Messaging Healthy Masculinities?

How can we use communications and social marketing strategies to engage men in building healthier masculinities? What appeals and language work in reaching, engaging, and changing men?

Women’s Health in the South East, a community organisation in Melbourne, organised a webinar titled “Healthier Masculinities and Values-Based Messaging: In Theory and in Practice”, held on April 8 2020.

Dr Michael Flood from the Queensland University of Technology spoke on effective practice in messaging for healthier masculinities. Benjamin Brewer from Eastern Health spoke on the organisation’s experience of this work, in sports organisations, among fathers, and elsewhere.

Dr Flood first described new research commissioned by VicHealth and undertaken by Common Cause, comprising a survey of Australians’ attitudes towards masculinity and their responses to various ways of framing heathy masculinities. He then outlined some principles of effective practice in social marketing aimed at men. Michael’s slides are here.

Citation: Flood, M. (2020). Messaging Healthy Masculinities?. WHISE Webinar: Healthier Masculinities and Values-Based Messaging: In Theory and in Practice, April 8.