d) Mothers and sons

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Introduction / Andrea O’Reilly.
Section One: Mothering and Motherhood.
1. Who Are We This Time? An Excerpt From American Mom / Mary Kay Blakely.
2. Mothering Sons With Special Needs: One Peacemaker’s Challenge / Jacqueline Haessly.
3. Masculinity, Matriarchy, and Myth: A Black Feminist Perspective / Claudette Lee and Ethel Hill Williams.
4. Mothers of Sons and the Art of Peace Building / Linda Forcey.
5. In Black and White: African American and Anglo-American Feminist Theorizing on the Mother-Son Relationship / Andrea O’Reilly.
Section Two: Men and Masculinities.
6. Swimming Against the Tide: Feminists’ Accounts of Mothering Sons / Alison M. Thomas.
7. Feminist Academic Mothers’ Influences on Their Sons’ Masculinity / Sharon Abbey.
8. Lesbians Raising Sons: Bringing Up a New Breed of Men / Jess Wells.
9. Can Boys Grow Into Mothers? Maternal Thinking and Fathers’ Reflections / Andrea Doucet.
Section Three: Mothers and Sons: Connections and Disconnections.
10. Raisng Relational Boys / Cate Dooley and Nikki Fedele.
11. Attachment and Loss / Janet Sayers.
12. Mother-Son Relationships in the Shadow of War / Amia Leiblich.
13. This is Leave Taking: Mothers, Signatures, and Countermemory / Douglas Sadao Aoki.

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