of drawings, cartoons, and videos by Lily O’Farrell, often on topics of gender, masculinity, etc.
Check them out at

Engaging men in care and domestic work in Nepal related to water, sanitation, and hygiene: New report on the positive impacts of a community project, described in this 8-page brief: @SNVworld [Plus graphic, SNV, Engaging men to transform gender roles in WASH 2023 – Cover]

‘Gay glass ceiling’: why effeminate men get passed over for leadership roles
Masculine bias is present among gay and straight men, according to new research, and it’s having an effect on feminine men’s careers.…

The ‘merit trap’: We are drawn to those who think, look and act like us. This can be a problem for women working in male dominated environments, where gender bias disadvantages women and advantages men.
 [Plus graphic, CEW & Male Champions of Change, Avoiding the merit trap Aug 2016 p.6]

Reflect on your use of merit.
Evaluate candidates based on potential as well as on past performance.
Use processes that minimise bias.
Check your idea of the ‘best’ candidate’.
Check the job description. Etc.
Examples of companies taking action, pp. 8-11.

Mapping the Ideological Landscape of Extreme Misogyny
A detailed quantitative analysis of different misogynist communities online…

Pick Up Artists and “The Game”: Nice illustrated critique by Lily O’Farrell, part of her satirical cartoon project, Vulga Drawings

#NotAllMen fails to understand the role we play in holding abusive men to account
Why are so few men engaging in the issue of violence against women? @David_Challen

Also see further responses to #NotAllMen here:…
This is part of the page on the pro-feminist website XY on men’s positive roles in ending men’s violence against women.

A significant number of mass attacks are motivated by misogyny, new Secret Service report finds
96% of the attackers were male. Nearly half had a history of domestic violence, misogynistic behaviors, or both.… @DavidFutrelle

Engaging boys is a critical yet under-explored area of violence prevention in emergencies.
This annotated bibliography provides an overview of relevant literature, evaluations, and programmatic examples for engaging boys in GBV prevention programming.…

Work to engage men and boys in gender equality can have positive results for women’s rights and other social justice causes. At the same time, despite good intentions, it can cause harm when done without proper care. So accountability is key: @MenEngage

One in 10 children ‘have watched pornography by time they are nine’
Report by children’s commissioner for England finds worrying amount of content involves violence
Guardian article:
Full report:…
#Pornography #Violence

No-one should live in fear of abuse.
Let’s all be part of the change. Everyone can do something to challenge the abuse of women and girls.
Campaign "Enough", UK, here:

Sexual violence prevention with men and boys: some features. Much of the work is conducted by feminist and women’s rights organisations and networks (that’s good). It is siloed, largely separate from efforts addressing intimate partner violence (that's bad). 1/3 [Plus graphic, Flood, Sexual Violence Prevention with Men and Boys as a Social Justice Issue 2022 – Title]

Little work addresses pornography and prostitution. Much of the prevention work is conducted through face-to-face education, and to a lesser extent social marketing and communications. More macro strategies are rare. 2/3

Little work addresses key sites of sexual exploitation including pornography and prostitution. Much of the prevention work is conducted through face-to-face education, and to a lesser extent social marketing and communications, while more macro strategies are rare. 2/3

Deployment is uneven: for example, rape prevention education is well established on university campuses in the USA, but not at all in Australia.
This free book chapter on sexual violence prevention explores the field, its strategies, its challenges:

France struggles to shake off everyday sexism, particularly among young men via

Andrew Tate: research has long shown how feminist progress is always followed by a misogynistic backlash
By Lisa Sigiura

Sexism in France is ‘alarming’ and getting worse, says report
Survey finds women targeted by online harassment, together with male ‘backlash’ towards #MeToo…

Why influencers like Andrew Tate want your sons’ attention
Wellness rhetoric functions as a Trojan horse to smuggle in a more sinister agenda.
By Associate Professor Debbie Ging… @debbieging

Don’t Be Mad, but I’m a Feminist Who Decided to Write a Book About Men
By Liz Plank, 2019
(On the book "For the Love of Men - A New Vision for Mindful Masculinity")

