Men supporting feminism, male feminists, etc. - An XY collection

A range of articles on male feminists, men supporting feminism, and so on have appeared in recent years. These populist articles have recurring themes regarding what men should do. Men should:

  • Start with ourselves. Do the personal work of change. Assume that we’re part of the problem.
  • Recognise and challenge institutionalised sexism and male privilege.
  • Affirm and support women’s leadership.
  • Listen to what women have to say.
  • Educate ourselves regarding feminism.
  • Avoid patriarchal practices in our support for feminism.
  • Focus our efforts on challenging other men.
  • Respect spaces which are women-only.
  • Be accountable for our mistakes.
  • Do the activist work.
  • Hold each other to account.

For more on what men can and should do, see the XY collection here.

Writings on men and feminism also identify typical problems in men’s relations to feminism. These include patterns where men:

  • Are self-congratulory
  • Use the feminist label to get sexual attention from women
  • Have a commitment to feminism which vanishes when they are rejected by women
  • Expect women to do the work of educating them
  • Show a support for gender equality which is based entirely in, and stops with, support for the women and girls in their own lives
  • And so on.

Here are a series of articles on men, feminism, and gender politics. The articles offer rich, diverse, humourous, and confronting accounts of men's roles in and for feminism. Suggestions for further inclusions are most welcome. (Note that some are hosted on other websites.)

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