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07 Aug 2010
Letting Judgement Cloud Our Emotions: Thoughts on “Rationality” and Violence Against Women by Bill Patrick

You need to calm down.
You are just being emotional.
You are letting your feelings get the better of you.
We need to approach this rationally.
Be reasonable.

How many times have we all heard these phrases – and even used them ourselves? We in North America are pretty good at keeping things dispassionate. And when people begin to express themselves using strong emotions, we work to shut those people down. To bring them back to “sanity.” To push them back toward “balance."

15 Jun 2010
Martial arts and broadening understandings of masculinity. by Felix Scholz

( As always this can be seen in the original context here )

One of the few 'traditionally' masculine and predominantly homosocial activities I engage in, and have (on and off) for many years, is martial arts/self-defence - and I've found it  really interesting and surprising in terms of engagement with masculinity.

19 May 2010
Dealing with a Crisis by Felix Scholz

( As always this can be seen in the original context, and with he original comment threads of critical masculinities blog here )

13 Apr 2010
Remembering and Honoring Chief Wilma Mankiller by Julian Real

Here are a few posts by me, with links back to my blog, as many of my posts contain links to other sources, and it is easier for me to link back here, than to replicate all the links on this website.

I apologise for any inconvenience this causes any readers, and welcome you all to read what follows:

All three of these links are about the life and work of Chief Wilma Mankiller.

13 Apr 2010
An Open Letter to President Barack Obama by Julian Real

To read an open letter to the U.S. President, regarding his public statement about sexual assault in the United States, see here.

His letter is included at the blog site.

Here is my response:

Dear President Obama,
I am concerned that actions that can lead to a decrease in sexual assault, particularly against populations most vulnerable in our free society, are not being accomplished, and are not even being advocated by the Leader of this land.

13 Apr 2010
The Radical Right-wing Mascu-nazis by Julian Real

This piece addresses the problem "Nazis" among us, and the utter stupidity of white het male mascu-nazis pretending that feminists are nazis, in any way at all.

See here for more.

An excerpt follows:

13 Apr 2010
"When Men Cry Unrape", or "The Men Commandments", or "Why Zed has No Cred" by Julian Real

This piece is in response to the ridiculous antifeminist tactics of Men's Wrongs Activists posting misinformation about radical feminists, often quotes either taken out of context, published as non-fiction when from novels, or putting forth things radical feminists never said in the first place. It's done all the damn time. I wish more men would correct this CRAP when they find it online and offline.

The post is here.

A copy of a portion of it follows below.

13 Apr 2010
Fidelbogen is an Antifeminist Asshole: Proof Follows by Julian Real

Below is a post I did on the Men's Wrongs Activist, Fidelbogen, who feigns intelligence while spewing antifeminist trash. For links in tact, see the original post here.

Don't know Fidelbogen? Good. You're lucky. But for those who do wish to know about him and his, errrm, irrational/misogynistic and antifeminist political perspectives and allegiances with uberprivileged whiteboys, see here and here. The latter blog is called... get ready to laugh:

"The Counter-Feminist"