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Introduction: Why Now? – Harry Brod
I. The Boy Is Father to the Man 1. “Everything that Makes Us Human”: Identity, Bonding and Resilience among Jewish Boys – Michael Reichert and Sharon Ravitch 2. Circumcision and Masculinity: Motherly Men or Brutal Patriarchs? – Eric Silverman 3. Not-So-Nice Jewish Boys: Notes on Violence and the Construction of Jewish-American Masculinity in the Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries – Jackson Katz
II. Toward Embodiment: Wrestling with the Angel 4. Virility and Impotence: From Traditional Society to the Haskalah – Israel Bartal 5. The Zionist Body: Nationalism and Sexuality in Herzl’s Altneuland – Michael Gluzman 6. National Troubles: Male Matters in Israeli Gay Cinema – Raz Yosef 7. “Restrain Your Impulse” Versus “Break the Boundaries”: From Whence Shall My Sexual Guidance Come? – Lawrence Bush 8. Prosthethic Voice – Oreet Ashery and Barnaby Adams
III. Emasculation and its Discontents 9. Trouble on Max Nordau Street: Michael Chabon Rewrites Jewish Masculinity – Warren Rosenberg 10. The New Queer Jew: Jewishness, Masculinity and Contemporary Film – Michele Aaron 11. Mendoza Forever – Sylvia Paskin
IV. Hearts and Souls 12. The Odyssey (of a Jewish Man) – Rabbi Mordechai Liebling 13. Telling Our Stories: Liberation Work for Jewish Men – Billy Yalowitz 14. Why Men Gather: The Jewish Men’s Retreat Journey – Allen Spivack and Yosaif August 15. Men and Dreams: Embracing Esau – Rabbi Rami Shapiro 16. Finding the Light – Kiddush Levanah: A Ritual of Renewal for Jewish Men – Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky 17. When the Stories Stop ... – Doug Barden 18. Poems for the Post-Modern Man – Rabbi Ed Stafman, Rabbi Jacob J. Staub, and Simcha Paull Raphael
Afterword: A Midrash – Rabbi Shawn Israel Zevit
Contributors / Sample Listing of Jewish Men’s Resources / Index.

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Investigation of Men in the Context of a Gender Perspective Theology as
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