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Raising feminist sons - An XY collection

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How can women, and men, raise feminist sons? How, for example, can mothers and fathers encourage their sons to grow up to respect girls and women? Here, we have collected some recent and accessible discussions of raising boys.

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A Framework for Feminist Parenting {Cross Post with Everyday Feminism} - ourfeministplayschool.pdf778.09 KB
de la Cretaz, 11 Ways To Raise A Feminist Son Because Feminism Is Good For Everyone Nov 7 2015.pdf462.97 KB
Kole, Dismantling the Patriarchy while Raising Pro-Feminist Sons, Dec 24 2012.pdf279.24 KB
Mesbur, How to raise feminist boys March 7 2016.pdf35.54 KB
Organ, 25 Rules For Raising Feminist Boys.pdf98.06 KB
Ferrere, A quiet revolution - Feminists with sons.pdf979.33 KB
Brasco, 10 Tips for Talking About Sexual Violence with Your Sons.pdf129.1 KB
Fitzgerald, Five Things Feminist Dads Do 2017.pdf62.54 KB