(i) Recommended introductions to men’s roles in violence prevention

Note: I have concentrated here on accessible introductions to men’s roles in preventing men’s violence against women written for the non-specialist reader. For further key introductions – for practitioners, educators, and advocates – see the "Recommended works" section here. Also see XY's very large collection of resources on men's anti-violence work.


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1. Violence Against Women is a Men’s Issue.
2. Facing Facts.
3. Taking It Personally.
4. Listening To Women.
5. Male-Bashing?
6. Stuck in (Gender) Neutral.
7. Bystanders.
8. Race and Culture.
9. It Takes a Village to Rape a Woman.
10. Guilty Pleasures: Pornography, Prostitution and Stripping.
11. MVP: Athletes and Marines.
12. Teach Our Children Well.
13. More Than A Few Good Men.

Kaufman, Michael. (1999). The Seven P’s of Men’s Violence. URL: http://michaelkaufman.com/articles-2/.