2. Further introductions and overviews

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1. Introduction / Peter Aggleton and Richard Parker
Section I: Pioneering Beginnings
2. Margaret Sanger: her legacy reconsidered / Ellen Chesler 3. Anthropological foundations of sexuality, health and rights / Gilbert Herdt 4. The importance of being historical: understanding the making of sexualities / Jeffrey Weeks 5. Research innovation: Alfred C. Kinsey’s legacy, and the Kinsey Institute for research in sex, gender and reproduction / Julia R. Heiman 6. The social reality of sexual rights / Ken Plummer 7. Recent developments in US sexuality research / Diane di Mauro
Section II: Language, Discourse and Sexual Categories
8. ‘Lesbians’, modernity and global translation: female sexualities in Indonesia / Evelyn Blackwood 9. Hidden Love: sexual ideologies and relationship ideals in rural South Africa / Abigail Harrison 10. Thai (trans)genders and (homo)sexualities in a global context / Peter A. Jackson 11. Hijras, ‘AIDS cosmopolitanism’ and questions of izzat in Hyderabad / Gayatri Reddy 12. Intersexuality, bio-medical regulation and sexual rights in Brazil / Paula Machado 13. Understanding sex between men in Senegal: beyond current linguistic and discursive categories / Cheikh Ibrahima Niang
Section III: Reproductive and Sexual Health
14. Why a history of childhood sexuality? / Gail L. Hawkes and R. Danielle Egan 15. From sexology to sexual health / Eli Coleman 16. Sexual and reproductive: connections and disconnections in public health / Jane Cottingham 17. Sex as ‘risk of conception’? Sexual frames within the family planning field / Jenny Higgins 18. Teenage pregnancy: from sex to social pathology / Maria Luiza Heilborn and Cristiane S. Cabral.
Section IV: How to Have Sex in an Epidemic 19. Knowledge, power and HIV/AIDS: research and the global response / Carlos F. Cáceres and Kane Race 20. Safe sex: it’s not as simple as ABC / Susan Kippax 21. Exploring moralities / Dennis Altman 22. Is ‘bareback’ a useful construct in primary HIV-prevention? Definitions, identity and research / Alex Carballo-Diéguez, Ana Ventuneac, José Bauermeister, Gary W. Dowsett, Curtis Dolezal, Robert H. Remien, Iván Balán and Matthew S. Rowe 23. Sex under the influence of crystal meth; the experience of latino gay men in San Francisco / Rafael M. Diaz
Section V: The Choreography of Sex
24. Stripping: the embodiment and creation of sexualised fantasy / Katherine Frank 25. Flirting, erotic interactions and sexual choreography among urban youth: hip-hop in New York City / Miguel Mu-oz-Laboy and Richard Parker 26. Passionate uprisings: young people, sexuality and politics in post-revolutionary Iran / Pardis Mahdavi 27. Tourism and the body: embodiment and sexual performance among Dominican male sex workers / Mark B. Padilla 28. Dancing with daemons: desire and the improvisation of pleasure / Gary W. Dowsett 29. Sex in motion: notes on urban Brazilian sexual scenes / Veriano Terto Junior and Fernando Seffner
Section VI: The Darker Side of Sex
30. Sexual and intimate partner violence: the global picture / Claudia Garcia Moreno 31. The social production of men’s extramarital sexual practices / Jennifer S. Hirsch 32. Innocence and scandal: sexuality and the mass media / Lenore Manderson 33.Engaged research on incest in Mexico / Gloria González-López 34. Brutal logic: violence, sexuality and macho myth in South African men’s prisons and beyond / Sasha Gear 35. Beyond pseudo-homosexuality: corrective rape, transactional sex and the undoing of lesbian identities in Namibia / Rob Lorway
Section VII: From Sexual Health to Sexual Rights
36. Sexual education, US Federal Abstinence Policies, and young people’s right to health promotion / John S. Santelli, Rebecca Schleifer and Andrea J. Melnikas 37. Bodies and beyond: where sexual health meets sexual rights / Radhika Chandiramani 38. Political agents or vulnerable victims? Framing sexual rights as sexual health in Argentina / Mario Pecheny 39. Sexuality, Identity and citizenship in contemporary Mexico / Ana Amuchástegui and Rodrigo Parrini 40. From reproductive to sexual rights / Carmen Barroso 41. Sexual rights for young women: lessons from developing countries / Deborah L. Tolman and Sarah H. Costa
Section VIII: Struggles for Erotic Justice 42. Reaffirming pleasures in a world of dangers / Rosalind Petchesky, Sonia Corrêa and Richard Parker 43. Law, sexual morality and subversion: urban sex work in Uganda / Sylvia Tamale 44. Being young and living with HIV: the double neglect of sexual citizenship / Vera Paiva, José Ricardo Ayres, and Sofia Gruskin 45. The ‘queer’ politics of homo(sexuality) and matters of identitiy: tentative notes in the context of HIV/AIDS / Vasu Reddy 46. Immigration and LGBT Rights in the USA: ironies and constraints in the USA asylum cases / Héctor Carrillo 47. ‘In the life’ in diaspora: autonomy/desire/community / Jafari Sinclair Allen 48. Black lesbian gender and sexual culture: celebration and resistance / Bianca D. M. Wilson.

