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14 Oct 2021

1) Focusing only on telling women how to maximise their own safety fails to hold perpetrators accountable for their behaviour, and locates responsibility with the potential victims.

2) Women *already* use a multitude of such strategies.

3) It accepts that some men will use violence, rather than focusing on how to prevent and reduce this, and places the burden on women to police and limit their lives.

04 Apr 2021

The “Karen” insult is increasingly common in popular culture, and has been subject to some feminist critique.

18 Mar 2021

Consent apps have been proposed by the NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller as a strategy for reducing sexual violence (March 17 2021). However:

Consent apps are useless, and indeed dangerous. They don’t address how: Consent can be forced or pressured. Capacity to consent can be undermined by alcohol or drugs. Gender power differentials mean women often ‘consent’ to sex they don’t want.

07 Nov 2019

One popular MRA meme is titled “Feminist Quotes by Leading Feminists". It is a perfect example of the MRA misrepresentation of feminism. Either these people aren’t leaders, or the quotes are fake or from works of fiction (novels), or the quotes are taken out of context, or the piece is obscure and has no influence or currency in feminist politics and theory, or the quotes are accurate but representative of a particular strand of 1960s, 1970s and 80s radical feminism.

12 Oct 2019

What does 'gender' have to do with men? How might men have a role in building gender equality? How we engage men in this work? What do people mean by 'toxic masculinity', and is it a useful phrase? What do we want instead? How do we encourage healthy masculinities among men and boys?

07 Oct 2019

The national violence prevention organisation White Ribbon Australia has gone into voluntary liquidation. The organisation was shut down on October 3 2019.

07 Oct 2018

Feminist and profeminist activists have been protesting against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. The North America MenEngage Network (NAMEN) has circulated a letter to US Senators urging them not to vote for Kavanaugh. The letter reads in part,

27 Sep 2018
For more than two decades, Emiliano Diaz de Leon ( has been engaging Latinx
men around the USA in conversations about what we can do to model healthy non-violent relationships with the boys and men in our lives.
"I want to take what I have learned from both my personal experiences and my violence prevention work with Latinx men and share it in the form of a FREE e-book.
19 May 2018

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian academic who has recently and rapidly risen to prominence as a spokesperson for various right-wing and conservative views on gender, intellectual life, and social issues. Here, we have collected together some critical commentary on his work. Additions are most welcome.