Pornography, men, and boys

Porn like father like son Szego Aug 2016

Pornography has a profound influence among men and boys.

Most everyday users of pornography are heterosexual males. Looking at, and masturbating to, pornography is the routine practice of large numbers of men. And most of the commercial pornographic industry caters to heterosexual men.

Pornography has an increasingly significant influence on boys' and men's sexualities. Pornography has become the default sex educator for large numbers of boys and young men, and to some extent girls and young women.

There is compelling evidence that pornography shapes attitudes and behaviours, from experimental, correlational, and longitudinal studies and from meta-analyses of these. Pornography influences:

  • Sexual attitudes: how boys and men see women and girls and how they see sex;
  • Sexual interests and expectations: the kinds of sex and sexual acts boys and men want and expect to have;
  • Sexual practices: the sexual practices boys and men participate in or try to have;
  • Sexual violence: boys' and men's violence-supportive attitudes, and their actual perpetration of sexual coercion and violence.

In this XY collection, I have pulled together some key materials on pornography, men, and boys. Additions are most welcome.

Evidence of harm

For a comprehensive review of the evidence of pornography's effects, see here. See e.g. pp. 15-18 of the PDF document on that page for a summary of the evidence regarding pornography's impacts on violence-supportive attitudes and on the perpetration of violence. Also see pp. 8-9 and 18-20 for discussion of the complexities of pornography's effects.

I provide a 1,000 summary of pornography's effects, with links to key research articles, in this piece.

Some writing on pornography asserts that pornography has little if any negative social effects. One example is McKee et al.'s book The Porn Report. This piece critiques the book.

The Men's Bibliography includes a substantial section listing academic scholarship on pornography, here. This includes sub-sections on pornography's content, pornography's effects, children and pornography, gay male pornography, and so on. The bibliography also includes a sub-section of readings on men and pornography.

Pornography and men

XY includes a range of commentaries on men and pornography. See e.g.

There are other valuable writings on men, boys, and pornography online. These include the following:

Websites focused on men and pornography include the following:

Fostering resistance to pornography

How can we encourage young men’s (and women’s) critical resistance to pornography and encourage gender-equitable sexual relations?

Talking to young people about pornography

There are some good resources for talking to children and young people about pornography. Here are some:

Efforts to address men's demand for commercial sex

XY includes materials focused on efforts to 'end demand', whether the demand for prostitution / sex work or for other forms of commercial sex. See e.g.

There are histories of men's feminist opposition to pornography. For example, in 1992, profeminist male activists in Men Against Pornography took public positions against pornography and prostitution, in both a 'principle of accountability' and in materials on quitting pornography.

XY's links page includes a section of links on pornography, here, and links on prostitution / sex work, here. Both sets of links need updating (want to help?).