One Way To Stop Andrew Tates: Stop Hating Women.
Andrew Tate and the “Manosphere” Show How Far Hating Women Can Get You. @TeenVogue

What’s the Matter with Men?
They’re floundering at school and in the workplace. Some conservatives blame a crisis of masculinity, but the problems—and their solutions—are far more complex. (A critical response to Reeves' book "Of Boys and Men")

Why does the media fail to hold violent men to account?
Headlines often focus on the perceived faults of the women killed by men, and never on the real issue – male violence.
By David Challen @David_Challen…

Gender: Among young people aged 16-24 in Australia, males are more likely to support male dominance in relationships. “Women prefer a man to be in charge of the relationship.” 38% of males agree, 31% of females. Full report, p. 46:

MRAs, men’s rights and right-wing movements: “Most white supremacist groups are male supremacist groups.” For more, see this collection on the alt-right and MRAs:

Donald Trump and masculinity: Trump has been seen by some as the personification of toxic masculinity: sexist, sleazy, hellbent on proving his masculinity, boastful, and insecure. Here is a collection of media commentaries on Trump and masculinity: [Plus graphic, Trump Statue of Liberty]

Myth of merit’: The myth that men and women are hired & promoted based simply on merit, not sexist inequalities. UN Women report (2015):

#Men, #Masculinities, & #Gender: Key concepts in the field of scholarship on men and masculinities. Full encyclopedia entries in the International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities (2007) here: [Plus graphic, Flood, International Encyclopedia - Key concepts]

Our Broken Definition of Masculinity Is Bad for Everybody
Liz Plank’s book “For the Love of Men” is widening the discussion of masculinity.…

Study: libertarians tend to support reproductive autonomy for men but not for women
Libertarianism among Americans is associated with opposition to women's reproductive autonomy & support for men's. Hostile sexism shapes this.

Why don’t more men in Western countries wear skirts?
Western women have been wearing pants for decades now without it being socially stigmatising. So aren’t more Western men wearing skirts? Skirt-type garments are worn by men the world over.

Jameela Jamil's powerful speech on ending toxic masculinity
February 2019…

Three reasons why local feminist movements offer solutions for gender equality and peace
By Maria Butler, Director of Global Programmes, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), 2018…

Porn and media play part in sexual violence
In order to end rape, the world needs to end all those aspects of the patriarchal legacy that led to women’s objectification and submission.…

How Men Get Penalized for Straying from Masculine Norms
Men, like women, face backlash when they don’t adhere to gender stereotypes — when they show vulnerability, act nicer, display empathy, express sadness, exhibit modesty, and proclaim to be feminists…

Want to be a true feminist ally? Learn from these men
A new generation of pro-feminist men is defying stereotypes and combating sexist violence. But more need to join them.
By Julie Bindel @bindelj…
@David_Challen @MenAtWork_MC @byronhurt @MenVSexism

Ways to Address Hegemonic Masculinity and Gun Violence
IANSA Briefing Paper, February 2022 (English, French, Spanish), International Action Network on Small Arms

Boys aren’t losing role models – girls are
Responses to online misogyny have missed the point

Intimate partner rape: Excellent scholarly discussion and critique of six common myths, e.g. on why women stay in relationships with abusive men, why women delay or never report the rape, etc.
Full paper in PDF:…

‘You had better be careful in your bed tonight’: shock rise in women killed by their sons
Violence by children against parents and grandparents is Britain’s hidden abuse, often misunderstood or ignored – until too late.…

Why more women working in construction could also make it a better workplace for men
Female tradies are still a rare breed, but their numbers are slowly growing. Both men and women in the industry say making it more family friendly would be better for all.…

Can women in Britain ever trust the police again? Here’s what must happen first
The Met’s failure to investigate David Carrick shows how little changed even after the murder of Sarah Everard. It’s time for radical reform
By Harriet Wistrich @HWistrich…

It’s not about women’s safety, but about women’s *freedom*. Feminist linguist Deborah Cameron on men’s violence against women and how the problem is framed. @wordspinster

‘Cultural misogyny’ and why men’s aggression to women is so often expressed through sex.… via @ConversationEDU

Men’s work to end violence against women must be *accountable*. Because (1) struggles against oppression should be led by those who are oppressed; (2) the oppressed have a better understanding of the system than the privileged. See pp. 92-96 of FREE book: [Plus graphic, Flood, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention - Accountability excerpt]

#MRAs #Mensrights: They gain support from right-wing backlashes against efforts at social justice. They co-opt the language of equality and rights to misrepresent themselves as victims. They deny scholarly research and empirical evidence.

