Several Blog Post Links from A Radical Profeminist

Hi xyonliners!

There are a few bits of writing (he said, pretending not to be person with, as the Irish say, "the gift of gab") that I'd like to publish here, but they are too complicated for my simple brain to bring this way, as they have many links, photos, parts in bold. Ok, I'm being LAZY. I admit it. I blabber on, so anything I put here needs to have HTML coding for each paragraph. I know, such a rough life!! But actually on the less lazy end of it, the ones with the photos aren't working for me here (it's not's fault; it's tech complications on my end). And besides, if I posted ALL this stuff to xyoline (I just added three or so new pieces today!), it would make me look like I'm being a cyber-hog over here! (Ok, I added FIVE new pieces today, and this one makes six. You and your damn math skills!) So, anyway, here are a few links to some pieces I've written within the last month, and peruse away and hopefully you'll find something that piques your interest. (That's quite possibly the first time I've ever typed the word "piques". I'm not even sure if I spelled it right, but there's no red squiggly line under it here, so I guess we're good to go.)

Everyday Male Chauvinism. Men: do you see what's wrong with this picture? (You see what I mean: this one even has "a picture" in the title!)

The Danger of the Single Story: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, on being Middle Class, living in a Colonised Country (O.M.G.: if you haven't yet heard this talk by Chimamanda Adichie, get yourself right on over there! Don't worry about your hair. It looks fine. Just go. It's awesome! (It's a video, with wonderful stories and messages. Kind of like the opposite of what's broadcast on the television! Um, you're NOT going out in those socks, are you? Never mind--get on over there!!!)

Men's Betrayal of Women's [S]Existance In Australia's Patriarchy: When Will Men Stop Other Men's Sexism? (This one is about men needing to hold one another accountable, with a focus on Australian white men, due to the rampant and overtly sexist banter in the major media.)

Notes on Man-Loving: a gay radical profeminist's reflections (There's the most adorable picture of David Cassidy at the top of the post. He's sooooo cute. Sigh. And the story of my first boyfriend, and stuff like that there.)

Who Really Is Being Hateful? (This one has to deal with the truth that is hidden from view when feminism is seen as "all-powerful" in a way that it never has been in my lifetime, anyway.)

Neither Gods Nor Monsters: The Paradoxical Social Nature of White Heterosexual Men Put your seatbelts on for this one. It's all about self-defence, genocide, gynocide, and resistance, and about what men are: neither gods nor monsters. (I figure I'm giving away ALL the details, especially by repeating parts that are in the title!)

The Patriarch and the Pickle Jar, or how white gentile heterosexual male supremacy operates in the home and in-humanity (This one deals with Nazi Germany, resisting white male supremacy now, and how to even speak about it. And it's about one white hetero male friend's annoying habit--that's where the pickle jar comes in!)

If you think African Americans are "uniquely bigoted" politically, think again: SURPRISE--it's white boys (This piece analyses mass media and how it perpetuates ideas that Black people are more homophobic that white folks. And it also calls out the white gay men's movement to start prioritising the agendas of lesbian women of color.)

That's all for now, folks. See you over to the blog, A Radical Profeminist, I hope! :)