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1 - Introduction.
Pt. I - Survivors of Pornography.
The Real Linda Lovelace.
A Portrait of Angel: The Life of a Porn Star.
Surviving Commercial Sexual Exploitation.
Testimony on Pornography and Incest.
Testimony on Pornography and Marital Brutality.
Testimony from Public Hearings on the Ordinance to Add Pornography as Discrimination Against Women.
Pt. II - Overview.
Pornography and Freedom.
Questions and Answers.
Pornography and Black Women’s Bodies.
Pornography and Pride.
Getting Off on Sexploitation.
Pt. III - Feminist Research on Pornography.
Pornography and Sexual Abuse of Women.
Pornography and Rape: A Causal Model.
The Experts Cop Out.
Racism in Pornography.
The Research on Women and Pornography: The Many Faces of Harm.
Evidence of Harm.
Pt. IV - Feminist Strategies and Actions Against Pornography.
Wimmin’s Fire Brigade Bombs Porn.
Unmasking Male Privilege.
Poking Around Under Rocks and Pornographers.
From Expert Witness to Jail Inmate.
Torturing Women as Fine Art: Why Some Women and Men Are Boycotting Knopf.
There Are Better Ways of Taking Care of Bret Easton Ellis Than Just Censoring Him.
From Witches to Bitches: Sexual Terrorism Begets Thelma and Louise.

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Inconsistencies in Definitions.
Types of Pornography.
The Contents of Pornography.
The Circulation Rates for Selected Pornographic Magazines.
Picturing Woman Hatred.
What’s in the Picture and What Does It Mean?
Pornography Is No Fantasy.
Males’ Propensity To Rape.
Pornography as a Cause of Rape.
Theory and Research.
Further Empirical Findings on Pornography as a Cause of Rape.
American Public Opinion on Pornography.
The Power of Pro-Porn Americans To Dominate.

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