men, masculinities and gender politics



Troublesome Masculinities: Masculinity in Trouble

This article explores the notion of ‘troublesome’ masculinities that characterise much of the policy discourse and programme thinking on problems of young men and gender. It critiques the dimorphism that shapes this view of young men’s gender trouble, and the ‘culturalism’ that constrains the perception of the troubled times in which many young men live.

Rio Declaration: Engaging Men and Boys on Achieving Gender Equality

The following declaration was authored by participants at the Global Symposium on Engaging Men and Boys on Achieving Gender Equality, held in Rio de Janeiro in March 2009. It was read out by a large group of men and women in the final session of the symposium.

PDF versions of the declaration also are available below, in both English and Spanish.

Men and Sex: An XY magazine special issue (1994)

This special issue of the magazine XY: Men, Sex, Politics (1994) focuses on men and sex. It includes the following articles:
Journey of desire: new forms of monogamy and sexual preference.
Good thing it's not sex: sexual socialisation.
Loving and touching.
Sex with men?
A celibate marriage
You show me yours.
Diverse desires.
Gay patriarchy.

Please see below for the magazine, in PDF.

Men in prison: An XY magazine special issue (1994)

This special issue of the magazine XY: Men, Sex, Politics (1994) focuses on men in prison. It includes the following articles:
Inside/outside (On class, masculinity, sexuality and race in the prison system).
How Not to Be a Man (Reflections by a prison inmate).
Black in a White Man’s World (Interview with three Aboriginal inmates).
Gay Behind Bars.
Hell and Home (The many meanings of prison).
Prison Facts (A snapshot).
Three Minutes in the Life of Society’s Reject (A story).

Please see below for the magazine, in PDF.

The AIM Framework - Addressing and Involving Men and Boys To Promote Gender Equality and End Gender Discrimination and Violence

Michael Kaufman’s framework provides an accessible and compelling account of the need to involve men and boys in building gender equality. Written in 2003, it offers a strategic approach with which to mobilize men and boys to work on their own and in partnership with women and girls to transform destructive masculinities, end oppressive gender relations, and promote gender equity and equality.

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Inside/outside: Men in prison

How do class, masculinity, sexuality and race intersect in and with the prison system? Is prison any sort of solution to crime? David Denborough has the story.

Subdivide and rule

To talk about class we can't help but think of revolution, solidarity and uprising. Nick Sellars considers why the men's movement should be a revolution every man can join in. Even the owning class.

Hard yakkin'

Are all "real men" the same? Mike Leach explores the relationship between work, class and masculinity.

In the flesh: Treating your body well

Sport, play and sex are areas in which we often mistreat or ignore our bodies. John Webb suggests how to treat your body differently.

Doing ourselves an injury: Men, sport, and health

John Webb questions cultural norms in the physical activity of sport.