Men Preventing Violence?

In efforts to prevent men’s violence against women, there is a growing emphasis on the need to engage men. Men are becoming involved as participants in education programs, audiences for social marketing, activists and advocates, community leaders, and policy makers. First then, what does this ‘engaging men’ field look like? Second, what are its achievements and what are its limitations or dangers? This field is one instance of a wider ‘turn to men’ in gender politics, an increasing emphasis on the roles that men can play in building gender equality. There is both promise and problem here, in that there is too much emphasis on appeasing and reassuring men and not enough on challenging systems and cultures of oppression. Finally, given what we know about masculinities, gender, and violence, what strategies will be effective in inspiring men’s commitment to ending men’s violence against women?

Michael Flood gave this seminar at the University of Sydney on August 5, 2016. Please see below for the slides from his presentation, in handout form.

Citation: Flood, M. (2016). Men Preventing Violence? Department of Gender and Cultural Studies Research Seminar Series, University of Sydney, August 5, 2016