(i) Key overviews

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Introduction / Mark Cowling and Paul Reynolds.
1. Rape, communicative sexuality and sex education / Mark Cowling.
2. Feminist approaches to sexual consent : a critical assessment / Allison Moore and Paul Reynolds.
3. Sexual ethics and the erotics of consent / Moira Carmody.
4. The language of refusal : sexual consent and the limits of post-structuralism / Gideon Calder.
5. The age of consent and sexual consent / Matthew Waites.
6. The quality of consent : sexual consent, culture, communication, knowledge and ethics / Paul Reynolds.
7. ‘Risky’ women, sexual consent and criminal ‘justice’ / Margaret S. Malloch.
8. Prostitution and consent : beyond the liberal dichotomy of ‘free or forced’ / Barbara Sullivan.
9. The construction of sexual consent in male rape and sexual assault / Philip N. S. Runney and Martin Morgan-Taylor.
10. Beyond (Hetero)sexual consent / Karen Corteen.
11. ‘Sexual rights’ and ‘sexual responsibilities’ within consensual ‘S/M’ practice / Andrea Beckmann.
12. Understanding sexual consent : an empirical investigation of the normative script for young heterosexual adults / Terry P. Humphreys.
13. People with learning disabilities : sex, the law and consent / Michelle McCarthy and David Thompson.
14. Sex is violence : a critique of Susan Sontag’s ‘fascinating fascism’ / David Renton.
15. ‘In the field and in there’ : some ethical dilemmas in researching sexualities / John Gibbins.

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Offensive Feminism: The Conservative Gender Norms That Perpetuate Rape Culture, and How Feminists Can Fight Back.
Beyond Yes or No: Consent As Sexual Process.
A Woman’s Worth.
A Love-Letter from an Anti-Rape Activist to Her Feminist Sex-Toy Store.
The Fantasy of Acceptable “Non-Consent”: Why the Female Sexual Submissive Scares Us (And Why She Shouldn’t).
Invasion of Space by a Female.
When Sexual Autonomy Isn’t Enough: Sexual Violence Against Immigrant Women in the United States.
Trial by Media: Black Female Lasciviousness and the Question of Consent.
An Old Enemy in a New Outfit: How Date Rape Became Gray Rape and Why It Matters.
Reclaiming Touch: Rape Culture, Explicit Verbal Consent and Body Sovereignty.
Shame is the First Betrayer.
Why Nice Guys Finish Last.
Sex is Worth Fighting For.
Purely Rape: The Myth of Sexual Purity and How It Reinforces Rape Culture.
In Defence of Going Wild, or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Pleasure (and How You Can, Too).

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Part 2: Non-consensual sexual experiences and underlying gender norms - Mary C. Ellsberg, K.G. Santhya and Shireen J. Jejeebhoy, Wassana Im-em, Churnrurtai Kanchanachitra and Kritaya Archvanitkul, Rachel Jewkes, Ademola J. Ajuwon, Nancy Luke.
Part 3: Young men as victims and perpetrators - Carlos F. Caceres, Carolyne Njue, Ian Askew and Jane Chege, David John Wilkinson, Luke Samuel Bearup and Tong Soprach.
Part 4: Outcomes of non-consensual sex - Anuja Gupta and Ashwini Ailawadi, Michael A. Koenig, Iryna Zablotska, Tom Lutalo, Fred Nalugoda, Jennifer Wagman and Ron Gray, Vikram Patel and Gracy Andrew.
Part 5: Legal, education and health system responses - Indira Jaising, Charles Ngwena, Judith Mirsky, Sarah Bott, Alessandra C. Guedes and Ana Guezmesm, Alan J. Flisher.
Part 6: Approaches to the study of non-consensual sex - Cicely Marston, Philip Guest, Patchara Rumakom, Philip Guest, Waranuch Chinvarasopak, Watit Utarmat and Jiraporn Sontanakanit, John W. Townsend.
Part 7: Moving forward - Shireen J. Jejeebhoy, Iqbal H. Shah and Shyam Thapa.

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Honor Killing.
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Working toward a world without violence against women.

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