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XY: funds needed to maintain the website

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Dear friends and colleagues,

Many of you know and use the website XY. I am writing to let you know that I have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise a small amount of money to support XY. Please go to to offer your support.

XY is one of the most substantial profeminist resources on men, masculinities, and gender on the internet. XY is a resource library, a forum, and a toolkit for change. It’s got hundreds of articles and resources, on violence, fathering, men’s health, pornography, sexualities, class and ethnicity, working with boys and men, and a host of other areas. XY also hosts The Men’s Bibliography, a massive bibliography of scholarship on men, masculinities, and gender, at

The website’s software is out of date and needs a proper upgrade. Also, the site has been run entirely by volunteers, and it’s time for XY to have some proper financial support, to pay someone to do regular part-time work managing and extending the site.

I hope that you can offer what support you can afford to maintain XY as a valuable resource for our work. You will find the fund-raising campaign at

Please do share this invitation.

With gratitude,

Michael Flood.

... A very big THANK YOU to those people who have made donations, including (in alphabetical order by surname):

  • Coralie Alison
  • Anna Sofie Bach
  • Garth Barker
  • Peter Baker
  • Tim Bavinton
  • Dorothy Broom
  • Stephen Burrell
  • Ryan Coll
  • Michael Conroy
  • Victoria Cooke
  • Mark D'Astoli
  • Chuck Derry
  • Karen Downing
  • David Duriesmith
  • Christine Eriksen
  • Peter Ferry
  • Judith Gardiner
  • Rob Gilbert
  • Amy Gray
  • Sally Hanna-Osborne
  • Shane Harrison
  • Brian Heilman
  • Vicki Johnston
  • Mark Kulkens
  • Cuong La
  • Marc Lafrance
  • David Lee
  • Luis Lineo
  • Christopher McLean
  • Kylie McMullan
  • Michael Messner
  • Richard Newman
  • Anh Nguyentran
  • Rob Okun
  • Tal Peretz
  • Jo River
  • Fivel Rothberg
  • Sandy Ruxton
  • Michael Schwalbe
  • Tiffany Scott
  • Kylie Spalding
  • Claire Tatyzo
  • Rujuta Teredesai
  • Martin Tod
  • Geraldine Toner
  • Joseph Vess
  • VoiceMale magazine
  • Ben Wadham
  • Liz Walker
  • Callum Watson
  • Lana Wells
  • Stephen Young