Fostering boys’ and men’s resistance to pornography

Pornography is transforming boys’ and young men’s sexualities. It has an increasing influence on how males (and females) think and feel about sex and bodies, the kinds of sex they want to have and do have, and their sexual and intimate relations. This presentation begins by mapping the evidence regarding key areas of pornography’s influence. It then explores the social and educational strategies which can be used to minimise the harms of pornography consumption. In particular, the session explores how to build young men’s and women’s critical resistance to pornography and to encourage gender-equitable sexual relations. Citation: Flood, M. (2016) Fostering boys’ and men’s resistance to pornography. Keynote address, Pornography and Harms to Children and Young People Symposium, University of New South Wales, Sydney, February 9. See below for the slides from this presentation, in PDF. Also see the book chapter available here: