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10 Apr 2011
Guns don’t kill people: Men and boys kill people. (Thoughts on what is really wrong.) by Bill Patrick

Today a man walked into a shopping mall in Holland and went on a shooting spree. At this moment there are 7 people dead and 15 others injured. More of the wounded may well die. The gunman was described as being a male about 25 years old and wearing a leather jacket and camouflage pants. And just yesterday another man walked into an elementary school in Brazil and shot dead 11 children and wounded 13 others.

The horror of these events simply chills me…. And then it makes me want to weep.

Deep breath….

06 Apr 2011
We men can be amazingly decent – when we feel like it. by Bill Patrick

A few years ago I was taking some classes at a university. One day the athletic department moved in across the hall. From that day forward the men’s washroom was a cesspool. Literally. Some days I wished that I had worn boots in there because the floor in there was so wet and disgusting!

28 Mar 2011
“Look at me now.” On Chris Brown and the ineffectiveness of batterer intervention programs. by Bill Patrick

Chris Brown – the singer perhaps best known for brutally beating the singer Rihanna on the night of the Grammys in 2009 – is again in the headlines due to his violent behavior. This week Mr. Brown, who was recently praised by a judge for having successfully completed a batterer intervention program that he had been sentenced to, appeared on the ABC television show “Good Morning America.” When he was asked about his domestic violence assault against Rihanna, he replied: “I think I’m past that in my life.”

21 Mar 2011
How patriarchy facilitates the sexual abuse of boys. by Bill Patrick

In the past few years increasing numbers of men have begun publicly disclosing that they were sexually abused as children. I admire the bravery of these men who are coming forward – just as I have long admired all the brave women who have come forward with disclosures of their own. Four weeks ago U.S. Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts revealed in a book and in televised interviews that at 10 years old he himself was molested by a camp counselor.

14 Mar 2011
“I actually felt much safer [in Iraq] than I did back at our Command.” On myth vs. reality for women in the U.S. military. by Bill Patrick

A few weeks ago a lawsuit was filed on behalf of fifteen women and two men who state that they were sexually assaulted by their fellow comrades while serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard of the United States of America, and that their reports of these assaults were ignored by the chain of command. The lawsuit states that people at the top levels – even up to the U.S. Secretary of Defense – were aware of the immense problem of sexual assault within the ranks, and yet did nothing to stop it.

08 Mar 2011
In Honor of International Women’s Day – An Apology on Behalf of Men. by Bill Patrick

March 8 is International Women’s Day. It occurred to me that perhaps the best way I could honor women on this holiday would be to offer to women something that has been missing for far, far too long: an apology from us men. For our violence. For our abuse. For our sexism. For our continued promotion of patriarchal structures and practices.

28 Feb 2011
Still dancing “backwards and in high heels.” (To be considered equal, women actually have to be better.) by Bill Patrick

(Special thanks to Julie Reynolds for posting a link to the NPR story discussed below.)

21 Feb 2011
Feminists don’t hate men. (But after a week like this, one kind of wonders why not.) by Bill Patrick

This past week the brutal issue of men raping women has featured prominently in the news. First, there was the horrific gang rape of an internationally prominent female journalist in Cairo’s Tahir square during the “celebrations” over the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Then there was the report that several current and former members of the U.S. military are suing the U.S. government over its continual failure to address the epidemic of the rape of military personnel by their brothers-in-arms.

13 Feb 2011
A Valentine's Day Wish to the Women of the World by Bill Patrick

Valentine’s Day is upon us again. It’s the time of year where here in North America we are supposed to scrounge around for some cream-filled chocolates, perhaps a bottle of bad champagne, some scratchy lingerie, a dozen high-carbon-footprint roses, and an over-priced greeting card that communicates thoughts of love in bad rhyme.

06 Feb 2011
It’s just a game, right? Thoughts on the Super (?) Bowl by Bill Patrick

Over the past few years there has been a lot of debate about the link between the Super (?) Bowl and the issue of violence against women. Before I address the Super (?) Bowl specifically, let me begin by saying that I understand the appeal of watching NFL football. I really do. Growing up in the Washington DC area I was a huge fan of the Redskins.