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1: The Stalled Sexual Revolutions of This Century / Ira L. Reiss and Harriet M. Reiss.
2: Alfred Kinsey / Vern L. Bullough.
3: Masters and Johnson / Vern L. Bullough.
4: Theoretical Backgrounds: The Social Organization of Sexuality / Edward O. Laumann, John H. Gagnon, Robert T. Michael, and Stuart Michaels.
5: Sex Among the Americans / Joseph Adelson.
6: Kiss and Tell: Surveying Sex in the Twentieth Century / Julia A. Ericksen with Sally A. Steffen.
7: Sexuality in Marriage, Dating, and Other Relationships.
F. Scott Christopher and Susan Sprecher.
8: Human Sexual Development / John D. DeLamater and William N. Friedrich.
9: Current Religious Doctrines of Sexual and Erotic Development in Childhood / Robert T. Francoeur.
10: Early Childhood Exposure to Parental Nudity and Scenes of Parental Sexuality / Paul Okami, Richard Olmstead, Paul R. Abramson, and Laura Pendleton.
11: Negotiation of First Sexual Intercourse Among Latina Adolescent Mothers / Pamela I. Erickson.
12: College Virgins: How Men and Women Perceive Their Sexual Status / Susan Sprecher and Pamela C. Regan.
13: Communicating With New Sex Partners / Nelwyn B. Moore and J. Kenneth Davidson, Sr.
14: Sexual Infidelity Among Married and Cohabiting Americans / Judith Treas and Deirdre Giesen.
15: Pretending Orgasm During Sexual Intercourse / Michael W. Wiederman.
16: Passionate Marriage / David M. Schnarch.
17: Race, Gender, and Class in Sexual Scripts / Jenna Mahay, Edward O. Laumann, and Stuart Michaels.
18: The Impact of Aging on Sexual Function in Women and Their Partners / Sheryl A. Kingsberg.
19: Affection and Sexuality in the Presence of Alzheimer’s Disease / Lore K. Wright.
20: In the Garden of Tabloid Delight: Notes on Sex, Americans, Scandal, and Morality / Lewis H. Lapham.
21: Sexual Desire and Gender / Pepper Schwartz and Virginia E. Rutter.
22: Venus in Furs: Estrogen and Desire / Natalie Angier.
23: Marital Style and Its Effects on Sexual Desire and Functioning / Barry W. McCarthy.
24: Sexual Satisfaction and Sexual Drive in Spinal Cord Injured Women / Kimberly Black, Marca L. Sipski, and Susanne S. Strauss.
25: Having an Abortion Using Mifepristone and Home Misoprostol / Stephen L. Fielding, Emme Edmunds, and Eric A. Schaff.
26: Community: Risk, Identity, and Love in the Age of AIDS / Judith Levine.
27: Predominant Risk Factors for Genital Papillomavirus Infection / Robert D. Burk, Gloria Y. F. Ho, Leah Beardsley, Michele Lempa, Michael Peters, and Robert Bierman.
28: Human Sexual Orientation Has a Heritable Component / Richard C. Pillard and J. Michael Bailey.
29: Why We Cannot Conclude Sexual Orientation Is a Biological Phenomenon / William M. Byne.
30: Do Parents Influence the Sexual Orientation of Their Children? / Susan E. Golombok and Fiona L. Tasker.
31: Dating and Romantic Relationships Among Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youths / Ritch C. Savin-Williams.
32: The War Over Gay Marriage / Evan W. Thomas.
33: Sexual Abuse in a National Survey of Adult Men and Women / David Finkelhor, Gerald Hotaling, I. A. Lewis, and Christine Smith.
34: Token Resistance to Sex: New Perspectives on an Old Stereotype / Charlene L. Muehlenhard and Carie S. Rodgers.
35: Tactics of Sexual Coercion / Cindy J. Struckman-Johnson, David L. Struckman-Johnson, and Peter B. Anderson.
