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Men supporting feminism, male feminists, etc. - An XY collection

A range of articles on male feminists, men supporting feminism, and so on have appeared in recent years. These populist articles have recurring themes regarding what men should do. Men should:

  • Start with ourselves. Do the personal work of change. Assume that we’re part of the problem.
  • Recognise and challenge institutionalised sexism and male privilege.
  • Affirm and support women’s leadership.
  • Listen to what women have to say.
  • Educate ourselves regarding feminism.
  • Avoid patriarchal practices in our support for feminism.
  • Focus our efforts on challenging other men.
  • Respect spaces which are women-only.
  • Be accountable for our mistakes.
  • Do the activist work.
  • Hold each other to account.

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These writings also identify typical problems in men’s relations to feminism. These include patterns where men:

  • Are self-congratulory
  • Use the feminist label to get sexual attention from women
  • Have a commitment to feminism which vanishes when they are rejected by women
  • Expect women to do the work of educating them
  • Show a support for gender equality which is based entirely in, and stops with, support for the women and girls in their own lives
  • And so on.

Below, we have collected some of these recent articles, in PDF. Also see the following online pieces:

The articles offer rich, diverse, humourous, and confronting accounts of men's roles in and for feminism. Suggestions for further inclusions are most welcome.

Burger, Men Step Up to Support Women’s Rights 2013.pdf143.96 KB
Clark, 35 Practical Steps Men Can Take To Support Feminism June 2014.pdf99.85 KB
Clark, 35 Practical Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution May 28 2014.pdf219.29 KB
Clifton, So You Want to Be a Male Feminist Jan 10 2015.pdf220.25 KB
Dodd, Stop Dude Feminists Nov 25 2015.pdf515.45 KB
Ford, Feminists don't need to say 'but I love men' Oct 21 2014.pdf35.16 KB
Ford, What does it mean to be a 'good man' 2014.pdf33.86 KB
Plait, Not all men_ How discussing women’s issues gets derailed.pdf1.91 MB
Solnit, Feminism, Now with Men - Guernica Nov 2015.pdf1.25 MB
Tatum, This Is Why Being a Nice Guy Just Isn't Enough April 20 2015 CLEAN.pdf181.15 KB
The feminist man - Livemint India Nov 7 2015.pdf2.48 MB
Utt, 30 Ways To Be a Better Ally in 2015 Jan 14 2014.pdf243.76 KB
Utt, Abusive Feminist Men Exist - Here Are 6 Things Men Can Do to Stop Them Dec 14 2014.pdf235.68 KB
Utt, Can men be feminists May 2015.pdf2.26 MB
Williams, Yes, men, you can be feminists 2014.pdf1.3 MB
Belle Jar, Tired of Talking To Men 2014.pdf577.01 KB
Utt, A New Masculinity Why I Need Feminism as a Man May 27 2014.pdf95.83 KB
Barker, On International Women's Day, Is There a Place for Men 2014.pdf41.17 KB
Bowling, Men Should Be Feminists, But Should They Call Themselves Feminists Oct 3 2014.pdf48.67 KB
Cornwall, Boys and men must be included in the conversation on equality, March 2012.pdf114.76 KB
Dunne, On power, voice, and male feminists - Blog - The F-Word.pdf71.74 KB
Frantz, 11 Ways Men Can Be Better Feminist Allies July 2012.pdf690.79 KB
Funk, Men in feminism.pdf199.22 KB
Hess, Male Allies, Confusing for feminism 2014 Clean.pdf72.46 KB
Klement, From faux-feminist.pdf326.92 KB
Maynard, Why Men Should Support Feminism, FWSA Blog April 2014.pdf108.92 KB
McDonough, Men can be feminists but it’s actually really hard work - Salon June 2014.pdf52.49 KB
McEwan, Feminism 101 - Helpful Hints for Dudes, Parts 1-6.pdf134.06 KB
Nguyen, The Fake Male Feminist Chicanery 2013.pdf119.31 KB
Onne, Men - Feminism needs you.pdf115.07 KB
Rankin, Feminism Needs Men, Too 2013.pdf533.13 KB
Spruce, Why Feminism Benefits Men Oct 15 2012.pdf28.24 KB
Talley, Faux Feminist Men, April 18 2011.pdf128.2 KB
Tarrant, Why Men Can Be Good for Feminism Aug 8 2013.pdf47.03 KB
Thomson, Can men be feminists Sept 21 2012.pdf102.9 KB
Plank, 23 Ways Feminism Has Made the World a Better Place for Men May 3 2015 CLEAN.pdf2.46 MB
Cueto, Emma, 10 Ways Men Can Be Feminist Allies Because Yes Feminism Is For Everybody Oct 17 2015.pdf183.04 KB
van der Gaag, Between the devil and the deep blue sea 2015.pdf138.3 KB
Okun, Men Also Share Fruits of Women's Equality Day August 24, 2007.pdf52.81 KB
Ford, It's not enough for men to turn up March 13 2015.pdf463.13 KB
Blau, 4 Reasons Why Feminism Is for Men March 2016.pdf3.07 MB
Murphy, Five reasons Matt McGorry's 'feminism' isn't helping 2016 CLEAN.pdf689.51 KB
Fabello, Beware These 10 Types of Feminist Men Aug 8 2016.pdf104.36 KB
Peretz, A Letter to Aspiring (Male) Feminists 2016.pdf1.95 MB
Funnell, Why does it take boys talking feminism to have a viral video hit.pdf170.66 KB
Ford, Help us change the world just don't expect a cookie.pdf65.61 KB
Grollman, A Gay Guy's Guide To Feminism - A Brief Introduction.pdf145.41 KB
Weiss, 9 Reasons feminist men are better in bed Nov 25 2015.pdf45.1 KB
Newman, Why I am a feminist man.pdf122.53 KB
Winterfox, Feminists are not responsible for educating men.pdf95.51 KB
Should Men Call Themselves Pro-Feminist Instead of Feminist.pdf717.36 KB
O'Neill, Lisa, Dear Men Who Wish to Be Allies to Women 12 Things You Need to Know Mar 27 2017.pdf141.42 KB
Dean, Asking if men can be feminists is a pointless distraction Aug 5 2014.pdf2.37 MB