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05 Feb 2013
Women of the world rejoice: We enlightened men have come to liberate you! by Bill Patrick
In her brilliant 2008 essay “Men Who Explain Things: Every Woman Knows What It’s Like To Be Patronized By A Guy Who Won’t Let Facts Get In The Way,” Rebecca Solnit writes:


29 Jan 2013
Of princesses and prostitutes. Some fantasy women prove too much even for Disney. by Bill Patrick
Late last month it was revealed that U.S. Olympic middle distance runner Suzy Favor Hamilton had also been supporting herself through an entirely different sort of physical activity. It turns out that this elite athlete was working as highly-paid “escort” in Las Vegas and in other U.S.
10 Jan 2013
Yes, India is a very rough place for women. But that doesn’t excuse the rest of us. by Bill Patrick
For the last couple of weeks the world has watched as Indian women (and their male supporters) have taken to the streets to protest the horrific gang rape and brutal murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey.  The marchers are fighting against what they perceive to be a culture of violence against women in India.
04 Dec 2012
It’s time to do more to end men’s violence…. by Bill Patrick

It’s time to do more to end men’s violence….

29 Nov 2012
“Don’t be a victim!” (And other absurd statements that obscure a perpetrator’s responsibility.) by Bill Patrick


The other day after a frightening mugging on the campus of York University in Toronto, a warning went out urging all members of the community to “be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.” 

26 Nov 2012
Sometimes we men just need to shut the hell up. by Bill Patrick
(I began this post before the U.S.
17 Nov 2012
MARC Post: In The Land Of Unconscious Privilege by Mike_Otterman

My name is Mike Otterman, one of the community managers of Men Advocating Real Change (MARC). I'd like to thank Michael Flood for inviting me to post on XY - an essential platform for discussing and fostering gender equality. An initiative of Catalyst, MARC is an online community for men committed to achieving equality in the workplace. Like XY Online, MARC is a space where men can learn about and increase their awareness of gender inequality—without judgment.