g) Grief

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Pt. I. Conceptualizing and Describing Death, Grief, and Masculinity.
1. Building Your Ship of Death for the Longest Journey Over Endless Seas / Sam Keen.
2. The Ontology of Masculinity - The Roots of Manhood / Neil Thompson.
3. Take It Like a Man: Masculine Response to Loss / Kenneth A. Doka; Terry Martin.
4. The Vietnam War: An Ongoing National Grief Response / Angeline Bushy; John R. Bushy.
5. Gay Men: Grieving the Effects of Homophobia / John E. Hart.
6. Emerging from the Anguish: A Father’s Experience with Loss and Grief / Kent Koppelman.
7. Research on Gender Differences in Bereavement Outcome: Presenting a Model of Experienced Competence / Susan E. Allen; Bert Hayslip, Jr.
Pt. II. Research on Grief.
8. The Role of Gender in a Three-Year Longitudinal Study of Bereavement: A Test of the Experienced Competence Model / Bert Hayslip, Jr; Susan E. Allen; Laura McCoy-Roberts.
9. When the Unexpected Happens: Husbands Coping With the Deaths of Their Wives / Dale A. Lund; Michael S. Caserta.
10. American Widowers with School-Age Children: An Exploratory Study of Role Change and Role Conflict / Douglas E. O’Neill; Robert Mendelsohn.
11. Gender Differences Related to Sexuality in Widowhood: Is It a Problem for the Male Bereaved? / Kathryn Hustins.
12. Male Attitudes on Funeral Rites and Rituals / Paul Sakalauskas.
Pt. III. Interventions and Helping Strategies.
13. Assessment and Treatment of Grief States in Older Males / Eric D. Rankin.
14. The Bereaved Crisis Worker: Sociological Practice Perspective on Critical Incident Death, Grief, and Loss / Robert Bendiksen; Gregory Bodin; Kathy R. Jambois.
15. The Grief of Male Children and Adolescents and Ways to Help Them Cope / David Adams.
16. A Grief Unheard: A Woman’s Reflection on a Men’s Grief Group / Peggy M. L. Anderson.
17. Grieving Reproductive Loss: The Bereaved Male / Kathleen Gray.
18. Grief of the Abused Male / Alan Stewart.
19. The Eloquence of Pain: Poetry of Bereaved Fathers Following a Perinatal Loss / Michael Dilts.

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