New book, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention

Flood, Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention - Cover

Across the globe, violence prevention initiatives focused on men and boys are proliferating rapidly. The new book Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention highlights effective and innovative strategies for the primary prevention of domestic violence, sexual violence, and other forms of harassment and abuse. It combines research on gender, masculinities, and violence with case studies from a wide variety of countries and settings. Through the cross-disciplinary examination of these varied efforts, this work will enable advocates, educators, and policy-makers to understand, assess, and implement programs and strategies which involve men and boys in initiatives to prevent violence against women.

The book is available for purchase in print or e-book form from the publisher, Palgrave. I have also made the entire book available FREE in PDF.

For outlines and summaries of the book, see the document below giving one-paragraph summaries of each chapter, and the Powerpoint slides (in PDF) also summarising the key points from many of the book's chapters. And get the whole book in PDF.


Flood, M. (2019). Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.