Men and the Prevention of Gender-based Violence: A Conceptual Framework for Policy Change (2010)

This discussion paper was produced for “Partners for Prevention: Working with Boys and Men to Prevent Gender-based Violence” a UN interagency initiative UNDP, UNFPA, UNIFEM and UNV. This regional programme is a coordinated approach to support primary prevention of gender-based violence in Asia and the Pacific with the deeper involvement of boys and men. The long term goal of this programme is to reduce the prevalence of gender-based violence in the Asia-Pacific region through behaviour and attitudinal change among boys and men, increased institutional capacity to involve boys and men in gender based violence prevention and through and facilitating policy enhancements.

The discussion paper has the following purposes:

  • To propose a comprehensive framework for developing policies that respond to gender-based violence;
  • To identify the importance of engaging and targeting men and boys as partners in developing and implementing policies on the prevention of gender-based violence;
  • To recommend a set of policy interventions on engaging men for policy change on gender-based violence.

Please see below for the document, in PDF.