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13 Apr 2010
"When Men Cry Unrape", or "The Men Commandments", or "Why Zed has No Cred" by Julian Real

This piece is in response to the ridiculous antifeminist tactics of Men's Wrongs Activists posting misinformation about radical feminists, often quotes either taken out of context, published as non-fiction when from novels, or putting forth things radical feminists never said in the first place. It's done all the damn time. I wish more men would correct this CRAP when they find it online and offline.

The post is here.

A copy of a portion of it follows below.

13 Apr 2010
Fidelbogen is an Antifeminist Asshole: Proof Follows by Julian Real

Below is a post I did on the Men's Wrongs Activist, Fidelbogen, who feigns intelligence while spewing antifeminist trash. For links in tact, see the original post here.

Don't know Fidelbogen? Good. You're lucky. But for those who do wish to know about him and his, errrm, irrational/misogynistic and antifeminist political perspectives and allegiances with uberprivileged whiteboys, see here and here. The latter blog is called... get ready to laugh:

"The Counter-Feminist"

08 Apr 2010
Women in the military and the myth of male combat by Felix Scholz

( As always this can be seen in the original context, and with he original comment threads of critical masculinities blog here )

01 Apr 2010
Metrosexuality and hegemonic masculinity by Anonymous

By Matthew Hall

Today, as never before, there are a plethora of men's beautification
products, ranging from simple shaving related products, to hair styling
products, moisturizers and at the more extreme end of the male beautification
market, men’s cosmetics. Indeed 2008 saw a flurry of men’s cosmetics
launched including top names such as YSL’s ‘touche éclat for men’,
Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Monsieur’ range and Superdrug stocking ‘Taxi
Man’. In 2010 the market for men's toiletries accounted for a record £868

27 Jan 2010
Generation Kill - a study in hypermasculinity. by Felix Scholz

( As always this can be seen in the original context of critical masculinities blog here )

Oh that's right, I don't just talk about regular masculinities, I talk about hypermasculinities.

28 Dec 2009
No Rocking the Boat when it comes to cinematic representation by Felix Scholz

I love a good pun-based title. The other night I watched The Boat That Rocked - a 2009 film by Richard Curtis of Love Actually fame. Wikipedia Tells me that it will be Called "Pirate Radio" in the US & have a November release date. It is a comedy about a Pirate Radio based offshore on a boat, in '60s Britain - hence the title(s). This film is nostalgia.

21 Dec 2009
Why Masculinity? by Felix Scholz


Note: The posts that appear here also appear in their original context at my blog Critical Masculinities - and as I've just started posting here, for a little while I'll be reposting older entries from Critical Masculinities, until the content catches up. 

17 Dec 2009
XY now on Twitter and Facebook by xyonline

I'm thrilled to report that XY is extending its presence through Twitter and Facebook.

I had a lovely meeting last week with two people who've volunteered to put some time into setting these up, Emily Maguire and Felix Scholz. It's such a pleasure to meet total strangers with a passion for these issues.

There's now a Twitter page for XY, here. And XY has a Facebook page too, here. So please sign up.

Best wishes,

michael flood.

01 Dec 2009
Where do you find positive models of changing men? In the complex lives of older men. by David Jackson


In all those men’s groups that I was a part of in the 1980s and 1990s in the U.K. there was one question that kept on rearing its head :
‘Where are the positive models of changing men that can help us in our present struggles?’

20 Sep 2009
Silencing and othering older men by David Jackson

I’m a pensioner activist living in the U.K., still very much engaged in struggles around personal and political change in the men and masculinities field. I’m also wanting to play a part in challenging and changing the ageism that I find in gender politics.