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29 Aug 2011
Some of my best friends are gay! In fact most of them are! (What we straight guys can learn from our gay brothers about friendsh by Bill Patrick

"Some of my best friends are gay! In fact most of them are! (What we straight guys can learn from our gay brothers about friendship.)"

22 Aug 2011
Small children, small problems. Big children, big problems! (On failing to properly socialize our young men.) by Bill Patrick

I have a cottage on a lake about an hour outside of town. I go there to escape the noise, the heat, the bustle of the city. It is on a northern lake, and in the mornings and evenings the whole area echoes with the peaceful calls of loons. On warm days I can watch bald eagles and osprey soar on the breeze as they scan the water looking for their next meal. In the afternoon the wind often comes up, and at night

14 Aug 2011
“Hey all you overworked women, just get over it!” (A friendly message from the folks at Time Magazine.) by Bill Patrick

The August 8 North American issue of Time magazine has a cover story that proclaims: “CHORE WARS: Let it go. Make peace. Men and women, it turns out, work the same amount.” The article begins with a question: “Men are pulling their weight – at work and at home. So why do women still think the

07 Aug 2011
In praise of feminist anti-violence activists. by Bill Patrick

From my position as a man who supports women’s rights (which to my mind includes the right to live in a world that is free from violence, free from battering, free from sexual harassment, free from exploitation, free from the trafficking of girls and of women, free from rape, free from fear), it seems absolutely clear to me that the women who work to support the survivors of men’s violence do wonderful work! And despite their amazing efforts and remarkable achievements, these women often receive not praise but only derision for the

01 Aug 2011
Mitt hjerte er trist. (Brief thoughts on the massacre in Norway.) by Bill Patrick

I write this blog to bring attention to issues of gender violence and gender justice. And it would seem that the recent horror in Norway would be an interesting issue to address using a gendered analysis.

But I am not going to do that.

25 Jul 2011
I hate strip joints! by Bill Patrick

The city where I live just bought out the only local strip joint and shut it down. And I have to say, I sure won’t miss the place!

I hate strip joints!

18 Jul 2011
I love you, man! (Thoughts on the restricted nature of straight men’s friendships.) by Bill Patrick

The other day as I picked up my daughter from daycare I heard a young boy (who was probably around four years old) calling out to another young boy across the parking lot.


11 Jul 2011
“Lost the friends that I needed losing/Found others on the way.” (What to do when a buddy is abusive.) by Bill Patrick

I sometimes find it rather entertaining when the social networking site Facebook takes it upon itself to suggest a new “friend” to me. A lot of these folks turn out to be people from my past. I am thrilled by the idea of reconnecting with many them. About others I feel more ambivalent – but I do find myself kind of curious to find out what they have been up to. But some of the people whom Facebook lo

05 Jul 2011
Steal this poster! (On the links between women’s status in society and how we treat the earth.) by Bill Patrick


I have just completed a course in physical geography in which one of the assignments was to explore a geographic phenomenon. The professor encouraged us to pursue these explorations in creative ways.

28 Jun 2011
The real cause of the hockey riot in Vancouver? Male socialization. by Bill Patrick

I think it is safe to say that most Canadians love hockey. But after recent events in Vancouver, it also seems clear that the citizens of “the True North, Strong and Free” much prefer the violence to occur down on the ice, and become very uncomfortable when it spills out onto the streets, as it did the other day after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup in game seven to the Boston Bruins. Ever since the Canuck loss (and the subsequent street-level melee), the Canadian airwaves a