Men's rights and MRAs (Men's Rights Activists): Academic critiques

A range of critiques and assessments of the men's rights movement have been published in recent years. This XY collection focuses on academic or scholarly critiques of men's rights and anti-feminist backlash. See below for the pieces, listed in alphabetical order and downloadable in PDF. See further below for further resources.

    Scholarly works here include:

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    There are various anti-feminist books popular among MRAs and others, including e.g. books by Christina Hoff Sommers, Katie Roiphe, Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge, and Warren Farrell. As this review documents in detail, the books by Sommers, Roiphe, and Patai and Koertge are ignorant, inaccurate, and vitriolic, and far from feminist. They are devoid of evidence and careful argument. Also see this review of Sommers' book Who Stole Feminism? and this review of her book The War on Boys. See this review of Farrell and Gray's book The Boy Crisis (2018).