men, masculinities and gender politics


Growing up

Boy friends

Making boys anti-sexist will soon be on the curriculum of many school systems. "We can do even better," claims Nick Sellars.

Dangerous opportunities

Jeremy Ludowyke examines the gender equity debate in education.

What about the boys?

Stephen Fisher assesses three approaches to boyswork. Please see below for the attachment, in PDF.

Why I Joined the Navy


From boyhood comic books to soldier games to his dad's tales of combat, Tony Switzer recounts his path into the military.

The making of a man


Sam Pullen describes the training in privilege he received in the Boy Scouts.

Diverse desires

Stubbornly, with determination, I resisted. I knew and experienced emotional and sexual desire from an early age as complex, broad-ranging and variable. It was and is still not a simple attraction to one sex or another. It was and is not fixed to one pattern of attraction, lust or pleasure.

Solo sex


Kim Houghton promotes the pleasures of masturbation.

Homophobia and masculinities among young men (Lessons in becoming a straight man)


A talk to teachers, in which Michael Flood discusses homophobia, sexism, and the links between homophobia and gender. Flood covers the consequences of homophobia in schools, and the obligation learning institutions have to create change.

Sex, sexual violence, and the sex industry: Some thoughts for boys and men

Boys and men will not find a loving and kind sexuality in pornography, says Robert Jensen.

Policing manhood: new theories about the social significance of homophobia


David Plummer offers new theories of homophobia which go beyond the definition of homophobia as simply fear or hatred of homosexuality.

Please see below for the attachment, in PDF.