b) Descriptions and studies of specific men’s groups or activities

Note: For references on the spiritual or mythopoetic movements in particular, see “Spirituality, Mythopoetic Writing and Psychoanalysis”. For references on men’s rights and fathers’ rights groups, see here on men’s rights groups and here on fathers’ rights groups. For references on profeminist men’s groups, networks, and advocacy, see here. For references on men’s anti-violence advocacy, see here.


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Magazines (Australian)


XY: Men, Sex, Politics. (1990 - 1999)

Certified Male. (1995 - 1999)


Newsletters (Australian)


Note: Many newsletters of men’s groups are irregular or small. The following lists some of the more regular ones.


(i) Current?


Male (Sydney Men’s Network. Last edition, mid-1995. Previously Alternative Male)

M.I.S.C.: Men’s Information and Referral Centre Journal (formerly Male Exchange. Men’s Contact and Resource Centre, Adelaide. First edition Under New Name was No. 122, Autumn 2000)

Men’s News (began 1996)

Men’s Zone (Men’s Health & Wellbeing Association, Perth, WA)

Northern Rivers Men’s Network News (began 1993)

Suncoast Male Emotions Resource Initiative (SMERI) Newsletter


(ii) Defunct


Australian Men’s Health Network Newsletter

Canberra Men’s Gathering Newsletter (19?? - 1989)

Male to Male (began 1996)

MASA (Brisbane) Newsletter

MASA (Sydney) Newsletter


Magazines (outside Australia)


Achilles Heel (UK, 1979 - 1999)

Changing Men (USA, defunct since 1994. Formerly M: Gentle Men for Gender Justice.)

Voice Male (USA, Men’s Resource Centre of Western Massachussetts. Previously Valley Men, to 1999 or so.)

Working With Men (UK)


Newsletters (outside Australia)


Note: Countries such as the US, Canada and England have numerous men’s newsletters, many with brief lifespans. The following is by no means a thorough list, but simply a list of a few newsletters that I have come across.


(i) Current ??


Brother (began 1983) (National Organisation for Men >> National Organisation for Changing Men >> National Organization of Men Against Sexism)

Chesapeake Men’s Exchange

Island Men (Island Men’s Network)

Men’s Council Newsletter (Boulder, Colorado)

Men Talk (Twin Cities Men’s Center News, Minneapolis)

Mentor: The Oregon Resource for Men

National Congress of Men and Children, Michigan Chapter Bulletin

Talking Stick: A Newsletter About Men

Transitions (National Coalition of Free Men)

Wingspan: Journal of the Male Spirit


(ii) Defunct


Activist Epizine (Vol. 1 No. 1 was June 1996, 1(2) was October 1996, 1(3) was March 1998.)

M: Gentle Men for Gender Justice (then Became Changing Men)

M.A.N. for E.R.A. (Men Allied Nationally for the Equal Rights Amendment) (Began June 1978)

Neaderthal News (began 1988)

Network (National Congress for Men) (began Winter 1986-87)

Soulscapes: Newsletter of the National Organization for Changing Men - Los Angeles Chapter .