men, masculinities and gender politics



Solo sex


Kim Houghton promotes the pleasures of masturbation.

Fucking & fabrication


Who do men see when they see prostitutes? Celine, a sex worker and writer, tells all.

Coming out het


"Coming out" is a term once reserved for debutante belles entering society and womanhood. More recently it has been used to describe the public revelation that one is gay or lesbian; out of the closet. Nick Sellars is out of the closet again - this time he's back in a suit and tie.

When the one and only, isn't


Are relationships and friendships different or even opposite? Mark Trudinger and Ron Frey think not. They explore alternative ways of 'sharing special spaces' with others, abandoning some common distinctions and finding strong connections in the process.

Sticks and stones


What does an article about poofters have to do with "ordinary blokes"? Nick Sellars spells it out: ending discrimination against gays is one of the most important things to do in ending sexism.

A rough trade

Nick Sellars takes a look at the lives of the invisible men - working-class gay men.



Men who question masculinity are often called "poofters". What's the connection between homophobia and masculinity, and where do gay men fit in to the men's movement? Michael Flood has some answers.

Homophobia and masculinities among young men (Lessons in becoming a straight man)


A talk to teachers, in which Michael Flood discusses homophobia, sexism, and the links between homophobia and gender. Flood covers the consequences of homophobia in schools, and the obligation learning institutions have to create change.

Heterosexual men’s sexuality


This article offers an outline of the construction of heterosexual men’s sexuality, examining such issues as masculinity, identity, intimacy, consent and pleasure. It argues for the positive reconstruction of this sexuality, offering the HIV/AIDS epidemic as one possible site of such a project.

Sex, sexual violence, and the sex industry: Some thoughts for boys and men

Boys and men will not find a loving and kind sexuality in pornography, says Robert Jensen.