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Donald Trump and masculinity - An XY collection

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Donald Trump's election to the US presidency, and his behaviour before and after, have prompted considerable discussion about masculinity, gender, and violence against women. Here, we have collected some valuable examples of this commentary.

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Johnston, Donald Trump and the Normalization of Rape.pdf43.06 KB
Kimmel, Angry white men the sociologist who studied Trump's base before Trump.pdf133.75 KB
Debuk, On banter, bonding and Donald Trump.pdf52.24 KB
Okun, Donald Trump may be vile but at least hes forced men to talk about masculinity for once.pdf89.46 KB
Presidential Elections Are Always a Referendum on American Masculinity _ Katz book.pdf303.97 KB
Pascoe, Who is a Real Man - The Gender of Trumpism 2017.pdf462.09 KB