Engaging men makes a crucial difference to our efforts to build gender equality at work. Whether a man wears a hard hat and a high-vis vest, or a suit and tie, he can make a difference. “Men Make a Difference” report, summarised here:…

What do we know about violence perpetration? Who uses domestic, family, and sexual violence? What are the drivers of perpetration? What are the typical trajectories of perpetration?
Keynote, Working with Men to End Family Violence Conference, Feb. 16. See

‘Red-pill’ misogyny is thriving – here's how Muslim women are challenging it in their communities

Three-Quarters of Teenagers Have Seen Online Pornography by Age 17
Sexually explicit content has become so prevalent online that teenagers are deluged, according to a new report by a nonprofit child advocacy group…

Attention men: How to become an ally for women’s rights.
An excellent primer on men as allies in the workplace, from the Association for Women in Science. What allies are, what allyship involves. @AWISNational

Also see the XY collection on men's positive roles in building workplace gender equality, here:
Tip sheets, reports, and more.

Violent Misogyny in Policing and Violent Misogyny in Society
It’s not a bad apple, it’s a rotting orchard, writes Sian Norris – as a Met police officer admits to being a serial rapist
Two interlinked problems: misogyny in policing, and misogyny in society…

"the police is institutionally misogynistic because its structures are built on pillars of patriarchal power, violence and authority. The system has become a place which some men choose to exploit in order to access vulnerable women – and it’s a system which gives cover to" them

Misogyny in policing reflects misogyny in society.  "There is a culture of impunity when it comes to men’s violence against women and girls."
"Not all men hate and harm women, but society persistently fails to punish and hold to account those who do."

Don’t tell me that David Carrick’s crimes were ‘unbelievable’. The problem is victims aren’t believed
Another criminally misogynist police officer pleads guilty, and officials voice surprise. No wonder women feel betrayed.
By Marina Hyde…

The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons
Many parents have the "Don't get raped" conversations with their daughters, but not the "Don't rape" conversations with their sons. We must.
By Carina Kolodny…

Also see this collection on the pro-feminist website XY on how to raise non-violent, gender-equitable, and feminist sons (and on parenting more generally):

A self-care guide for change-makers and peacebuilders during COVID-19. As we seek to address complex challenges in our communities, this brief guide outlines basic recommendations for ways we can take care of ourselves and our households.…

What is really radical in sex/gender politics? Radical feminist critiques of prostitution, pornography, and transgender ideology should be part of a consistent, coherent left analysis, Professor Robert Jensen argues.

One way to improve sex ed for kids: provide sex ed for parents too. By Jenna Price @JennaPrice.…

Gender, power, progress: How norms change. @ALIGN_Gender (Advancing Learning & Innovation on Gender Norms) examines how gender norms have changed over the past 25 years, what has supported and blocked changes, and how to accelerate and entrench change.

Traditional gender expectations limit our children, causing problems such as lower self-esteem and body image in girls and poorer reading skills, higher suicide, and violence among boys. UK report, Unlimited Potential (2020): @fawcettsociety

Parents are more uncomfortable with gender-nonconforming behaviors in boys, study finds. Parents are more comfortable with girls partaking in gender-nonconforming behavior than boys and attempt to change their sons’ behaviors more frequently.

Raising children more gender equitably: This Guidance Note provides guidance on how governments, civil society, and others can design and adapt programming and policy to shift patterns of restrictive gender socialization of boys and girls.… @equimundo_org

Raising sons to embrace healthy, positive masculinity: This 7-page guide offers parents simple practical tips to talk to their sons about healthy masculinity, and encourage positive beliefs & behaviours from early on. @PlanGlobal @PlanUSA @equimundo_org

Also see this XY collection on how we can raise boys who are equitable and respectful: Links to short guides and tip sheets, resources for parents, and public campaigns.

