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03 May 2012
Society’s message to men: Thou shalt not love. (And you should only care about sex.) by Bill Patrick
I am a straight guy who likes “chick flicks.” According to the media, I don’t exist.

The media sucks.

23 Apr 2012
Dear Mr. Patriarch: Just what, exactly, did you accomplish with your life? by Bill Patrick

Dear Mr. Patriarch:  Just what, exactly, did you accomplish with your life?

The seasons always bring change.  And this season I know of two very patriarchal men who are quickly approaching the end of their careers. 

Perhaps, as they prepare to bring their working lives to a close, these two men are taking a moment to reflect upon their experiences. 

Perhaps not. 

17 Apr 2012
Toward a more valid definition of rape. by Bill Patrick

Unfortunately, exactly when an act of sexualized aggression becomes rape remains a matter of some controversy. And our sense of what qualifies as consent needs a lot of clarification as well.

10 Apr 2012
Bikini no longer required. (Thank goodness.) by Bill Patrick

The International Volleyball Federation has decided that for the London Olympics female beach volleyball players will no longer be required to wear bikinis. (See article here:

I think that’s a good thing.

26 Mar 2012
I Hate You For Killing Her. And I Always Will. by Bill Patrick

There are no set guidelines for just how we should react emotionally when a man kills his wife. And that’s appropriate, because some acts are just so heinous that they defy any canned response. When a man does something so vicious and so evil as murdering his partner, we who survive are left to pick up the pieces and make sense of the horror as best we can.

19 Mar 2012
Happy Giving Birth Day! (In celebration of mothers.) by Bill Patrick

I recently had another birthday roll around. But getting older really doesn't bother me. Having lost several friends way too soon, I have come to realize that getting older sure beats the alternative of not getting older!

12 Mar 2012
Is Masturbation a Sport? Thoughts on the continuing inanity of the Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue.” by Bill Patrick

Is Masturbation a Sport? Thoughts on the continuing inanity of the Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue.”

Splashed across the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue” is the picture of a 19 year-old woman in a barely-there bikini.


05 Mar 2012
Rush Limbaugh: Losing His War Against Women by Bill Patrick

(I had another blog all set to go for this week. But sometimes something so offensive happens that I just need to address it instead. And this week that offensive thing was the conservative American radio firebrand Rush Limbaugh. I try to avoid giving trolls like Limbaugh any further attention. But sometimes when they get so unbelievably offensive, I just need to respond.)

27 Feb 2012
Hey, Chris Brown! I'm still hatin'! (And here's why...) by Bill Patrick

I watched some of the Grammy telecast the other night. It featured not one but two performances by Chris Brown. And in my opinion the performances were pretty damn boring. Which for an entertainment show is kind of a sin. But to me what was far more of a sin was the fact that Chris Brown was there at all.

20 Feb 2012
When being good is bad for you. (How society punishes women and girls for being nice.) by Bill Patrick

There is an old nursery rhyme that says: “Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.” And women and girls often are very nice. And being nice is a great thing!