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07 Nov 2011
What’s the *real* “boy crisis”? That they will soon find themselves having to compete with girls on a truly level playing field. by Bill Patrick

For the past several years there has been a lot of talk about a “boy crisis” in education. As I will explain, this “crisis” is a myth. But there is another potential crisis for men and boys that is occurring right now. And that is the fact that things are changing fast. Very fast.

31 Oct 2011
“Sitting on a million bucks.” (We want to see Lindsay Lohan naked. Even if it kills her.) by Bill Patrick

Warning: this post contains graphic language.

This week the news was full of reports that the actress Lindsay Lohan has accepted nearly a million dollars (US) to pose nude for Playboy. And it is reported that the pictures will be explicit, showing her breasts, butt, and vagina.

24 Oct 2011
The pseudo-progressive man: Like the crane flower, attractive but toxic. by Bill Patrick

The crane flower, also known as the bird of paradise, is a fantastic-looking, vibrantly colored plant that spreads its gorgeous petals and uses their seductive beauty to get birds to come to help it to reproduce. Because of its great beauty and its unique appeal, the plant is immensely popular with gardeners. However, it is also toxic. Too much contact with it can bring on abdominal pain and nausea.

11 Oct 2011
When is a rape not a rape? When the FBI says so. by Bill Patrick

This week the New York Times reported that the definition of rape that the Federal Bureau of Investigation uses to produce the Uniform Crime Report is so limited that it actually suppresses the number of rapes that are officially reported in the United States. In fact, when law enforcement agencies submit their figures to the feds, the FBI routinely excludes a large number of these assaults from the final national

03 Oct 2011
“Class warfare” and “male bashing”: Tales told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. by Bill Patrick

Even though I do not currently live in the USA, I am paying relatively close attention to the political conversations that are occurring there. After all, what happens in the USA deeply affects the rest of the world, even though some people who live there seem relatively oblivious to this fact.

26 Sep 2011
Thoughts on mail-order brides, sexual slavery, and other forms of female exploitation: Can love ever exist when one side holds a by Bill Patrick

"Thoughts on mail-order brides, sexual slavery, and other forms of female exploitation: Can love ever exist when one side holds all the power?"

19 Sep 2011
10 Hot Sex Tips for Straight Guys. by Bill Patrick

Okay guys, as most straight women can tell you, there is a whole lot of bad sex going on out there.

And that’s just a shame.

And it needs to change.

06 Sep 2011
“But why didn’t she fight back?” (How we still put rape victims on trial.) by Bill Patrick

This past summer saw the painful local trial of a man who was accused of kidnapping a woman from a shopping center and holding her captive in his boardinghouse for 26 days. During that time he sexually assaulted her repeatedly. Finally, on a cold winter day, wearing only a shirt, she bolted outside and was able to flag down a passing delivery van and escape to safety.<