Working Together With Men 2.0

Hewson-Munro, Working Together with Men 2.0 2023 - Cover

The Working Together with Men (WTWM) model is an evolving and innovative approach for engaging identifying men in allyship. With a unique focus on  strengthening men's accountability towards gender equity and violence prevention efforts. 

The model has been applied across several key settings in Australia since 2017, including two separate dual university and Vocational Educational & Training (VET) institutes, several community organisations, women’s health services, and local government. The most recent work was undertaken by the original model designer and author, Shelley Hewson-Munro and Dr Sarah McCook at RMIT University, where they have been focusing on the testing of tools that can better support and evaluate men's accountability. 

The original Working Together with Men resource and model was launched in 2020. The new 2.0 resource provides a deeper dive on how to implement the model in full. It shares voices from those involved in initiatives over the last three years, as well as templates and tools for evaluation, including a theory of change, allyship principles and a full evaluation plan.

The model is not just for community groups, and has been designed to be picked up off the virtual "shelf" and be adaptive for diverse settings in order to co-create change. It has proven that no matter the targeted location or the identifying men engaged, the model will challenge, disrupt and transform.

This latest resource provides an opportunity for evidence to be collectively gathered and shaped from the key location up, challenging traditional funding streams and evidence narratives. It provides the first freely available evaluation plan that can map identifying men's allyship identities and journeys, as well as their accountability to gender equity and violence prevention work.

Download Working Together With Men 2.0 here.

For more information, see here: RMIT The Gender Equity & Justice Project

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