a) Rural men and masculinities

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Foreword / Carolyn Sachs.
1 Country Boys: Masculinity and Rural Life / Hugh Campbell, Michael Mayerfeld Bell, and Margaret Finney.

Part 1: Practices
2 Cultivating Dialogue: Sustainable Agriculture and Masculinities / Gregory Peter, Michael Mayerfeld Bell, Susan Jarnagin, and Donna Bauer.
3 Three Visions of Masculine Success on American Farms / Peggy F. Barlett.
4 Masculinities in Rural Small Business Ownership: Between Community and Capitalism / Sharon Bird.
5 Real Men, Real Locals, and Real Workers: Realizing Masculinity in Small-Town New Zealand / Hugh Campbell.
6 Rooted and Routed Masculinities Among the Rural Youth of North Cork and Upper Swaledale / Caitr’ona N’ Laoire and Shaun Fielding.
7 “White Men Are This Nation”: Right-Wing Militias and the Restoration of Rural American Masculinity / Michael Kimmel and Abby L. Ferber.
8 Rural Men’s Health: Situating Risk in the Negotiation of Masculinity
Will H. Courtenay.

Part 2: Representations
9 Cowboy Love / David Bell.
10 Embodiment and Rural Masculinity / J. Little.
11 Beer Advertising, Rurality, and Masculinity / Robin Law.
12 Changing Masculinity in a Changing Rural Industry: Representations in the Forestry Press / Berit Brandth and Marit S. Haugen.
13 Warrior Heroes and Little Green Men: Soldiers, Military Training, and the Construction of Rural Masculinities / Rachel Woodward.

Part 3: Changes
14 Country/City Men / Robert W. Connell.
15 Gendered Places and Place-Based Gender Identities: Reflections and Refractions
Linda Lobao

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Globalization, Place and Masculinities.
Place-based Global Ethnography.
Reordering Work.
In and Out of Place.
Scapes of Abjection.
Everyday Knowledges.
Wild and Tame Pleasures.

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