Engaging men in gender-transformative change: 3 new learning briefs from @PlanCanada and @equimundo_org on how to: frame programs to maximize recruitment and retention; ensure high-quality facilitation; and build inclusive programs:…

How Business Can Engage Men as Allies for Gender Equality. Businesses can shift men’s individual behavior, commit to inclusive organizations, and use their external influence to shape new social norms (Mar 2020).… @aliceallan3 @coopermarianne

For more on men's positive roles in building gender equality in workplaces, see this XY collection: Including e.g. the report "Men Make a Difference" (Diversity Council of Australia), free in PDF, and much more.

Today’s Masculinity Is Stifling. As boys grow up, the process of becoming men encourages them to shed the sort of intimate connections and emotional intelligence that add meaning to life. By Sarah Rich, 2018.…

Parental leave: Why we need to talk about fatherhood. Handy, research-based account of the benefits of paternity leave for children, fathers and households; the barriers to fathers taking paternity leave; and how to remove these barriers.… @GenderEconomy [Plus graphic, He, Parental leave Why we need to talk about fatherhood 2019 Infographic – Barriers]

Power and Control Wheel: The ‘power and control wheel’ is a widely used and insightful depiction of the strategies of power and control often used by abusers against their partners. Domestic violence typically involves a range of strategies of power and control. [With graphic, Power and Control wheel - Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs]

Equality Wheel: The ‘equality wheel’ is an invaluable representation of what intimate relationships *should* look like. The opposite of the Power and Control Wheel. Healthy relationships involve more than the absence of violence. [Plus graphic, Equality wheel - Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs]

Men’s rape and sexual assault of women: Is the expression of gender socialisation, gender role expectations, and violence-supportive social norms. Useful scholarly overview, here: [Plus graphic, Gidycz, Rape and Sexual Assault Victimization 2016 p. 461]

Conspiracy theory #12: Why there are no good men
“We’d love to let you live, Mac, but you make the rest of us look bad…”
“I understand.” [Plus graphic, Conspiracy theory - Why there are no good men]

Preventing sexual violence through education: What does effective practice in consent education in schools look like? What is the evidence of effectiveness? And, can comprehensive sexuality education contribute to preventing sexual violence? (Yes). See

Prioritising women’s safety in men’s behaviour change programs: Mapping the purpose and practices of partner contact. Key findings and future directions. Includes report and practice guide: @ANROWS

My Dignity: A resource for people who have experienced sexualised violence or people who would like to learn more. By Insight Exchange (Australia), intended to inform and strengthen social, service and systemic responses to domestic and family violence. [Plus graphic, Insight Exchange DVSM, My Dignity - sexualised violence (2020) – Cover]

Masculinity and Violent Extremism: I'm delighted to announce publication of this new book, with co-authors @DrJoshuaRoose, Alan Greig, Mark Alfano @moral_psych, and @SimonCopland
Free in PDF here: 1/2

The book "gives a persuasive account of the role of masculinity in far right, jihadism and anti-women movements".
A "must read for anyone wanting to understand the role masculinities play in violent extremist groups of diverse ideologies—far right, Islamist and far left". 2/2

Understanding abuse: The Ryan Giggs trial in the UK shows we still need to educate juries about coercive control.
By Jean Hatchet @JeanHatchet

Women are credited less in science than men
The gap in the number of publications produced by women and men in science is in part the result of unacknowledged contributions: women in research teams are less likely than men to be credited with authorship. [Plus graphic, Ross, Women are credited less in science than men 2022 – Abstract]

Also see the piece, Sexism in the Academy: An excellent, detailed account of how male dominance in the academy and scholarship is sustained (2019). via @nplusonemag.
I summarised it here:

On Violence against Women or Why You Should Stop Asking “What about Men?”
By Liza Caruana-Finkel…

Explainer: what does ‘gaslighting’ mean?
By Jessamy Gleeson @ConversationEDU

It *is* possible to make long-term change in rates of violence against women. Study over 20 years finds a genuine decrease in intimate partner violence among Nicaraguan women, likely through structural interventions. [Plus graphic, Ellsberg, Long-term change in the prevalence of intimate partner violence Nicaragua 2020 – Abstract]

