Curricula on men and masculinities: An XY collection

Courses focused on men, masculinities, and gender are an increasingly common element of university curricula in such areas as Sociology, History, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, and Literature. Here, we have begun to collect examples of the guides to or outlines of particular courses. You are most welcome to add your courses.

Also see this XY collection on practical guides and manuals for engaging or educating men.

Courses and subjects whose contents are available below are as follows:

  • Men and Masculinities (SOC350) (Michael Flood, University of Wollongong, 2011)
  • Special Topics: Masculinities (Mike Murphy, University of Illinois, 2011)
  • Global Masculinities (Mike Murphy, Washington University in St. Louis—University College, 2006)
  • Cultures of Masculinity (Anna Hickey-Moody, University of Sydney, 2010)
  • Sociology of Masculinities and Manhood (Sharon Bird, Iowa State University, 2005)
  • Sociology of Men and Masculinity (Stephen Kulis, Arizona State University, 2001)
  • Contested Masculinities (Amanda Udis-Kessler, Grinnell College, 2002)
  • Critical Approaches to Masculinities (Scott Kiesling, University of Pittsburgh, 2004)
  • Making Men - Critical Studies in Masculinity(Terrence McDonald, Western University, 2017)
  • Masculinities (Kristen W. Springer, Rutgers University, 2013)
  • Masculinities (Mohamed Hassan, Temple University, 2017)
  • Men and Gender Politics (Tristan Bridges)
  • Men and Masculinities (William Marsiglio, 2012)
  • Men and Masculinities (Christian Vaccaro, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2017)
  • Masculinities (Michael Gill, 2012)
  • Diverse Masculinities (Neil Balan, 2017)

See below for the collection. For academic discussions of scholarship on men, masculinities, and gender, see the references listed here.