Men's relations with men (Encyclopedia entry, 2007)

Men’s relations with men structure the practices, processes, and cultures of a wide variety of social contexts. Homosocial bonds have a profound influence on men’s friendships with other men and their social and sexual relations with women. Various institutional contexts, from schools and workplaces to militaries and governments, are dominated by males and shaped by the relations between them. Male-male relations define important kinship and familial connections. Finally, sexual relations between men have been documented across the world and throughout history, although their meanings and their associations with sexual identities and communities are diverse.

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Citation: Flood, Michael. (2007). Men’s relations with men. In The International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities. Ed. M. Flood, J.K. Gardiner, B. Pease, and K. Pringle. Taylor & Francis (pp. 423-427).