d) Men in higher education [NEW]

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Introduction, Tracy Davis and Jason Laker.
Section A: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives, Section Editor, Jason Laker.
1. Mapping Guyland in College, Michael Kimmel & Tracy Davis.
2. Using the Psychology of Men and Gender Role Conflict Theory To Promote Comprehensive Service Delivery for College Men: A Call to Action, Jim O’Neil & Byrce Crasper.
3. The Situation of Men, and Situating Men in Higher Education: A Conversation about Crisis, Myth and Reality about Male College Students, Frank Harris III & Ryan P. Barone.
4. Inviting and Inspiring Men to Learn: Gendered Pedagogical Considerations for Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Environments, Jason Laker.
Section B: Identity Intersections with Masculinities, Section Editor, Tracy Davis.
5. Man of Multiple Identities: Complex Individuality and Identity Intersectionality among College Men, Shaun R. Harper, Cameron C. Wardell, and Keon M. McGuire.
6. Queer Masculinities in Higher Education, Beth Berila.
7. Socio-economic and Work Identity Intersections with Masculinity and College Success, Brian Reed.
8. Disability Identity Intersections with Masculinities, Tom Gerschick.
Section C: Effective Interventions with College Men, Section Editors, Jason Laker and Tracy Davis.
9. Masculinities (Re)considered: Using a Critical Approach to Working with Men in Groups, Tracy Davis, James LaPrad & Sean Dixon.
10. Using How College Men Feel about Being Men and “Doing the Right Thing” to Promote Men’s Development, Alan Berkowitz.
11. Best Practices for Improving College Men’s HealthDesigning Effective Programs and Services for College Men, Will Courtenay.
12. Successful Judicial Intervention with Men, Randy Ludeman.
13. Women Professionals Working with Men in both Curricular and Co-curricular Environments, Rachel Wagner.

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