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Men's rights - A collection of accessible critiques

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A range of critiques and assessments of the men's rights movement have been published in recent years. While there are academic assessments and explorations of this movement and its politics and agendas and impact, here I have gathered a list of more accessible discussions. I hope they're useful.

For more academic critiques, see the bibliography attached below, and the following materials:

The accessible pieces are as follows. Some further pieces are available as PDFs below.


Men's rights anti-feminist men - Flood bibl.doc56.5 KB
Gilmore. Why don't men's rights activists fight for men's rights Aug 25 2016.pdf72.51 KB
Marcotte, Paul Elam's past_ Buzzfeed reports on the leader of the men's rights movement Feb 6 2014 Clean.pdf79.33 KB
Young, Friend or foe - Bettina Arndt.pdf109.23 KB
Sharma, Working with Paradoxes A critical feminist engagement with men's rights groups India 2017.pdf67.06 KB