Working with young people to promote respectful, healthy relationships? The brilliant violence prevention organisation Our Watch has put together an excellent guide to key resources for practitioners and educators. See @OurWatchAus

Violence against women: 6 problems with focusing only on telling women how to maximise their safety
1) This fails to hold perpetrators accountable for their behaviour, and locates responsibility with the potential victims.
2) Women *already* use a multitude of such strategies 1/4

3) It accepts that some men will use violence, rather than focusing on how to prevent and reduce this, and places the burden on women to police and limit their lives.
4) The strategies are false assurances. Women may ‘do everything right’ and still be assaulted.

5) The strategies typically focus on potential assaults on women by unknown men and in public places, whereas most assaults are by men known to the victim (boyfriends, husbands, male acquaintances, etc.) and in familiar locations. 3/4

6) Such a focus does nothing to *prevent* men’s violence against women, by tackling the gender inequalities and patriarchal gender norms at its heart.
For key reviews of and guides to violence prevention, in full text, see the XY collection here: 4/4

‘Home is the most dangerous place for women,’ but private and public violence are connected
By Professor Myrna Dawson…

True or false? Men and women face violence in their relationships equally (False)
By Professor C. Nadine Wathen…

Sex robots increase the potential for gender-based violence
By Professor Judy Iles and Farhad Udwadia…

The Fight for Women’s Rights is a Fight Against Authoritarianism
By Macarena Saez @msaez_torres

Gender as a social structure: Gender operates at individual, interactional, and macro levels of society. Professor Barbara Risman integrates the three in her excellent chapter in the “Handbook of the Sociology of Gender”, Chapter 2 here:…  [Plus graphic, Risman, Gender as a social structure, Fig 1 p. 32]

For university-level introductions to gender, see the works listed here, many free in PDF:
This includes chapter-length introductions and entire books. Enjoy

Mansplaining: the act of a man’s unsolicited explaining, generally to a woman, something he thinks he knows more about than she does, whether he knows anything or not. Mansplaining is an expression of widespread patriarchal inequalities. 1/5

Mansplaining “crushes young women into silence… It trains us in self-doubt and self-limitation just as it exercises men’s unsupported overconfidence.” As Kate Manne explores in her book “Entitled”. 2/5

Mansplaining is based on “the presumption that a woman will be less knowledgeable, less competent and somehow in need of a man to explain things to her”, and “the sense of entitlement of certain privileged men to be the expert, the knower in the exchange”. 3/5

Whereas women are socialized to be pleasing and polite, to not embarrass men, to provide a pleasant audience to men, one that does not interrupt them. 4/5

Seven Studies That Prove Mansplaining Exists. Find that: Women get interrupted more than men. 2. Men interrupt women to assert power. 3. Men dominate conversations during work meetings. 4. Men and boys dominate conversation in classrooms. Etc. (2014)… 5/5

“What about men?”: Dr Jessica Eaton set up a charity for male mental health, and never got much “What about women’s mental health?!” abuse. But she *routinely* gets ‘whataboutery’-based abuse in response to her work on women and girls.

Any commentary, research, or attention on women and girls gets a “What about men?” response.
Why the contrast? It’s (patriarchal) sexism. It is resistance to any idea that women and women’s issues can be the focus in their own right.
Article:… @DrJessTaylor

How Gaslighting Manipulates Reality
Gaslighting isn’t just between people in a relationship—it involves social power, too
By Dr Paige L. Sweet @paigelsweet

Gaslighting: a type of psychological abuse aimed at making victims seem or feel “crazy”. It is rooted in social inequalities, including gender, and executed in power-laden intimate relationships. Useful sociological account by Dr Paige Sweet @paigelsweet [Plus abstract, Sweet, The Sociology of Gaslighting 2019 – Abstract]

Women’s levels of sexual desire in their relationships are shaped by how equal the relationship is. Greater equality in relationships (greater equity in power) leads to higher relationship satisfaction, which leads to higher sexual desire for partners. [plus graphic, Johansen, Fairer Sex - The Role of Relationship Equity in Female Sexual Desire 2022 – Discussion]

