Calls for Papers

21 Jul 2023

Masculinity needs changing. As a manifestation of patriarchy, a predictor of violence, and a straight-jacket of identity, masculinity is widely identified as a culprit and symptom: problematic, traditional, ‘hyper’ and toxic. In response a loose network of feminists and allies, public health professionals, scholar-activists, social workers, civil society groups, international organisations and military and police forces have sought to reform masculinity for the better. [...] This two-day conference will gather academics, practitioners and activists to critically interrogate contemporary masculinity interventions in local, national and transnational layers. What new governance arrangements and sciences of public health are being formed? What power relations are at work, especially across shifting boundaries of global north and south? What is the role of specific political, economic and cultural institutions in propagating new varieties of good masculinity? How are these new masculine subjectivities being produced? And with what effects, whether generative, perilous or ambivalent?

17 May 2023

Call for Papers: Youth Masculinities from the Global South

10 Aug 2022
MACS conference 2022 , Chris, co-founder of MACS , Daniel Principe, Collective Shout

On 22 and 23 October 2022, Male Allies Challenging Sexism (MACS) is hosting what it believes to be the first face-to-face pro-feminist men’s conference in the UK for 30 years. The event in Cardiff will feature an international line-up of pro-feminist speakers, and all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to women’s organisations.

01 Oct 2021

We are a group of men from England who are organising engage, an international pro-feminist online conference, for the first time in 2021. The conference seeks to engage men in activism and discussions surrounding masculinity, feminism and the patriarchy. It takes place over November 19-21.

14 Feb 2019

The 27th Annual Men and Masculinities Conference of the American Men’s Studies Association will take place in Brandon, Manitoba at Brandon University June 12-14, 2019.

30 Jan 2019

CfP: 2nd International Symposium on Men and Masculinities
Masculinities: Challenges and Possibilities in Troubling Times
12-14 September 2019, İstanbul Turkey

23 Aug 2018

Call for Papers: Inaugural Issue of Journal of Bodies, Sexualities, and Masculinities 

Editors: Drs Jonathan A. Allan, Frank G. Karioris, and Chris Haywood 

14 May 2018

Call for abstracts for the symposium “Making it like a man”: men, masculinities and the modern ’career’.
25- 26 October
University of Helsinki, Finland

Please see the PDF attachment below.

09 Oct 2017

Call for Papers: Future Perspectives on Masculinities: «Walk like a man, die like a man?» Teaching Gender beyond gendered stereotypes

For: AtGender Teaching with Gender Book Series Volume 15, Routledge publication 2019

Editors: Sveva Magaraggia (University of Milano-Bicocca), Gerlinde Mauerer (University of Vienna) and Marianne Schmidbaur (Goethe-University Frankfurt a. M.)