g) Introductions to radical feminism [NEW]

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INTRODUCTION — Miranda Kiraly and Meagan Tyler
Not your father’s Playboy , not your mother’s feminist movement: feminism in porn culture —Rebecca Whisnant
‘I do what I want, fuck yeah!’: moving beyond ‘a woman’s choice’ — Meghan Murphy
Depoliticising the personal: individualising body image and disordered eating in The Beauty Myth — Natalie Jovanovski
Questioning ‘choice’ and ‘agency’ in the mail-order bride industry — Kaye Quek
Feminism and the neoliberal state — Margaret Thornton
The illusion of progress: a betrayal of women from both ends of the political spectrum — Miranda Kiraly
The making of women’s unfreedom: sexual harassment as harm — Helen Pringle
Entitled to be free: exposing the limits of choice — Shakira Hussein and Camille Nurka
‘We love make-up, romance, high heels and men, of course’: the contradictions of ‘pop feminism’ — Kate Farhall
Business as usual, rebranded as ethics: the whitewashing of systemic injustice — Laura McNally
A line line between pleasure and pain? On the issue of ‘choosing’ sexual violence — Laura Tarzia
A human right to prostitute others?: Amnesty International and the privileging of the male orgasm — Caroline Norma
If pornography is sex education, what does it teach? — Meghan Donevan
The oppression that dare not speak its name? Silences around heterosexuality in contemporary feminism — Julia Long
Political not generational: getting real about the second wave — Finn Mackay
Abuse masked as a ‘cultural practice’: speaking out against female genital mutilation — Naela Rose
For the sake of equality: moving towards the Nordic Model of prostitution law in Canada — Teresa Edwards
Saying ‘I don’t’: moving beyond marriage — Meagan Tyler
Building feminism, resisting porn culture: where to from here? — Rebecca Whisnan.

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