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New report: Men Get Flexible! Mainstreaming Flexible Work in Australian Business

Australian men want and need access to flexible working to support their important roles as fathers, carers and engaged volunteers in their communities, but their uptake of flexible working is limited and most commonly involves informal ‘flextime’ and ad hoc working from home structured around full-time work, according to research conducted by Diversity Council Australia on men and flexible working.
The report, titled Men Get Flexible! Mainstreaming Flexible Work in Australian Business, authored by Dr. Graeme Russell & Dr. Jane O’Leary demonstrates that flexible work can generate positive outcomes for men, women, families and organisations. It also contains an innovative framework for action for employers to increase men’s engagement in flexible work and thus help to move flexible work from the margins to the mainstream.

See below for the Executive Summary. For the full report, please go to!/293.

DCA Men Get Flexible Exec Summary FINAL 24 Aug 2012.pdf1.95 MB