Consent: An XY collection

There are great resources for encouraging norms of sexual consent and respect among men, building skills in negotiating consent, implementing consent education in schools, and so on.

This XY collection begins with accessible pieces aimed at individuals, particularly men, on sexual consent. Then there are materials for parents. Then we note further materials, including guides to the implementation of school curricula, short videos, and more. Further suggestions are most welcome.


Parents have a vital role to play in fostering sexual consent among their sons and daughters. Here are resources for parents:

These pieces focus on parenting and teaching sons in particular:

Other XY materials

Further pieces on XY that focus on consent include the following:

Videos on consent:

 Other websites and resources on consent

  • Consent Toolkit - Rape & Sexual Assault Research & Advocacy (RASARA), Australia, 2020
  • Your Guide to Sexual Consent (No More Foundation, 2019)
  • Resources on consent (compiled by The Consent Academy)
  • Consent+Toolkit (A resources for educating and talking about consent with children through young adult audiences, as well as materials for hosting a “Consent is…” campaign in your community, by the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault)

Sexual violence prevention

There is now a wealth of research and guidance on sexual violence and its prevention. The website XY includes key materials, in full text.