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10 Jul 2012
Guys, we need to be talking to our daughters about sex. (But what the heck do we say?) by Bill Patrick

I can think of few things that I dread more than a trip to the dentist. When I was a child, my family butcher – er, I mean dentist – didn’t much believe in Novocain. His drill + lack of painkiller = agony. Even to this day the idea of a trip to the dentist fills me with dread.

04 Jul 2012
(In)security. When “protect and serve” doesn’t apply to women. by Bill Patrick
[Possible trigger warning: discussion of rape and murder of women.]
The other day I was walking through a shopping mall and overheard a male security guard talking to a female store manager.  The two clearly knew each other.
15 Jun 2012
When You’re a Good Dad, Every Day is Father’s Day! by Bill Patrick

Father’s Day is again upon us. (For most of the world, that is. For most of us, Father’s Day occurs on the third Sunday in June.

11 Jun 2012
Empowered sex is good sex. Let’s stop training our boys to be sexual aggressors, and our girls to be passive victims. by Bill Patrick
I was recently in another city for work, so I stopped in at a souvenir shop to pick up a few things for loved ones back home. The store had a lot of fun stuff. But then I noticed that they had a lot of stuff that was not fun. There were a number of things that were kind of (or even
04 Jun 2012
On “getting chicked.” (When it comes to competing against women, men can be pretty sore losers.) by Bill Patrick
The other day the Canadian Broadcasting Company aired a radio program on female athletes who are preparing for this summer’s Olympic Games in London.  One of the women, a cyclist, spoke about how the men she sometimes trains with react badly when she beats them in a race.  They become embarrassed.  They feel humiliated.  And they even have a term for it.  When a woman beats them, they call it “getting chicked.” 
28 May 2012
What’s the big deal about a little blood? (On men’s fear of menstruation.) by Bill Patrick

Sometimes when I am doing mundane things around the house, I like to turn on the television to watch programs that feature other people who are also doing that are pretty mundane.  Things like slowly driving trucks on Canada’s “ice roads.”  Like picking through other people’s garages and basements looking for antiques.  Like running a pawn shop in Las Vegas.  Like selling cars.

23 May 2012
Don’t “bond” with me, bro! (When all you share is a penis.) by Bill Patrick
The other day it happened again.  I got “male bonded” with.  I met another man who works in my field – a line of work that has more women in it than it does men.  This guy took one look at me and was instantly very happy to meet me.
14 May 2012
Yes! Yes you are “mom enough”! (Thanks to all of the mothers of the world on Mother’s Day!) by Bill Patrick
Today is Mother’s Day. And how did Time magazine choose to mark the occasion? By putting out an issue this week on “attachment parenting” that featured on the cover the picture of a nearly four year-old boy standing on a chair and nursing on his mother’s breast. The picture proved incredibly controversial.