Jorge N. Ferrer

16 Feb 2019

Here I focus on exploring one possible shift in male sexual identity: the movement from the traditional Alpha Male to what I name the Omega Man [...] Alpha Males instinctively seek to conquer females and dominate males in the context of power-over relationships. Omega Men foster the cultivation of harmonious relationships with and among males and females in the context of mutually empowering relationships. [...] Alpha Males build their confidence through ranking highly in social/sexual hierarchies and seeking constant approval. Omega Men are confident men who neither accept social/sexual hierarchies nor need social recognition to pump up their egos. Alpha Males are usually unapologetic and believe to be always right. Omega Men sincerely apologize when they “f**k up” and gracefully express gratitude when shown to be wrong. [...] If self-identified as heterosexual, Alpha Males tend to be homophobic, speaking and acting in ways that do not leave any doubt about their sexual orientation (despite how bi- or even homosexually prone they might actually be). Omega Men are often “queer straight men” who appreciate all sexual orientations; they can also be openly bisexual, homosexual, metrosexual, or omnisexual.