Work & Class

03 Apr 2010

Catalyst believes that men have a critical role to play in diversity and inclusion efforts, especially initiatives to eliminate gender bias. In Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives: What Change Agents Need to Know, the first report in Catalyst's Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives series, Catalyst provided pivotal information about the cultural forces that can undermine organizational efforts to fully engage men as champions of gender initiatives. In this second report, Catalyst examines factors that can heighten or dampen men’s interest in acquiring skills to become effective change agents for gender equality at work.

01 Sep 2009

This report from the Catalyst series "Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives" examines men's support of gender initiatives in their workplace. This include ways to increase men's awareness of gender bias and the associated costs, factors that encourage men to lend their support to gender initiatives, and barriers that prevent them from supporting such initiatives.

10 Jul 2009

To talk about class we can't help but think of revolution, solidarity and uprising. Nick Sellars considers why the men's movement should be a revolution every man can join in. Even the owning class.

10 Jul 2009

Are all "real men" the same? Mike Leach explores the relationship between work, class and masculinity.

10 Jul 2009

A gender lens helps us to make sense of acts of terrorism by men, both domestic and international.

27 May 2009

Nick Sellars takes a look at the lives of the invisible men - working-class gay men.