Men's rights - A collection of accessible critiques


A range of critiques and assessments of the men's rights movement have been published in recent years. While there are academic assessments and explorations of this movement and its politics and agendas and impact, here I have gathered a list of more accessible discussions. I've also gathered commentaries on particular incidents. I hope they're useful.

Men’s rights activist Den Hollander’s violence, including suspected murder of men’s rights activist Marc Angelucci (July 2020)

Incels, misogyny, and incidents of violence against women

These first items, including on 'incels', were written in the wake of the Toronto massacre in April 2018. Further items on 'incels' are further below.

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Men’s rights, incels, etc.: Miscellaneous articles

Here are a variety of pieces on male supremacist or "men's rights" groups and networks, in alphabetical order by author.

Further resources

For more academic critiques, see the following materials: