men, masculinities and gender politics



Separated fathers and the ‘fathers’ rights’ movement

While separated fathers often feel profound distress because of separation and loss of contact with children, the fathers' rights movement does little to help them heal. In fact, fathers' rights groups harm fathers' ongoing relationships with their children and fail to tackle the real obstacles to involved parenting.

Myths about custody and domestic violence

A short US account of common myths about domestic violence and custody and how to counter them.

Heather, Mez and Me


Stephen Macintosh managed to avoid bitterness and revenge getting in the way of a healthy divorce.

Chris and me


Stephen Macintosh reflects on sharing his life with his best mate.

And twelve years has seemed a day


John Westlund shares the delights and difficulties of being a single father.

For your own good


The author writes about fathering through power-sharing and learning through mistakes instead of discipline and punishment.

Remembering a hero


Alan Wheatley writes about his father.

Men, friendship and intimacy


Jac Brown looks at the risks of real connection.

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Mother's little helper


What obstacles do men face in their attempts to become better fathers? Michael Eburn reflects on his own experience and comes up with some ideas.

Mothers and sons: honouring our mothers


Separation and rejection or honouring our connection? Bob Pease discusses the politics of the mother/son relationship.