EMERGE (Engendering Men: Evidence on Routes to Gender Equality): Policy brief, practice brief, plus evidence review, tools and guides

The EMERGE (Engendering Men: Evidence on Routes to Gender Equality) project has produced a new policy briefing which makes the case for re-framing policy on gender equality in order to more productively factor in men and boys, and suggests actions and approaches that policy makers can take to do this. The briefing, along with an accompanying practice brief and a conceptual framing paper, is available here.
EMERGE (Engendering Men: Evidence on Routes to Gender Equality) is a two-year project to build an openly accessible basis of evidence, lessons and guidance for working with boys and men to promote gender equality. Other outputs from the programme include an extensive evidence review, a set of eight case studies and accompanying stories of change, a selection of tools and guides on working with men and boys for gender equality, and a blog series.


Birchall, J., Edström, J. and Shahrokh, T. (2016) Reframing men and boys in policy for gender equality, EMERGE Policy Brief. Institute of Development Studies, Promundo and Sonke Gender Justice. Brighton: IDS.