36: Sexual Aggression Among Asian Americans / Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, Amy K. Windover, and Gloria Gia Maramba.
37: Effects of Cybersex Addiction on the Family / Jennifer P. Schneider.
38: Pathways to a Career in Stripping / Nova D. Sweet and Richard Tewksbury.
39: SIECUS Looks at States’ Sexuality Laws and the Sexual Rights of Citizens / Daniel Daley, Susie Orenstein, and Vivian Wong.
40: Sex, God, & Greed / Daniel Lyons.
41: Naked Capitalists / Frank Rich.
42: Religiosity and Sexual Responsibility: Relationships of Choice / J. Kenneth Davidson, Sr. and Nelwyn B. Moore.
43: Where’d You Learn That? / Ron Stodghill, II.
44: Sexuality Education: Philosophies and Practices In Search of a Meaningful Difference / Terrance D. Olson.

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1. Sex and Society – Gail Hawkes & John Scott
2. Sexuality and Social Theory – Gail Hawkes and John Scott
Section 1: Erotic Diversity
3. Contemporary Gay Cultures – Michael Hurley
4. Lesbianism – Barbara Baird
5. To Have and to Hold: Some Notes on Indigenous Australian Sexualities – Jon Willis
6. ‘Going All the Way’: Young People and Sex – Jo Lindsay
7. Aging and Sexuality – the Final Frontier for Positive Ageing? – Allison Kirkman
Section 2: Judging Sexualities
8. Naughty but Nice? Or, Never on Sundays: Sex and Sin, Past and Present – Gail Hawkes
9. Sexual Dysfunction and Sex Therapy – Ross Morrow
10. ‘Children Ask the Damnedest Questions!’: Sex(uality) Education as a Social Problem – John Scott

Section 3: Regulating Sexualities
11. Pornography – Kath Albury
12. Crimes against Manhood: Homophobia as the Penalty for Betraying Hegemonic Masculinity – David Plummer
13. From Dangerous Sexualities to Risky Sex: Regulating Sexuality in the Name of Public Health – Allanah Ryan
14. A Labour of Sex? Male and female Prostitution – John Scott
Section 4: Conclusion: Future Sexualities?
15. Out on the World Stage: Queer Cultures and Globalisation – Mark McLelland
16. Authorised and Unauthorised Sex: The Sexual landscape of the New Millennium – Gail Hawkes.

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Learning to Think Critically About Sexuality: An Introduction
Part One: In the Beginning: Sexuality in Historical, Religious and Cultural Perspective
1. Sexual Journeys, Undergraduate students - Becoming a Woman, ‘Patricia’ - My Awakening, ‘Josh’
2. The Social Constructionist’s `Essential’ Guide to Sex, Liahna E. Gordon & Sharon A. Abbott
3. The Invention of Sexuality, Jeffrey Weeks
4. The Role of Religion in our Sexual Lives, Ira L. Reiss and Harriet M. Reiss
5. Cultural and Historical Influences on Sexuality in Hispanic/Latin Women, Oliva M. Espin
6. Sexuality Research in the United States, Diane DiMauro
Part Two: Becoming Sexual: How We Learn About Sex (or Don’t)
7. The Kotex Diaries, Laurel Black
8. Becoming Sexual: Differences Between Child and Adult Sexuality, Fred Rothbaum, Avery Grauer, & David Rubin
9. I Just Want to be Normal: Initiation into Heterosexual Dating, Sophia Demasi
10. Where’d You Learn That? Ron Stodghill II
11. Blow Jobs and Other Boring Stuff, Susannah Indigo
12. Daughters with Disabilities, Harilyn Rousso
13. Do Women Choose Their Sexual Identity? Carla Golden
14. Student stories: - So?Honestly Gay, Eric Leadbetter - Dahlia P., Texas
15. GLB Students: The Impact of School on Sexual Identity, Development, Melinda S. Miceli
Part Three: Gendered Sexuality
16. Sisters, Jamie Buki
17. Sexual Desire and Gender, Pepper Schwartz and Virginia Rutter
18. The Four Boxes of Gendered Sexuality: Good Girl/Bad Girl &Tough Guy/Sweet Guy, Betsy Crane & Jesse Crane-Seeber
19. Reconstructing Black Masculinity, bell hooks
20. Ritualizing Heterosexuality: Weddings as Performance, Chrys Ingraham
21. Country Music and Women’s Sexuality: What Do Women Want, Judith Barker
22. Dismantling Gender Polarization and Compulsory Heterosexuality: Should We Turn the Volume Down or Up? Sandra Bem
