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University- and campus-based prevention of sexual and domestic violence: an XY collection

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How can universities work to prevent sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, and other forms of violence on campus and among staff and students? In this XY collection, we have compiled key reports and guides for action.

There is a rapidly growing scholarship on university-based violence prevention. See here for key readings and references in this field: Here however, we have concentrated on guides, manuals, and general discussions.

Please see below for the full text of these materials.

ACHA, Addressing Sexual and Relationship Violence on Campuses 2016.pdf608.85 KB
Australian Human Rights Centre, On Safe Ground 2017.pdf2.95 MB
CDC, Preventing sexual violence on college campuses - Lessons from research and practice 2014.pdf892.6 KB
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EverFi, Improving Campus Sexual Assault Prevention.pdf1.97 MB
Fenton, A review of evidence for bystander intervention universities 11 April 2016.pdf1.01 MB
Osmer, A safer campus 2016 - Campus Guidebook 2nd edition.pdf3.81 MB
PreventConnect, Campus Resource Guide May 2016.pdf2.84 MB
Universities UK, Changing the Culture 2016.pdf1.36 MB
White House Task Force, Not Alone April 2014.pdf861.15 KB
Flood, Universities have a problem with sexual assault and harassment - here's how to fix it 2017.pdf2.07 MB