XY: funds needed to maintain the website

Dear friends and colleagues,

Many of you know and use the website XY. I am writing to let you know that I have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise a small amount of money to support XY. Please go to https://chuffed.org/project/xycampaign to offer your support.

XY is one of the most substantial profeminist resources on men, masculinities, and gender on the internet. XY is a resource library, a forum, and a toolkit for change. It’s got hundreds of articles and resources, on violence, fathering, men’s health, pornography, sexualities, class and ethnicity, working with boys and men, and a host of other areas. XY also hosts The Men’s Bibliography, a massive bibliography of scholarship on men, masculinities, and gender, at http://www.xyonline.net/bibliography.

The website’s software is out of date and needs a proper upgrade. Also, the site has been run entirely by volunteers, and it’s time for XY to have some proper financial support, to pay someone to do regular part-time work managing and extending the site.

I hope that you can offer what support you can afford to maintain XY as a valuable resource for our work. You will find the fund-raising campaign at https://chuffed.org/project/xycampaign.

Please do share this invitation.

With gratitude,

Michael Flood.

... A very big THANK YOU to those people who have made donations, including (in alphabetical order by surname):

  • Coralie Alison
  • Anna Sofie Bach
  • Garth Barker
  • Peter Baker
  • Tim Bavinton
  • Dorothy Broom
  • Stephen Burrell
  • Ryan Coll
  • Michael Conroy
  • Victoria Cooke
  • Mark D'Astoli
  • Chuck Derry
  • Karen Downing
  • David Duriesmith
  • Christine Eriksen
  • Peter Ferry
  • Judith Gardiner
  • Rob Gilbert
  • Amy Gray
  • Sally Hanna-Osborne
  • Shane Harrison
  • Brian Heilman
  • Vicki Johnston
  • Mark Kulkens
  • Cuong La
  • Marc Lafrance
  • David Lee
  • Luis Lineo
  • Christopher McLean
  • Kylie McMullan
  • Michael Messner
  • Richard Newman
  • Anh Nguyentran
  • Rob Okun
  • Tal Peretz
  • Jo River
  • Fivel Rothberg
  • Sandy Ruxton
  • Michael Schwalbe
  • Tiffany Scott
  • Kylie Spalding
  • Claire Tatyzo
  • Rujuta Teredesai
  • Martin Tod
  • Geraldine Toner
  • Joseph Vess
  • VoiceMale magazine
  • Ben Wadham
  • Liz Walker
  • Callum Watson
  • Lana Wells
  • Stephen Young