23. Same Closet, Different Door: A Heterosexual Sissy’s Coming Out Party, Allan Hunter
24. Transgender Warriors: Making History, Leslie Feinberg
Part Four: Sex and the Body
24. The Kindest Un-Cut: Feminism, Judaism, and My Son’s Foreskin, Michael S. Kimmel
25. A Story of Sexuality and Gender in Three Parts, L. Maurer & M. Kelly
26. Medicine, Morality, and the Public Management of Sexual Matters, Leonore Tiefer
27. Hands Off! The Taboo Around Males’ First Ejaculation, Loren Frankel
28. Socially Camouflaged Technologies: The Case of the Electronic Vibrator, Rachel Maines
29. The Orgasm Industry: Drug Companies Search for a Female Viagra, Sonia Shah
30. Don’t Give Up on Sex After 60, Helen Gurley-Brown
31. The Five Sexes Revisited, Anne Fausto-Sterling
32. To Be Poor and Transgender, Kai Wright
33. Re-defining Sex and Intimacy: The Sexual Self Images, Outlooks, Relationships of Gay Men Living with HIV/AIDS, Kent L. Sandstrom
Part Five: Sexualities: Orientations and Relationships
34. Desire, Sex, Love, Friendship, Jerome E. Ng
35. Heterosexuality and Social Theory, Diane Richardson
36. Becoming 100% Straight, Michael Messner
37. Bi Any Other Name, Loraine Hutchins and Lani Kaahumanu
38. I am a Queer Heterosexual, Sharon Kelly
39. Heterosexual Questionnaire, Martin Rochlin
40. From Holiness to Wholeness: My Sexual Journey, Josiah Gromley
41. The ‘Straight’- Jacket of My Homophobia, Benjamin B. Herold
42. The Social Basis of Homophobia: An Empirical Illustration, Jammie Price and Michael G. Dalecki
43. The Possible Relationship: Basic Principles From An Innovative Relationship, The UV Family
Part Six: Commodified Sex: The Buying and Selling of Sex
44. Voices of Sex Workers - Confessions of a Priestesstute, Donna Marie Niles - Pain and Pleasure: Inside the Sex Trade, Tom Zillich - What It Cost, T. R. - Leaving the Streets, Gloria Lockett
45. The Social Consequences of Unchastity, Gail Pheterson
46. The Sex Exploiter: Theme Paper for the Second World Congress Against Commercial Exploitation of Children, Julia O’Connell Davidson
47. Pornography: Not For Men Only, Mariana Valverde
48. Pornography and the Alienation of Male Sexuality, Harry Brod
49. Towards a Feminist Erotica, Kathy Myers
Part Seven: Sexual Abuse and Rape
50. Two poems: - Teacher, Scott - Last Chance, Mary Reilly
51. The Alchemy of Healing: Transforming from Victim to Victor & Lullaby, Regina Rivers
52. Mass Psychology of Rape, Susan Brownmiller
53. The Day My Life Changed, British Medical Journal
54. Demands From the Women of Antioch, Kristine Herman (with Antioch Sexual Offense Policy)
55. Breaking the Silence, Making Laughter: Testimony of An Asian- American Sister, Luoluo Hong
56. Male Rape Victims in Prison Get Little Empathy, Contemporary Sexuality
57. Men on Rape: What They Have to Say about Sexual Violence, Timothy Beneke
Part Eight: Sex, Politics, and Policies
58. Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality, Gayle Rubin
59. Contraceptive Policy and Ethics: Illustrations from American History, Kathleen E. Powderly
60. Who Has Told You to Do This Thing? Toward a Feminist Interpretation of Contraceptive Diffusion in Rhodesia, 1970-1980, Amy Kaler
61. Rights: Treatment of Sexual Minorities a Global Shame, Marwaan Makan-Makar
62. Not My Daughter, Sally Armstrong
63. Report from a Study Tour: Teen Sexuality Education in the Netherlands, France and Germany, Maureen Kelly & Michael McGee
64. The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior, David Sacher
Part Nine: Possible Sexualities: Images of Sexuality Beyond Oppression
65. Cuntist Mystique, Inga Muscio
66. My Sexual Odyssey: A Father’s Reflections, H. J. Randolph
67. Heteroflexibility, Laurie Essig
68. Sex: The Sensual Man, Mick Cooper & Peter Baker
69. Sex: American Style, Thomas Moore
70. The Tantric Vision, Margo Anand
71. Student Voices: - Something New: Let’s Talk about Dirty, Summer Killian - I Have a Dream, Dave Justice Have a Dream, Dave Justice Have a Dream, Dave Justice.

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