What African feminist movements are up against in 2023
Emboldened by the overturning of Roe v Wade, Western conservative movements are dialling up their Africa campaigns

Kids stay at home longer and parents live longer — 'sandwich generation' women care for them both…

Gaslighting: Allegations of gaslighting are common these days. But concept creep has expanded the original idea of gaslighting, genuinely sinister behaviour, to include more mundane behaviour. It’s now applied too often simply to disagreeing with someone.
By Kathleen Stock

When you are arguing with someone, you are almost always trying to convince them they are wrong. (And often, they are not actually wrong.)
In turn, the accusation of gaslighting can itself be inaccurate, or motivated by bad intent.

Finally, some people are clinging to potentially mistaken beliefs or even outright delusions, and letting go of such apparent ‘realities’ would be a good thing. @Docstockk

How We Avoid the Rise of Another 'Andrew Tate'
By Jackson Katz via @msmagazine #AndrewTate

If We’re Against Toxic Masculinity, Guys, What Are We For? Dan Miller writes, I am the father of boys. This moment is pushing me to try raise them into men who reject toxic masculinity. Not to mention overcome my own struggles with it. @voicemalemag

How streaming media services (‘OTT’) in India Shifted Popular Representations of Masculinity (OTT content has been instrumental in furthering the characterisation of its leading men beyond one-tone man-children or know-it-all macho men.)

MAGA men are weak. So desperate to prove their ‘strength’. Unable to withstand peer pressure. Risking their lives just to flex in the face of a deadly pandemic. But here is what strong men actually do…

New report and toolkit on masculine gender norms, the central role they play in issues such as violence against women & girls and men’s health & wellbeing, and how to engage men and boys in changing them. UK Government. See:… @GEOgovuk @the_daily_panda

The ‘Man Box’ scale is designed to measure harmful masculinities among young men. It has construct validity. Study in the US, UK, and Mexico finds higher conformity to stereotypical masculinity is associated with violence perpetration & poor mental health. [Plus graphic, Hill, Harmful masculinities among younger men in three countries 2020 – Abstract]

Mapping norms of masculinity: Report on people’s attitudes in Australia, ‘Masculinities and Health’. Shows broad support for progressive understandings: Gender is socially constructed. Support for equality. But also support for regressive messages. See 1/5 [Plus graphic, Flood, VicHealth Attitudes to men and masculinity report July 2020 – Cover]

Findings: Widespread agreement that traditional gender stereotypes are limiting and harmful for boys and men. They constrain men & prevent them from living full lives. Let's open up gender roles. Most people agree that progress towards gender equality will be good for men. 2/5

At the same time, when people are offered regressive, anti-feminist messages, substantial numbers agree. Eg., that “Criticising masculinity is unfair because most men are good and decent”. Other data also shows support for anti-feminist notions, pp. 26-30 of the report. 3/5

Young men (aged 16-17) show better attitudes than adult men, but typically more conservative than those of young and adult women. And have the *highest* levels of support for men’s use of violence, homophobia, breadwinner roles, and men’s power and control in relationships. 4/5

The full report is here: . @VicHealth
For other materials on masculine norms in Australia and how to shift them, see the links at the bottom of…. 5/5

#MRAs / fathers’ rights groups privilege fathers’ contact with children over children’s safety. Try to discredit victims of violence, telling lies about false allegations. Try to protect perpetrators of domestic and family violence.
Journal article: [Plus graphic, Flood, ‘Fathers’ rights’ and the defence of paternal authority – Abstract]

MRAs and fathers’ rights groups try to wind back legal protections for domestic violence victims and sanctions against perpetrators. This is bad for female *and male* victims of domestic violence alike. See pp 339-40 of [Plus graphic, Flood, ‘Fathers’ rights’ - Protecting perps]

The incel movement is deeply steeped in strong misogyny (women-hating) and traditional patriarchy. Incel-inspired violence is just one part of a larger culture that permits and celebrates sexual violence against women. (May 2021).…

The Dilemma of Babies on Airplanes
Hamstrung by the need to ensure that their kids don’t inconvenience anyone else, parents can’t do much parenting at all.